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Playing Non-GJW Games/Platforms during a GJW Discussion


I had a few questions come up recently about how two members who wanted to play a Match in a Non-GJW Platform, but didn’t want to enter DBGaming because they would be likely to get challenged to a GJW Platform match. After some discussion I wanted to put an idea out there to get some feedback on.

PROPOSAL FOR FEEDBACK ONLY!!! NOT AN ACTUAL RULE!! If two members want to play a Match in a Platform which is not currently being utilized in a GJW / Vendetta they may set up the Matches through a Challenge in #DB.

Example of what this would allow IF ADOPTED:

  • Situation 1 - During Round 1 Liam and Marick want to play Starcraft 2. It is not a platform that is included in the Round 1 events. They make the challenge to each other in #DB instead of #DBGaming.
  • Situation 2 - During Round 1 Liam and V’yr want to play a Jedi Academy. It is a platform included in the Round 1 events, they still need to make their challenge in #DBGaming even though it is not a match which will be counted toward the GJW competition (because they’re both HOU).

I like this idea myself, however I could see it possibly lead to cries of match dodging. perhaps we should keep everything gaming related in #dbgaming and just make it so when you enter the room you declare you are gaming for GJW(or event) or not gaming for GJW(or event).

example- Liam and Marick enter #dbgaming to set up a non-event match they declare upon entering the room “Here for non-GJW play.” then proceed with the challenge. This lets others know their intentions and would keep #db clear of gaming related challenges. thus if they decline a GJW challenge after their match in SC they could do so without worries of match dodging because they declared their intentions upon entering #dbgaming in the first place.

that is just my opinion though


Honestly, for anything non-vendetta? The #dbgaming rule doesn’t even make sense. PVE gamers don’t need to hook up in #dbgaming first. The only time we really have issues with dodging and people being assholes is when it’s a vendetta. The rest of the time people mostly just play with friends or with other members of their Clan.

And it’s not like people can’t ask in Clan channels or #db if anyone wants to play… people do that now to get others into #dbgaming in non-vendetta times. This wouldn’t really have any effect on regular gaming nights and we won’t have an issue with people wanting to have “for fun” matches during a vendetta.

One serious issue I’ve noticed of late is that we’ve been applying regular gaming night rules to vendettas… like the minimum/maximum matches thing. That should never have happened in a vendetta, but for regular gaming it allows people to play as much or as little as they want without issue. Hell, having any limits at all for regular gaming no longer makes sense. Let people play as much as they want–I guarantee they won’t earn as many CFs as people playing a PVE game.

We need to see a clearer separation between regular, for fun gaming rules, and gaming rues designed for actual competition.


I’m on board with the idea of non-eligible matches for GJW/Vendettas (either due to the same “team” playing each other or if it’s a non-approved game for that competition) being arranged in #db. I don’t think there’ll be so many that it will cause the channel to bog down.

As for match dodging, well, that’s kinda a moot point if we’re not playing games that are non-competition eligible.


How about we bring back #outerrim and just have non-GJW matches done through there regardless if the platform they are using is GJW related or not (if they don’t want it to count toward the GJW).

I hate to say it, but the whole idea of challenging on the IRC platform is flawed. Hopefully we can cross that bridge soon to come up with a more efficient way of establishing challenges and remove any possibility for competitors to match dodge.

  • Bring back #outerrim (doesn’t have to be #outerrim, just an idea)
  • Players use #outerrim for non-vendetta related gaming during a vendetta
  • Players use #dbgaming for vendetta related gaming

Similar to @Nobilus’ suggestion:

Or, use #dbgaming for the same thing every day of every year and create a special channel for vendetta gaming?

GJW XI? #gjwxigaming

Fading light? #flgaming

Or keep it simple and create a specific channel for vendetta gaming that stays static (and can be x registered), like #dbvendettagaming

(Edit: keeping the use of dbgaming the same saves having to teach new comers convoluted rules that sound like “use #dbgaming, except on Saturdays and every third Monday, while the wind is blowing towards the west.”)


@Solari 's suggestion makes a lot of sense. If we’re going to have special rules, we might as well have a special channel while keeping #dbgaming status quo.


@Solari, I love that idea even more! Have a vendetta-specific gaming channel (believe it or not, but #vendetta is available to be X registered, I think). That would be even better than having all the non-vendetta gamers move to a different channel – that way we can “idle” in #dbgaming like we always do lol.