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[Prison Break] Chiccy Nuggies


Aura Ta’var #10388
Gui Sol #4224
Ruti Tar #15844

Objective: First decision


The sun from the Varton system reflected off the Odanite’s shuttle as it cut through the upper atmosphere of Tenixir. Bright glaring light was a wonderful companion to the ominous creaking noise throughout the ship, an auditory reminder that of this planet’s high gravity. Nonetheless, practiced hands guided them down to the surface, the green glow of the gravi-field bubble dead ahead.

Shuttle CK-2, you are cleared to land at landing pad Cresh. Your mission is to subdue that cell block and then call in for reinforcements. Use lethal force if necessary.”

“Yeah right,” replied Aura Ta’var, Jedi and High Councillor of Odan-Urr, as she rolled her eyes. “Don’t listen to those imperials. You still aren’t authorized to kill unless your life is in danger.”

“You got it. This will be a cinch,” said Gui confidently as he patted his lightsaber hilt. Barry, the pit-droid, was nodding along excitedly.
“Of course, Master. Please don’t run into things head on this time,” asked Irhan Lo’Vex.
“No promises, apprentice. But I’ll try,” smirked the Zeltron.
“And of course Ruti is game,” offered Gui, sensing the Twi’leks shyness and speaking for her.
“Yeah, I’m ready to run,” she replied.

The vessel went quiet as they finally passed into the protective barrier, their embarkation point getting closer and closer.

“Good,” Aura offered reassuringly as the craft landed and the shuttle doors opened up. “Let’s stick to the plan and we’ll be out of her soon enough.”

The strike team walked down the ramp and the first thing they noticed was the lack of guards outside the prison, one door leading into the cresh cellblock left to swing back and forth. It was eerily quiet outside but inside you could hear the muffled noises of a fight. The quartet took out their weapons and nodded to each other in resignation, and kicked in through the open doors.


Metal clanged against metal as the doors slammed into the walls. Loud shouting and the pew pew of blaster bolts reverberated around the walkways leading to the central management facility. The team walked to the end of their corridor and leaned over the railings, taking a quick look into the depths of the prison cells and courtyards below them. Large walls separated the cell blocks at all levels.

Pew. Pew

Those with lightsabers ignited them with a snap-hiss, sending bolts flying away from them to ping into the metal walls behind them. Angry red scorch marks slowly faded as they watched.

“Onto the cell block doors as quickly as possible!”


The squad took a right down the hallway between cell block dorn and cresh. Because of the riot it seemed as if chaos was unveiling with each heartbeat. Prisoners fought one another with fists and blunt weapons, whatever they could find. Others hid from the danger because they were frightened of the danger. And then of course there were the guards who were trying to stop the riot.

The squad booked it down the walkway as fast as they could, pushing to the side anyone in their way.They used anything to move people like the force or objects, Aura used her iconic force punch to knock an inmate unconscious while Ruti used force push to knock a group of guards to the ruined floor. Of course the guards took notice of them and immediately started to fire their blaster rifles. They blocked the incoming bolts with speed and strength, knocking them into the wall or the above them. The Odanites kept running and not stopped for anything.

“It can’t be that far,” said Ruti vaulting over supply crates and unconscious bodies.

“Hope you’re right,” Aura said as she deflected away red bolts that made a hissing sound on contact.

“If it’s not we’re in deep trouble” Gui said while knocking out prison guards that were closing in

The squad made it to the doors of the cell block cresh and then waited in position.

“Alright Odanites, just like we planned” Aura said as they found a position outside the door.


“I’ll take point. Gui, get that door sealed. You two, on me.” Shouted Aura as her Guardian instincts took over. She had been in positions similar to this in the past and was more than confident in her abilities.

“Got it, boss,” Gui flashed a smile, even amidst the chaos. Immediate danger was exhilarating, he almost fed off of it, like a parasite. “Get that saber ready, Ruti. Show me what you’ve learned,” The young master chuckled.

“Gui, the door.” Aura snapped.

