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Playing as a non-force user


So in the Grand master’s report he mentioned something about being able to play as a non-force user or as he called it a ‘muggle’. Anyone have some more insight on this or how exactly would this work?


My guess would be they will introduce a neutral path with a order or two (or maybe even three). Currently where you can select between light or dark side, there would a third option. Members of the neutral path would be able to join any clan.

The orders could in theory be tweaked as far as character sheets go: No force points, a few more skill points and maybe an extra feat to compensate (non force users in the books always seem to be really good at something to make them as useful as a jedi…), or maybe something parallel to force powers are introduced that mundanes have access to but force users don’t (don’t ask for examples, I’m not the brains trust :stuck_out_tongue:)

I assume an independent unit wouldn’t be created specifically for neutral path characters only… that just seems dumb haha.

For a laugh a couple of years back, when we were first brain storming Odan-Urr rank names, I drafted a list of what the ranks could be for a Mandalorian Order in the neutral path… including it here for the lols (with sith ranks for comparison)

Sith	                  Mandalorian
Dark Prophet (DP)         Alor`aan (War Leader)
Dark Jedi Master (DJM)	  Al`verde (Commander)
Dark Side Adept (DA)	  Ver`alor Al`verde (Lieutenant Commander)
Sith Warlord (SWL)	  Evaar`la`lor (Colonel)
Sith Battlelord (SBL)	  Alor`itsad (Brigade Leader)
Sith Battlemaster (SBM)	  Alor`ad (Captain)
Sith Warrior (SW)	  Sol`yc Ver`alor (First Lieutenant)
Dark Jedi Knight (DJK)	  Ver`alor (Lieutenant)
Jedi Hunter (JH)	  Tratur Ruus`alor (Staff Sergeant)
Guardian (GRD)	          Ruus`alor Sol`yc (Sergeant First Class)
Protector (PRT)	          Ruus'alor (Sergeant)
Acolyte (ACO)	          Alor`uus (Corporal)
Novice (NOV)	          Verd`ika Sol`yc (Private First Class)
Apprentice (APP)	  Verd`ika (Private)
Initiate (INI)	          Evaar`la Verd (Recruit)

Normalcy breeds ingenuity! Ingenuity Tree!


The system is not yet in place for this, but the general idea amounts to allowing members to pick an option that would designate them as being non-Force users. This members would have a different set of character sheet options in terms of Disciplines and Feats. They’d have different ranks, etc. We will have more information on that soon.


Windos, you mixed up Staff Sgt. and Sgt. First Class. :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh. :stuck_out_tongue: