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Pre GJW XIII Clan Run-On


This Run-On is meant for Taldryan members to get some character development writing in before Great Jedi War Thirteen is unleashed upon us on July 20th!

Take into consideration what your character is/could be doing to prepare themselves mentally and physically for the looming GJW. How are they reacting to the ongoing negotiations between the DJB and the Severian Principate? Do they think them allies worth having, or are they a means to another end to help deal with The Collective which has been harrassing the Dark Jedi Brotherhood the past few years?

I hope you take this opportunity to explore your character and develop them further! Have fun and enjoy reading what your fellow Clan members are up to before banding together once again to claim dominance over the other six Clans!


Caelus System
37 ABY

Morax sat down with a heavy sigh in the chair behind him. He had no idea where he was exactly in truth. The position of Quaestor had been thrust upon him sooner than he had expected. The sudden departure of his mentor and former Quaestor, Nihlus Vexrii, had not been planned or foreseen by the Anzat. With the current situation of the Clan being a dire one, and having to compete with the newly risen Clan Vizsla, Clan Taldryan had an immense amount of pressure to stand its ground and not be pushed aside by them.

The room was dimly lit, a flickering light pathetically casting its source as prolonged it could before faltering and stuttering. As the light kept flikkering on and off, he scanned the room and saw that there was little else in it. Just a rather large empty space with a desk and chair. Nihlus must not have cared much for personal affects adorning his office. Breathing in deeply, placing his palms on the edge of the table and stretching his arms out, he looked down at the mess of papers, essays, books and datapads on the desk.

Apparently, things were not going as well as Darkblade had thought, looking at the scattered documents across his desk. Transfer requests, members going rogue or missing littered the surface of his new work space. A darker colored document caught his eye and as he reached for it he noticed the seal of the Justicar on it. Scanning through the documents and coming to the conclusion of it, his mood shifted for the worse.

“Great,” he muttered to himself. Not exactly what they needed right before the Dark Brotherhood was mustering for another war. A blow to Taldryans morale for sure but if it would have a longer lasting impact, he couldn’t be too sure. Crumpling the papers in his fist and tossing it into the furthest corner of the room, it rolled out of sight with a few rustles and the silence returned to the room, save for the light flickering above him.

A knock at the door caused him to raise an eyebrow. He wasn’t expecting someone this late, let anyone anyone at all. The door opened and in strode a female with long light golden hair with hints of blond hair. Morax immediately noticed that she stood no taller than around 150cm. A blazing smile covered the womans face as she strode towards the Anzat, hand outstretched.

“Hi there, Im Cymbre Kall, the new Aedile! Pleasure to meet you,” she said in a voice that seemed to suck the darkness out of the room. The light stopped flickering above them and held strong, casting Cymbre in an almost angelic way. Morax stood grimly, extending his hand and shook hers briefly.

“Id offer a chair but…” he trailed off as he waved around the empty office. The halfbreed showed no further emotion as the Anzat sat back down in his chair.

“I’m glad you arrived when you did, I think it’s time to discuss the future of the House, and to a lesser extent the Clan.”

As Morax Darkblade reached down for his datapad, he hesitated briefly, before making up his mind and pushing the notification to the House members. He hoped this would bring a few members out of hiding and back into the fold. The Seer watched as his notifaction was received and read by the various members. It would only be a matter of time before his eyes and ears were in place and would be able to monitor each individual closely, privately, for his own database.

This was his call for help and the call to action. The rallying war cry which would turn from a low bellow into a mighty roar as they swept through all opposition and reclaimed their rightful place at the top. Taldryan would be restored to its position above all other Clans, once again currying the most favor from the Dark Council, and the most envy from the remaining six Clans.


37 ABY

Jala casually strolled through the streets. She was set loose on a few tasks before she was to contact her… mentor? Is that the right word? Either way, she has a new lease on life now and she isn’t about to let it go.

She was given a briefing of a few targets, but she didn’t receive full knowledge of the area. With a small pouch of currency, she set off to explore the alleyways of a pretty run region almost slum-like.

Blending in wasn’t hard as she just dumpster dove for rags and her past life’s experience somehow paid off as she avoided touching any dumpster juice and attention… granted the former was probably less important. She sighed as she donned the rags to cover all of her features, using a dirty, broken mirror nearby to help.

A bit of strolling later, one of the targets was walking into a relatively empty street probably for some sort of deal. There was a speeder nearby with its keys in the ignition and the owner of it had just reached the barred doors. Better yet, the owner had an extravagant flames design on the nose. An idea appeared in her mind… even though she never learned to drive… it shouldn’t be too hard right? She’s watched others drive.

Casually, she walked as if to pass by the speeder before swinging aboard as if it was her’s all along… and off the speeder goes with her holding back her instinct to squeal in delight at how fast she was going in a very short amount of time. Her target didn’t get much of a chance with earbuds in.

Knowing full well she had people whom spotted her do grand theft auto into murder, she raced off to find a spot to park and disappear. She came across a location that seemed prestigious enough due to a large symbol branded above, not knowing it was the logo of the Taldryans.

Well, it seemed like a good place to park and casually walk off into the alleyway to shed her disguise before walking off amongst the crowds. One down, 2 more to go… the bar might be a good place for information. Though perhaps it’s not a good idea to get any Mandalorian drinks, the last one was a very bad idea… hopefully there’s just juice or something.