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[Prison Break] Team Mandalorian



Prison Break is a Run-On competition that focuses on the Dark Jedi Brotherhood story following the events of the last vendetta and revisits our new ally the Severian Principate. Members are given an opportunity to team up with other members from across the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and engage with the story as they see fit. While also, by the choices and decisions made by members of the team, help to shape the future alliances of the Brotherhood. The higher placing a run-on is in the competition, the more will be drawn from it for the final official telling of the story. More information is available below and on the wiki.


The Dark Council planned an uneventful transfer of prisoners from the Severian Principate facilities and control to the the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The Collective, however, used the opportunity to launch a plan to recapture key scientists and personnel in a prison break. With the initial phase of this prison break already complete by the time the Grand Master was notified, he has requested the support of the Clans to stop the prison riots and re-establish control. Individual members are being asked to team up and immediately head to the prison facility, where they will receive orders to go down to the prison complex itself into the heart of the riots and establish control of the facility.


Your team of collected members will travel immediately to the prison complex, and will receive orders that request the team to travel down into the riots and establish control of one section of the prison by whatever means possible. The specific orders can be created by the team with creative freedom as long as it’s about establishing control. Meanwhile, there are specific decisions that can be made by the team in doing this which, depending on what the team decides will count as a vote towards how the Dark Jedi Brotherhood reputation with various factions would be.

First decision: The Severian Principate has requested the Dark Jedi Brotherhood restrain all prisoners or if necessary shoot to kill all who don’t obey to regain control. They are strict about control and order and do not stand for disobedience.

Second decision: Disregard the Severian Principate orders and work with the prisoners instead of shooting or otherwise treating them like the prisoners they are. Working with the pirates who made contact with the Dark Council to help re-establish control.

We have decided to go with the First Decision.

Run-on rules:

  • Form a team of three (3) to five (5) members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood from any unit to participate, including members of the Clans, rogues, or otherwise.
  • Members can only be part of one (1) team.
  • Each team must create one (1) thread on Discourse under the Run-On category and all posts must be published to the thread to count.
  • Threads should include [Prison Break] and a team name to properly tag it as part of the competition.
  • No members can post twice in a row, or the Run-On will be disqualified from placing.
  • Each post must be 250 +/- 10 words with no maximum length. Keep in mind Cluster of Ice guidelines for awarding in a Run-On apply, however.
  • No edits to any posts after the conclusion of the event. Recommend you follow typical vendetta rules but will not be strict on small edits made to posts by the original author of the post made as long as the competition is running.
  • No strict requirements around characters, it’s advised you create an entry post with information on characters used and edit as necessary but this is open. It is required that an entry post include the dossier numbers of all 3 to 5 members of the team so organizers know who is participating.
  • Each member of a team must make two (2) posts each for a team to qualify for placement.
  • Grading will be handled using the Run-On Grading rubric.
  • Submission to the competition should be done by one (1) member of the team, with a link to the team’s discourse thread.

Member Snapshots

Dral Falgorth #14458

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Kano Tor Tydex #10639

Snapshot: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/10639/snapshots/2379/4281

Appius Wight #15685

Snapshot: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/15685/snapshots/2465/4420


Aboard the Deathwatch Marauder-class Corvette
Deep Space
In transit to the Tenixir Prison

Appius awaits aboard the Marauder command deck

“Open comms to the crew”

“Yes sir,” a bridge communication officer speaks up. “You’re live commander”

“This is Mystic Appius Wight, I am requesting Deathwatch Kano and Dral members to the bridge” the sorcerer then nods to the communications officer to end the link.

It wasn’t long before the Deathwatch Battleteam leader Kano, followed by Dral entered through the blast doors. Both bickering at each other for some reason or another.

“I’m telling you I need more explosives for future fights, I can barely take out a division of units before I’m out.” A blue and black armored warrior speaks up as they continue down the laid out path.

“And I’m saying that a tank wouldn’t be any better than just carrying more grenades on your bandalor.” The Raider retorts at him before turning his attention to the awaiting Mystic. “Forgive the delay Aedile, we were preparing the shuttle for departure as you usually don’t ask for us specifically unless it’s important.”

