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Project D.I.E


Bantha-class assault shuttle
Anzaithia’s Compund
Outer Rims

The shuttle exited from hyperspace smoothly. There was a lot of pressure setting the coordinates to the Outer Rim. A region he was best known to avoid. There were sometimes things more dangerous than a Sith. Caelian began to pace nervously in the cockpit as they passed Dathomir’s only moon Koratas. Dathomir was now within sight. The mission Project D.I.E was underway. On the outskirts of the Dathomir System lay the powerful Proconsul Macron, commanding the VSDII Covenant. Watching just in case things go up in flames.

For this mission he needed his most elite Dark Jedi and troops to take the compound controlled by the powerful Shaman Nightsister Anzaithia her own little personal army. They knew not what to expect there but to expect everything.

He walked back downstairs to where the troops were being held. Two teams, not to small but not to big either. The Battlemaster was pleased to see Ashia Kagan Keibatsu had returned to them, her history and knowledge of the Nightsisters would be invaluable in taking her alive. A feat still great within itself.

The Sadowans nodded in his general direction as he walked by. He saw more familiar faces chosen for this mission. Of course his Apprentice Daedric would be at his heel, also serving as his Black Guard as well. Jades Sadow, whom had saved his life in their last run in with the Gomorag. And even the youngest of Journeyman had come without a hint of fear.

Maybe that was because they didn’t know what the sisters were truly capable of.

It was time to prep the soldiers for the compound takeover. He cleared his throat in a grab for attention in the shuttle. "You have already been briefed on this but we need to hit the compound hard and fast. Before they even know what hit them. Team One will have to move quickly to interrupt any chance of help being sent. Team Zero will have to provide the offense of destroying the defense systems in the compound.

There isn’t much Intel on the type of troops and beasts we may encounter. But I am sure we are due for some surprises. Conquest is our destiny; we shall not fail. We touchdown in an hour. Suit up."

There was resounding cheer from the group as their mind was set on annihilating all forces that opposed Naga Sadow. Caelian however could feel a knot grow in his throat as he walked away and prepared his gear. The Force would be his only weapon here against such odds.

I hate magic.

Team One:

Team Zero:


Bantha-Class Assault Shuttle
Descending on Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

We touch down in a n hour. Suit up. The voice of his Master rang out. Daedric nodded as his eyes made contact with his master’s. He reached over and grabbed his Black Guardsman helmet. This will be his first mission as his Master’s guardsman, he knew he could not fail. As he rose he placed the helmet on his head, securing it and watched as the HUD system initiated. He could see an outline of all Sadowan troops as some sat nervously in their seats.

As the shuttle jolted slightly from the turbulence of descending into the thick Dathomir atmosphere, Daedric checked his equipment. He was wearing the armor of a Black Guardsman, on his right hip, the red Light Saber he took from the body of Erik Snowburn form the battle back in Seng Keresh. On his left thigh he found his Virbrodagger sitting comfortably in its holster. Daedric decided to leave his heavy blaster rifle in the armory cage back on Aeotheran.

“Master,” Daedric stated as he approached Caelian.

“Yes my Apprentice” Caelian stated coldly as he saw his Apprentice approaching, he returned to his equipment, preparing it for the upcoming battle.

“What do you know about these Night sisters? I’ve searched the archives, but it seems there’s nothing on them.” Daedric asked as he moved to stand behind his now rising master. Caelian sat on the shuttle seat, continuing to prepare his weapons and armor.

“I know only that they are dangerous sorcerers. That they delve into magic that even some of our most powerful sorcerers can’t comprehend.” Caelian pulled his armor plating around his thigh and looked up at his Apprentice, standing before him in the dark armor of the Black Guard.

“If you want to know more, Daedric, go speak with Ashia.” Daedric only nodded as he took a slight bow and turned around. After a quick scan of the interior he spotted Ashia. The outline of the Krath Pontifex glowed a hue of slight purple.

“Pontifex Keibatsu, do you have a moment?” Daedric stated as he bowed to show respect the Dark Jedi before him.

“What is it, Apprentice of Caelian?” She stated as she looked up.

“I seek knowledge of our enemy, I wish to know weakness and their strengths. The archives are vacant of any information on the Nigh Sisters.”

“Ah, a seeker of of knowledge?” Ashia questioned.

“I seek knowledge of my enemy to gain power over them.”

“Are you sure your not a Krath you Jedi Hunter?” She continued

“I once was, but found Sith to be a better way for me,” Daedric stated with a small chuckle.

“Fair enough, sit and I will tell you what you wish to know.” Ashia gestured him to the empty seat beside her.


Bantha-Class Assault Shuttle
Descending on Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

We touch down in a hour. Suit up. He heard the voice of Caelian while sitting. He looked down at his feet this was his chance to prove himself as a Warrior of Clan Naga Sadow. He thought of his teachings as a young sith. He got up slowly and watched the rest of them prepare. He looked over his shoulder and saw he was one of the youngest journeyman. He had much to prove.

The assault shuttle came to a stop and began descending onto Dathomir. He went over his basic gear a red training lightsaber. His lightsaber would only draw welts, bruises, and small burns. He wore dark robes that were black, immaculate and adorned with tough armor pieces, specifically around the upper torso and forearms for protection against blasts. A hood was attached to the outfit as well, this allowed him to conceal his identity when necessary.

“Peace is lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.” , Mandeo said silently and he felt the Dark Side empower him.

