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Possessions Survey - what does your character ‘have’?


Hello everyone -

As I’m sure you’ve all read in the GM and DGM reports, one of the projects we’re making a push to complete is the possessions system. While we thought it might be a good idea to survey everyone, to see what kind of possessions you are currently writing your characters as fictionally “having”, so that we can make sure we’re not missing anything big in our item lists. We’ll likely take information gleaned from this thread and our item lists and do some more focused polling in the near future as well. So if you could take a minute and respond here it would be very helpful and could directly effect items offered in the new system!

The categories of items we’re talking about are:

  1. Armor/Clothing
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  3. Ships/fighters
  4. Droids
  5. Other

Please take a moment, copy/paste my above list, and then fill in for category your character fictionally owns. I want to stress that these listed items need to be within reason - I don’t think any of us will realistically be owning any fleets of Star Destroyers or entire planets. Also, remember that just because something appears in this thread doesn’t necessarily mean it will definitely be in the eventual possession system when it is released. But better to bring things up now than be asking later!

Thanks everyone!

  1. Armor/Clothing
  • Male Secher Robes [ Obelisk | Hood ]
  • Tempest [ Obelisk | Cloak ]
  • Ferran [ Obelisk | Cloak ]
  • Boyna [ Obelisk | Regular ]
  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  • Mane Lightsaber [ Obelisk | White ]
  • Tundra Lightsaber [ Plain | Blue ]
  • Heavy Slugthrower [ x2 ]
  • Czerka Adventurer w/ modified scope
  1. Ships/fighters
  • Whatever he uses from the Taldryan Navy while on missions
  1. Droids
  • None
  1. Other
  • Electrobinoculars
  1. Armor/Clothing
  • An “armored” version of my custom robes (durasteel, armorweave, etc…would have more exotic materials if allowed) - - Version of my Custom Robes based on regular non-armored materials
  • One or two other pieces of armor based on some of the robes in our selector
  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  • 5 Lightsabers (some with more specialized crystals)
  • Customized Bryar Pistol
  • Vibroblades
  • Handful of other SW blasters
  1. Ships/fighters
  • Custom/Modified Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor (hyperdrive, shielding, upgraded weapons, etc…)
  • Modified CEC YZ-775 Freighter (better weapons, shielding, hyperdrive, room for fighter)
  1. Droids
  • R5 astromech
  • LE-series repair droid
  1. Other
  • Some form of Estate in the Kr’Tal system
  • City-dwelling on Karufr
  • Various odds and ends that can be used on specific missions (comlinks, macrobinoculars, etc…)
  1. Armor/Clothing Apex Brigade Polyweave bodysuit with exterior durasteel plating, Obelisk Cadet Uniform with Cloak, Obelisk Soldier Uniform with Cloak and hood.
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.) Sword, X-45 Sniper Rifle, AXM-50, A280 Blaster Rifle, Relby-K23, DH-17 Blaster Pistol, Dissuader KD-30 Slugthrower pistol, Orange bladed Lineage Hilt Lightsaber, Vibroknife, LD-1 Target Blaster Rifle, DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol, Fragmentation Grenades
  3. Ships/fighters Trast Heavy Transportion A-A5 Heavy Speeder Truck
  4. Droids IG-100 Series Apex Brigade Magna Guard Unit AB-5
  5. Other Corellian Sand Panther Pelts, Corellian Sand Panther Poison Extract
  1. Armor/Clothing
  • Pride robes, armour form. Heavy battle armour.
  • Modded out Masquerade robes.
  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  • Vibrosword and fira.
  • Old lightsaber (Prestige, purple blade)
  1. Ships/fighters
  • None. Mirus and ships? Not a thing!
  1. Droids
  • Apex Brigade MagnaGuard droid.
  1. Other
  • Smithy on Port Ol’val
  • Various amounts of smithing equipment.
  • Lightsaber forge.
  1. Armour/Clothing
    I’m a grown ass man, I have a wardrobe of clothes. Also have specialized armour, and a variety of uniforms and such.

  2. Weapons
    4 or 5 Lightsabers that I have used/built over my career. Generic Vibro Dagger. Imperial Officer’s Sword. I think I have a severely underused Bryar kicking around from when Shad tried to learn me blasty weapons.

  3. Ships/fighters
    X-Wing, A-9b Fighter, Pleasure Yacht, Small Collection of Ground Speeders, Taldryan Fleet (I put my name on the ownership documents)

  4. Droids
    R4 Unit, Butler Droid, Variety of Serving / Cleaning Droids

  5. Other
    Spanky’s Tavern, Country Estate on Karufr, City Penthouse on Karufr, a small cottage on Corellia.

  1. Powered, armored suit. Custom. Basically a powered armor with an virtual intelligence system and interchangable armored plates. The undersuit is the main module while the rest can be changed. The undersuit is made from exotic tech while the armored plates are simple durasteel. I expect to spend most of my money on this, honestly, since it’s the most important tech I have. I would customize it if allowed, otherwise the VI thing would be simple fiction while the armor would count as basic powered armor. Also random clothing. Mostly uniforms, training gear and casual attire.
  2. Several standard weapons (disruptor pistol, blaster rifle, shoto saber, rotary blaster, grenades)
  3. None
  4. None
  5. None

1) Armor/Clothing

  • Pride Armor
  • Various tight skinned outfits, because what assassin realistically wears layers upon layers of billowy clothing. Srsly.
  • General wardrobe of clothing with all the accessories. (Silly women)

2) Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)

  • Curved hilt lightsaber
  • Various pairs of daggers

3) Ships/fighters

  • A two seat speeder of sorts. Have not decided on actual model.

4) Droids

  • Apex Brigade Magnaguard Droid

5) Other

  • Numerous datapads, terminals, computers, other technology related things.
  1. Sovereign armour / robe with cloak (Krath) - will change in a close future. During missions - various robes and uniforms, depending on the necessity.
  2. Tarragon lightsaber, thermal grenades - will change in a close future.
  3. Ships - none (though I may utilize unit’s ship, depending on the necessity).
  4. Droids - none.
  5. Other - Advanced holocron from SA Society (not sure, if applicable).
  1. Armor: Standard issue stuff.
  2. Weapons: Custom Lightsaber; black n white interlaced… but I don’t think the DJB has those according to fiction.
  3. Ships / Fighters: YT-2400 Modified for Luxury.
  4. Droids: None
  5. Other: Techno stuffs, data pads n what not. 1 Holocron from the Palace of Ravenspyre (Old Ar’Kell Reference)
  1. Armor/Clothing- Robes, and armor
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.) Saber, hold out blaster
  3. Ships/fighters yt-2400 light freighter
  4. Droids Rx-cv Advanced modified protocol droid
  5. Other Jewelry, there is a spike in my hair braid, amulets and trinkets

It’s a part of my character’s fiction that he rarely keeps his own possessions, but I’ll fill this out anyway.

