[Podcast] Fictional Activity with Q & Atra

As those who have been sitting in the Fiction chat have noticed, Qyreia and myself have started a series of podcasts featuring members of the club and discussing fiction.

DISCLAIMER: While we try to censor the more offensive matters, there is swearing and adult content in these. Viewer discretion is advised.


Episode 1:

Introductions and Writing SW Fiction

Guest: Kordath Bleu

Episode 2:

G.I.R.L.s and Atyiru

Guest: Atyiru Entar

Episode 3:

Canon vs. Practical B.S.

Guest: Celevon

Episode 4: (Edit: new link due to upload having cut audio)

Religion in Star Wars

Guest: Turel

Episode 5:

Relationships and Sex

Guest: Leeadra

Episode 6:


Guest: Rhylance