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OOC: Operation: Legacy


Out of character thread for House Qel-Droma Operation: Legacy because Atty is awesome and I’m terriby unoriginal…




In my posts, I am writing my character with the current Character sheet, though I am slowly writing it to reflect changes that will appear in my new one along with custom aspects. My character’s weapons will remain as they are written until the new Character sheet is approved. The battle robes my character is wearing in the my second and subsequent posts are based heavily upon the Assassin’s Creed outfits.

Some of the characters and groups mentioned are currently being upgraded by myself in my ongoing projects as far as wiki to reflect the changes as I write them following the end of either Fading Light III and/or the Eleventh Great Jedi War. This will be an on-going project and all will be informed in my reports as these changes occur.

We’re doing amazing with this Run-On, despite the slow start. Keep it going, all!

~ Celevon