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[Prison Break] Team Dakhani Inc



Prison Break is a Run-On competition that focuses on the Dark Jedi Brotherhood story following the events of the last vendetta and revisits our new ally the Severian Principate. Members are given an opportunity to team up with other members from across the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and engage with the story as they see fit. While also, by the choices and decisions made by members of the team, help to shape the future alliances of the Brotherhood. The higher placing a run-on is in the competition, the more will be drawn from it for the final official telling of the story. More information is available below and on the wiki.


The Dark Council planned an uneventful transfer of prisoners from the Severian Principate facilities and control to the the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The Collective, however, used the opportunity to launch a plan to recapture key scientists and personnel in a prison break. With the initial phase of this prison break already complete by the time the Grand Master was notified, he has requested the support of the Clans to stop the prison riots and re-establish control. Individual members are being asked to team up and immediately head to the prison facility, where they will receive orders to go down to the prison complex itself into the heart of the riots and establish control of the facility.


Your team of collected members will travel immediately to the prison complex, and will receive orders that request the team to travel down into the riots and establish control of one section of the prison by whatever means possible. The specific orders can be created by the team with creative freedom as long as it’s about establishing control. Meanwhile, there are specific decisions that can be made by the team in doing this which, depending on what the team decides will count as a vote towards how the Dark Jedi Brotherhood reputation with various factions would be.

First decision: The Severian Principate has requested the Dark Jedi Brotherhood restrain all prisoners or if necessary shoot to kill all who don’t obey to regain control. They are strict about control and order and do not stand for disobedience.

Second decision: Disregard the Severian Principate orders and work with the prisoners instead of shooting or otherwise treating them like the prisoners they are. Working with the pirates who made contact with the Dark Council to help re-establish control.

Run-on rules:

  • Form a team of three (3) to five (5) members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood from any unit to participate, including members of the Clans, rogues, or otherwise.
  • Members can only be part of one (1) team.
  • Each team must create one (1) thread on Discourse under the Run-On category and all posts must be published to the thread to count.
  • Threads should include [Prison Break] and a team name to properly tag it as part of the competition.
  • No members can post twice in a row, or the Run-On will be disqualified from placing.
  • Each post must be 250 +/- 10 words with no maximum length. Keep in mind Cluster of Ice guidelines for awarding in a Run-On apply, however.
  • No edits to any posts after the conclusion of the event. Recommend you follow typical vendetta rules but will not be strict on small edits made to posts by the original author of the post made as long as the competition is running.
  • No strict requirements around characters, it’s advised you create an entry post with information on characters used and edit as necessary but this is open. It is required that an entry post include the dossier numbers of all 3 to 5 members of the team so organizers know who is participating.
  • Each member of a team must make two (2) posts each for a team to qualify for placement.
  • Grading will be handled using the Run-On Grading rubric.
  • Submission to the competition should be done by one (1) member of the team, with a link to the team’s discourse thread.

Team Dakhani Inc.
Sanguinius Entar

Malisane Sadow



Tytus (NPC)


VT-49 Decimator Taron

Approaching Planet Tenixir

DarkHawk stood over Tytus’ shoulder, watching the planet approaching on the view screen as the mercenary confidently piloted the ship towards their destination. With a grunt of satisfaction the Dakhan Quaestor turned and walked back into the general area. “Alright people you’ve viewed the data the Inquisitorious sent us. What are our options?”

Sanguinius raised his head from the display. “We have a plan of Block Besh, and a situation report. The block has been overrun by the scum that were detained there. They appear to have a core of gang members as well as the usual collection of murderers, drug pushers and those with more seedy crimes, as well as what appear to be several political prisoners. The original detention plan suggests a total of forty prisoners, though they’re likely to have suffered casualties in the takeover.”

“There may also be holding some of the Severian guards hostage Quaestor,” Hilgrif added, “They have not made any demands so we can not be sure.”

“I’m hearing facts and possibilities, not options,” DarkHawk pointed out.

“We should eradicate them all,” a voice said from the corner.

Sanguinius turned and frowned at the figure leaning against the wall. “That is not our orders Malisane,” he said calmly but firmly, “We are to regain control of the block, not start a massacre.”

The Battlelord returned his look, “They are dug in, they are likely armed, and they are scum. We may not have the option of maintaining delicacies.”

“I did not suggest we do,” the Augur replied, “But we need a measured approach. As you say they are dug in we can not just storm the place with four of us.”

“I would prefer a more subtle option as well,” Hilgrif added, “we need a simple means of gaining the advantage.”

“Very well,” Malisane walked over to the display. He studied it for a few moments. “This should not have happened,” he said thoughtfully, “The Severians are an advanced society, they should have had measures in place to contain a riot or takeover.”

DarkHawk nodded. “They did. In addition to the armed guards they had force fields and non lethal containment measures.”

Sanguinius nodded. “I would surmise the Collective disabled them. The wider picture we have from intelligence is their security systems seem to have been ineffective.”

