Pets, Creatures & You

(Edgar Drachen) #18

I would also love to see even a small Kryat Dragon as a pet maybe even a Loth-cat too.

(Azmodius Equesinfernum) #19

Anything that mirrors real life animals would be great! Mounts as well. Also had an idea for sith spawn, created from beasts but idk how one could implement that. Higher tier pet (purple/gold) with specific aspects to choose from that outline the details of the abomination (spines, bloodlust, massive size…etc) was my thinking. And probably limit those to higher ranks. If you need any help, I’d be glad to offer any assistance :slight_smile:

(blackhawk) #20


(Morgan B. Sorenn) #21

Harakoan Firemouse. Ferocious beasts.

(Zujenia) #22

Zujenia has a Tuggle.

But ultimately I associate her with rodent animals so any of that variety are nice. :smiley:


(Katyusha Neige) #23

Kat would buy a carrion bird and name him Revenant or Branwen. Kat would choose the carrion bird because she enjoys hunting with birds and also it fits her character since she would use it to send messages to other people if comms were down.

(Maenaki Dalevi'in) #24

Why has no one mentioned Kowakian Monkey-Lizards???! Ya’ll should be ashamed. K’tana had both a baby rancor, which she killed, and a Kowakian Monkey-Lizard. Maenaki will be adopting said Monkey-Lizard.

(Katyusha Neige) #25

My character hates hutts and everything related to them, her hutt master had one so she doesnt really want a reminder of that experience

(Kordath Bleu) #26

Tuggle for certain.Death snow otter ftw

(Jurdan Krennel) #27

If not said already. Razor cats

(Korroth) #28

Korroth intends to start breeding snakes for the purpose of medical research, mainly for the potential beneficial uses of snake venom. Skim-snakes and vine snakes are currently Canon species. Outside of research purposes, he’d keep either a song serpent or an arrak snake as a pet of sorts. He’d use their vocalisations as an aid for meditation. Both the song serpent and the arrak snake are Legends, but c’mon, singing feather-maned snakes; they’re going to be pretty popular!

(Koryn Thraagus) #29

Koryn owns a Dathomiri raven. The bird is currently a cornerstone to my character development with him as he uses it to support and justify his own schemes and manipulations.

(Aurora "Aura" Ta'var) #30

Loth Wolf please.

(Tisto Kingang) #31

This is tough, as every great detective has a pet. However, there are few things in the star wars universe that Mos would want to keep as a pet. Afterall, nature should keep to itself. Yet if anything, Mos would likely adopt a baby Kryat Dragon. Though once it got too big, he would have to buy a place to raise it.

(Macron Goura Sadow) #32

A Hssiss aka darkside dragon. I’ve written having them many years ago before things changed around. Perfect pet for a crazed Sith Alchemist. Or some sort of Sithspawn like a Warbird.

(Ashely) #33

Some kind of a pet that can be there when you need it just like a good friend

(Tasha'Vel Versea) #34

I would like to have my pet Kowokian Monkey lizard Spritz again. He was such a mischievous one.

(Dakor Terro'k) #35

Onderon pterodactyl

(Kadrol Hauen) #36

Vulptex and Narglatch (those snow dog things from TCW that live on Pantora)

(Alethia Archenksova) #37

Neimoidian Pylat Bird, aka Magic Space Cockatiel.