Possessions Survey - what does your character 'have'?

Hello everyone -

As I’m sure you’ve all read in the GM and DGM reports, one of the projects we’re making a push to complete is the possessions system. While we thought it might be a good idea to survey everyone, to see what kind of possessions you are currently writing your characters as fictionally “having”, so that we can make sure we’re not missing anything big in our item lists. We’ll likely take information gleaned from this thread and our item lists and do some more focused polling in the near future as well. So if you could take a minute and respond here it would be very helpful and could directly effect items offered in the new system!

The categories of items we’re talking about are:

  1. Armor/Clothing
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  3. Ships/fighters
  4. Droids
  5. Other

Please take a moment, copy/paste my above list, and then fill in for category your character fictionally owns. I want to stress that these listed items need to be within reason - I don’t think any of us will realistically be owning any fleets of Star Destroyers or entire planets. Also, remember that just because something appears in this thread doesn’t necessarily mean it will definitely be in the eventual possession system when it is released. But better to bring things up now than be asking later!

Thanks everyone!

  1. Armor/Clothing
  • Male Secher Robes [ Obelisk | Hood ]
  • Tempest [ Obelisk | Cloak ]
  • Ferran [ Obelisk | Cloak ]
  • Boyna [ Obelisk | Regular ]
  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  • Mane Lightsaber [ Obelisk | White ]
  • Tundra Lightsaber [ Plain | Blue ]
  • Heavy Slugthrower [ x2 ]
  • Czerka Adventurer w/ modified scope
  1. Ships/fighters
  • Whatever he uses from the Taldryan Navy while on missions
  1. Droids
  • None
  1. Other
  • Electrobinoculars
  1. Armor/Clothing
  • An “armored” version of my custom robes (durasteel, armorweave, etc…would have more exotic materials if allowed) - - Version of my Custom Robes based on regular non-armored materials
  • One or two other pieces of armor based on some of the robes in our selector
  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  • 5 Lightsabers (some with more specialized crystals)
  • Customized Bryar Pistol
  • Vibroblades
  • Handful of other SW blasters
  1. Ships/fighters
  • Custom/Modified Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor (hyperdrive, shielding, upgraded weapons, etc…)
  • Modified CEC YZ-775 Freighter (better weapons, shielding, hyperdrive, room for fighter)
  1. Droids
  • R5 astromech
  • LE-series repair droid
  1. Other
  • Some form of Estate in the Kr’Tal system
  • City-dwelling on Karufr
  • Various odds and ends that can be used on specific missions (comlinks, macrobinoculars, etc…)
  1. Armor/Clothing Apex Brigade Polyweave bodysuit with exterior durasteel plating, Obelisk Cadet Uniform with Cloak, Obelisk Soldier Uniform with Cloak and hood.
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.) Sword, X-45 Sniper Rifle, AXM-50, A280 Blaster Rifle, Relby-K23, DH-17 Blaster Pistol, Dissuader KD-30 Slugthrower pistol, Orange bladed Lineage Hilt Lightsaber, Vibroknife, LD-1 Target Blaster Rifle, DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol, Fragmentation Grenades
  3. Ships/fighters Trast Heavy Transportion A-A5 Heavy Speeder Truck
  4. Droids IG-100 Series Apex Brigade Magna Guard Unit AB-5
  5. Other Corellian Sand Panther Pelts, Corellian Sand Panther Poison Extract
  1. Armor/Clothing
  • Pride robes, armour form. Heavy battle armour.
  • Modded out Masquerade robes.
  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  • Vibrosword and fira.
  • Old lightsaber (Prestige, purple blade)
  1. Ships/fighters
  • None. Mirus and ships? Not a thing!
  1. Droids
  • Apex Brigade MagnaGuard droid.
  1. Other
  • Smithy on Port Ol’val
  • Various amounts of smithing equipment.
  • Lightsaber forge.
  1. Armour/Clothing
    I’m a grown ass man, I have a wardrobe of clothes. Also have specialized armour, and a variety of uniforms and such.

  2. Weapons
    4 or 5 Lightsabers that I have used/built over my career. Generic Vibro Dagger. Imperial Officer’s Sword. I think I have a severely underused Bryar kicking around from when Shad tried to learn me blasty weapons.

  3. Ships/fighters
    X-Wing, A-9b Fighter, Pleasure Yacht, Small Collection of Ground Speeders, Taldryan Fleet (I put my name on the ownership documents)

  4. Droids
    R4 Unit, Butler Droid, Variety of Serving / Cleaning Droids

  5. Other
    Spanky’s Tavern, Country Estate on Karufr, City Penthouse on Karufr, a small cottage on Corellia.

  1. Powered, armored suit. Custom. Basically a powered armor with an virtual intelligence system and interchangable armored plates. The undersuit is the main module while the rest can be changed. The undersuit is made from exotic tech while the armored plates are simple durasteel. I expect to spend most of my money on this, honestly, since it’s the most important tech I have. I would customize it if allowed, otherwise the VI thing would be simple fiction while the armor would count as basic powered armor. Also random clothing. Mostly uniforms, training gear and casual attire.
  2. Several standard weapons (disruptor pistol, blaster rifle, shoto saber, rotary blaster, grenades)
  3. None
  4. None
  5. None

1) Armor/Clothing

  • Pride Armor
  • Various tight skinned outfits, because what assassin realistically wears layers upon layers of billowy clothing. Srsly.
  • General wardrobe of clothing with all the accessories. (Silly women)

2) Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)

  • Curved hilt lightsaber
  • Various pairs of daggers

3) Ships/fighters

  • A two seat speeder of sorts. Have not decided on actual model.