“Then maybe that is the answer,” the Verpine Mystic said quietly, “Their restoration should be our priority.”

“That sounds good people,” DarkHawk replied. “It will give us an advantage, at least initially.”

“They must have disabled them locally,” Sanguinius replied, “If it is a global shutdown the Severians would have been able to restore them remotely.”

“There must be a local relay,” Hilgrif added, “we must find it.”

“Very well if that is how you wish to proceed,” Malisane replied, “However if this does not work we will need to use more direct measures.”

“We will prepare for all options,” the Quaestor replied. He turned. “Tytus, ETA?”

“Ten minutes,” the mercenary replied, “I’ll find us somewhere safe to put us down.”

DarkHawk nodded. “Alright get ready people.”


Hilgrif took another look at the technical diagram of Block Besh that was provided by the Inquisitorious. While the ship was coming in for a landing. Hilgrif pondered on the diagram Based off what it shows. It looked like they most likely had disabled the main block relay in the food hall that connected to the security mainframe . If they were able to patch it, the prison computer should be able to knock them out. They also could manually activate the defense measures from one of the hallways, although that would mean being in the hallway and good chance that would only activate a part of the defence. Hilgrif lightly shook his head at that thought as that would also put his carapace in danger but he might be able to use ID for that job.
Hilgrif steadied his thoughts and spoke “They have most likely diabled the main relay in the food hall” Hilgrif quickly had the display indicate that relay in that room.
Then Hilgrif continued speaking, “We can fix that relay, but that is also where they are most likely held up. I would suggest we aim for the backup relays in these hallways.”
Hilgrif had the display show the hallways relays to his comrades. He then said with a smile, “As this would be safer for you guys, I plan to stay in the main security room. Keeping a watch out for any other unexpected problems. I can remotely have ID turn back on the relays if you guys get into the cell block and get to one of these relays unless one of you guys have a better plan “ the ship arrived as Hilgrif was finishing.


Tãrõn’s Command Bridge
Sub-orbit Planet Tenixir

“Hilgrif, that is a solid call. By you being in the main control room, you can control our route in and out. Along with anyone attempting to get in or out from each cell block. This won’t be easy by any stretch. At this juncture there is no avoiding bloodshed. We must assume everyone down there is a combatant, no questions asked. Put them down fast and hard, more than likely the assaults will come in stages. Which Hilgrif, that puts the bulls-eye on you, because their prize will be the control room,” DarkHawk said.

Hilgrif nodded at the Shaevalian. Sanguinius Entar brought up two corridors converging on the central control, “We will have to protect these two corridors,” Sanguinius said as he gestured at the display.

“Hilgrif can monitor everything via the control and relay to us what needs attention. Those that are not otherwise incapacitated, we can corral into holding cells.” said the Augur.

“Agreed…” Malisane said. “I rather like the incapacitated bit…” the Battlelord said with a small smirk.

Tytus’s voice broke over the Decimator’s intercom “Gentleman, this is your captain speaking, we will be descending rapidly in a matter of three…two…one…” The Duros pushed the yoke of the assault ship forward, putting the Tãrõn into a steep dive.

“Jesus Ty…” DarkHawk exclaimed as he braced himself against the table.

“The planet has a stronger gravitational pull on us, and I have to make an aggressive approach…” Tytus said chuckling.

Sanginius smiled, “You are confident Tytus can get us planet-side without killing all of us?"

DarkHawk shook his head before he spoke, “Jury is still out Master.”

Tytus O’Baieron was a very accomplished pilot, especially behind the yoke of the Decimator. He did make an aggressive approach and the gravitational pull of the planet was considerably higher than other occupied planets. Although the maneuver was definitely a facetious gesture, the Duros was in complete control of his piloting skills.

“I will make a pass over the facility, there should be a spot for us to land on the roof and accommodate our hasty extraction…” Ty stated.

“Should be? Just get us there in one piece Ty, we all would like to cash in on this job,” DarkHawk said.

“Ahh yes, priorities good Sir, would you like your in-flight meal before we land?” Ty asked sarcastically.

The Decimator broke through the lower orbit, slicing through the cloud covering. The planet now in clear view through the flight deck’s view ports, sunlight beamed through causing Ty to adjust his large crimson eyes. The multitude of rock formations protruded from the planet’s surface, created a “labyrinth-esque” path over the terrain. The supermax prison is the only structure on the planet, nothing but wasteland and rock for miles. Making it easy to spot from afar, especially aboard a ship in the vacinity.

Ty piloted the assault ship down to about twenty five meters above the surface. The blacked out Decimator raced over the prison, Ty banked the ship over to get a better view out his port side window. “Right there, next to that control tower. That should be an acceptable locale for me to put the ship down,” the Duros said aloud.

Ty completed his pass over the prison facility and swung the ship back around, aligning the ship for a landing. The Duros flipped a couple of toggle switches and extended the landing gear, gingerly setting the Decimator down atop of the prison structure.

The Duros lowered the crew door and the four Sadowans disembarked the ship and on to the roof of the facility.