The Force disciple merely sighs at the conversation pieces he heard before replying. “Good to know I can rely on you to be prepared for what’s to come then.” He then motions towards a holotable where the destination is laid out in a 3D hologram.

“The Tenixir Prison facility has had a recent uprising of riots. We have been tasked with putting them in line and back into their cells” The hologram then zooms in to the facilities design layout with the separate cells and the ring of gravity-field limitation.

“The planet itself is habitable yet unbearable due to its gravity. Gravity that will crush you under its sheer weight. Thus we will be landing in hot and hard in order to coerce the prisoners into cooperation. We have been given near unlimited range in our approach, however knowing this group I imagine it is going to be hard and fast.”

Dral raises a hand to interrupt the Aedile, “So does this mean I get to use my grenade launcher?”

“There is a chance of that though I would like to at least attempt a peaceful resolve if possible, however if we are fired upon, do not hold back.” Appius replies calmly.

“Pretty straight forward then, do we really need more than us?” the Mandalorian in orange asks.

“I don’t think that will be necessary, as the prisoners are from my understanding mostly thugs and degenerates. The only exception would possibly be the Pirates though they are again mostly unorganized and having to deal with the gangs of the prison as well as much as we will have to.”

The map once more zooms out to show the station and where the gravity shield is located.

“This is the Tenixir station, it orbits above the prison and generates the gravity-field that allows the prisoners to live essentially. We will be landing in a LAAT and if it does not provide the proper codes while ascending from the planet’s surface, the Marauder has orders to blow it out of the sky. If all else fails I am the only one who can give the order to destroy the station which will deactivate the gravity-field and kill anyone left on the planet. Though our contract is to quell the riots and that’s what we plan to do.”


With complete understanding in hand, the three Mandalorian armored Vizsla members boarded the LAAT and awaited to arrive at their destination. Turbulence shook the vessel like it had entered a violent storm. The transport ship crashed through the prison surface with a solid thud and skidded across the duracrete before coming to a complete standstill inside Cellblock Cresh.

The side hatch of the ship lifted and Appius exited the ship first.

“You know what? I’ve had worse landings.”

He was followed quickly by Kano and Dral, each brandishing their own weapons respectively. None of the men expected to just walk in and talk them down. Violence was inevitable, how much remained to be seen.

As the group made their way to the entrance of the prison they were suddenly approached by a Togrutan woman that ran towards them. All three Mandalorians gripped hold of their weapons, ready to unleash hell at a moment’s notice if necessary.

“Wait! I don’t want to cause any trouble. You’re from the Brotherhood, right?” She asked timidly, staring at the wreckage behind them.

“Who’s asking?” The orange clad Mandalorian inquired with a gruff tone to his voice.

“Rasha Hawee. I sent a transmission hoping someone from the Brotherhood would get it. They said someone named Oligard orchestrated the prison break.”

The three men glanced at each other.

“Most of the guards are working with the Collective and orchestrated the riot.”

“We know.” Interrupted Dral. “The Voice gave us all the information we needed before we arrived. I’m more curious as to why you are helping us, you’re a pirate, aren’t you?”

The Deathwatch members question rattled the small Togrutan somewhat. She shuffled nervously on the spot and her eyes darted down to her feet.

“I was hoping if I co-operated I could barter for parole.”

Kano and Dral looked to Appius, as the one in the highest position of leadership amongst them, this was his call to make.

“I’ve been nothing but a model prisoner, and I’ve done nothing but co-operate.”

“We’ll see.” Replied Appius with a quiet voice. “Right now, we have a riot to stop, so if you’ll excuse us.”

The three men barged past the Togrutan, in response she quickly turned around to confront them again.

“I can help! I know most of the prisoners. Please!”

Kano halted in place, and from behind his Beskar helmet his lips etched into a sadistic smile.

“Oh, I know how you can help…”

Tapping into the Force, Appius felt the sudden shift inside Kano like an alarm blaring in his mind.

