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[Odan-Urr] New member introductions


To keep things streamlined, and so we don’t have different topics for each member, I’ve created this topic for all new members to introduce themselves. Tell us how you found the DB, you back-story (if you so desire) and which aspects of the club you like most so far. :smile:

Welcome to House Odan-Urr!


Hi, I am Virith Drizack, and I found this website while on a search engine. It seems like a nice club, and I hope to feel welcome and comfortable here.


Welcome to the Brotherhood. I may not be from house Odan-Urr nonetheless if you need assistance feel free to ask.


Welcome to the House, and the Clan :slight_smile: Check your e-mail periodically. :wink:


Welcome to Clan Odan-Urr!


Hi, I’m Teikhos Seleukides and I was recruited by Edgar Drachen. A few of you might know me from the Emperor’s Hammer as Archenksov. I’m looking forward to getting my feet wet in the DJB in the next few days.


Welcome to Odan-Urr :smile:

Best get in touch with us via Telegram if you haven’t already. Just follow this link


Welcome Teikhos! You’ve really hit the ground running the past few days :stuck_out_tongue: Edgar will take good care of you, but don’t hesitate to hit any of us up with questions.


I thank all of you for allowing me to join your group. I have been a fan of Sci Fi including Star Wars.


I know I’m only, like, two weeks late posting on the forums, but I thought I’d make sure I say hi! I heard about the DJB from my buddy Eiko, but I just had to play a lightie - so far, I’m really glad I did; COU has been great. I’m most interested in writing fiction, and would probably enjoy a bout or two in the ACC. Nice to meet you all!


Welcome anyway, Destin. And a belated welcome to Daska as well.




Hello I’m Edgar Drachen … long time member first time caller… I enjoy long walks on the beach, gambling, traveling to different parts of the planet and my favorite gambling spots offworld.

I also like long romantic nights and of course the occasional “peaceful” interrogation of DoB prisoners.

If you ever need a drinking partner hit man up or just come down to the nearest Tinkles the Hutt dive bar I just might already be there.




Hallo friends! leocadio here! (Not to be confused with Leocadio.)

I'm a drunk bearded wookie with a passion for being a codemonkey.



Just reached people :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m Harold Iode. I was introduced by Mystic Edgar Drachen to the DB and I am a former Imperial Intelligence agent who was cut off after the fragmentation of the Empire. I have finally found a home here as a Loyalist


Welcome to COU Harold great to have you!


Hi I’m Nijalah. I found the DB through tumblr




Thank you, I look forward to being part of the group.


I am Ashael Blackstar. I will be brief as the Wiki will have my backstory soon enough. I came to the Brotherhood, and specifically to the Clan from knowing your house Hoth Quaestor, Seer Edgar Drachen, who gave me something think about while I was apart of another Star Wars club. I have to say that this one is up to date, active (most important), and friendly. All the right things to have a healthy environment to grow in. Great job in keeping the the club fresh and relevant with today’s tech.


Glad to see you in the Club, Ashael. Welcome and enjoy :smiley:


Hi Everyone,

I’m Ji’Kip and happened upon the DB. My interests are writing and gaming but could always try my hand at other things. One thing that brought me here was the idea of developing a character and as mine is a smuggler its great to have that freedom in a SW club and not just Jedi, though Jedi are cool, I prefer the non-force users and the light side. Its great to meet everyone in COU!


Welcome! It’s great to see you in the club. You’ll find we have a lot of writers and gamers. I look forward to seeing your character grow and develop. NFUs really are quite interesting. See you around Telegram!


great to see the new members introducing themselves it’s great to meet all of you!


Hello everybody. I’m CharlotteGoesStarWars. Somebody has given me this website because I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I didn’t knew what it all was about, but know I’m learning it :D.
Well I like playing games and watching movies. And yeah interact with other people.
If you have any questions, you can always ask me :-).

Greetings from CharLotteGoesStarWars


I is Risen. :smiley:


Yay! Welcome back! Odan-Urr left the door open for you. :smiley:


I’m the new Rollmaster. If you need any help getting back into Odan-Urr, feel free to reach out to me. I am on telegram (@Blade13) as well. ^^


Didn’t realize this was a house lol thought it was regular introductions. My bad! :slight_smile:


No. This is the right place. :slight_smile:

Do you have telegram? I’d like to chat some more and help you get situated with the Clan.