  1. Armor/Clothing

Locke typically wears standard robes, but I’ve used things such a flight suit or business suit in the past.

  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)

The only unique or noteworthy weapon Locke has is his custom lightsaber. Fictionally, it has a small storage compartment with a screw top at it’s base. Otherwise, just a DL-44 blaster. Previously used the AXM-50 “Blast and Smash” rifle, which is a combination rifle/grenade launcher. Also, throwing knives.

  1. Ships/fighters

None, just uses Clan stuff. This includes a modified Starwind Yacht.

  1. Droids


  1. Other


  1. Armor/Clothing
    No armor. Andrelious speaks Imperial Basic and would have armour :wink: - but he doesn’t have any of that either.
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    Andrelious owns 2 E-11 Blasters, stolen from the ISD Colossus on his flight from the EH, also still technically owns his two previous lightsabers, but currently uses Warb Null’s saber.
  3. Ships/fighters
    Has access to a StealthX from the former Void Squadron. Also privately owns the TIE Advanced (no, not ‘TIE Avenger’. That’s just a nickname) Sharpshoot that was also stolen on his escape from the EH
  4. Droids
    Has access to what he needs through Arcona’s resources - has no attachment to any astromech used when piloting the StealthX
  5. Other
    Cythraul - Stele
    Owns a house in the mountains of Selen (lives here with Kooki and the twins when not needed at the Citadel)
  1. Armor/Clothing - Negotiator Robes, Light battle armor (bracers, shin guards, chest armor), heavy battle armor, ordinary civvy clothing.
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.) - Armory Saber, First Custom Saber, Second Custom saber. Extendable stun baton. Blaster carbine.
  3. Ships/fighters - Modified X-wing (personal craft)
  4. Droids - none
  5. Other - Small Parcel of farmland on Corellia.

The categories of items we’re talking about are:

  1. Armor/Clothing
  • Synthweave battle suit
  • Officer’s white uniform
  • Beskar Crush Gauntlets
  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  • 2-3 custom lightsabers, with adjustable length, intensity, dna security encoded
  • 2 Custom Charric Blasters with security encoded
  • Custom Charric Sniper Rifle
  • Miscellaneous Grenades, including custom vong killer spore grenades
  1. Ships/fighters
  • Nssis Claw Craft - with hyperdrive, shields, special weapons armaments
  1. Droids
  • ASP-19 Training Droid
  • YVH-1 Battle Droid
  • NR-1100 Slicer Droid
  • C-3 Protocol Droid
  1. Other
  • Personal fleet of Chiss Ascendancy forces
  • Hidden Estate on Ziost
  1. Armor/Clothing
    Robes/armoured robes.

  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    The various lightsabers I’ve had in my time in the DB so 4-5 probably.
    Maybe some assorted blasters.

  3. Ships/fighters
    Haven’t given it much thought but if Yacks gets the Tal Fleet then I call dibs on CNS’ KSD since I bought that when I was CON :stuck_out_tongue:
    Probably an X-Wing of some sort.

  4. Droids
    R7 astromech droid

  5. Other
    Property of some sort in the Orian System.

  1. Armour/Clothing
    The Researcher Robes awarded by the Shadow Academy, with the Krath Purple colours and crystals in the correct places.
    Currently Galleros owns the Secher Nbiw robes, with no hood, full cloak and belt with lime colours.
  2. Weapons
    The Errant lightsaber he currently uses, with a Sith red blade
  3. Ships
    He currently uses the VSD-II Covenant that has been assigned to him during his tenure as Quaestor
  4. Droids
    Galleros used to own a R9 Astromech called ‘Reginald’ until he was destroyed in Operation: Resurgence
  5. Other
    He has several pets, including Dagobah Swamp Slugs and several pots of Claw Vines.

1) Armor/Clothing - Nothing of note

2) Weapons - Nothing of note

3) Ships - Nothing of note

4) Droids - 3D-4X Administrative Droid

5) Other - Nothing of note

  1. Armor/Clothing
    Naval uniform, TIE pilot suit, polished cuirass with vambraces and greaves

  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    Custom lightsaber, Hydra Pistol, SH-9 Pistol, Tulwar, long knife, flaying knife

  3. Ships/fighters
    StealthX, from Void Squadron
    VT-49 Desolater

  4. Droids
    R9-S6, for use in his StealthX

  5. Other
    A small library, that ends up on whichever ship he sets up his quarters in. A collection of ancient weapons from assorted cultures, none of them usable.


I will keep mine simple.

Mainly just personal ships/fighters.

Other items. IE. Houses, Casinos, spaceports, etc.


1) Armor/Clothing

2) Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)

3) Ships/fighters

  • No personal craft, will task House assets or contract for private transport if needed.

4) Droids

  • a reprogrammed (to be extra fabulous) protocol droid named GR-1N-DR or “Grinder” that serves as Turel’s administrative assistant. He’s considered property of the House and not the character.

5) Other

  • A single Mandalorian warrior NPC from the Arcona Fade Initiative. I still need to make a wiki for him.
  • A rented apartment on Port Ol’val

1) Armor/Clothing
Several robes/armored robes:

  • Purple Invicta robes (F)
  • Teal Martiarch robes
  • An unofficial custom set of robes - blue/white/gold, skirt, corset-top w/ sleeves, boots, outer robe, etc
  • Several medic’s uniforms

2) Weapons

  • Seraph (custom) lightsaber
  • Two blaster pistols (DL-18, SoroSuub ELG-3A)
  • One blaster rifle (BlasTech A280)
  • Medic kit, drugs, etc. Kinda counts.

3) Ships/fighters
Nope. (We’d all die.)

…Wait. Now that I’m Consul, don’t I get a flagship? Ha. Ha. Hahahahaha.