“Wait, Kano!” The Mystic yelled.

It was too late, Merciless Glory claimed it’s next victim. A blaster bolt careened the distance between Rasha and Kano, hitting the Togrutan in the middle of her forehead. He slumped to the ground as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

“Damn it, Kano! What the hell did you do that for!?” Snapped the Sorcerer.

Yet Kano simply shrugged.

“She wanted to help, and now she can. She’s an example of what will happen to the rest of them if they don’t comply.”

Appius was left stunned as the Weapons Specialist walked past him bellowing with laughter. He looked at Dral, who shrugged and followed in suit of his Battleteam Leader.

Force fracking damn it…

Somehow, Appius knew this was gonna be a long night.


Kano stepped over the body of the Togrutan while gripping his custom Westar-35 in his right hand. He drew his DE-21 into his other hand and called out loudly for anyone and everyone around to hear.

“You see that? She wanted to help. Imagine what I will do to you if you want to stop us.”

The crowd of pirates and marauders that had come out with their leader immediately dropped their makeshift weapons and ran for a nearby door. Kano watched as they fled and caught sight of the sign above the door they were heading for.

Central Management Facility

Kano called out to Appius and Dral, “Isn’t that where we need to go?”

Appuis looked over and saw the sign and the prisoners approaching the door.

“Yes! If they lock us out this mission becomes 1000 times harder.” Yelled back the Wren Aedile.

“I got this one.” Said Dral as he shifted his body and aimed his MWC-35c Repeating Cannon towards the crowd.

The sound of the blaster revving up and then firing echoed off the walls around them. Bolts filled the air and ripped into the crowd of prisoners. Some men just dropped in place as the bolts hit them while others seemed to have parts blown completely off their bodies. The prisoners began to panic. Some ran away from the door and towards the walls and others towards their cellblock. Dral continued cutting down the bulk of the crowd still heading for the Central Management Facility.

Kano took random shots at prisoners running towards the cell block until he noticed the door opening at the front of the crowd. They had made it. The Raider ignited the Imperial Super Commando Jetpack on his back and launched towards the crowd. He Twisted in the air and brought his flight path directly above Dral’s line of fire. Appius noticed what was happening as well and did the same.

Both Mandalorians reached the door at the same time and just as they dropped to the ground Dral stopped firing. Appius’s emerald lightsaber blade sprang to life and cut down the prisoner closest to him. Kano immediately shoved his way through the door and aimed his DE-21 at the Trandoshan standing at the doors control panel.

“Hands up lizard boy.” Said Kano as he pressed the barrel of the slugthrower into the prisoners temple.

The Trandoshan made a hissing sound as he ignored the Mandalorians order and pressed a button. The door began to close and Kano pulled the trigger. A small burst of fire exited the barrel as the slug did. The slug ripped through the thick leather hide on the Tradoshan’s face. As the durasteel bolt exited the other side of the prisoners head fragments of bone and gore coated the wall and control panel.

Kano only caught a quick glimpse of Appius as the heavy door slammed shut between them. The comms immediately come to life in Kano’s helmet as the Aedile called to the Battleteam Leader.

“Kano? Are you there? What happened?”

Kano wiped the blood from the panel as he responded. “The gorram lizard locked the door. Do you think you could cut through it?”

The Mystic looked over the door before answering. “It would take a lot of time and we don’t have that. I need you to open it from the inside. There has to be a way.”

Kano looked down at the dead Trandoshan and wondered how the hell a prisoner got through a door that needed optical scans to open. Then he saw it laying against the wall.

Appius and Dral disbursed the remaining prisoners outside of the door while awaiting word from the Mandalorian on the other side. Then without warning the door began to open to reveal Kano standing on the other side.

“How did you get it open?” Asked Appius as him and Dral stepped inside.

Kano tossed something small to the Aedile. As he reached out and caught it the Mystic felt the gelatinous give to the item he had caught. When he looked into his hand he saw the single eyeball looking back at him.

