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[Prison Break] Team SOR-X


Team SOR-X

Tenixir Prison Break Run-on Competition

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Your team of collected members will travel immediately to the prison complex, and will receive orders that request the team to travel down into the riots and establish control of one section of the prison by whatever means possible. The specific orders can be created by the team with creative freedom as long as it’s about establishing control. Meanwhile, there are specific decisions that can be made by the team in doing this which, depending on what the team decides will count as a vote towards how the Dark Jedi Brotherhood reputation with various factions would be.

Second decision: Disregard the Severian Principate orders and work with the prisoners instead of shooting or otherwise treating them like the prisoners they are. Working with the pirates who made contact with the Dark Council to help re-establish control.

SOR-X Members

The “Search Or Rescue Exercise” team you may not want on your side…


Tenixir Snapshot

Markosian Cathedral
Tarthos, Orian System

The soothing sounds of… nothing… filled the air. There was no stagnancy of the air or echoes when something moved like clothing. It was just a peaceful quiet. Long ago, Xolarin would have done this sort of meditation in the woods or in a grand temple of some sorts. But he favored the close-knit privacy of a small, silent space over the last few years.

In his meditations, he didn’t try to clear his mind and focus on peaceful memories. He didn’t try to let the Force guide his thoughts to unanswered questions or unrealized opportunities. He didn’t give in to the moment. He controlled the moment. He focused on the how his own will would find its own path through the Force. He focused on what was necessary and desired.

The Force shall set me free…

This time however, something came to him unwillingly. It was not surprising, especially after the announcement from the Dark Council. But this was not something he had foreseen.

Visions of a planet, presumably Tenixir. Visions of the prison. Visions of the guards brutally attacking the prisoners in chaos.

Then visions of several hands on a table, each with the semblance of their organization. And those hands lifted up to reveal an unknown logo on the surface underneath, with blood on it and scrapes across the middle. The sound of metal on wood, scraping, jumped out of the image.

Xolarin’s eyes shot open wide. The vivid machinations of his mind connected to the Force still imprinted in his vision. There was something there that the Dark Council didn’t see, or perhaps didn’t want the Brotherhood to see. But the Collective, the Severians, and the Brotherhood were the hands represented, he was sure of it.

Breathing hard, the Quaestor used his new abilities to contact the one who might understand. They had not interacted as much as of yet, but the implicit and mutual respect with Muz bonded them together. He bowed his head and calmed himself briefly as the connection went through.

The holographic image of Warlord Bentre Sadow appeared before him within minutes. “What is it?” It was not a perturbed response, just straight and to the point.

Xolarin raised his head and met the Consul’s gaze. “I’ve had a vision, Overlord. Of Tenixir.”

“Oh?” replied the master, inferring that he wanted to know more.

“Not all is as it seems.” Xolarin paused. “We’re going to need some… specific help.”


The Son of Sadow carefully considered the words of the Markosian Quaestor. The construction of the new Palace had begun almost immediately upon the return to the Orian system. It was the oddest feeling he could imagine. Months of planning had been put into motion, and now he found himself feeling unfulfilled. He was not settling well into the role of an administrator in their former home.

Xolarin had caught the Corellian at an ideal time. Since the former Palace of Sadow was still a ruin, Bentre had shuttled between the Perdition and the planets of the respective planets quite a bit recently. The Collective had left quite a mess behind them, and more than a few of the locals outside of the Clan had become riled in their absence.

The Consul’s mouth twisted up in a grimace as he looked from the Markosian leader down to his datapad. Months of preparation had proved both liberating and infuriating. The information provided by the Dark Council seemed solid enough.

“Well, the situation looks straight forward enough. Old man Telaris wants to call upon Clan Naga Sadow once again.” The Sith knew the disrespect was evident in his voice, but he didn’t bother to quell or disguise it. “The last time we trusted the machinations of the Dark Council, we lost Simonetti.”

“There is more going on than the DC is telling us.” Xolarin’s tone was flat. “I have seen blood and chaos.”

The Overlord of Naga Sadow drummed his fingers on the cool surface of his desk. He scarcely felt surprised by this revelation. He both understood and loathed the way that the leadership of the Dark Brotherhood continued to operate. Not that he could fault them. Such manipulations were a staple of the Sith.

“I don’t know.” Bentre let the words hang for several seconds longer than necessary until he noticed a twitch of awkward discomfort in the Quaestor’s expression. “We have troops, we have ships, we have guns.” He paused again for effect. “I suppose that if we have to shed some blood, we should minimize how much of that is Sadowan though.” Bentre never let the hints of doubt drop from his tone.

“The Grand Master has certain expectations, as I am sure you have seen.”

“Well, I want to get my hands dirty, and since you are contacting me I assume you are volunteering? If Grand Master Cantor wanted things badly enough, you would think he’d take matters into his own hands.” The Warlord knew he was showing more of his frustrations than was probably wise, but he doubted his words would ever reach high enough to bite him back.

“We would need a good pilot, a quick ship, and some weapons.”

“How feasible do you think sneaking in with a bunch of Sadowans would be?” Bentre smiled in spite of himself. “I mean Malik Sadow is a good pilot, but I don’t know if he would entertain running counter to the expressed desire of the Dark Council. Come to think of it, I do have a shuttle we could use. I am just not sure how well it would slip into a prison world. And let’s be honest, with the credits I have spent getting that set up for my own shenanigans, I don’t think I would want to take it out for a spin anywhere near either the Principate or the Collective. I don’t want to see anybody scratching the paint job. We could probably gather some weapons and gear from the Warhost, but they are going to be policing the system for several weeks while we suppress local disturbances.”

The Markosian Quaestor tried to gauge the Sadowan Overlord’s expressions and tones for a moment before raising an eyebrow. “I assume you have something else in mind?”

The Corellian Equite smiled genuinely at this. “Well, I know that the Dakhani Aedile has had contact with some of the chaps in Vizsla. I figured we could see if any of them would be interested in renting out their skills, their ships, their services. I mean, if the price is right I think we could find ourselves toasting with new allies by this time next week.”