4) Droids
None here.

5) Other

  • Cythraul (fictional, special Clan perk/reward, not usable in the ACC)
  • Accesories (an Arcona pendant, an old bandana made into a necklace, a metal arm-band, etc)
  • Other memorabilia (tokens from friends, eg. flasks, coins, whatever, possibly medals or banners like many of us all have.)
  1. Armor/Clothing
    the usual stuff, robes, clothing. Mostly when specific items are needed, it’s readily available somewhere. Also the dress uniform and rank insignia of a High Admiral in the Emperor’s Hammer, as well as the medals collected while in their service.
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    a custom built lightsaber powered by a rare Metalorn crystal, yellow blade. Depending on the mission, this might be complemented with a DC-17 blaster pistol and/or a small knife with a secrrated edge. usually a small complement of melee and handweapons is stored in my personal transport.
  3. Ships/fighters
    personal customized Delta DX-9 Stormtrooper transport (modifications: length extended to 25 m, shield rating boosted to 160 SBU, improved hull plating, new propulsion system giving a max speed of 150 MGLT, rear mounted turbo laser turret to complement the forward facing quad laser and quad ion cannons). It’s also rumored I have a TIE Defender stashed somewhere for personal use, but that’s classified info :smile:
  4. Droids
    only when needed, and then just grab whatever comes along and use after a memory wipe
  5. Other
    5 holocrons of Jedi and Sith origin

1) Armor/Clothing
Pretty much Jedi robes. Characters a wookiee so he doesn’t even really need clothing.
2) Weapons
Lightsaber, Bowcaster, Ryyk Blade
3) Ships/fighters
4) Droids
5) Other

  1. Armor/Clothing: Shiny green carapace
  2. Weapons: Lightsaber, Verpine Shatter Pistol
    3)Ships/Etc: Nothing of note, but I might get him a B-wing someday
    4)Droids: This one is a bit complicated…
    5)Other: Nothing of note.

I’ll keep this simple.

  1. Nothing special. Normal robes and standard flight suit.

  2. Lightsaber, viroblade, Dissuader KD-30 slugthrower, and a DL-18 blaster pistol.

  3. Upon my defection from the EH as Fleet Admiral / Recon Officer I “appropriated” (with GM Sarin’s permission upon arrival) from the Recon Office 1 TIE Defender and 1 Escort Shuttle, both with S.A.M. coating. (S.A.M. coating stands for Sensor Absorbing Material, basically stealth coating.)

  4. None.

  5. I am currently residing in the Sword’s Shealth which is the former base for House Gladius, but I do not count that as a possession. Yet.

That’s about it.

  1. Armor/Clothing
  • An environmentally sealed Sith Battlesuit, using exotic materials if allowed and alchemically enhanced.
  1. Weapons :
    -2 lightsabers, again using exotic materials and rare crystals. This is probably where I spend a lot of my credits, along with the armor above.
  • a modified disruptor rifle and pistol
  • thermal detonators
    -various acids and poisons
  1. Ships/fighters
  • a small transport, modified and well-armed and armored. A modified speederbike.
  1. Droids
  • An IT-3 Interrogator, an average astromech droid (standard), and a standard Sith battledroid of some sort.
  1. Other
  • a small personal alchemy lab, well stocked, and a few exotic “pets” - mutated or alchemically enhanced SW creatures, expendable.

1) Armor/Clothing
A’lora makes her own tribal garb.

2) Weapons
Quarterstaff, whip, spears and lightsaber. The first three of which are self-made.
Lightstaff (I wish)

3) Ships/fighters

4) Droids

5) Other
I haven’t yet written this into fiction, but creatures like a Varactyl or Uvak would be great for the character.

  1. Armor/Clothing
    Jedi Robes, flight suit

  2. Weapons
    Lightsaber (when I get it), E-11s sniper rifle, Defender sporting blaster pistol

  3. Ships/fighters
    RZ-1 A-wing interceptor (to be explained in the character history I haven’t written yet)

  4. Droids

  5. Other
    Various odds and ends. Comm unit, binoculars, random stuff like that.

  1. I will not be purchasing armor, it just doesn’t suit the character
  2. If I’m allowed, I want a hybrid saberstff (Splittable staff), and I will probably purchase a good dozen bladed weapons of various type, both mundane and vibro.
  3. Maybe a small freighter, like a Ghtroc or something similar. Ships aren’t important to my character
  4. A handicapped assistance (seeing eye) droid. I’ve been writing about the little bugger a while now.
  5. Landspeeder or Swoop bike, much more important than a ship.
  1. Armor/Clothing - Robes

  2. Weapons - Lightsaber, 2 x Westar 34 blasters, assortment of grenades

  3. Ships - None

  4. Droids - None

  5. Other - Nothing of note

  1. A custom robe, several clothes for any kind of occasions - combat, training, … depending on the climatic circumstances: desert, freezing hell like Hoth, jungle, etc.
  2. her lightsabers, a dagger (her kukri e.g.), poisoned needle ring would be cool (ring with an extendable poisened needle/ or small extendable blade in it)
  3. some kind of ship that is able to transport 2-4 people, has medium defences / attacks
  4. nope
    • The Bloody Book (a valuable book bound in hawk bat skin and possibly written with ink made of blood. It awakens incredible fear in the reader. The first three sentences are:
      “Witches always stand amidst birches.”
      “The shadow you cast is not your own.”
      “When you close your eyes, the Others will come.”
  • a small wodden casket with carvings of a tree and small animals on it
  • Some more books of mediocre rarity. Mostly about Krathy sorcery witchy stuff :smiley:
  • a vial with a bit of blood of Astronicus Sadow’s son
  1. is not much of importance to Sil - besides The Bloody Book and the casket. Which are more of a sentimental value for her.
  1. Armor/Clothing
    I would like the possibility of Custom designed armor, such as the modified combat armor I would like to have for myself is not aloud under the current system. The armor I would like a a saber like beam that is on upper forearm so he can block saber attacks, if this was possible I would not have a lightsaber at all and just use pistols. As Armags is a force sensitive BH, not a jedi of any kind

  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    not much to say about lightsabers here as Armags doesn’t like them, pistol man, the more selection and mods avalible to upgrade pistols\rifles the better so we arnt all having the same gun

  3. Ships/fighters
    not to fussed here,

  4. Droids
    As im a BH such stuff like seeker droids and the such would be cool

  5. Other
    Yes, as mentioned in other posts, personal speeders would be a great addition and personal utility tools. as already mentioned.