“Really?” said Appius as he dropped the eyeball to the ground.

Kano chuckled as he turned to walk further into the Central Management Facility


The group of Mando’s make their way towards the Central Management main console checking every corner and angle as they traverse the halls, each prisoner who exposes themselves is immediately disposed of. Two shots and a step over, leaving their bodies where they fall.

“ I was wanting something a little more boomy” Dral regrettably states to the group.

“Easy money is easy” Kano retorts to him

Upon approaching the facilities main locked down security command terminal room, a string of blaster bolts fire down the halls as Appius grabs on to the collar of the orange berserker, throwing him back around the corner before he becomes swiss cheese from the one of the two automated defense turrets guarding the doorway. The other seems to have been damaged when the collective took their charge at the door.

“You had to say something didn’t you Dral?” the sorcerer balks at him.

The blue and black Mando chuckles at the thought of his words being some guide of the universe to follow. Activating his Scan pulse, and pulling out his Ion Grenade. Calculating the rough bounce off the wall to where it would land, priming the grenade, throwing, and waiting. A few seconds later the energized explosion short circuits the turrets wiring and electronics, rendering it useless.

“After you,” He gives a little courtesy bow with a hand gesture, before unslinging his rifle again.

Kano shakes his head before pressing forward towards the sealed doors, “So what’s your plan to get in then?”

Appius ignites his lightsaber, the green hue overtaking the orange of Kano’s armor in sheer brightness. Dral follows suit with retrieving his Q-1041 Plasma Cutter from his bag and begins to hum along as he works on the other side of the doorway.

There was a lull of silence for a few minutes before the prisoners began to get a bit bolder with the aid of a few collective weapons. Kano caught wind of the prisoners approaching through the sounds of the on coming footsteps and took position around the corner. Nearly running into one of the prisoners.

Kano quickly disarmed the thug with a quick grab of the assalents weapon, and flipped them on to the ground, shooting them with his WESTAR-35 Blaster Pistol and moving to the other corner of the hall taking pot shots with both blasters in hand.

“Dral I could use a bit of help!” the Battleteam leader beacons.

The Privateer drops his plasma cutter and takes his Tostovin Munitions Micro-Grenade Launcher and hugs the close corner to take aim.

The blast of the grenades send prisoners and pirates flying, with Kano shooting them mid-flight occasionally and covering them with his blasters.

It wasn’t much longer before Appius finished the cutting of the blast doors. With a loud CLANG! The doors fall to reveal the terminal protected by a few collective operatives and a heavy repeating cannon.

“This wasn’t in the contract…” Appius says to himself before diving for cover while deflecting a few of the bolts from the repeater.


If it wasn’t plainly obvious to them already, this was no standard, run of the mill prison break. They were armed, prepared and willing to do whatever it took to secure their freedom.

Perhaps most importantly, they knew they were coming.

The cannon continued to fire, switching between the large durasteel door Appius was currently hiding behind, and Dral and Kano who seemed to be taking turns avoiding the deadly laser fire and dispatching of any would-be assailants stupid enough to try and take them on.

One of those very blaster bolts clipped Kano in the back of his right leg after ricocheting off a nearby wall, and the larger Mandalorian dropped to one knee from the pressure.

“Frack!” He voiced angrily as the cannon turned itself to fire upon him.

Thinking fast, Appius called upon the Force and used it to place the durasteel blast door in front of the Mandalorian Battleteam Leader, the very door that Dral and Appius had cut into only moments prior.

“Dral!” The Aedile shouted, and the Okami Mandalorian did not need to be told twice. He maneuvered around the side of the floating blast door with his MWC-35c Repeating Cannon in his hands.

“SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!” Drat exclaimed with a yell so loud and forceful it sounded like a war cry.

A barrage of blaster fire engulfed the turret, annihilating it in a glorious display of broken shrapnel and metal.

The Collective officers behind the turret retreated further into the main console room, but with no means of escape, they were nothing more than trapped vermin at the mercy of the Mandalorian’s. The convicts and prisoners within their presence fled the area, fearful of the chaos and effectiveness of the men around them.

