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Possible New Undiscovered planet with scary wildlife


Planet: Uncharted red dwarf star
Distance from Antei: 120 Light years
Surface: Mostly jungle with several swamps, air is breathable for humans.
Local Fauna: Small lizardlike creatures, some bugs, mammals, and large behemoths.
Current research team: A couple sith scientists
Status: Researchers came up missing recently

Data collection:

The small lizardlike species we have called Nritua Scira. Nrit for short. They typically travel in pairs and search out for other warm-blooded creatures. Once they find a warm-blooded creature they stick out a needlelike tongue to pierce the flesh and then began to feed on the blood. They have 3 eyes: two on the side and one in the middle. Along with having the three eyes, the lizards have a sleek reddish-blue body with 6 webbed feet that have sharp clawed tips, a few razor sharp teeth, and a club tipped tail that has several spikes protruding from it.

Nrit effect: If bitten from a Nrit, it will cause a humanoid creature to change appearance in the night. They grow two sets of spider-like legs with sharp claws on the ends. They also grow the Nrit’s tail-like feature and possess its long needle-like tongue. The human’s mouth becomes a gaping maw full of teeth and most exhibit animal-like behaviors. They also possess a want to feast on blood, however due to the larger nature of the human, they sometimes kill their prey in the feeding process. During the day they return to their normal human state, unaware of what occurred the previous night. So far no known cure has yet been found for this effect and research is still ongoing.