He opened his Holocron and began looking information on the dangerous Night sisters, he looked into it and found nothing. He looked over and stared at Ashia with interest, she was clearly a Krath. They were constantly obsessed with knowledge and research of the Dark Side.

He was unsure of how things would work out so he had doubts. He watched Daedric converse with Ashia. Daedric was his superior and would aid Mandeo during the mission. He closed his eyes and began to meditate, the Dark Side clearly growing stronger as they landed.


VSD Covenant
Parsecs Outside the Dathomir System
Quelli Sector
Outer Rim

“You’re sure this is a good idea?” asked Admiral Araic Simonetti. “We’re quite a bit out of our realm here.” The two stared at the viewscreen. The system’s sun of Domir appeared as a glowing speck at this distance. “I don’t like this. We are exposed.”

“Am I sure?” Macron smiled. “Not really. As long as we stay out here in the comet cloud, we’re probably okay. At this distance they won’t pick our ship up among the planetary debris between us. We can’t really close in, as there are far too many enemies down there. Jedi at the Praxeum, for one.” The Proconsul frowned. “Nor can I go myself- not yet. They would sense me for sure and give the whole thing away.”

“My officers report that our Bantha class shuttle is approaching their atmosphere,” stated Simonetti. “I have fighters on a tight patrol around the Covenant, but we can’t risk them getting closer just yet.”

“I understand,” nodded the Alchemist as he closed his one yellow eye and one bizarre Sithspawned one rolled up in his head. “My contact should be arriving shortly.” His hands folded together as he mumbled to himself. “She is close.”

An officer stepped up and coughed to break the mood. “Sir, we have a Dathomiri shuttle entering our area on an intercept course. We have four HLAF’s shadowing it now. Your orders?”

Admiral Simonetti looked at the Sith Elder next to him. “Guide them in. That’s Proconsul Macron’s guest from Dathomir.”

“Cythrexil is not exactly an ally,” chuckled Macron. “More of a mutual grudging respect. I sought out her knowledge of body modification and healing when my body was failing after Horizons. In turn, I taught her how to synthesize lightsaber crystals. That was well over a year ago- I’m curious to see how she has fared since then. She bears no love of our enemy Anzaithia, I do know that.”

“The enemy of my enemy is my ally,” commented Araic. “Typical Sith philosophy. Still, she may have useful knowledge.”

“Of that, I am sure. She is to be treated with respect by the crew.” The Elder turned and strode towards the turbolift. “I will greet her personally.”


Bantha-Class Assault Shuttle
Descending on Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

Dragoon had placed his armor on as well as his llightsaber. He thought of how most dark jedi had given names to theres and was wondering when he should. The leader of Devils shroud was a little nervous since he was not going ro be doing his normal thing. He grabbed the marr-son sniper rifle from its perch as he noticed the two young journymen talking to ashia. Dragoon approached her as she nodded in his direction.

“Ashia, its been a long time.” he stated, “and as always you look stunning before the strom.”

Ashia snorted, “Easy Dragoon, or i might have to cut that dragons tongue your famous for right out.”

Dragoon smirked, “From you it would be a honor. Now lets wreck some comm equipment, shall we?”

Dragoon then started toward shiari. He noticed the man putting on his gear. Dragoons was already on. Simple medium armor with both shoulders covered and knee plates. His weaponry consisted of his sniper rifle, light saber, his death hammer pistol and a vibro dagger that had a 5 inch blade. And a nap sack of goodies, explosives manly.

The questor seen him, “whats on your mind Dragoon?” The fellow horseman asked.

"Just wondering how long this will take, apparently i left something turned on at home."He responded. Both men laughed. …


Bantha-Class Assault Shuttle
Descending on Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

Ashia scrutinized the two Journeymen before her. The youngest shuffled his feet nervously as the elder asked her questions. Umber eyes stared up at her hesitantly as he spoke.

“What are the Nightsisters like? What kind of powers do they posses?” Daedric tried not to be pushy but respectful. The woman before him was formidable and he did not wish to antagonize her, yet his desire to know more about what they were up against out weighed his fear of the Nightsister before him.

The Keibatsu tried to be accommodating, “They are Force users, just as you are. They do not look at the Force as light and dark though. They will use it to their advantage in any way they need to.”

The Novice listened to her intently and tried not to stare. The makeup she wore disturbed him greatly as it resembled that of a skull. It was the face paint of the Nightsisters, or so he’d been told. The primitiveness of it all made him wonder how a group like this could be powerful at all.

Ashia picked up on his uneasiness and turned her attention to him directly.

“You would be wise to curb your emotions, young one. Fear and uncertainty are weaknesses we can not afford on this mission.” Her azure eyes burned for a moment or so it seemed before she took her leave of the two. Mandeo let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.


Officer’s Quarters, VSD Covenant
Outside Dathomir System
Quelli Sector, Outer Rim Territories

It had been a few weeks since the victory on Aeotheran, the Covenant slowly drifted thru the Quelli Sector preparing for a covert operation. Sebaz sat inside his room while his master paced back and forth.

“Nightsisters,” Jeric said to his apprentice. “We will need to be very careful, this is no time be courageous like you did against that Seeker.”

“I remember reading about them once. Aren’t they just witches?” The young protector asked.

“Yes, Sith Witches with powerful dark sorcery. They are not to be underestimated. The past week of training was impressive but still not enough to defeat a Nightsister,” Jeric paused for a minute while he picked up and examined his apprentice’s armory saber.

