[Odan-Urr] New member introductions

To keep things streamlined, and so we don’t have different topics for each member, I’ve created this topic for all new members to introduce themselves. Tell us how you found the DB, you back-story (if you so desire) and which aspects of the club you like most so far. :smile:

Welcome to House Odan-Urr!

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Hi, I am Virith Drizack, and I found this website while on a search engine. It seems like a nice club, and I hope to feel welcome and comfortable here.

Welcome to the Brotherhood. I may not be from house Odan-Urr nonetheless if you need assistance feel free to ask.

Welcome to the House, and the Clan :slight_smile: Check your e-mail periodically. :wink:

Welcome to Clan Odan-Urr!

Hi, I’m Teikhos Seleukides and I was recruited by Edgar Drachen. A few of you might know me from the Emperor’s Hammer as Archenksov. I’m looking forward to getting my feet wet in the DJB in the next few days.

Welcome to Odan-Urr :smile:

Best get in touch with us via Telegram if you haven’t already. Just follow this link

Welcome Teikhos! You’ve really hit the ground running the past few days :stuck_out_tongue: Edgar will take good care of you, but don’t hesitate to hit any of us up with questions.

I thank all of you for allowing me to join your group. I have been a fan of Sci Fi including Star Wars.

I know I’m only, like, two weeks late posting on the forums, but I thought I’d make sure I say hi! I heard about the DJB from my buddy Eiko, but I just had to play a lightie - so far, I’m really glad I did; COU has been great. I’m most interested in writing fiction, and would probably enjoy a bout or two in the ACC. Nice to meet you all!

Welcome anyway, Destin. And a belated welcome to Daska as well.


Hello I’m Edgar Drachen … long time member first time caller… I enjoy long walks on the beach, gambling, traveling to different parts of the planet and my favorite gambling spots offworld.

I also like long romantic nights and of course the occasional “peaceful” interrogation of DoB prisoners.

If you ever need a drinking partner hit man up or just come down to the nearest Tinkles the Hutt dive bar I just might already be there.


Hallo friends! leocadio here! (Not to be confused with Leocadio.)

I'm a drunk bearded wookie with a passion for being a codemonkey.
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Just reached people :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m Harold Iode. I was introduced by Mystic Edgar Drachen to the DB and I am a former Imperial Intelligence agent who was cut off after the fragmentation of the Empire. I have finally found a home here as a Loyalist

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Welcome to COU Harold great to have you!

Hi I’m Nijalah. I found the DB through tumblr