Till then, I notice you went Jedi. Who’s your favorite Jedi?


I got gmail and aim.


I recommend Telegram. It is the chat program used by the DB right now. You should already have an email with the clan telegram info.

As to Obi-wan, he is pretty awesome. ^^


Long as I don’t have to download it onto this comp.


There is a web version, which involves no downloads, and an iphone/android/mobile device app.


Hi there in Jedi Knight Zeon Blacktooth, I have been apart of Odan Urr since it began. I have been in and out due to real life problems but i do my best to saty in touch and finish what is need of me. So it will be pretty interesting to see anyone that i recognise.


Welcome Blacktooth!!!


Hey Welcome Back!



I’m Hyle Alihandross, just logged on today and struggling with Telegram.


well, welcome to COU and if you need any help feel free to reach out to Aurora or any of us on the summit we are here to help you.


Welcome Hyle! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or anyone else in Clan chat. If you have some time, let’s chat.


Hi Everyone!

I’m Ladytuna,
You can call me Ladytuna or Ladytina as I go by either. I am a huge Star Wars fan and love to converse over such. Also from time to time I play Pazaak so if anyone wants to learn i’d be happy to teach what I know, or just play Pazaak! I was recruited by Maximus Alvinius so I wanted to send a big shout out Thank you @Maximus Alvinius. Any rate I am happy to meet you all and May the Force be with you Always!



Welcome to the Club, Ladytuna :slight_smile:


Welcome to COU Ladytuna.

If you ever have questions please let us know

Edgar Drachen


Welcome Ladytuna!!

What are some of your favorite things in Star Wars?


Same here, same here


Welcome back!


Why thank you. :smiley:


Hello, all. I’m Porticus, friends and coworker with Chrome. I may not be the biggest talker or gamer, but I’m willing to help clan mates wherever I can. Diablo 3 is the only game I play, really, but I play it a plenty whenever I have the free time (though free time is somewhat rare). Regardless, I’m happy to be here and am ready to contribute to the great Jedi war!

Porticus aka Gus aka Carl…just pick one; you can’t go wrong.

PS-I promise not to post any pictures of my Shwartz, as powerful as it may be.


Welcome Porticus. It’s great to meet you. We have plenty of D3 players in the clan to play with and I think you’ll have a lot of fun!

Also lol. Shwartz.

Come join us in Telegram! It will be easier to hook you up with fellow gamers. :slight_smile:

Odan-Urr Telegram Invite (One of us, One of us): https://t.me/coudarkbrotherhood


Hi im Talis. Ive been with the clan since we were a house and had some real life issues that affected my attendance a couple times. I have been pretty active all year with various projects with a small stint of inactivity but successfully came back and attained my knighthood and am working on EQ1


Hey Hey Everybody … I’m TonyWhispers,

I tend to go by either Anthony or Tony. I was brought into the fold by the lovable @EdgarDrachen. Mostly because of my SW fandom and for some online gaming. I’m game on PC and PS4. Happy to meet everybody, and feel free to give me a shoutout if you need anything.



Hey all, Bon Riverio here, potoran naturalist and grey jedi counselor in training. Life-time star wars enthusiast looking to get my feet wet with roll playing a star wars universe as I’ve played Dnd most of my life. Super impressed with this group so far and excited to interact with my house mates! The realm of possibilities awaits.


Hey guys! I found this forum on Facebook actually and I have no idea how to operate this type of social interface… but I’m having fun so far and every is very helpful and patient! This clan is an amazing clan to be in and I’m glad to have such a supportive crew. CLAN ODAN-URR FOR EVER!


Odan-Urr is lucky to have you all!

hands out cookies


Hey all. I found the dark Jedi brotherhood through Facebook and navigated my way here killing time at work. I’m excited to learn more of everything that this forum has to offer


Welcome to the Clan Dia! You’ve already gotten off to a great start. I can’t wait to chat with you further on telegram.

hugs and cookies


I can’t seem to find information on my own about telegram. What is it and where can I find it?




Can I help you?