“Trust me young one, if they get a hold of you, you will have wished I killed you that day instead of elevating your rank.”

“Understood master,” Sebaz replied.

“We leave in a hour. Make sure your ready,” Jeric said as he left the room.

The Sith Battlelord move with a purpose down the corridor, numerous troopers and officers moved about some to busy looking at their datapad to notice the Sith. Most greeted him, some with Senior Commander others My Lord but Jeric was to focused on the coming mission to be responsive. Turning a corner, heading towards the mess hall, Jeric bumped into his first and only disciple to date.

“Master Cyrin,” Maelous greeted Jeric.

“You can dispense with the pleasantries my friend.”

“Of course,” Maelous chuckled. “I spoke with Caelian a few minutes ago, his team should be leaving in about thirty. Do you want to go over our strategy?”

“Yes, go find Mistress Teu and meet me in the War room.” Jeric said to Maelous.

Forty-Five Minutes later….

The members of Team Zero began to gather in the primary docking bay most of them already geared up, hanging around and making small talk. Team One’s shuttle had just departed and was about to make the jump into hyperspace. Teu, Maelous and Jeric entered the area immediately the younger journeymen of Naga Sadow, that had volunteered for the mission, formed up. Maelous holding the highest position of Authority took charge. “Everyone on board the shuttle we are leaving in five.”

Jeric looked over at his apprentice, Sebaz instinctively knew that his master wanted him. The Protector ran over and gave a slight bow to his master.

“Master, I am ready.”

“Are you though?” Jeric questioned his young apprentice. Jeric took a deep breath and concentrated on the force surrounding his apprentice. He could sense that Sebaz’s connection with the force had grown over the past couple of days. Everyone was on board the shuttle now, only Jeric and Sebaz where left. Out of nowhere the Sith Battlelord ignited his lightsaber and brought it crashing down on his apprentice’s head. But with less than an inch to spare the young Protector was able to parry the blow. The force of the strike knocked Sebaz to one knee.

“Stay!” Jeric commanded his apprentice. Jeric lowed the crimson blade of his saber down to Sebaz’s right shoulder and then moved it to his left. The red glow of Jeric’s saber faded back into his hilt.

“The force is strong with you, you have grown, but you still have a lot to learn. Rise Guardian.”

Sebaz stood looking surprised and kind of confused. “Thank you, my master,” Was all Sebaz could say as Jeric walked past the newly promoted Guardian heading for the shuttle.

“Don’t fail me now my apprentice, get on the shuttle its time to go.” Jeric said striding up the ramp.

Twenty Minutes later….

The Bantha-class Assault Shuttle of Team Zero dropped out of hyperspace and minutes later was in geosynchronous orbit around Dathomir. Team One had already entered the atmosphere and was about to touch down. As soon as the single was given by Caelian, Jeric and the rest of the Sadowans on his shuttle would descend on the compound and take down the defenses.


Level 13
Cenota Facility
Orian System

Previously…. before.

“We’re losing him,” commented the medical droid. “Initiating hyposyringe.”

“NO!” yelled the Sith Adept. “No. He must taste Death. The Obelisk’s heart must be of fire and fury.” The madman chuckled as Jade helped him operate. Both of the Darksiders manipulated syringes, forceps, Sith Poison, and scalpels defly. Splatters of blood and gore anointed the operating theater.

“I think we have him stabilized,” commented the Krath Epis. Jade peered into Dragoon’s gaping thoracic cavity. “Are you really going to install… that?” Blood was everywhere. “We have the grown cardiac specimen you know. I’m personally interested in seeing if it is acceptable.” Jade grabbed a spurting artery with her cauter-scalpel. “I have the mains in check.” The Krath Priestess showed no mercy as she cut and stabilized the veins and arteries

“Yes.” Macron grimaced as he focused the laser scalpel. “My Apprentice will live. So what if his new heart is made of old Sith genetics and modern human stuff.” The madman turned to the obelisk he had stolen from the Tombs of Urias Orian. “LIVE!!!”

The madman screamed as he directed Force Lightning into the apparatus. The blue arcs swept into the radiative antennas that perforated Dragoon’s body. “I’m…. I cannot…. I’m weakening…… ugghckh… too much,” groaned Macron as he fell prone, vomited, and twitched. “I don’t have the power. I might lose my own life to see my Apprentice live. So be it. Dragoon Must Live.”

The body on the slab choked and spasmed. Dragoon was made of sterner stuff. A true Dark Jedi would not go into the Dark Beyond so easily. His might would be needed soon.


Inside a building
Outer Rim

The dark slender figure bent over the bowl of water. Deep wrinkles and spots on the skin of Clan Mother Anzaithia gave away her age. Her spidery fingers wrapped around the bowl and she opened her mouth. Ghastly green smoke billowed from it into the bowl of water.

The surface rippled; the shamanistic ritual granted Anzaithia a vision of what was to come. Her skull-like painted face grimaced as she saw a space ship, bearing the marks of the so called Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The shuttle landed and the ramp opened to spit out several figures. The Clan Mother rose a hand and quickly two of her personal nightsister guards approached her.

“Prepare the warriors, my daughters. We have unwanted guests. And send me Sister Dorilys.” She said with a gnarling voice. The old yellow eyes of the Clan Mother didn’t move away from the pool of vision. A gasp escaped her thin lips as she saw a face bearing the marks of the sisterhood. The guards quickly bowed and hurried off to obey their clan mother’s order.