4) Droids

  • Apex Brigade Magnaguard Droid

5) Other

  • Numerous datapads, terminals, computers, other technology related things.
  1. Sovereign armour / robe with cloak (Krath) - will change in a close future. During missions - various robes and uniforms, depending on the necessity.
  2. Tarragon lightsaber, thermal grenades - will change in a close future.
  3. Ships - none (though I may utilize unit’s ship, depending on the necessity).
  4. Droids - none.
  5. Other - Advanced holocron from SA Society (not sure, if applicable).
  1. Armor: Standard issue stuff.
  2. Weapons: Custom Lightsaber; black n white interlaced… but I don’t think the DJB has those according to fiction.
  3. Ships / Fighters: YT-2400 Modified for Luxury.
  4. Droids: None
  5. Other: Techno stuffs, data pads n what not. 1 Holocron from the Palace of Ravenspyre (Old Ar’Kell Reference)
  1. Armor/Clothing- Robes, and armor
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.) Saber, hold out blaster
  3. Ships/fighters yt-2400 light freighter
  4. Droids Rx-cv Advanced modified protocol droid
  5. Other Jewelry, there is a spike in my hair braid, amulets and trinkets

It’s a part of my character’s fiction that he rarely keeps his own possessions, but I’ll fill this out anyway.

  1. Armor/Clothing

Locke typically wears standard robes, but I’ve used things such a flight suit or business suit in the past.

  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)

The only unique or noteworthy weapon Locke has is his custom lightsaber. Fictionally, it has a small storage compartment with a screw top at it’s base. Otherwise, just a DL-44 blaster. Previously used the AXM-50 “Blast and Smash” rifle, which is a combination rifle/grenade launcher. Also, throwing knives.

  1. Ships/fighters

None, just uses Clan stuff. This includes a modified Starwind Yacht.

  1. Droids


  1. Other


  1. Armor/Clothing
    No armor. Andrelious speaks Imperial Basic and would have armour :wink: - but he doesn’t have any of that either.
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    Andrelious owns 2 E-11 Blasters, stolen from the ISD Colossus on his flight from the EH, also still technically owns his two previous lightsabers, but currently uses Warb Null’s saber.
  3. Ships/fighters
    Has access to a StealthX from the former Void Squadron. Also privately owns the TIE Advanced (no, not ‘TIE Avenger’. That’s just a nickname) Sharpshoot that was also stolen on his escape from the EH
  4. Droids
    Has access to what he needs through Arcona’s resources - has no attachment to any astromech used when piloting the StealthX
  5. Other
    Cythraul - Stele
    Owns a house in the mountains of Selen (lives here with Kooki and the twins when not needed at the Citadel)
  1. Armor/Clothing - Negotiator Robes, Light battle armor (bracers, shin guards, chest armor), heavy battle armor, ordinary civvy clothing.
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.) - Armory Saber, First Custom Saber, Second Custom saber. Extendable stun baton. Blaster carbine.
  3. Ships/fighters - Modified X-wing (personal craft)
  4. Droids - none
  5. Other - Small Parcel of farmland on Corellia.

The categories of items we’re talking about are:

  1. Armor/Clothing
  • Synthweave battle suit
  • Officer’s white uniform
  • Beskar Crush Gauntlets
  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  • 2-3 custom lightsabers, with adjustable length, intensity, dna security encoded
  • 2 Custom Charric Blasters with security encoded
  • Custom Charric Sniper Rifle
  • Miscellaneous Grenades, including custom vong killer spore grenades
  1. Ships/fighters
  • Nssis Claw Craft - with hyperdrive, shields, special weapons armaments
  1. Droids
  • ASP-19 Training Droid
  • YVH-1 Battle Droid
  • NR-1100 Slicer Droid
  • C-3 Protocol Droid
  1. Other
  • Personal fleet of Chiss Ascendancy forces
  • Hidden Estate on Ziost
  1. Armor/Clothing
    Robes/armoured robes.

  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    The various lightsabers I’ve had in my time in the DB so 4-5 probably.
    Maybe some assorted blasters.

  3. Ships/fighters
    Haven’t given it much thought but if Yacks gets the Tal Fleet then I call dibs on CNS’ KSD since I bought that when I was CON :stuck_out_tongue:
    Probably an X-Wing of some sort.

  4. Droids
    R7 astromech droid

  5. Other
    Property of some sort in the Orian System.

  1. Armour/Clothing
    The Researcher Robes awarded by the Shadow Academy, with the Krath Purple colours and crystals in the correct places.
    Currently Galleros owns the Secher Nbiw robes, with no hood, full cloak and belt with lime colours.
  2. Weapons
    The Errant lightsaber he currently uses, with a Sith red blade
  3. Ships
    He currently uses the VSD-II Covenant that has been assigned to him during his tenure as Quaestor
  4. Droids
    Galleros used to own a R9 Astromech called ‘Reginald’ until he was destroyed in Operation: Resurgence
  5. Other
    He has several pets, including Dagobah Swamp Slugs and several pots of Claw Vines.

1) Armor/Clothing - Nothing of note

2) Weapons - Nothing of note

3) Ships - Nothing of note

4) Droids - 3D-4X Administrative Droid

5) Other - Nothing of note

  1. Armor/Clothing
    Naval uniform, TIE pilot suit, polished cuirass with vambraces and greaves

  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    Custom lightsaber, Hydra Pistol, SH-9 Pistol, Tulwar, long knife, flaying knife

  3. Ships/fighters
    StealthX, from Void Squadron
    VT-49 Desolater

  4. Droids
    R9-S6, for use in his StealthX

  5. Other
    A small library, that ends up on whichever ship he sets up his quarters in. A collection of ancient weapons from assorted cultures, none of them usable.

I will keep mine simple.

Mainly just personal ships/fighters.

Other items. IE. Houses, Casinos, spaceports, etc.