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Ohana Means Family - Our Current Pandemic


Hello yes, this is Atty.

Hi everyone. My name is Abbey, but I’m commonly known around here as Atty. Some of you might know me pretty well, some of you will never have heard of me. That doesn’t matter either way. The important part is this: I am here for you. We are here for you. Regardless of if we’ve ever spoken, ever met before, or are total strangers, you are loved and thought of right here right now. You are loved, and you are not alone, and we will get through this. I promise you that.

Many of us come to this club to escape our real world troubles, I know, and so you may not be interested in hearing anything more to be said on the topic of the current pandemic; that’s perfectly fair. But some of you may be looking to reach out, and to that end, I just wanted to offer up what I could.

Times are hard. Everything is strange. One way or another this disaster is affecting our lives. I know right now it might feel like a whole lot of crazy and lost. But take a breath. Let it out. Hold on. We’re going to make it.

In the interest of that, what I intend to do is keep this post as updated as possible with information from various credible sources for various countries about the COVID-19 strain (the “Coronavirus” and associated pandemic) and to include other various resources, everything from advice to happy reminders, resources for things like labor, food, socialization while social distancing, recipes, etc. A lot of us are not only suffering from uncertainty, but economically, mentally, and emotionally. Humans aren’t really meant to be alone, and I know many of us are feeling it, either due to the chaos and uncertainty or due to literal physical isolation as we all do our best to stay self-quarantined or under mandated quarantine.

Now, I am not a medical or government authority of any kind. I’m a twenty-four year old student/barista/Star Wars fanfic writing nerd in Texas who’s just been put on a stay at home order after my work closed. The information I’m going to provide here will be outsourced to the best of my and others’ ability from credible sources, and you’ll want to do your own reading of those sources. What I am is a longtime member of this club who found her family in this community and who is watching so many of her friends suffer. I was originally going to just mash up this as an email for my Clan, but decided better of it, because we ALL need this right now, so anyone can see this here on Discourse.

Over in Arcona, we’re starting to do daily hangouts/Discord talks/Skypes to keep in some form of human contact besides just who we may or may not be isolated with. Do the same! Post a hangout wherever, it’s free and you don’t have to download anything. Keep in touch. Check on your friends and neighbors, especially the ones who may be vulnerable or alone — safely, if you can! Call or text people. Many phone companies are offering free unlimited data for some time during this crisis to help keep in touch, you can check if yours is one of them. We’re all in this together, and you never know how much just one phone call or letter can mean to someone (though physical mail/packages should be limited right now, as they can be viral vectors; “this virus can survive on cardboard for at least 24 hours, though it may be weakened. That said, if you have anything delivered overnight or two day, you need to take extra precautions. Wear disposable gloves and discard the box ASAP,” see here for more info).

Now, we’ll get back to encouragement and chatter later - on to the lists! These are Works in Progress and will be updated (added/removed/adjusted) regularly as needed/as possible.

About the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus

United States




These areas are where we’ll want the most help! Especially across different countries. Most actions are done on the local and state level, so if you have any links or resources or advice specific to your area, feel free to comment them or send them to me (meep9913@gmail.com or @AttyDJB or Attifer on Discord).


  • Food Assistance USA Gov - United States - information about Food Stamps and immediate food aid. Food Stamps are currently a little up in the air and applications take time to process. The best you can do is search for LOCAL aid; food pantries, Salvation Army, etc. Many areas currently under stay at home or lockdown orders still have grocers open, and many businesses are donating unsold food or offering meals.

  • FareShare Website - United Kingdom - national network of food charities, still open during the Covid 19 pandemic and accepting donations as well as providing assistance to the vulnerable.

  • Check for local restaurants or schools still offering school lunches per day for school aged children in your community.

  • Remember if you are ordered to stay home or at risk and afraid of going out, trips are allowed for essentials such as food, and many larger groceries offer delivery. Check their websites. If you cannot pay a delivery fee for the groceries, check for one without fees.