“A lost child of the clan? Maybe a hostage? No. She fights for the wrong side. But not for long… not for long.” Her thin body was wrecked as she broke out in a gurgling cackle.

Mother Anzaithia took a deep breath, leaning her head back. Shadows crawled across the floor as the shamanistic energies crawled through the earth and life nearby. Twisted trees and plants assumed a more defensive shape with poisonous thorns and vines.

“The Earth gives… the Earth takes.”

Bones within the ground shook as ghastly green energy penetrated them. Half rotten corpses of animals nearby reassumed a now unnatural life. The Clan Mother whispered to her creations: “Do not worry. After this work you will rest and be one with the Earth again.”

With a flick of her hand her creatures ran off into the darkness to meet the intruders - directly followed by a silent army of warriors, archers and hunters of the sisterhood on fleet foot.


Just outside Officer’s Quarters
Outside Dathomir System
Quelli Sector- Outer Rim territories

Sebz watched as his master walked outside the door. He knew that this would be a big mission, and he couldn’t mess up. All he could think of were the Nightsisters. He didn’t understand how little knowledge was known about them. He pulled out his holopad and tried to find anything he could about them. He tried several databases, but it was all the same.

Force sensitive, and extremely hard to kill.
No other info is found on this subject.

“This doesn’t make sense. How come people nothing about you?” He said that to himself as he kept going through his holopad, swiping left and right trying to find something. He tried for several minutes. Anger started to get the best of him. Frustrated, he gave up and tossed his holopad onto his master’s desk. He held his head in between his hands as his comlink beeped a special dial tone. He instantly picked it up and answered.

“Sebz here. What’s up Worms?”

“Nothing much, but you may like what I have for you.” He said as machinery and beings buzzed behind him getting ready to leave for the expedition. “You in?”

“Go for it.” Said Sebz as he stood up and paced back and forth in his masters Quarter room.

“I just finished talking to Ashia. She said that our skills alone can’t kill a nightsisters, so we shouldn’t wander off far from our masters. We would probably be beat into worms. Plus, they use both light and dark side teachings. Weird honestly. I don’t know how they cope with that. Oh right. They love to use Illusion spells, so don’t automatically think what you see is real. That’s all I have for now.”

“Finally! Someone knows something about the nightsisters. Perks to you Worms. Good luck taking out their comms.”

“Haha. Better yet, have fun taking out the defense systems. Seems like you’re going to have more fun than me.” Said Worms as Sebz could hear his master Caelian shout orders in the distance. “I’ve got to go Worms. Have fun!”

“Take care of yourself Worm.” Said Sebz as he ended the call a happy camper. “Looks like someone here is going to have to update the databases,” he said tapping away at his holopad which he just recovered.

“That’s going to have to wait.” Said a familiar voice behind him. Sebz spun around to see that Teu was waiting for him in full body armor.

“Lady Teu. What a surprise.” Said Sebz as he bowed slightly to the higher ranking Dark Jedi. “What brings you here?”

“Walk with me, we don’t have much time left. I’ll explain everything on the way down.” Said Teu as she spun and walked down towards a turbo lift.

Sebz followed suite, closing his master’s quarter room behind him.

5 minutes later

The turbo lift had brought Sebz and Teu down to the ships main server room. A couple technicians were patching stuff on the server racks here or there, but activity in this room was minor. Teu led Sebz down to a huge table in the middle of the room. The table stood there with monitors, keyboards and other electrical equipment within an arm’s reach.

“So, the defense systems may be hard to breach, and were always going to need our little hacker in the group. You up for it?” asked Teu with a slight grin on her face.

“I followed you here didn’t I?” said Sebz as he looked around the room with an excited face and sparkle in his eyes.

“Hand me your holopad.” Said Teu with an outstretched arm. Sebz followed her orders and handed it to her. She examined it, then slammed it in between her knees and broke it in half, rendering it completely useless.

“Why’d you do that? I just barely got it! All my high scores!” said Sebz as he looked in dismay at the pieces that had just fallen onto the floor.

“Well, now you’ll have this. Stand up and don’t wet the floor with your tears, it’ll piss of the IT techies.”

“Dam right it will!” said a human male voice off in the distance.

“So, I have this for you.” Said Teu as she pulled out an arm band that looked like it could fit onto his forearm. On it was a mini hologram projector and multiple ports. Sebz didn’t know what it was, but he knew it would be his new little toy. “You like it?”

“I love it!” said Sebz in awe as he saw the new apparatus. He’d only dream that he’d get his hands on this technology.

“Just point and type in your commands, and let these bad boys do the rest.” She said raising her hands to the server trays. “And don’t worry; your high scores are saved onto there. So don’t cry about it.”
Sebz was overjoyed with his new piece of hardware. As he examined and tried it out, Maelous showed up into the server room.

“Hello Lady Teu.” He said with a slight bow. “Sebz, how does it fair with my old master.”

“It’s going well. Couple death threats, nothing out of the usual.” He said as his mind was on his new toy then on his master’s former apprentice. He walked away from the group and started to test it on some of the ships automated weapons system. The system buzzed and Sebz saw the turrent’s activate. “Yes it works!” he said as he noticed the time.

His team’s shuttle would leave in about 30 minutes and he had none of his armor or weapons on yet. “You’ll have to wait.” As he shut off his new toy and rushed to the armory to get his equipment for the mission.

30 minutes later

“T-t-thank you master.” Sebz shuddered as he stood up. He could feel the heat from his master’s lightsaber as he deactivated the blade. The Force surrounding him grew darker.

