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Playing God- Arcean and Xan


The different views, and clash, of two Force wielding Medics.


New Tython
39 ABY

“We need a Medic! A Padawan has collapsed. Medic, please!”

Xan, a Dashade Jedi and Medic, rushed to the sound of the voice. He passed several people on the way to the voice. It took him only a few seconds to get there at a dead sprint, but his head counted the time and knew the longer he took the worse it could be.

Laying on the ground in front of Xan was a young Twi’lek covered in boils and blood, collapsed on the ground. Xan knew this kid. He was a Jedi trainee, and the others around him, two Humans, another Twi’lek, and a Mon Calamari, must have been as well.

Xan checked for a pulse but there was none. Immediately he began CPR, pushing the center of the Twi’leks chest down two inches thirty times. He then tilted the Twi’leks head back, and breathed into the Twi’lek. Still there was no pulse. Fifty seconds…, Xan thought. He did this twice more, becoming increasingly concerned about the downed Twi’lek. Without thinking, he went through the defibrillator sequence for a Twi’lek, and called on the Force. He placed his hands on the Twi’leks chest, and send a shock into his system. He checked for a pulse, and to his amazement there was one.

The group of Jedi trainee’s looked at Xan in wonder as their friend began to breath again. Xan, however, was not done. Holding off his amazement that his technique actually worked, he picked up the Twi’lek and ran towards the nearest Medical Center, concerned, and wanting to figure out what went wrong. He got there within ten minutes, having knocked over more than a few people.

When he arrived, he pulled aside a medical droid to run tests on the Twi’lek. Xan waited for an hour, concerned for the Twi’lek. He received several holo calls, but ignored them. At the end of the hours, the Medical droid came back. It said two words.

“Krytos Virus”

Xan immediately stopped the droid from speaking further. “Get everyone in this hospital into a quarantine. the Twi’lek was bleeding, someone could have come in contact with him. All Non humans that is. And test me once I am done contacting everyone in power, I gave him CPR. If the Krytos virus is on New Tython, we need aid immediately.”

As the Medical droid began to issue the quarantine, Xan immediately contacted A’lora, not caring that she was in a meeting with the New Tythonian government. They had met once before, on a battlefield. Luckily it had just ended, and she picked up.

“A’lora, issue a quarantine. There is at least one person here infected by the Krytos Virus. I may be as well. Get shipments of Rylca and Bacta to everyone you can. I have no idea if the Krytos Virus will affect me, so I will be getting everyone into quarantine. As far as I recall, no Dashade was ever affected by the Krytos Virus, nor do I think it can affect us as we are such a rare species. We need to get everyone to safety.”


Nar Shaddaa
39 ABY
Warehouse District

“Sir the latest shipment of Krytos was delivered. Though why your greatness is targeting places like New Tython rather than our rivals is beyond me, mighty Zaris.” said a Twi’lek majordomo.

Zaris, a human crime lord looked at his majordomo. “Our ally, Doctor Death as he calls himself requested one shipment be sent there. Should easily infect the entire planet. No one would suspect the Krytos virus. Besides for it, he has promised us twelve shipments to use for our own gains. And another twelve for each planet we ship some of the virus to that he asks. Sometimes we must do as requested.”

Arcean smiled. Controlling this weak willed crime lord was easy. Providing what the crime lord wanted was a small cost, especially since he got to strike out against the Jedi. Of course he send the virus out to several other planets, to make it seem less like an attack on the Jedi. Making the virus was difficult, considering that the virus could kill most alien species. Even this strand of the virus, created by Arcean himself had a drawback.

Each time he made this, he had to wear a hazmat suit. He had modified the virus to affect even Neti, though he had a list of races not affected. Race’s that were almost nonexistent, like Dashade, were not affected, nor were humans. But every other species was. His Umbaran heritage would be his downfall if he were infected. It would not kill off all the Jedi, but it would put a large dent in their numbers.

Arcean smiled, and pulled out a holocommunicator. Currently masterless, Arcean almost enjoyed the freedom. The Red Plague gang would do well under his guidance, but still, it was only a small gang. The only advantage this gang had was Arcean himself. Granted they didn’t know his name, only as Doctor Death. Still, if he came out as the power of the Red Plague, it would undoubtedly give him better resources. But that would reveal that the current gang leader was his puppet.

Arcean hated playing these games of intrigue. Even so it was necessary. When the Red Plagues had enough power Arcean would come forth. Still the best thing that could happen is the annihilation of the Red Plagues rivals, which were far more powerful than the Red Plagues. So powerful that Arcean created a backup route, and was secretly providing them poisons, and secured a place in that gang, the Blue Fangs, under the name of M.D. God.

Arcean laughed when he heard the gang names at first. They were terrible, but even so Arcean hoped to bring one of the two to the level of the Black Sun’s or even the Hutt Cartel. He just needed to have one destroy the other.

Luckily both of these gangs had such weak willed leaders. Both were completely under the control of Arcean.