The floating blast door crashed to the floor with a loud smash and Dral aided Kano up to his feet.

“Are you ok?” The Wren Aedile asked the Battleteam Leader.

“I’m fine, it’s Beskar after all.” Kano replied smugly, rising to his feet, undamaged and unharmed.

“Caught me by surprise. I underestimated them. Turns out they are slightly more competent than I gave them credit for.”

“Still think shooting Rasha was a good idea?” Dral asked, hiding a smug smirk behind his helmet.

In response, Kano muttered something incoherent under his breath in a language only Appius and Dral would understand for light years around them.

“Shall we go say hello?” Dral finally said, motioning to the main console room. “By the way, Kano. This is why I said I need more explosives. A tank would be perfect.”

“Dral, attention on the mission please.” Interrupted Appius, to which the blue and black Mandalorian held up his hands defensively.

“I’m just saying!”

Upon entering the room each Collective member recoiled in fear, none of which said anything to any of the men in front of them.

Though, they weren’t the only ones to have an immediate reaction. Appius caught sight of a man with a face he hadn’t seen in over thirteen years. Flashbacks of Mandalore flashed through the Mystics mind. To the fateful day both he and his father were hunted. To the day his father sacrificed himself to save his son. To the day the Collective, led by the man directly in front of him, killed him.

Appius’ pupils dilated, his breathing became heavy and every part of his body felt hot under the weight of the fury building within him.

The man stepped forward, bald, scarred and middle aged, clearly the ringleader of this little group.

“You’re Mandalorians? It doesn’t have to end this way, we can pay you handsomely.”

Appius suddenly chuckled, catching Kano and Dral by surprise. Appius was normally quite composed so this reaction was quite unusual. The Mystic carefully removed his helmet from his head and tossed it to the side.

“You probably don’t remember me, but I certainly remember you. Mandalore, twenty five ABY. You and your crew attacked a man and a teenage boy for nothing other than being Force sensitive. Ring any bells?”

The man’s face went pale, his eyes shook and his body trembled.

“You…” he said between panicked breaths.

“You killed my father.” Appius stated bluntly, as he looked into the eyes of the frightened soul in front of him, his very own began to take on an orange complexion that overshadowed his natural blue.

“No, please, don’t!”

His cries of mercy were replaced by the streaks of blue and white that erupted out of Appius hands like deadly webs. Everyone else in the room watched as the Sorcerer exact his vengeance upon the man that took away a part of his life. He writhed and screamed, his flesh burned, and his internal organs cooked under the intense power.


Despite the body beneath him now being devoid of all life, Appius kept the stream of electricity going, each time for several seconds before starting a new one, each time the violent sparks echoed throughout the facility. The body twitched and writhed but no more cries of anguish could be heard coming from it.

And then he stopped, his eyes returned to their normal blue hue and sweat dripped from his brow. His breathing uneasy and his body numb.

He was startled when Dral tapped on his shoulder and presented his helmet back to him, to which he graciously accepted.

“Are you done?” Kano asked, whilst keeping an eye on the rest of the Collective officers that were horrified by the sudden display of revenge in front of them.

“Yeah…” the Sorcerer managed to force the word out of his mouth.

“Good, because any longer and he would have been overcooked.”


The room went silent as Appius placed the helmet back over his head and the three Mandalorians glanced back forth at each other. In unison all three burst out in laughter at Kano’s comment. The sight of Appuis casting streaks of lightning into one of their comrades scared the remaining false Collective prison guards but the sound of the 3 laughing shook them to their cores.

As the spurt of laughter died down Kano scanned the 3 surviving guards. He watched the way they cowered against the wall and the way one in particular refused to even glance in their direction. This was the one he wanted.