“Right, I’m on it.” Gui, tilted his head from side to side, observing the control panel before throwing caution to the wind, cracking it open like the carapace of a shellfish dinner, an assortment of wires became a tangled mess as his fingertips sorted them out.

“Come on, Master!” Ruti shouted as Aura swept forward and removed the leg of an encroaching prisoner just above the knee, careful not to kill the assailant as that would wreak havoc on any attempt at diplomatic negotiation.

Gui shut his eyes as his motley crew formed a defensive wall behind him.

“Here we go,” Gui smirked. “That’ll do it.” The doors smoked, only briefly, before slamming shut. “Dang…”

“Gui, what are you doing back there?”

“Patience, master,” Gui laughed within, remembering the lessons which were hammered into his impatient mind.

“This thing is never going to open!”

“Never, Gui?”


A loud bang on the other side of the metal door interrupted their conversation.


“Let us out! Come on!” screamed someone from the other side. Aura looked skeptically at their new intruder as the rest of the team looked to her.

“Just ignore them. We are keeping those people in. Thankfully, Gui broke the door controls.”

“Hey, I-” the Kid started to interject.


The pounding kept multiplying with each second that passed. An odd creak could be heard throughout the metal.

“Will that hold?” asked Ruti?

“It should according to the brief and the reputation this place has. Gui even killed the door.”

“Boss, nothing getting through that,” replied the Kid confidently.

A moment later blaster bolts ripped through the air. The strike team instinctively ducked behind whatever they could find and readied their weapons. The faint smell of ozone hung in the air. Aura eyed some nearby crates and reached out to the Force as she pushed her hand outward. The metal objects tumbled towards their pursuers, tripping over several and pinning at least two of them temporarily to the ground. Oddly it didn’t deter their compatriots, who didn’t even stop to help them up. It was then that the group registered the pirate insignia on their makeshift armor. Some prisoners in orange-clad jumpsuits were with them, using whatever weapons they had in hand.

“Uh, I don’t think they are here to negotiate. Time to get to work,” said Aura.


The trio were in the thick of it. Their lightsabers painted the corridors as they intricately weaved a defensive barrier.

“Advance!” Shouted Aura and in unison they pushed back, slowly making progress down the hall.

“Were gonna be overwhelmed pretty soon, boss.” Replied the Rollmaster as he rolled his weapon into a reverse grip and with a spin delivered a roundhouse which sent the sole of his boot crashing into the jaw of an encroaching pirate with a crack. Blood sprayed from pursed lips as the man was sent into a roll and as Gui regained his footing, he whipped his hilt to rattle the brain of another.

Aura smirked as she watched Gui, he was truly a great Jedi. Firmly rooted in the Jedi teachings, he respected all life.

“Ruti, watch out!” Gui then shouted as a prisoner managed to grip his Apprentice from behind. She was tall for a Twi’lek and no slouch when it came to combat as she slammed her head back to break the nose of her attacker. Aura, seeing the struggle, twisted on her feet and let her inner-Guardian shine through as she fanned her blade and lopped off an arm.

The man screamed and stumbled backwards but managed to catch himself with his good arm.

Gui smiled and thrust his off-hand forward. A wave of pent up Force energy crashed from his palm and sent the man tumbling down the hall.

“Aura, the exit is just ahead!” Shouted Ruti.

“CK-2, I want you at the door, were making our exit!”


The trio fought towards the exit, fending off the blaster bolts. It seemed like an eternity until they heard the voice of their savior.

"I’m out front!

Aura flashed her hand to open the door as the halls filled with Pirate reinforcements.

She bound for the exit and made a leap with Gui in tow, fueled by the Force as they landed on the ramp of the Shuttle.

“Ruti, focus!” Gui shouted as his Twi’lek Apprentice ran and leapt. Her arms flailed as she soared through the air but she was short. With everything they could muster, Gui and Aura latched onto her with the Force and have her that last ‘umpf’ she needed to slap her hands down to catch herself. As she pulled herself into the ship, Gui and Aura laughed.

“Another close one, eh?”