  1. Armor/Clothing
  • Light armor bearing Czerka Corp branding.
  • DBJ Robes.
  • Kaleesh Mask.
  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  • Armory Lightsaber
  • DC-17 hand blaster pistol.
  1. Ships/fighters
  • None
  1. Droids
  • None
  1. Other
  • Not sure he can be counted as a possession but a force ghost that inhabits Arth’s body and mind.
  • A collection of mementos gathered over the years.
  1. Armor/Clothing
  • Civilian clothing, like trousers, sleeveless tunic, combat boots, fingerless gloves, the like
  • Perhaps light armor? A utility belt, definitely, with blaster holsters
  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  • Customized single-handed lightsaber
  • SSK-7 heavy blaster pistols
  • LL-30 blaster pistols
  • DL-44 heavy blaster pistols
  • Contact stunners
  • Stun bayonets
  1. Ships/fighters
  • None
  1. Droids
  • None
  1. Other
    Besides random knick-knacks in the storytelling? I mean, my new character’s pretty minimalistic. I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.
  1. Armor/Clothing

Invicta Robes (Lightweight Shoulder Pauldron)
Armorweave Body-suit ( http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Armorweave)

  1. Weapons
  • VibroDaggers ( http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Vibrodagger – the article has pictures of Knifes (single edge, slashing) instead of an actual dagger (double edged, thinner, meant for piercing) so hopefully we can fix that?
  • Throwing Knives
  • 2x Shoto Lightsaber
  • 2x Hidden Wrist Blade (Retractable, Stiletto) [Different from GMGR item]

(Art by Celevon <3)

  1. Ships/fighters

pew pew

  1. Droids
    IG-100 Magna Droid

  2. Cythraul:

We created a “pet”/“companion” Creature NPC that we award to members. They are basically large space wolves that form a bond with their Master. My hope was always, that when possessions came around, these could be funded through a Clans respective “funds”.

  1. Armor/Clothing
    Small wardrobe of consisting of very casual to the extreme formal.
    Custom Medium Battle Armor that is environmentally sealed, has flash ans sound protection, and a single use refillable auto injection med system. There is a builtin tactical system to hold 8 energy packs for his Rifle, 4 for his pistol, 4 Thermal detonators, and 4 flash grenades. There is an area in the small of his back for his lightsaber. Left Thigh has holster for blaster pistol. Right thigh has blow out kit. Detachable back pack with survival gear such as shelter, glow rods, synth rope, spare filter and atmosphere canisters, and rations.

  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    Blaster Carbine(not sure on model) with Tactical light and laser sight.
    T-6 Heavy blaster Pistol
    Personal Lightsaber (Emerald Green Blade)

  3. Ships/fighters
    Custom Kuat Drive’s small freighter

  4. Droids
    R4-Z3 Astromech droid

  5. Other
    Various personal items such as holo-pads and data chips
    Collection of personal journals from his grandfather. (hand written notes about various sith and jedi lore’s. Think of the book that Sean Connery had in Indiana Jones and the last Crusade. There are a few books since they have been in the family for generations.)
    Some form of K-9 pet (still not sure what it is)

  1. Armour Clothing
  1. Weapons
  • Iron spear
  • Heavy calibre projectile-based sniper rifle
  • “Claymore lightsaber” I don’t know if that is a thing, but I want to beleive!
  1. Ships/Fighters
  • Anything within reason
  • A small freighter, one of the YTs, probably the YT-2000 (Mmmm Otana)
  1. Droids
  • Not my kettle of fish
  1. Other
  • A submarine. That is all.
  • 25 droids
  • 2 Officers
  • 2 ULAVs
  • Land grand on Yridia IV
  1. Armor/Clothing

    • Some kind of armor (haven’t really thought this out, but having it makes sense)
    • A few different robes and “civilian” clothing
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)

    • 5 lightsabers
    • An assortment of other weapons (blasters, blades, etc.)
  3. Ships/fighters

  4. Droids

    • It isn’t something that I’ve had a need to explore in fiction, but at my rank I’d assume that I at least have a protocol droid at each of my houses and an astromech on my ship.
  5. Other

    • An estate somewhere in the Kr’Tal system, and an “in-town” house on Karufr
    • Various other items and gadgets that help (comlink, microbinoculars, datapad, etc.)
  1. Armor/Clothing
    –A few ceremonial robes and perhaps one armored robes (good metals with my rank)

  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    –Dual lightsabers and one or two blasters with perhaps an assault rifle in my office, but likely MAA owned instead of me personally

  3. Ships/fighters
    –A personal starfighter, nothing fancy since I don’t actually like space combat, and my rank/position also suggests a larger yacht of some kind

  4. Droids
    –A personal assistant droid codenamed “Dex”

  5. Other
    –A nice collection of scrolls, books, data pads courtesy of my Headmaster days

  1. Armor/Clothing
    –Krath robes
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    – Standard armory lightsaber
    –Standard blaster pistol
  3. Ships/fighters
    –N/A given the characters rank and earnings
  4. Droids
    –1x Duelist elite droid (repurposed for the characters body)
  5. Other
    –1x personalized computer terminal (for use w. Shard Physiology)
    –1x recharging station
    –2x C1-personal Commlink
    –1x broken sith amulet (souvenir)
    –?x Books/holotapes for Shadow academy

alright I am coming at this as a girl. So bear with me and understand where this is coming from.

  1. Armor/Clothing
    Kaira has no real armor, how ever she dose have her Jedi robes as well as number of dresses. Also she has girly under cloths we will leave it at that.

  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    she has her lightsaber, Amethyst Kukri, Sapphire Blade and a blaster pistol. other then that she would have what was given to her from her house (now clan) to use on missions.

  3. Ships/fighters
    small one man fighter

  4. Droids
    Nanny droid to help with her daughter.

  5. Other
    A few data disks, datapad (Pocket Secretary), toiletries, a few pieces of jewelry such as a necklace and two rings, personal commlink, holobooks, small two room apartment on planet (with furniture such has table chairs,two beds ect), spacers chest, personal diary, 2x sleeping bag, 2x small back packs, and maybe a few other personal items. everyone has a few of those things around.