The large beskar clad Mandalorian walked to the guards and towered over them as they stayed low to the ground and against the wall. Kano reached down and grabbed the one he had singled out by his neck. He then reached to his belt and brought out an elite shock collar. The Raider wrapped the collar around the guards neck and tightened it as tight as it could go without choking the man out. Kano then pressed a button on his gauntlet and sent volts through the collar and into the guards body, He tried to scream but the muscles tightened up throughout his body and he fell to the floor. Kano pressed another button to stop the flow of electricity.

“Now that I have your attention.” Said Kano as he walked over and grabbed one of the other guards by the neck.

“Restrain that other one.” Said Kano to the other two Mandalorians. “And if you are squeamish, look away.”

Appuis and Dral grabbed the third guard and pulled him away as Kano removed the axe from the sheath on his hip.

Kano held the guard by his throat with his right hand and held the axe in his left as he looked back at the guard wearing the shock collar.

“Give me full access to the prison security control system.”

The man cowered away again and refused to acknowledge Kano’s order.

“Well I guess your friend here has to suffer for your defiance.”

Kano tossed the guard he was holding to the ground. As the man hit he started to scramble to get away but was stopped as the Deathwatch Battleteam Leader raised his axe into the air and brought it down hard on the man’s shoulder.

The blade of the axe ripped through cloth, flesh, muscle, and bone in one powerful swing. A blood curdling scream filled the room as Kano grabbed the now severed arm from the ground. The man screamed in agony once more before he began to shake and then passed out. Appius turned away to avoid witnessing the actions of his teammate while Dral couldn’t believe exactly what he was witnessing.

Kano carried the severed arm over to the man in the shock collar and in a sadistic move he placed the hand in front of the man with the palm up as if it was waiting to have something placed in it.

“Give me control of the prison security control systems.” Said Kano again to the man.

Again the guard did not respond. Kano dropped the severed arm to the ground and pressed the button on the shock collar once again. The flow of electricity again coursed through the man’s body and caused his to fall face first to the floor.

When Kano powered down the shock collar he grabbed the guard by it and raised him up to eye level.

“That man was your first buffer from death.” Said Kano to the man’s face.

The guard glanced down at the man with the missing arm and noticed not only the pool of blood but that his breathing had stopped.

Kano gave the guard a slight shake to get his eyes to look back into the T shaped visor.

“That other man is your next buffer. Once he is gone we only have you left and you will either give us full control or I will sever every piece of your body starting with the fingers. Or you could just give us control now and you both can walk away.”

The man being held by Dral and Appius yelled to his comrade.

“Just give him control. I don’t want to die over your stubbornness.”

Under his helmet Kano grinned.

“Well, are you going to listen to your friend? Kano let go of the collar around the guards neck and drew his Westar in his right hand. “Or am I just going to remove this buffer right now?”

Kano pointed the blaster at the man between Appius and Dral.

“216734 ZULL” The man cried out.

“See, that wasn’t so bad now was it?” Asked Kano as he grabbed the man by the collar again.

This time he released the collar and pushed the man towards Appius and Dral.

“Were we really going to let them go?” Asked Appius while still holding onto the other man’s arm.

“Why not?” Said Kano as he typed the override code into the computer. “But you are the one in charge here so you get the final word.”

Appius thought for a second.

“Yeah, you made a deal. Might as well stand by it.”

Appius let go of the man’s arm and him and Dral stepped back as the two ran towards the door. As it opened a white blaster bolt ripped into the back of each of the men’s heads.

“What the hell?” Yelled Appius as the men dropped dead.

“I said they could walk. I didn’t say how far. Deal upheld. Now if you want we have full control of the prison systems.”

Appius walked over to the computer console and started typing commands. Suddenly orange lights began flashing around every door as they slammed shut and locked into place all throughout the prison.

“Will that work?” Asked Dral.

Appius looked up from the computer for a moment.

“It should. The full lockdown will keep everyone in place and should divide them up enough that the Severian Principate troops can come through and usher them back into their cells or eliminate them as needed.”

“Sounds good to me.” Said Dral.

“So does that mean we get paid now?” Asked Kano.

“Yeah. We should get some compensation.” Said Appius.

“Good.” said Kano as he holstered his blaster. “I wanna go home and take a nap.”