“Come on.” Said his master. “I’ll leave without you.”

Sebz adjusted his Short Shell Long Barrel Sniper rifle on his back. He checked to make sure that his two vibrodaggers and small blaster pistols were also properly secured. Last but not least, he checked to make sure that his new armory saber was still clipped onto his belt. He knew that he wouldn’t have enemies to use it on since he’d be the sniper and doing the dirty work for the team. He made his way up the ship’s ramp and sat himself next to Teu and his master.

“How do you like your new toy?” asked Teu as the ships ramp started to close.

“I like it. I wonder how it’ll be in combat though.” He said as the ship took off and adjusted itself for lightspeed.

“Just wait till you get it to work properly.” Said Teu as the ship entered lightspeed.


VSD Covenant
Med Bay

Roxas awoke and looked around through groggy eyes. He was unsure of where he was for a moment and then realised. The medications had kept him under long enough that he had been spirited away against his will to Dathomir, probably by Macron’s doing at that. He had no idea how long he had been slipping in and out of consciousness either. He rolled his head to the side, so he could see. Laying on his stomach was uncomfortable, but made it difficult to see his surroundings. A droid approached and it’s speaker began to vibrate with speech.
“Senior Commander Buurenaar, your injuries are not fully healed. The doctors recommend you stay away from combat and moderate exercise for another twelve standard days. Reports indicate that of your equipment only your pistol, knife, and lightsaber were recoverable.”

Roxas replied accordingly to the news “damn, damn, damn, and where the hell am I?”

The droid was silent for a moment as it processed and then generated a response “You are aboard the Covenant, which is currently under the command of Admiral Simonetti and Proconsul Sadow.”

Roxas quickly asked “What are the extent of my injuries? Am I able to walk?”

The droid’s “brain” whirred for a moment as a fan inside clicked on to cool what ever had heated up as it once again processed, aparently it had been given alot of tasks for the day “You are nearly healed, but strenuous activity will ause problems. Walking and running are allowed as light exercise, but heavy lifting or putting any strain to your back should be avoided at all costs at this time…” the droid went silent for a moment and then continued “I had been ordered to find you clothes and the garments have been placed on the table to your right.”

The droid then walked away quikly as if it couldn’t handle anymore. Roxas eased off the bed and grabbed the clothes.

“Robes?” He said slightly surprised because he wasn’t known for wearing the garments of a dark jedi, but these had some armoring to them. He felt some pain as he got dressed, but it wasn’t unbarable. Once, dressed he headed to the bridge to see Macron and to find out how long he had been out and to see if he could somehow make contact with his father to check on his wife.


Bantha-Class Assault Shuttle
Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

“Macron, we are descending upon the compound as we speak. The attack is on.” The Sith Battlemaster flipped his hood over his shaved dark shaved head and looked upon their destination. Dathomir was as dreary as he expected. There was much life plant to be seen from their vantage point. His eyes spotted the location blinking on the pilots screen.

“Excellent. We will be standing by if you cannot recover the target. But I doubt that. That would prove you were weak. And no Horsemen is weak. Muahaha.” The Mad Alchemist giggled.

“When the chance arrives Proconsul. I will show you if I am weak.” Caelian challenged.

“Everyone gets a chance to die Battlemaster. Its WHEN, that’s the fun part.”


He was interrupted by the pilot.,“Sir we have arrived.”

"-it looks like that’s my cue. Time to kill.

Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

Trees. Everywhere there were trees. The forest was an excellent location to hide her compound in. It was allowed little access from the air and forced fighters to go by foot if they were trying to take it. Which was exactly what they were going to do. They found a clearing about few hundred meters away. They were sure they would not be seen, but that they would be felt. It would be hard to take them by completely by surprise.

But they would have little time to militarize themselves so fast. This would be there only advantage. The two Dark Jedi squardon’s were armed to the teeth and ready for the fight. They disembarked and were awaiting command from Caelian.

"Team One will come with me. We must get to there comms as soon as possible. There is no blueprint but it shouldn’t be hard to find once we make one of them tell us where it is.

“Team Zero you will provide hit hard and overcome their forces. But be extremely careful, these are powerful Force users with unusual ways of manipulating the Force. Any mistakes will cost you your life, and end in a mission failure. Do not lead this abduction back to Naga Sadow. Or I will deal with you personally.”

Beckoning for his Apprentice to step forward. Daedric took a kneel before him. “What is thy bidding my Master.” He spoke with a low monotone voice.

Caelian manically gaze bore into his Apprentices, “The first test as my Black Guard and Apprentice. Make sure you’re charge does not die.”

“I will Master.” Caelian dismissed him with a wave of his hand.

His gaze found Mandeo and Zetnom who were waiting in quiet unison as well. He gave them a look. “Stick close. No telling what we’ll find behind those walls.”

“Everyone else. Move out. Once we take care of our objectives we will rendezvous in the central chamber in the fortress. I can sense her there. Stay frosty.”

The Battlemaster led his team ahead. They would get to draw blood first.


Woods outside of Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

Team one moved through the woods with a certain secrecy, watching their surroundings and where they stepped. Moving forwards as point, Daedric spotted a suspicious body in a clearing approximately one hundred meters ahead.

“Team one, halt movement.” Daedric stated into his comm-link as he rose his hand and took a knee. He peered forward through his helmet and zoomed in on the unknown subject.

“Apprentice, report.” Master Caelian stated.