  1. Armor/Clothing - Garb from DJB dossier, medium amphibious backpack that holds all equipment on missions, Set of lightweight clothing for warm climates.

  2. Weapons - Lightsaber, DL-44 x2

  3. Ships/fighters - Pursuer Enforcement ship - the “Fortitude”; borrowed on permanent loan from Taranae’s last job on naboo

  4. Droids - D3 droid named “Dee three”

  5. Other - arctic survival tauntaun fur clothing with fur lined hood

  1. Armour/Clothing - Jedi Robes, Custom light armored robes for combat.

  2. Weapons - Lightsaber, Vibrodagger (Main Gauche/Parrying dagger styled) and Vibrorapier

  3. Ships/Fighters - Nothing Major, most likely some personal ship solely for travel.

  4. Droids - None

  5. Other - Faith, don’t you dare charge me for that!

  1. Armor/Clothing
  • Sith Inquisitor armour
  • Travelling wear
  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  • Lightsaber
  • Knife
  1. Ships/fighters
  • Interceptor-class starship
  1. Droids
  • Seeker droids for scouting and assassination.
  1. Other
  • Henchman/Servant (NPC)

1) Armor/Clothing
(( Large over sized robe. Old and taddered. drags on the ground and droups over the face enough to darken it and only makes his glowing eyes visible.

Armored straps with various plates to hold the Bacta tubes and canisters))

2) Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
((just a Light saber))

  1. Ships/fighters

  2. Droids

  3. Other
    ((A chest plate that holds a pumping system, connected with tubes that goes down his arms, weist, up his neck, and down both legs, feeding Bacta)) (((Decomposing body and at 115 years old, it helps with the pain and slows the ageing some)))


1) Armor/Clothing

  • Secher Nbiw “robe”
  • Modified Stormtrooper armor
    2) Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  • Lightsaber (Officer hilt, light blue blade)
  • 2 stun batons
  • Repulsor Throwing Razors
    3) Ships/fighters
    4) Droids
    5) Other
  1. Clan Robes with Obelisk Trimming. Standard pants, black shirt for when not wearing robes. Shoes would be awesome.

  2. Custom Lightsaber, MSD-32 Disruptor Pistol, E11 Blaster Rifle, Sapphire Blade, Thermal Detonator

  3. Z-11 Headhunter, max equipped options (Should cost around 110,000 Credits)

  4. R8 Astromech, Modified HK 77 Assassin Droid, E-3PO with TechSpan, Linguistic, and other modules…

  5. Mechanics tools, survival equipment, tools to repair or re-build lightsabers, pistols, etc.

  1. Armor/Clothing
    Silk, denim, a Link uniform, and a rancor leather belt from the time D’hak used Denath as bait.

  2. Weapons

  3. Ships/fighters
    ETA-2 Actis-class interceptor.

  4. Droids
    Mouse droid, Astromech droid.

  5. Other
    Datapads, various mechanic tools, dice, landscape painting.


My character has:

  1. Lightsaber, Blue colored blade.
  2. Robes rather than Armor
  3. Boots of course and trousers

The categories of items we’re talking about are:

  1. Armor/Clothing
    -Street Clothes
    -Ceremonial Robes displayed on dossier
    -Armor of the light variety
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
  • 4 Custom sabesr, 1 set of 2, 1 single and 1 other single
    -Various swords and daggers
    -hold out blaster
  1. Ships/fighters
    -Teu flying is like giving a chimp a car, bad idea bad idea
  2. Droids
    -Several droids including 1 protocol and 1 astromech droid, 2 nanny droids for the kids
  3. Other
    A House
  1. Armor/Clothing: Baseline Armor, nothing too cumbersome. My character is an assassin, so he mostly wears black to help him keep to the shadows right before he attacks a target. A fighter pilot outfit for when he flies, and armor for when he takes on the role of protecting his master (GM Darth Pravus) from harm.

  2. Weapons: Lightsabers only. Drac will eventually dual wield and use a double-bladed saber…once he progresses.

  3. Ships/fighters: A TIE Advanced, A-WIng, X-Wing, Shuttle (for covert ops)

  4. Droids: Protocol droid because Drac won’t bother learning a language, one Astromech droid without a restraining bolt…Drac wants it to be able to learn and develop a personality.

  5. Other: Nothing I can think of…

  1. Armor/Clothing
    Several sets of general day wear, formal attire, armor

  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    Lightsaber, various bladed weapons, blasters, etc.

  3. Ships/fighters
    Heavily Modified YT-2000

  4. Droids
    Yes. Droids. Several

  5. Other
    Various estates in the Cocytus system, network of spies


Fun thing about Canon compared to Legends: its foundation with the animated shows is more space fantasy, whereas Legends was more hard sci-fi with the Thrawn books, so… be warned, lots of Clone Wars fantasy influences ahead that newer members probably will recognise more than crusty old farts like myself:

1) Armor/Clothing

  • Vambraces (Zayne Carrick uses them in the KOTOR comics) and other stuff like that (Kyle Katarn’s Indestructible Shoudlerpad of Doom etc), as it’s not a fullblown stormtrooper suit- my character would never wear that- but just a localised guard, something to deflect blows from specific areas. Plus, vambraces just look really cool and glowy.
  • Though I wouldn’t use them- there’s lots of interesting, non-cliche stuff from the Nightsister episodes of The Clone Wars that some members probably would enjoy, like the laser-crossbows and stuff, which were pretty cool.

2) Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)

  • Various Sith ritually stuff, so poisons, maybe something akin to “Chinese fire” (you know the stuff how they used to throw gunpowder and ignite it, and people thought it sorcery?), and other “He’s a sorcerer!” type faux-magick stuff. Again, the Nightsister episodes of The Clone Wars show would be a good source of ideas here, as they have stuff like totems and, I kid you not, voodoo dolls. It looks nuts, but it’s only an illusion, so not as overpowered as Dooku thinking his skin’s peeling off might imply, but is the kind of “weapon” that’d be fun to see instead of all just guns. (Again, its canon now, not Legends, and canon has much more focus on this stuff than the EU did.)

