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“Old-School” In-character Thread - Join in!


WIth the recent elevation of Pel’s Apprentice to Knight, Pel suddenly realized that he had more time on his hands, and fewer people asking him questions. This was a little too much like being alone in meditation, and Pel had already had 12 years of that. It was time for a little relaxation - Pel remembered Hades saying something about a well-stocked bar on the Sheath, so he went off looking for it. It might have been faster to just com Hades, and ask him where it was, but then there wouldn’t be the fun of trying to find it!

Heading out of the Library, Pel walked past the mop-closet that used to be Itsh- Ranarr’s room. Pel noticed that the door was open, and one of Ranarr’s training mops was lying on the floor, and he picked it up, taking a few experimental swings with it, remembering how he had taught Ranarr to use a lightsabre with the mop handle as a safer stand-in.


Tipping the glass back he took the last remnants of the drink and savored the taste. His eyes were closed for the longest time before he opened them and stared out of the viewport in front of him. The stars visible past the asteroids moving this way and that, which was the point. He had his Escort Shuttle “Nightmare” always parked facing the stars on the Sword’s Sheath’s shuttle bay. Easier to make a quick exit, he told the small crew. But in all honesty, he just liked sitting either here or on his T’/D’s cockpit to drink or meditate. Though, more than likely both.

“I thought I’d find you here.” Came the soft voice behind him. The woman kissed his neck before sitting in the co-pilot’s chair. She poured herself a drink and and shared his view.

“Nice spot you picked out here. Best view in the base.” She took a long swig of the dark liquor and smiled. He winked at her in return.

“It does now.” She rolled her eyes with a playful smile. She looked down at her drink.

“I see you still have the good stuff.” She tipped her glass towards him, he returned the gesture.

“What is the use of having a shuttle with stealth coating if you do not have the balls to use it to smuggle in the best liquor this side galaxy?”

Telona winked at him. “Very true, dear. Very true.” Hades leaned his head back against the seat and smiled.


Suddenly remembering he was in an area that anyone could be watching, Pel quickly put the mop down, and closed the door, looking around to make sure no one had seen him playing with a mop. He then took off down the corridor, listening and smelling the air, hoping to hear or smell something that sounded like a bar.

20 minutes later, Pel found himself back in front of the mop closet, still no closer to that goal than he had been…

With a resigned sigh, Pel pulled out a com link, and sent a single ping out to Hades, hoping he wasn’t too busy to give some directions.


Hades chuckled a bit into the comm. “Honestly I have one of the small cargo bays almost full of so many different kinds of liquor you would drown, but myself and Telona are sitting in the cockpit of my shuttle with plenty of the wet stuff to go around. Why don’t you join us?”

Pel smiled and nodded to himself. “Sounds like a great idea. I am on my way.” With that the comm clicked off. Hades replaced the unit on his tunic and slid his hand back into Telona’s warm palm.

“Aren’t you afraid of losing your quite place?” Telona said inquisitively. Hades shook his head.

“No. Friends are always welcome here. I seem to have found a lot of old friends returning as of late. It’s been too long. So the more the merrier.” Hades took another swig out of his glass and grinned mischievously at Telona.

“Besides, no one can board the shuttle without me being here in the first place.” Telona dug the nail of her index finger into Hades’ palm.

“Ow!” he said playfully.

“Sneaky Sith, you are.” She took the last swig of her own drink before topping off both glasses and setting out a third for Pel."


Pel thumbed off the com-link, and wondered how he could have missed an entire cargo bay full of liquor. At least he finally knew where to head, so he did- making the short trip down to Hades’s shuttle.

“Telona, it’s been a long time - hope you are well.”

“Hades, thanks for the invite. I’ve been away for so long, it’s difficult to get back to being sociable when everyone we used to socialize with is long gone.”

Pel took a thoughtful sip from the glass left out for him, and sat down at the navigation station.

“So Hades, where is everyone else, what do people do for fun around here these days?”