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Possessions System Questions and Discussion


Opening Note - If there’s already a discussion on this topic somewhere on here, sorry for the duplicate discussion. I could find one.

As Muz has released more information about the Possessions System, more questions arise. Well at least for me anyways. So I figured that I would start a thread so that we may all discuss the upcoming change. I will say that I for one am pretty excited!

So my questions are -

  • With the new Possession System, will this be only for each individual member?

  • What I mean from this, is with the new system will Clans and Houses also have a similar ‘Possession’ such as building for Clan / House Headquarters or will this all still be fictional based? Will the Clan / House get a certain allotment of credits that they can purchase certain things for the good of the Clan / House? Such as purchasing a new set of LAAT/v for the ground units, or medical droids for them or even a new Fire-Fox Class ship, where they can customize each Fire-Fox Class ship? Or this ability only for personnel?

  • There was mention that you can buy your own ship and customize said ship. Say someone would like to buy ground based vehicles, such as LAATs, Speeder Bikes, AT-AT, AT-ST etc etc and customize those, will that be an option under the new Possessions System?

  • With the new system, will it tie into or offer a certain aspect of alchemy?

  • Meaning if I purchase a “Broken Armor Set” and “Cortosis Fibers”, will I be able to construct a “Mediocre” set of Cortosis infused armor? Or is that a completely different system that is being created?

That’s really the only questions I currently have and i’m sure more will arise. What other questions or comments does the rest of the Brotherhood have?



Let me try and answer. I’m sure Muz will know more and can give more elaborate answers, but here’s my POV:

Possessions will be for individual members as well as units. Units will earn credits based on the credits earned by their members, as well as for winning major events, and can use this to purchase ships, assets, etc. (basically Fleet Points and Armed Forces will be rolled into Possessions eventually).

I think purchasing and customising ground based vehicles would be an option. I must admit I haven’t taken a too detailed look at the (long) list of items yet as I’m mainly working on the coding bits, but I’m sure such a thing is either already on the list, or easy to add.

Alchemy is indeed a feature that is planned, although not for Possessions 1.0. It will be added in a second version.


That’s outstanding to hear. It seems that the DC and other members have been working a long time on this project. I think we all are eager to see what it’s going to be like. Am I correct in saying that there is no date set for a “Beta” release?


If I remember correctly, Muz was pretty adamant about cortosis NOT being an option.

Honestly, I’m hoping personal residences will be available in 1.0, or else all the units’ homeworlds are gonna look like Dark Side infused trailer parks, what with everyone living in their ships. That, and droids. I’d like to justify my character’s Handicapped Assistance (seeing eye) droid.


That’s what I’m hoping. I would love to have things like that. And cortosis was just used as an example that’s all lol

I wonder with the clan building how that all will work on the prestige system? Will it be a combined prestige of all member will be the prestige of the clan thus allowing the clan to buy a certain item? Will that be called clan prestige?

What about a beta testing date lol or even an alpha testing date, though I belive it’s out of alpha testing lol


I’m just hoping I can buy some sort of droid/unmanned star ship that I can retrofit to chuck my… crystal inside to control it like my droid host :smiley:


Bascially what you want is a Shadow Droid, just with your crystal in it instead of the brain? :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to purchase true beskar’gam, so I went ahead and asked Muz himself if it would ever be possible, and welll…anything light saber resistant in any way is either gonna cost more than your soul or not be allowed at all. The only way to get such items is with GM and DC approval. That said I do know there will be various versions of Mandalorian armor available, like dura steel variants. That will have to suffice for all us mandos.


Some brief answers:

Possessions will be for the individual and the clan/House level.

Ships are obvious. Land based vehicles will be available, although probably not at the same level of customizability.

Alchemy is Possessions 2.0. It will happen, and it dovetails with the upcoming Dark Brotherhood Alchemy Guide pretty nicely. There isn’t a separate ‘crafting’ thing, as the plan we have for alchemy will be recipe-based, unlockable, expensive, and non-circumventing. AKA it’d be cheaper and easier to save up the money for cortosis armor than it would be to buy a forge, buy enough materials and experiment your way into finding the recipe. It’s really a deep, character-driven system, not for the tourists.

There will be lightsaber resistant armor that will be able to be purchased. It will be really expensive. Mando armor is in the system, with each more advanced version being more rare and expensive than the last.

Residences will be available, but not required.

Technically, this is still in Alpha Testing.

Fun stuff!


This seems like it’s going to be an amazing system! Do you have a limit on what type of ship that a certain person can purchase? Like if a Dark Side Adept wants to purchase a Star Destroyer will they be able to or will those certain capital class ships require a house or clan to purchase? Hope that made sense.

I’ve looked over my administration tab and have seen the credits come in. I must say, I like what I see so far. :smile:


So any news on this or we still kind of in the dark here?


All I want is my power armor and I have 77000 credits to spend on it :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a feeling stuff like this will be highly restricted depending on not just rank, but also position. Sith Lords and Grand Masters probably could buy capital ships.


I think you can expect the biggest restriction to buying a Capital Ship would be the price.

I’m probably one of the richest people in the club in regards to Credits, which is just shy of a million credits. According to wikipedia (and I have no idea if they’re using those prices), an ImpStar Deuce costs 145,670,000 credits.

So… give me another 2465 Years in the Club, and I might be able to buy a Star Destroyer :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anybody have an update on the system?


We are one day closer to seeing it released!


haha it’s just like the whole project is all secret squirrel