3) Ships/fighters

    • As a general point, anything from KOTOR or TOR. “But thats old?!” I hear people cry… yes, yes it is. The Falcon’s model was also meant to be like 1000 years old or something too, lightsabers have existed for eternity, and in real life, people use old car shell’s and put new engines inside them. Same deal here. If someone wants to fly the Ebon Hawk? Nothing stops them putting a modern engine under the hood.
  • More broadly, anything non-cliche. I love the Falcon, but we don’t all want to use it, and the WEG, WOTC and FFG sourcebooks all have tons of interesting, original designs. If I had to pick a specific range though, I do like the VCX series of freighters, of which I especially like the VCX-820 escort freighter. (And the Rebels creators must have liked them too, as they based the Ghost on the VCXs.)
  • Speaking of the Ghost, there’s tons of really, really sweet ships in The Clone Wars and Rebels that nobody really thinks of because it tends not to be what you’re paying attention to while watching, even though The Clone Wars had waaaay cooler starfighter designs than the uglies that were in the prequels themselves.

4) Droids

  • I’ll just repeat the KOTOR comment here again, mostly due to how god awful the droid models created for most of the books always looked (well, besides YVHs, tho I imagine those will be included anyway). If you take HK-47, he kept turning up centuries later, and Revan/whoever just “upgraded” him, so I’m sure if a character gave a decent story for their antique droid, and how they’d given it a polish an fixed the broken joints, it’d still work fine.
  • Again, I will also repeat the Clone Wars and Rebels comment, and give the specific example of Huyang, the architect droid voiced by David Tennant. That thing looks kriffing awesome, and would be really cool. (Huyang is also an example of a droid that’s meant to have been used by the Jedi for thousands of years… and is still in use, so the new canon is quite supportive of keeping old models in circulation.)

5) Other

  • Sith Amulets and associated sorcerer stuff. Haazen in the KOTOR comics is a good example, being a weak Jedi Padawan who just wore tons of Force-enhancing stuff, which is a character-design the DJB doesn’t really offer atm, as we just assume Sith Amulets are too powerful- but with the proviso that people can’t godmode, but actually need to handicap their character, and the amulet just boosts them back to their actual DJB Rank, then that adds some more flavour. (Trev was far, far weaker without his Amulet, for example.)

  • Not an amulet, not a weapon, so… definitely “other”: a vial of the Waters of Life. Again, from The Clone Wars, you can basically treat it as a Healing Potion, but again is an example of the sort of… more sorcerous stuff that would be different and which the new canon is full of.

  1. Armor/Clothing

Custom sneak suit made for his height/size (Leftover from his time in House Revan). It has special fibers that deaden sounds, masks heat signatures, and has light absorption properties.

  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)

His custom dual lightsabers (Of course), concussion and/or flashbang grenades, E-11 sniper rifle, a pair of sai (stainless steel).

  1. Ships/fighters

Not sure if this is within the realm of possibilities (due to the cost of it being 1.25M credits new and 400k used), but a Consular-class cruiser (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Consular-class_cruiser). Failing that a YT-2000 (150k new, 45k used).

  1. Droids

R6 Astromech droid
Two Droid Tri-Fighters (20k new, 8K used)

  1. Other

Nothing else.

  1. Customized Tenacity Robe: Rian Aslar’s battle suit, various other robes armors accessible for members of the Brotherhood, mainly Taldryan and Obelisk order related stuff

  2. Lightsabers: 5 different lightsabers constructed over my time in the DB: Armory (green) (hidden in his R4), Tundra (purple) (given at knightening), Rebel (purple), Malevolent double-bladed lightsaber (light blue) plus custom lightsaber (green/viridian)
    Melee: Amethyst Kukri, Sapphire Blade, Electrostaff

  3. modified Baudo-class Star yacht (RG-9 Laser cannon (2x)), GBk-785 hyperdrive + various other upgrades to sensors)

  4. R4-astromech droid,

  5. Small Stronghold on Karufr

I am working on the wikification as soon as possible.

  1. custom robes, and armor for in combat. nothing fancy, it doesn’t restrict movement, is not too heavy, and is just for a little bit of extra protection. movement is more important.

  2. saberclaws, energy claws, and other custom lightsabers.

  3. Warrior-Class gunship that Jac let me have. he actually posted as such on the news page once, but I’d have to look it up.

  4. droid crew for said gunship, along with spare crew droids. Korras governed Coratua, a droid-producing world, after the Obelisk RoS.

  5. none.

  1. Armour/Clothing
  • Dark Jedi robes with Krath trim
  • Various civilian clothes
  • Various “extreme weather” clothing (i.e. Desert, Arctic, etc.)
  • Dark Paladin armour
  1. Weapons
  • Lightsaber (Flex hilt, Krath trim, red blade)
  • Custom Westar-35 blaster pistol
  • Litch blade
  1. Ships/Fighters
  • None
  1. Droids
  • I’ve never specifically mentioned any that Koryn would own, but I’m sure he’d have a protocol droid or two, probably a service droid
  1. Other
  • Various encrypted datapads
  • Personal commlink
  • Personal journal
  • Couple of estates across the Cocytus system
  • Pet/companion raven imported from Dathomir
  • Honour guard contingent (usually drawn from the ranks of the Scholae guard)
  • Spy network (not so much a possession, more contacts across the galaxy)
  • Family estate on Kuat (unused, fallen into disrepair)
  1. Armor/Clothing- generally just robes and non-armored, basic clothing.

  2. Weapons: two lightsabers, customized dagger with a blade made from Krayt dragon teeth

  3. Ships/fighters: generally have always used either a YT-2000 or light/fast courier (model of the Raven’s Claw flown by Kyle Katarn) when not using an official DB vessel (i.e., part of Tarentum’s fleet or the SA fleet)

  4. Droids- never mentioned; never really wrote them in.

  5. Other- county/personal estate on Yridia IV, staff at personal estate only consists of one NPC


If I had my druthers:

  1. Armor/Clothing - Kamperdine Custom Tailored Armored Jackets (introduced in Fantasy Flight’s Edge of the Empire RPG), possibly other armor but I’m not picky outside of that request
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.) - Datadaggers, hold-out blasters, of course our lightsabers
  3. Ships/fighters - Personally, I’d love a YT-1930, and I hope these ships come with customization options.
  4. Droids - Don’t really care. There are boatloads of droids in the Star Wars universe, I’m not about to request any specific kind to be included.
  5. Other - N/A
  1. Armor/Clothing
    *Chiss Expansionary Defense Force Black Uniform
    *Stealth Generator (Belt)
  1. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    *Charric Rifle (Chiss Sniper Rifle)
    *Charric Pistol
    *Demolition Satchel (With Vape Charges)