“Master, I spot one male subject, one hundred meters north. He appears to be a farmer.” Daedric replied back. He inched closer in an attempt to get a better view point.

“Only one?” Caelian questioned further. He began to make his way to the front of the formation to link up with Daedric.

“Aye. Only one. Recommend we take him. He could give us a better direction on where the communications relay may be located.” Daedric stated has he zoomed out and looked to his right at Mandeo. Mandeo looked anxious. It was his first time on such an operation and he knew that he could fail his newly assigned Clan and House.

“Calm yourself Mandeo. The time will come to prove yourself.” Daedric stated as he looked at Mandeo. He could see the as the young Novice began to calm his nerves.

“Thank you, Jedi Hunter.” Mandeo replied. Daedric nodded as he turned to face his approaching Master.

“There.” Daedric stated as he pointed into the direction of the suspected male farmer. Caelian looked at the man and did not see any weapons.

“Ashia,” Caelian stated as he called the accompanying Night Sister.

“Yes Caelian?” She replied.

“Are the males of the Night Sisters Force sensitive?” Caelian questioned as he wanted to know what they were about to attack.

“No, the Night Sisters make sure of it when they are born.” She replied before ending the communication. Caelian looked at his Apprentice, and with a slight gesture of the hand motioned for Daedric to take the male subject into custody. Daedric acknowledged the order with a slight nod and turned back to Mandeo.

“Mandeo, on me.” He stated through his helmet in a distorted voice. Mandeo only nodded as he feel behind the Guardsman. The pair made their way forward, slowly and discretely. The male farmer was not aware of their presence as he continued to bale what appeared to be dried grass. Daedric had to refrain from using the Force. Any significant use of the Force would alert the Night Sisters to their presence and that was something none of them wanted yet. The two came within ten meters of the farmer and he still had no idea they were there. It was dusk on the planet, and the sun was at their back which undoubtedly gave their concealment an advantage. The two cautiously approached and Daedric looked at Mandeo, motioning him to take the strike first. He wanted to see what the young Dark Jedi was capable of, and the only way for him to find out was by allowing him to show it. Mandeo nodded as he received the order and took the lead on the advancement.

Mandeo swiftly lunged forwards as he attacked the unsuspected farmer. The man yelped as the two bodies collided but his noise was quickly silenced as Mandeo covered the mans mouth. Daedric quickly brought up the rear as he went into his pocket to pull out a pair of electrocuffs. Mandeo reached into his robes and pulled out a piece of cloth and quickly wrapped the mans mouth shut so that he couldn’t call for help.

“Target acquired.” Daedric stated as they laid the farmer on his chest. “Nice work Mandeo. You’re proving quite resourceful already.” Daedric commended.

“Understood my Apprentice. Bring him back to our lines. We will interrogate him here.” Caelian stated. Daedric sent a quick acknowledgment as the two began to carry there new prisoner.

“By Sadow’s name this guy is heavy.” Mandeo stated as he carried the prisoner’s torso in front of Daedric.

“Seems hes been eating more than hes been farming.” Daedric stated as he chuckled.


Woods outside of Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

The Pontifex sighed deeply and shook her head as the message came over her comlink that Daedric and Mandeo had taken one of the farmers hostage. The men were of no use as they were only servants. Any pertinent information regarding the communications array would not be shared with a servant. The only information they’d get from him was what time to start the planting.

She switched off her comlink. The sounds of the forest grew brighter as she closed her eyes and ‘felt’ the world around her. Having spent considerable time on Dathomir in recent times, she felt…comfortable as she sat perched in a tree.

This part of the planet was unfamiliar to her however. The Nightsister opened her eyes and surveyed her surroundings. The forest wasn’t as dense in this part as it seemed to be to the east.

Ashia let out a whistle that was very similar to the sing song of a bird. So much so, that it was answered in several directions at once.

The Krath gazed off into the distance until her senses pick up what she was waiting for. A moment later and a loud thunderous roar could be heard in the distance. The trees cracked under pressure and something massive moved through them with purpose.

A very large Rancor came into view. It’s massive size, laying waste to the vegetation in it’s path. It stopped short of where Ashia stood, still perched in a tree and looked at her with soulful eyes.

She reached up and patted him on the side of the head. A large glop of saliva slide from its great tusks only to cascade to the forest floor.

The Nightsister reached out, wrapping the Force around the immense beast and calming him with her mind before leaping aboard its massive shoulders and directing him off.


Transport Vessel
Outside Dathomir System
Quelli Sector, Outer Rim Territories

The small transport vessel rocked as they entered the atmosphere of Dathomir, but Maelous seemed to not notice. He had secluded himself from the rest of Team Zero while they sat together near the bay door in discussion. The Sith’s eyes closed behind the darkened lenses of his helmet as he tried to focus his mind.

A struggle raged within the former Jensaarai. Thoughts of the looming battle in his mind made his blood boil. He fought the urge to embrace the Dark Side as it bubbled deep within him. It called to him and he yearned to have it flow through every muscle, every vein, his very being. He had turned his back on the Light so long ago that he couldn’t quite remember when the last time he had touched it was. He loathed to think of it infecting his body.

Somewhere in his mind he felt the ship touch down and he stood, opening his hidden, Dark Side yellowed eyes. His hands automatically checking the pouch and lightsaber at his hips. Jeric looked at him and nodded as they exited down the rear ramp of the vessel. The Aedile came to stand between Teu and Sebz. He looked over the assembled team, but felt his mind pulled as he looked off toward the compound, the same pull he felt on Aeotheran. He felt the blood lust wane for a moment; He shook the feeling from his mind, it never really leaving, and focused on Jeric as he spoke.

