Pets, Creatures & You

(Evant Taelyan) #1

I am looking to get a better idea of what types of creatures or pets members associate with their characters, that they would purchase and ‘own’ in a possessions sense for any reason. In response to this, please note your character and a full list of any creatures that you would purchase in possessions to properly reflect and tell your stories. Any other suggestions or thoughts are encouraged as well related to the topic.

(Sariel Dhejeuti) #2

Kah Manet would buy and own an akk wolf and a rancor at the very least.

(Tasha'Vel Versea) #3

Tasha would most likely purchase a Nexu as she would prefer to have a formidable pet that she could have to either guard her Estate or take with her on missions. The Nexu is a predator that she would see as strong and able to take down or even distract her foes. It would be a valuable asset and companion for her.

(Scudi Ferria) #4

Kelly would own a Varactyl, due to the time she fictionally bought one from Utapau for a competition in which members of the clan had to bring their pet to work. However, failing that there are a number of creatures she would be interested in owning, such as;

  • Corellian Sand Panther

  • Akk dog

  • Massiff

  • Nexu

A bit of a list there but all should be canon or at least feature a canon section on Wookieepedia (Which we get info on other stuff from so should be fine) Really into this idea and hope you and your staff can find a fun and fair balance to bring creatures and pets into possessions.

(Rasilvenaira Isatri'Zara StormRaven) #5

Ras has always had a strong affinity with animals, and as such tends to keep a variety of pets. Her favorites include voorpaks and gizkas, but I’d definitely support others.

She tends to relate better to animals than other people, and her pets offer her a way to step away from what she is and what she does, and just enjoy the company of something that doesn’t care what she does for a living.

(Kul'tak Drol) #6

Character: Kul’tak Drol:

Desired pets:

-Vornskr - Not entirely Canon, but listed in case it would be considered.

-Cythrauls - Great bodyguards and hunters

-Krayt Draigon - The symbol of his clan, top pick if I had to choose one.

-Massifs - feasible combat companions, currently utilized in personal and clan fictions

-Reek - The first beast Zabrak are trained to ride before their Selenoren. Can be used for mounts during large scale battles, and for long trips.

(Keiji Suoh) #7

Keiji Suoh. Nexu is a personal favorite. Other things to include into the pets are trainings and personalities like the droids have. Also pet armor and gear (if they even could).

(Ka Tarvitz) #8

Character: Ka Tarvitz.

Response: Tempting as it is to agree with the previously cited Nexu (mostly due to Fate of the Jedi), they are ill suited to my character’s lifestyle. Given how often he was usually on the move, and stuck in space, Tarvitz would likely choose something small and easy to look after. As such, I would suggest one of the following:

  • A shoal of Glimmerfish: As they could be easily kept in a tank due to their extremely small size and the fact it would limit them to one place he could keep track of.

  • A Nuna: Again, they’re relatively small and easy to look after. Plus, they lay a large number of eggs which could be useful for meals or trading, and are not inherently aggressive.

  • A Felinx: It’s effectively a large cat and, to quote Wookieepedia “they were often considered ideal pets, as they required little more than food, water, warmth, and affection. This made them easy to care for.”

  • A Keon: It’s effectively a parrot-mouse, capable of mimicking human speech while being small enough to perch on a shoulder and rest on someone’s forearm. They can adapt easily to most artificial environments and can be easily looked after by most spacers.

The only other suggestion I would personally make is a Blarth, which is effectively the Gungan version of a dog, though it is ill suited for my character unfortunately.

(Terran Koul) #9

Like many older Arconans, Terran has a cythraul pet/companion named K’tah who is a large part of his ongoing fictions.

The links above have a good bit of detail on both the cythraul in general and K’tah in particular.

(Kasula Daegella) #10

A’lora: Varactyl. Possibly a Acklay, Reek, Nexu, rancor.

Kasula/Ysera: Gizka (or similarly pest-like creature), possibly a Blurrg.

(Satsi Tameike Arconae) #11

To echo Terran, Atyiru - and several Arconans - has a cythrual. Think space wolf.

Also, Arcona got a terentatek as a GJWX award, who you can see here. Technically, she’s controlled by the Consul, so that’d be Atty right now…While I’m sure that’s more a clan thing, and was likely mentioned among the artifacts…Yeah I’ll just put that forward.

(Kylex Sanguris) #12

For Kylex he’d likely have a nexu or any small feline creature.
Renna would have a dog/wolf of sorts (I dunno names ;-:wink:

(Mako Henymory) #13

Loth cat, yes we need Loth-cats.

(Tebbo Jensen) #14

Tebbo would have a jellyish or some other kinda of sea creature he could use for medical stuff

(Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae ) #15

Tahiri would definitely buy an Akul (though fictionally she already has one, Solan, who she brought with from her home planet of Shili :smile: ), she would also possibly get a Hssiss or a Krayt Dragon, and even a Tuk’ata or Varactyl.
These would her main choices. Tahiri likes practicality, and would prefer an animal that is useful, over one that’s just for cuddles.

(Syntari Bastiayn) #16

Vaeris Rune. He’s rarely been one for pets but given that he is entirely alone and hates people he would be interested in having something to talk to. He’s a paranoid individual and would probably support something that would either guard him (since he’s weak right now) or would act as a lookout of some kind. Suggestions are the following:

Ysalamir. He’s paranoid and is willing to take the risk of not being able to use the Force if it means others suffer the same disability. (Unsure if canon, but they’re cool.)

Vornskr. Due to them hunting using the Force one of these would definitely help protect him against other Force users if he could train it. (I’m not sure if canon or not though.)

Arrak Snake. He thinks they’re cool and it’s musical call could alert him to the presence of other people, because he hates people.

Krayt Dragon. He thinks they’re fascinating and has always wanted one, but beyond that doesn’t have an actual reason for wanting one.

(Alara Deathbane) #17

Alara would own a ruping and a tusked cat at the very least for these reasons:

Ruping: she has a past with these creatures and uses her ruping Forren as transportation instead of a speeder. Her storyline has much to do with these creatures.

Tusked cat: this particular animal as a lot to do with the way Alara has been shaped now as a character. Her tusked cat Artemis is like a soul Kin to her. She is also a form of transportation when Forren is not around.

(Edgar Drachen) #18

I would also love to see even a small Kryat Dragon as a pet maybe even a Loth-cat too.

(Azmodius Equesinfernum) #19

Anything that mirrors real life animals would be great! Mounts as well. Also had an idea for sith spawn, created from beasts but idk how one could implement that. Higher tier pet (purple/gold) with specific aspects to choose from that outline the details of the abomination (spines, bloodlust, massive size…etc) was my thinking. And probably limit those to higher ranks. If you need any help, I’d be glad to offer any assistance :slight_smile:

(blackhawk) #20