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OOC: Operation: Revival


This thread is for any OOC discussion concerning the O:R RO (hehe…dat symmetry) for House Galeres, which can be found here.

Happy hunting, boys and girls!

Update: 9/22

Hey guys! One of our first major NPCs has been introduced (Player 2 has entered the game?) so here’s a little dossier on her (now with CS-style fighting stuff for easier fighting stuff, if that’s your thing)!

The Assassin:

Name: Tiysha

Gender: Female

Race: Zeltron

Rank: Approx. equivalent of EQ4 (KPN)

Appearance: Pinkish red skin, short, cropped white hair, golden eyes. Sports an athletic but feminine figure from all her training. Wears tight leathers and dual-wields red saber/separable saberstaff


  • +5 Primary Lightsaber Form (Juyo)
  • +4 Athletics, Primary Martial Arts Form (Jar’Kai), Dual Wielding
  • +3 Blaster, Might, Interrogation, Bladed Weapons
  • +2 Resolve, Survival, Manipulation, Perception

Force Powers:

  • +4 Amplification, Rage, Affliction, Faceless II
  • +3 Control Self, Terror, Mind Trick
  • +2 Force Cloak, Sense, Precognition, Suppression

Weapons loadout:

  • Saberstaff (red, separates into lightsaber x2)
  • Prototype slugthrower rifle
  • Knives x2
  • Poisons

Affiliation: Suspected One Sith, hired by Faust Corporation

Personality keywords: violent, sadistic, playful, cunning


Bitches gettin some darkity action now. Aww yeah!


If you plan on joining with one of the Battleteams, please make sure the CO and XO of said battleteam is aware of it so they can begin including you in their posts. This also helps keep everyone on the same page. :slight_smile:



btw, i’m going to stick around my cell for a post or two more, then be led up to help heal/stabilize Atty. Once that’s done, i’ll join my team.

Until then, if you refer to me. Mention rumours that i’ve gotten sent into a D-3 (Doto-type maximum security cell - version 3 (he escaped from it years ago and is now in a stronger one)) after doing something to my fellow inmates in minimum security. I’ll let you know when I’m free and useable in the greater scale

-> cell arc done, now healing then I can join in with team

–> Rejoined team. Wee, solo arc is over. Btw,

—> Another edit. The shadowy figure following me is the first mention of my fade. he’s not fleshed out atm so won’t be used beyond stalking me. I’m hunting now and enraged


this is true I don’t want to just blindly walk into a battle although for me that might be fun