“Our mission is simple,” his former master said, turning his head to look from one Dark Jedi to the next, “Once comms are down, we go in full force.”

Sebz nodded in acknowledgement.

“We need to move into position,” Maelous added, his voice like ground rock, “When the signal comes we need to strike immediately. We do not have time to waste.”

The Exile began to move toward the designated location the team was to reach before the assault. The others fanned out around him, the distance making it difficult for the enemy to hit them all at once. His mind went back to the bloodletting on the horizon. The pull toward the compound calming his mind once more for a brief moment. The Sith shook the feeling off again. He focused ones more on the raging sea of Dark Energy he held back. He knew the dam would only hold for so long, and then the flood would take him.


Private Chamber
VSD Covenant
Parsecs Outside the Dathomir System
Quelli Sector
Outer Rim

“And so Anzaithia was the one that attacked your Clan,” Macron asked. “And her cohorts. Is that correct Cythrexil?” The Sith was stripping off his armor as he spoke. Very few had ever seen the madman without the characteristic Sith armor he almost always wore. Scars criss-crossed his muscular pale body, telling tales of many surgeries and battle wounds. To most people the tattooed Sith was hideous. Perhaps not to the Nightsister. She eyed his body hungrily like a piece of meat.

“Truly,” replied his cowled and robed guest. The skull-like face-paint she wore could be seen underneath the hood of her robe. “I was a mere stripling of sixteen. She killed my mother, and stole most of the girls. The men she just killed outright. The action was unsanctioned by the rest of the Clans, but they did not move against her. I fled into exile among the stars of the Outer Rim before we met years later as I passed through the Orian System.” She removed her encumbering robes. She was quite attractive under the facepaint, and was in prime physical shape. She began to stretch in preparation for a workout.

Macron nodded thoughtfully. “Then you seek bloody revenge. It is a worthy goal, no matter what so-called enlightened philosophers say.” The Elder cracked his fingers thoughtfully. “Let us be honest with each other. You and I are not allies- our relationship is strictly professional. That being said, the insight you offered into your sorcery last year has indeed stabilized my body, for now. And I enjoyed… our physical interactions.”

The Nightsister smiled slyly, and patted the hilt of her new weapon. “As did I, Sith. And your knowledge of lightsabers has come in most handy. It is a superior weapon, although my own skills with it are not yet great. And you still have much to learn about our powerful arts. You know nothing of Spirit Ichor yet.”

“Then we are at an agreement.” Macron smiled. “The Clan will remove Anzaithia from Dathomir for our own purposes, and I swear to your her time with us will not be pleasant before she dies in horrible agony. We will also supply you and your small group with the modern Verpine weapons and armor you seek. In return, you will move in after we are done and make it appear that the compound was taken by Nightsisters to hide our involvement. You will eliminate any traces of our incursion, and any who may have seen us. You will also continue my education in your sorcerous arts.”

“Agreed,” replied Cythrexil. She ignited her newly crafted lightsaber, spilling yellow light into the chamber. “Now let us continue my education,” she hissed as she took a Makashi stance. “Defend yourself Sith.”

“Indeed,” chuckled the Alchemist as his own orange blade ignited. “You have much to learn as well.”


Jade walked up to Caelian. “How come battles seem to follow you?” She placed a hand on her hip as she smirked at him.

“Maybe I seek them out before they have a chance to sneak up behind me.” Caelian smirked back as he looked out, waiting for his uninvited guest. Though he got the impression Ashia didn’t think the man would give him much information.

Jade chuckled, “well it’s a pleasure to be fighting beside you again.” As she motioned with her hand she felt something swirl inside her. A whisper perhaps. It was soft, but very dark. She couldn’t help but look around, but there was nothing there. She brushed a leaf off her forearm. Perhaps Macrons’ madness was beckoning her too. Alchemy did have its hidden tricks…that or she was an unsuspecting victim in one of his tests.

“It will give me the chance to finally learn the story behind that scar I saw last time.”

The tip of jades fangs showed as she playfully smiled. “Hmmm perhaps you might.”


Wood’s Outside of Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

Mandeo became more confident after pulling that off it was successful and he was the one to capture the farmer. Master Sadow will be impressed with me I can assure that.

"Daedric when we extract information what are we looking for? ", He looked down at the unconscious man while speaking.

"We are trying to get to Anzaithia off the planet for now " , He grunted as they pushed the heavy body along. Mandeo smirked in arrogance but made sure to clear his mind of it.

Mandeo moved with urgency and they began to bring the body of the farmer aboard the ship. His newly found abilities were a true testament to the Dark Side, which he begun to fully embrace but was aware he would not be able to use it so much since the Nightsisters were aware of Force-sensitives if they sensed it.

They boarded the ship with the body of the overweight farmer and Mandeo set it down and let out a sight of relief as he had done that with some ease. Daedric moved and most likely would seek out Caelian his master. His confidence had reached a new high and perhaps when they would battle the Nightsisters he would be prepared to destroy all who dare to stand in his way.

Mandeo took out a holocron and began to record his first mission as it would began the journey for him. “I have infiltrated the Nightsisters and kidnapped their male farmer along with my superior Daedric Turelles” , He closed it and proceeded to meditate. He would receive a vision if he was lucky.