  • TBA


  • Department of Labor Covid 19 Resources - United States - this page contains information and links concerning safety at work, hours and wages affected by the virus, unemployment information and assistance and the application process and more. Note that if you are calling landlords, insurance, electric/water/etc companies, looking for assistance because of inability to pay bills, you must say yourself that you are unable to pay due to job loss related to the covid 19 pandemic. Check by your state for specific unemployment options and resources.

  • Jobseeker’s Allowance - United Kingdom - landing page for unemployment benefits in the UK, see also Covid 19 page and response via the UK.gov site.

  • Look for local relief in your area and your countries!

  • TBA


  • Federal Housing Finance Agency Eviction Suspension Relief for Multifamily Properties - United States - release about the FHFA support moving to provide some relief for evictions, only for multifamily properties with specific mortgages, see for more info. There is some discussion of a suspension of all evictions and foreclosures through April, but these cases vary by state and tenants will still need to respond to filings. Search for information for your state about eviction suspensions.

  • Housing Benefit UK - United Kingdom - benefits page for housing and rent related issues due to unemployment at UK Gov website

  • TBA


  • Many schools are posting lesson plans on their websites or attempting to hold classes remotely or online. Check if your schools are doing so! Additionally, though a risk due to gathering people in one area, many cities under lockdowns still have some daycares open.

  • There are a multitude of educational channels on YouTube that are free! Check out SciShow and SciShow Kids and the associated channels for various subjects of CrashCourse and CrashCourse Kids just to get started! There are many educational channels also linked here, such as sexplanations, covering sexual health/activity etc by Dr. Lindsay Doe (search for yourself if interested) or MinutePhysics and associated Minute Channels for short educational videoes. Etc etc.

  • The ever-awesome game Minecraft is being used to teach coding, history, biology, etc.. This is a wonderful community and Mojang is really doing its best to help, give it a look!

  • Dictionary.com is hosting a new Learning At Home program sponsored by teachers from all over. Check it out.

  • From Farrin: I know that a lot of people with children are having to become ad hoc teachers for the first time in their lives. If you need assistance, I know that there are a handful of RL teachers in the club that would be willing to help; I’m definitely one of them. My undergrad is in history and my training is in high school, but I’m willing to help out if you need advice in any subject, any grade. Let me know @farrinx on TG.

*Pyjama Teacher for 5-7 year olds on Youtube.

  • TBA

Socializing at a Distance

  • Google Hangouts - voice and video calling online

  • Skype - app for voice and video calling

  • Telegram - if you don’t yet have the TG app the DB uses, get it now, on web, phone, or desktop

  • Discord - app for voice and text chat, gaming central

  • Steam - gaming client with friends and text chat, free to play games

  • Hey look, the Competitions page! - This is still our club and we can still do fun stuff in it writing, ACCing, arting, testing, and gaming together!

  • TBA

For the Soul - Puppies, Kittens, and Porgs, oh My


And finally, remember, wash your hands THOROUGHLY.

The best thing we can do right now is keep clean and keep our distance.

  • Wash your hands frequently and to a healthcare standard (all surfaces, under nails, wrists, etc) with soap and warm water for twenty seconds.

  • Use lotion when you have the time to leave it on for awhile! Frequent handwashing or sanitizing will dry and crack skin, which opens vectors for germs to get in.

  • Disinfect commonly used surfaces often, including your phones, carefully!

  • If you must go out, try to maintain 6ft or 2m of space from others as possible. Clean your hands after handling payment, groceries, or packages and touching surfaces like doorknobs or poles on public transports. From Seraphol: That said, I cant speak for all shipping companies, but I work for FedEx and can give some insight into what’s going on in some commerce and potential issues with shipping and virus transmitting with packaging.

  • Cover coughs or sneezes in your elbow or shoulder, not your hands.

  • Take only what you need, there is no need to panic buy! Essential stores are still open, and will still be stocked.