  2. Ships/fighters
    Nssis-class Clawcraft

  3. Droids

  4. Other
    *Heavily Encrypted Datapads

  1. Several kimono. I don’t do armour :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Lightsabers, Kunisada-forged katana (basically just a really, really nice katana made by a Kyataran swordsmith)
  3. Tend to use a small Kyataran freighter when travelling, but I haven’t fleshed that out fictionally.
  4. Nope
  5. A bottle of saké that never runs out :stuck_out_tongue:
  1. Normal clothes and robes

  2. Lightsabers, Sapphire Blade

  3. Nope

  4. Buzz droid

  5. Heavily modified computer
    Mobile mechnical tool kit - hammer, wrenches, etc
    Nightclub/bars x 3 on Cirrus

  1. My Nomad robes, my really, really old boots, maybe an extra cloak. Nothing fancy, not big on armor.

  2. Saberstaff, probably with a couple of crystal and emitter mods if it’s an option. No fancy metals.

  3. If I were to have a ship, it’d be a fighter small enough to stash in the woods, fairly old and weatherbeaten, with a hyperdrive.

  4. An astromech droid, probably an R6, that’s rusty as hell and cobbled together from spare parts. Name would be RS-T4 or “Rusty.”

  5. That’s about it. Liam tends to sleep in caves and up trees - I’m a hermit, and a Jedi traditionalist to the core.

  1. Standard robes (but why? he’s a droid!)
  2. Lightsabers and sacramental awards.
  3. Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid, Mark I (it’s a droid, like his regular host, his crystal can get all up in that and control it)
  4. A specially crafted and Mechu-deru altered droid from the hands of the Grandmaster, Muz Ashen. Here’s the dilemma, I don’t know if this counts as a “possession” or if it just “the character.” i.e. a human character wouldn’t have to pay for his body, and that’s effectively what the droid acts as for Solari. Of course I could always buy other droids to use as secondary hosts, those I would fully expect to pay for.
  5. Nothing really.
  1. Armor/Clothing
    A) I was thinking something like plates of Armour to build into a full Armour suit just something almost knight like would be something Ceth would wear into battle,

  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    A) Cethgus uses his two custom sabers that he has at the moment on his dossier, so no plan on changing from that on the future at all.

  3. Ships/fighters
    A) As for chips I mean bar the fleet that Naga Sadow has it would probably be a medium size ship something like the YT-1930 or something of similar size honestly.

  4. Droids
    A) Droids are not really my characters kinda thing so I have no idea on what I would on this one, never really used it.

  5. Other
    A) Nothing really else to add onto this one.


1.) Armor/Clothing

-Cybernetic Body with limited organic body parts such as an arm, brain, and internal organs.
-Increased armor plating around vital organs and mechanical systems
-Robes to aesthetically blend cybernetic body in with others

2.) Weapons


3.) Ships


4.) Droids


5.) Other

Perhaps base weapons with purchasable attachments that can be altered and improved on.

  1. Usually stick to the Krath Tempest robes, flight suit, occasional battle armor. Have used a (f) guardsman battle armor when the tab at Spanky’s is overdue.
  2. Lightsabers constructed over my lifetime (3 now?) and occasionally a DL-18 blaster pistol
  3. Headhunter until recently
  4. none I can list in a pg setting.
  5. Books, preferring the smell of the pages to a screen. Pretty basic items like electrobinoculars. A small flat on Karufr where I collect alcoholic beverages from across the galaxy and my computer which I partake in a holonet club where I pretend to be a middle aged man working a 9-5 job

Not so much personal as just a list of things we should have:

  1. Disagree with armor/robes. Without “stats” (which we need to avoid) armor and such is purely cosmetic. We already have a setup for robes and armors on dossiers. Let people’s characters “look” the way they want.

  2. Lightsabers, Vibroweapons, various grenades, sith swords, all blaster weapons, all slugthrower weapons, stun batons, etc

  3. YT-2400 / VT-49 Decimator / Fury-class Imperial interceptor (latter is TOR era but meh, it’s cool), really any personal ship (aka not capital-class ships or starfighters) from last 50 or so SW years

  4. Pilot Droids, MagnaGuard, Assassin droids, Astromech, Protocol, Various battle droids, Medical droids, Teaching droids, care droids

  5. Any and all Landspeeders (swoop bikes, podracers), Airspeeders (think flying cars on Coruscant), communication equipment (portable holodevices, “radio” devices, wrist comms, etc), energy shields? (kotor stuff), various other personal equipment, datapads, jetpack, grappling gun, stuncuffs, other BH tools, etc.


Honestly Light sabers are a big one. Starships, and droids. Hirelings would be interesting so see.

  1. Armor/Clothing

  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)

  3. Ships/fighters

  4. Droids

  5. Other

  6. Peacekeeper Armor for everyday use, and Pride Armor for when I go into battle.

  7. Lightsaber(s), the Fire Whip that I obtained from my first kills, DD6 Blaster Pistol, assorted Whips that I will create as I develop my character

  8. None at the moment, will most likely as my character develops, will requisition from the fleet as needed.

  9. my character is developing into a droid builder, so I will hopefully be added them as I create them, and per Summit and DC approval (fingers crossed)

  10. probably things that I couldn’t requisition from the CNS Army or Navy stores

  1. Armor/Clothing
    Cinder robes- purple & black themed. Knee high leather boots with steel toe caps.

  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    Purple bladed lightsaber, DH-17 Blaster

  3. Ships/fighters

  4. Droids

  5. Other
    Her spouse, Andrelious J Mimosa-Inahj
    Her twins, Poppeliamarissia & Etholimarissia Mimosa-Inahj

  1. Armor/Clothing: Jedi Armor, and Robes
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.) : Lightsaber, E5 Carbine, archaic crossbow, Gaffi Stick, varies knives
  3. Ships/fighters: N-1 Starfighter
  4. Droids: R8 Astromech Droid
  5. Other: Mineral Rights to New Tython
  1. Armor/Clothing
    TIE Pilot, light armor - unsure name, but stuff like an Imp. Agent wears in swtor. Good for keeping low & sniping while staying agile.

  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    DC-15x, DC-17m, 434 DeathHammer, Lightsaber (already in system and equipped through character sheet)

  3. Ships/fighters
    TIE Advanced

  4. Droids
    Astromech, Medical, maybe even Maintenance & Engineering

  5. Other
    Balutar-class swoop and other nifty speeders


1. Armor/Clothing-

  • King Robes (Obelisk, Cloak)
  • Nomad Robes (Winter, Cloak)
  • Dervish Robes (Plain, Cloak)

2. Weapons-

  • Lightsabers:

  • Survivor (Plain, Purple)

  • Duelist (Plain, Blue)

  • Blaster:

  • DD6 Heavy Blaster Pistol

  • Other:

    • Axe

3. Ships-

  • YT-2000 light freighter

4. Droids-

  • R9

1: Clothing\ Armor.
Casual outfits.

434 death hammer pistol

3: Ships

4: Droids

5: Other

  1. Armor/Clothing
    Already covered

  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    Also covered

  3. Ships/fighters
    Not him

  4. Droids

  5. Other
    Cybernetic left arm and a personal Viol

  1. Armor/Clothing
    Standard Krath robes, ISB uniform
  2. Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
    lightsaber, DH-17
  3. Ships/fighters
  4. Droids
  5. Other
  1. Armor/Clothing: I assume armor for Clan missions is provided. Nothing of note worth owning, except the Scholae Palatiane armor on my dossier. Would own armor for personal missions.
  2. Weapons: Lightsaber collection. Different configurations and builds trying things out.
  3. Ships/fighters: A Decimator, just due to Clan affiliation and Empire like nature. Not sure Evant needs to own anything he can just use Clan resources, so probably wouldn’t keep around outdated technology, but something he’d use for personal trips and safety.
  4. Droids: Just whatever is needed to pilot the ship and keep it in good repair, use of Clan resources for a lot of it.
  5. Other: Probably owns a Villa/stronhold in Ohmen, Judecca. Likely owns a Cantina also in Ohmen. Safe havens for his networks, and also for his enjoyment while maintaining a low profile with full control of the staff. Would likely collect anything he could on Battle Meditation, so if would be feasible would own data and relics on that but given the nature of those things, would probably just hand anything over to the Clan if he came across it. Definitely owns some datapads or 10 to conduct his business.
  1. Clothing: Labcoat worn to disguise as a scientist. Custom robes won in a HRLD competition a long time ago

  2. Weapons: Lightsaber and The Dragon’s Tail whip (previously accepted ACC custom weapon, not presently with her in DB space). Blaster pistol.

  3. Ships / fighters: none

  4. Never really thought about this, but seems likely that a droid would be of great use to a scientist character

  5. Very very large chemistry set to craft her own poisons, grenades, etc. Not Sith alchemy, but traditional science. Her most important possession at the moment.

  1. I mainly wear DJB Robes (a dress and cloak), but at times I would use bracers (CSP has specific ones on their wiki pages) and a chest plate, at least. Oh, I also have a necklace with an amber amulet that I got in one of my first fictions here. (So don’t forget jewelry that may have some sentimental meaning or act as talismen.)
  2. LS, pistol blasters, stun gun, thermal detonator, throwing stars, etc.
  3. Mayda would own at least a personal freighter (YT2000) and a few fighters (I had Mankvin when I joined)
  4. A protocol droid, nanny droid, security droid, and several labor types.
  5. Equipment - large backpack to hold smaller items, datapad, commlink, medical kit with bacta, binoculars, toolkit, etc. I also had some pets, one large (that I could ride) and one small.

I realize I’m not following the instructions very well, but I’ve never been big on “custom” possessions, with one exception: the Deathsaber Muz crafted for me on my profile. Everything else is either likely to show up, anyway, or has been named by others.


1 Armor/Clothing- When in need of formality, K’tana will wear the Krath colored Queen Robe. However she has a plethora of outfits and a shoe/knee-high boot collection.

2 Weapons- A collection of small daggers and a vibroblade (8 inch long blade).
-Xenomorph Lightsaber (Krath Trim and violet blade).
-Roar Pride Lightsaber with the Dusk blade.

Other- A two year old Kowakian Monkey-Lizard named Liera…(and ya’know…my baby rancor)…

  • Armor/Clothing:

  • AV-1s Scout; Powered Armor - I will most likely have it modified and upgraded to include some fun surprises. Will post in the wiki the full specs

  • Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.):

  • Armory/Training Saber; Red synthetic crystal

  • Assault Blaster Rifle; attached under-slung Grenade launcher and other various attachments; also will be detailed in the wiki;

  • Mandalorian Ripper

  • Vibroblades

  • Various explosives and grenades

  • Ships/fighters:

  • None

  • Droids:

  • None

  • Others:

  • Cybernetics; my guy is a Cyborg, and as such I would love to have him incorporate the various cybernetic implants and enhancements that are found in the Star Wars universe. Do you want a full list of what I would envision for Mordamen?

  • Utility Belt; containing:

    • A high-tension wire
    • Two grappling hooks
    • Four spare blaster power packs
    • Energy rations
    • A spare comlink
    • Three water packs
    • Two medpacs.
  • Two blast energy sinks

  • Combat de-ionizer

  • Binders


1) Armor/Clothing
I have some battle armour appropriated from the Taldryan Special Forces. For everyday wear, I have some pretty standard clothing, though one “special” piece of clothing is the waist-length leather jacket with armour plates within. I also have a number of flight suits, but those are all fictionally earned from EH service time.

2) Weapons (lightsabers, blasters, grenades, melee, etc.)
My current lightsaber, a DL-44 pistol (with holster), a BlasTech A280 rifle, knife in a belt-buckle sheath.

3) Ships/fighters
Don’t currently own any.

4) Droids

5) Other
Some form of residence on Karufr.

Pretty much any other equipment is taken from Taldryan equipment stores. No sense taking my own stuff when the Clan can pay for it when it breaks.


Thank you all for you responses, the survey is now closed while I finish collecting the data!

There has been a lot of excellent info given to us in this thread, we’ll be sure to take all of the information gleaned and use it to create the best system we can.

Thanks again!