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Post your Star Wars: Commander base layout


Share your base layout here! Why are you using it, what are your goals with the layout, are you having any success in those goals, anything you are planning on changing?

I’m still working through the missions at the moment, so am protecting my HQ a lot so as to not lose defense against the AI.

I see some success again player attacks, though it’s not very hard for them to get at my resources.

Once I’m done with the missions, and upgrade my HQ again, I’ll move stuff around to better protect my resource storage.


As of right now my current set up is a mix for the PVP and PVE missions. I’m trying to upgrade my HQ one more time to fully enclose the walls. I’ve had some good outcomes from the base like this.

Anybody have suggestions?


Solari, that looks like a good layout for what you described, though a player could drop troops directly into those two open spots inside your walls. Also, DJB-squad, i that an older one or a newer one formed because the other filled up?

As for mine, I’ll have to figure out how to upload an image, but I recently got attacked and lost like 80% of my stuff due to Han Solo, so I’ve been thinking about spreading my turrets out further so they aren’t all easy for him to get to, but then my walls wouldn’t be continuous…

Daedric, yours is sort of what I envisioned for mine, though I’m not sure…


Locke - DJB-Squad is the second DB squad since the Dark-Brotherhood is completely full. I like the layout of mine, but the walls do need to be upgraded. I think its a good idea to plug openings with building becuase they will attack those buildings first before making a break for your innards:stuck_out_tongue: P


Ah, didn’t know another had been started, that’s cool.

Here’s mine.

my base

At the moment I’m not too sure about it and may rearrange things, but this is how it looks right now. It’s survived the first couple of campaign attacks and strikes from weaker players, but one guy nearly obliterated my entire base…


Well I was going to post mine but apparently I’m a new user and can’t do so. Basically I have my HQ in the corner with my vaults and shield generators with double layered walls and a bunch of turrets. Its worked so far for me.


Be careful. If it’s anything like clash of clans they can still attack you even if you have cornered yourself in. If it’s not like that, then you may have stumbled upon the best defense lol


I can assure you, units can be placed outside the edges of the map. Placing your buildings there won’t save you, but it’s a good way to raid enemy bases who aren’t aware of this.
In addition, you should forgo any attempts to completely encircle your HQ, all turrets, and all resource buildings. My HQ is level 6 and as you can see, I still couldn’t fit everything inside my walls. Instead, I keep my most important buildings and turrets inside the walls and let everything else act as a buffer to try and keep enemies busy while my turrets pick them off. Of course, humans are smarter than AI, so they generally attack where there aren’t buildings, but whatever.
(By the way, ignore those two random resource buildings at the top of the screen, that random small stretch of wall outside my base, and the two random turrets that are also out there. I built them but haven’t gotten around to rearranging my base. Because I’m lazy.)
Another thing I’d like to point out is that I find it annoying trying to smash all of my buildings together in a way that is both good for turret and shield coverage while also not leaving any open spaces for the enemy to drop into… I wish they could program it so people couldn’t drop into your base. Seems unfair and unrealistic to me.