  • I asked one of the DB’s own frontline nurses currently in the middle of this for advice and Lucine said the following: "frequent hand washing, social distancing, being mindful of those around you who are displaying a dry cough. Avoiding at risk groups if you suspect you have been exposed or are feeling sick. Only present to the hospital if you are unable to manage your fever at home, or if you’re having shortness of breath. Be mindful and understanding of the fact that you likely will not get tested unless you meet very specific criteria. Be aware of the fact that most hospitals are not allowing visitors to minimize cross contamination.

  • Other than that, if you bought n95 masks and aren’t currently using them for work, consider donating them to the hospital/first responders. As far as medication shortages, there are some, but there’s not much a layperson can do about that at this point. If you regularly take meds, make sure you have as much of a stockpile as you can. Also, most hospitals offer telemedicine screenings to help prevent the hospitals from being inundated with the ‘worried but well’, so be sure to check with your local hospital if you are concerned about your symptoms

  • And most of all…BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER!

We’re All in This Together

I encourage you all to share in the comments if you like; share your stories of how you’re doing, what you’re facing, what you’ve found. Share any resources you’ve found helpful or things you’ve found inspiring. Share if you need someone to talk to. This is not the time or place for our politics, for our hates, or for our suspicions. This is the place for us to be the community that the DB is, to support one another, to lend an ear and a hand— digitally, that is.

For so many of us, this club means a lot. Let’s reaffirm to each other why that is. Ask. Check in. Share. Encourage. Talk. Write. Game. Be there! None of us is alone. If anyone in your family or friend group needs someone to talk to too, bring them into a hangout as well! Pass on these resources! Take a lesson from the very fandom that brought us all here and think, we are all connected by the Force, my friends. Care for yourselves, and care for one another.

We will find our feet again. We will make it to the other side of whatever new life, new world, awaits us when this all is done shaping our futures. In the meantime, we can all lean on one another to help carry on.


Because this is family, and no one gets left behind.

Thanks for your time, thank you for your kindness, and thank you for what you have done and will do.




This is why I’ve stuck around this club for so long. It’s so much more than just a Star Wars club and really a living, breathing community.

Thank you for all of this, Atty. o/



Thanks Atty, sometimes it’s hard to remember while we are all isolated, but we are all here for each other.

That said, I cant speak for all shipping companies, but I work for FedEx and can give some insight into what’s going on in some commerce and potential issues with shipping and virus transmitting with packaging.

I encourage everyone to continue staying safe. Limit exposure by handwashing and social distancing. Most of all though, dont let fear overrule you. Like all things, this too will pass. Get through this minute by minute, day by day. You’re friends here are here for you. We are all here for a reason and right now it is to lift one another up.

Love all you jerkwads.

Your most curmudgeonly Headmaster,



<3 you Atty, even if I’m terrified to play Catan with you again. :slight_smile:

Something to add to the education section - I know that a lot of people with children are having to become ad hoc teachers for the first time in their lives. If you need assistance, I know that there are a handful of RL teachers in the club that would be willing to help; I’m definitely one of them. My undergrad is in history and my training is in high school, but I’m willing to help out if you need advice in any subject, any grade. Let me know @farrinx on TG.


Tofu chan says everything will be alright. And to go exercise by running around in a circle in the yard. XD


Good stuff. Thank ye Atty and all ye other crazy folks for support of folks. Scary now but if we take proper measures hopefully things will return somewhat to normal.

If nothing else we have both comraderie and hope.



Some additional shared links from Appius!

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Thanks for these!


This is really special to me. I’m still working thankfully, but it’s also a much harder job than I’m used to. (I was front of store now I’m shipping) Its been a lot of stress. I joined because my friend Zuj loves this place and I’m not going to lie I love it too. It’s been nice to go home and say “I’ll work on some stuff for DBJ today” to feel like I have some sort of routine in this hectic world. Thank you all for being here. It’s been an actual lifesaver :heart: