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[Pellaeon] Expansion Run-on


Scholae Imperial Headquarters - Caelestis City - Ragnath

A holographic map of the Nethal Archipelago and Caelestis City was projected between the Empress, the Grand Admiral, and the four battleteam leaders of Scholae Palatinae. The two southern-facing prongs of the city almost touched the tiny northern island of the Archipelago. “Adoniram will not tolerate this city being taken,” Elincia stated with clarity, dressed neatly in a new deep purple blazer and black trousers. “The first island is in range of small arms fire from both sides. We can hit the first three from defensive emplacements on the southern tip of the city”

“They’re building a force on Nethal Prime,” Lexiconus Qor, the Quarren new leader of the intelligence specialists of Pellaeon, informed the others. “The war on Seraph has their forces spread thin on Ragnath. We have a month before they attack.” Linking Pellaeon with the Imperial Scholae Intelligence had yielded a wealth of information across the system. “We’ve also received threats from of a mysterious signal of unknown origin, potentially Collective, simply stating ‘WE ARE COMING’.”

“Simple. We take the islands before they attack,” Jorm Na’trej, Kiffar leader of Excidium’s Vindictae Immortalis, grinned in anticipation of the violence to come. Jorm was the fitting leader for such a team, one that bathes in chaos, Excidium’s less subtle and more action-hungry members.

“Krennic is well suited to a surgical strike on key targets,” Reiden said plainly, the newest leader in the room, but a familiar face around the clan. Krennic was Imperium’s special forces team of the most elite warriors the house had to offer.

“Agreed,” Elincia said as she magnified the map onto Nethal Prime, more detailed satellite imagery began to overlay on the geographical features, with military and key logistic installations highlighted. “I’ve negotiated with the Elayan Prime Minister to increase their offensive presence on Seraph to keep Meraxis occupied.”

“Infrastructure on Nethal Prime seems light,” Derek observed, Excidium’s leader of assassins always had an eye for detail. “Everything seems to run through a couple of key hubs.”

“Nethal Prime was traditionally a fishing village,” said Mune Cinteroph, the well-read, intellectual Grand Admiral besides Elincia. “It was never meant to be a military base of operations.”

“The salary and logistics node…” Jorm observed. “All the supply chain paperwork and credits of the Archipelago running through one building? Consider them ours.”

“The security forces are one block away and given the circumstances, will be armed with military equipment,” Derek spoke up again. “Tacitus Athanasius will take out their leadership and terrorise the security offices.”

“That’s an armour depot on the far side of the island. Krennic will take it out,” Reiden said with a relaxed tone, confident in the ability of his team.

“And Pellaeon will investigate this unknown threat that threatens to wreck the whole plan,” Lexiconus confirmed.

“You will each be assigned a battalion of the Imperial Scholae Army for use as you see fit,” Elincia announced, happy with the plan.

Jorm made himself heard again.

“Trade mine for a pick at the armory and a five minute head start in the actual operation? Troopers don’t really mesh well with what we do.”

“Not using them at all counts as using them as you see fit. For the Empire!”


As lexiconus was preparing a briefing for Pellaeon, a protocol droid walked up to him, handed him a datapad, and unceremoniously walked away again. He was about to call the droid back, when he saw the seal on the pad: that of the Seneschal’s office. This was something unprecedented.

Deciding to read the contents of the pad in private, he headed to his office. Only there did he touch his thumb to the pad, unlocking it.

“Seer Lexiconus. You do not know my identity, nor will I divulge it through text. This datapad contains a biometric sample, with it, you can assess my identity through the Seneschal’s office. This query is expected, and will be answered with priority. While this operation is active, you will refer to me as Ferrum. My full identity will remain classified.

I have been sent to the Caperion system by the Iron Throne, to assist this clan with pacifying it. I have been working on this for some time, through various means.

  1. Attached to the biometric query result, is a list of locations with supply caches throughout the Meraxis Empire. These can be used as safehouses if needed. However, they are secured, and need the correct access codes. These will be also be returned with said query.
  2. I have secured a majority control of one of the companies supplying command and control systems to the Meraxis Empire. The Seneschal has made use of this. Every day, at random intervals, you will receive the location of the Meraxis forces equiped with this. It is not real time, as this would draw too much attention. However, as it is, this will provide a strategic overview.
  3. I have made contact with several groups harbouring feelings against the Meraxis Empire. I will be providing them with support, aimed at citizen dissent. Once an invasion commences, this will be turned into a full-scale uprising.

Morale among enemy forces is currently decent. The empire has made it a principle to not place their soldiers near their home regions, so they will be more isolated from their own families, and less reluctant to cause friendly casualties among the populace.

There are rumours of off-world reinforcements coming. I will attempt to gain more information on them.

End Report.”


Through Kell Dante, team Krennic begin their assault on a Meraxis firebase by eliminating an enemy patrol with grenades and blaster fire
Team Pellaeon leader Lexiconus receives a mysterious datapad with a protocol droid with the Seneschal seal from an alias name Ferrum, containing a wealth of intelligence on the Meraxis Empire