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[November Pilot] Contract 062: Uji - Assassination, A-Class


Commissioner’s Office, Antei Contract Bureau Offices
Dungeon, Arcona Citadel, Estle City
Selen, Dajorra System
1200 Hours

The Shadicar looked up at the clock mounted on his wall just as a figure that bore a passing resemblance to him stepped into the office. A small smirk curved the left side of the Onderonian’s lips as he noted the narrow emerald gaze studying him in return.

“You must be Uji. Good to see that you’re prompt. Now, as I understand from what Marick has told me, you are here as part of your trials?”

“How do you know about…” the Templar trailed off, taking note of the curved dagger at the waist of the male with silver eyes. Or, more accurately, the emblem of a crescent moon with multiple faceted blades pointing to a black bird. Likely a raven or crow.

The symbol of the Shadicar.

The star just off to the side told him the man before him was the Second, whereas their current Consul was the First.

The Templar abruptly took note of the fact that the Commander of Arête was speaking, mentally berating himself for not paying attention.

“In a normal case, I would hand you a datapad with the intel you need and send you on your way. This, however, is a… special case. Your Deader is a freelance Intelligence Agent. He first appeared on our radar six years ago, after selling Intel on our Armed Forces and specifics on how our people are trained. He switches between aliases the moment one job is finished, never using the same one twice. When not in disguise, he has straight blonde hair and nearly black eyes. You won’t have any trouble recognising him, as he’s likely one of the few males in the galaxy that could pass for a petite woman.”

The Shadicar paused to retrieve and light a cigarette. “This time, however, he slipped up. He took on an identity that I know to be of a dead man.”


“I sent the real Darius Malloy on swift wings. He suffocated in his own blood,” Celevon replied after a moment, his voice as cold as interstellar space. “That was three years ago.”

“Anything else I need to know?”

“Force techniques will be useless against him. His willpower is a thing to behold and he bears the scars of various interrogation sessions. There is one special condition, however.”

“And that is?”

“This blade has yet to be bloodied. Be certain to quench its thirst with the blood of our enemies,” the Onderonian handed over a fixed-blade. The only true thing of note was that both the hilt and blade were the exact same shade of ebony.



Estle City
Capac Ring
The Tipsy Rancor

Darius sat at the booth listening to his informant through glazed eyes. Since taking on Malloy’s identity multiple “buyers” had been identified, not a single one capable of paying what he wanted for the information on Arcona’s weapon stockpile. He only had a few days before his information would be obsolete, he needed a buyer and needed to get the hell off Selen before that bastard Celevon got wind he was back in the Dajorra System.

“Well… See uhh just nobody around, has that kind of cash? I mean unless you… want me to start asking around the Cita-” His Rodian informant went by Kash, his voice always sounded like he spoke through his nose.

“Little worm, I told you before this has to be quiet you want us all to get killed?” The Agent’s eyes bore into his informant making it quite clear what his opinion on the matter was.

“Hey hey no problems Darius calm down, you’re high strung nowadays man.”

“Listen… Might be a guy though; I don’t know much about him. Said he’s a company man for Faust I’ll see about setting something up.”


Estle City
Capac Ring
Abandoned Warehouse near Gillette Lift

Uji didn’t appear as he normally did. The formal attire he wore stuck out in the portion of the city he was standing in. Then again that was the whole point, a corporate man dealing with the underworld didn’t care much for not being seen so long as his business was “legitimate”. Right now to the outside observer he appeared to be in his mid to late forties, brown hair dusted with grey, though he wore his robes he cloaked himself in the Force; to his contact he would look as though he wore a high-end business suit.

Celevon had warned him that the target wouldn’t be fooled by use of the Force. Therefor Uji had been forced to make contact through individual brokers, his net hanging thin throughout the city until he had received a message from Kash. The Rodian had made contact and was expected to set up an exchange.

Standing as if aloof from his surroundings, the Templar didn’t start at the sound behind him, he recognized the shuffling walk of the fairly timid Rodian. He waited for some time as his contact slunk into the Warehouse ensuring he hadn’t been tailed.

“I don’t have all night worm lets get this over with.” His voice came out deeper then his own, the Force naturally cloaking his regular demeanor.

“Yeah… I mean, yes sorry about that.” Kash came out of the shadows. The Rodian put on the front of being completely timid, after doing a background on him; Uji was well aware that when necessary the Rodian could handle a blaster when it was called for.

“What this commodity you spoke of? and how will it benefit my organization?”


Contract Status: Defaulted

~ This contract has timed-out. For reactivation, please contact the ACB Staff with your stated request.