Level 13
Cenota Facility
Orian System


Dragoon layed on the table, Macron and Jade working hard to keep him alive. It had been a week since the sithspawn heart had to be implemented into his body. He just layed there now resting as Jade pushed another vile of the Toxic medicine in to his body.

“Are you sure master he will need this? I mean wont his body reject the heart anyway?” Jade asked her master. Macron just nodded, “With out the meds he wont stand a chance.” The Evil alchemist had worked hard to save his Apprentice, no way was he going to let him die… Not yet. After all he wasn’t a Sith so in no way would he even try to over power him.

Dragoon started twitching again with so much force he almost broke the restraints…

2 weeks later… on the VSD Covenant

“How do you feel Dragoon?” The Mad Man said.

Dragoon just sit in the med chair getting his weekly shot. “Angry, Pissed, ready to take on the galaxy. So normal i guess” He responded.

The Mad Man chuckled evilly, “Excellent. Your one of the first to retain your normal self.” Dragoon nodded. “Now, we have a mission. Report to your Quastor as part of team one to catch the Nightsister.” Dragoon nodded. “Yes my master” was all that he uttered as he stood up and proceeded to the Hanger bay.

Present Time…
Wood’s Outside of Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

Dragoon watched as Mando and Daedric took down the farmer. Pathetic he thought to himself. Any more noise and the whole Nightsisters would have heard us. Dragoon just shook his head as he stayed still waiting for the moment that they would be moving along. He watched as they carried the farmer to the ship. Dragoon then felt a pain tugging at his heart. Thats new. He thought to himself. He had never had that pain since his recovery. Just then he heard the cry of a Rancor. He turned slowly to see the massive beast coming toward the group. He was about to warn the others when he seen a familiar figure sitting on it. He laughed to himself, Well Ashia, you sure now how to start a party…


Docking Bay
VSD Covenant
Parsecs Outside the Dathomir System
Quelli Sector
Outer Rim

“As you can see, the Zal Alloy armor and shatterguns are here,” commented Macron as he walked with the Nightsister in the bay. His armored boots clicked on the deck as he walked. Labor droids scuttled here and there, loading the items into the Dathomiri shuttle and doing repairs. “You will find the baradium detonators already loaded.”

“I can just see my ship exploding into radioactive flames after I depart,” frowned Cythrexil. “That would be just like a Sith, no?” The Nightsister eyed the droids carefully. “What assurance do I have of the validity your offer?” She put her hands on her hips and peered at the Sadow.

Macron grinned evilly. “We think alike Sister Cythrexil. But that would not serve my purposes. That is your best assurance. As long as our professional relationship remains amicable, you have nothing to fear. I’ll refrain from the typical Sith monologues about betrayal. You know how it would go down, I am sure. Though we are equals in the Force, the fleet would be a problem for you. I’d make sure you were burned down from space.”

“True. And I would foresee it, and track you down and kill you personally,” growled the Nightsister. “You know the possibility exists. Even from beyond death. Expect nothing less, Sith.” The Nightsister snarled at the Sith Elder before her. Silence ensued, and several yeomen crew members backed away.

The tension broke with laughter. The Sith and Nightsister clutched arms. “It is good to see you,” remarked the Alchemist quietly. “Don’t get yourself killed down there. I’d like to… see you again.”

“I won’t. I will reinforce your group at their darkest hour as per our agreement. And don’t get too eager, little Man. I’ll see you in Hell.” Cythrexil turned and entered her shuttle with no further wasted words.

Command Deck

Araic Simonetti watched the exchange from a vid screen on the command deck. He shrugged and appeared flabbergasted. “I’ll be a nerf-herder. In all the years I’ve seen that evil man work, this I have not seen. I believe I just saw the madman express an emotion other than slaughter, menace, and hate. I think that’s his… he cares for her. Damn.”

“Even the Sith feel passion and love,” remarked the figure that stood nearby in heavy robes. A woody hand rested on the screen controls. “And they feel it more strongly than most as they turn within for their power. In some ways, it’s a reassuring trait. I’ve seen it happen more than once over my many years. Not all of them exude evil in every pore though they are the scourge of their foes. Even a synthetic being can feel. Imagine having no family except an insane bitch of a sister that wants to kill you, no parents, few friends, and not even knowing where you came from. You’d be a bit angry, no? But desperate for a human connection. I pity him really. In any case, let’s check in on the operation.”


The Courtyard
Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

A large green leaf rustled slightly before it was pushed aside by big burly hands. They belonged to none other than the Sith Battlemaster leading his team into the compound. His armor weighed heavily but it was of no consequence to him, he found that moving around was not as difficult as before. After going through sorcery healing from Dark Side Adept Jonaleth Isradia his body was enhanced to take additional trauma. Even making him stronger and faster than his peers.

They were near now. He recalled speaking with Jade about her scar, the story was…intriguing to him. A rare thought that interrupted his train of thought. An unusual occurrence when he was in the middle of a mission. Thankfully he received a distraction.

Trudging towards him was his Apprentice Daedric and Mandeo with a captured farmer. Caelian sighed. “I didn’t think you’d actually do it.” He stopped in his tracks and walked towards his fellow Horsemen Dragoon. “You’ll get your credits later.”

The Quaestor continued walking past till he stood tall in front of the three. “First lesson. Use can what only be useful.” His hands darted out from within his robes. The farmer who was being restrained from the back with his hands by Mandeo was caught by surprise. The hands clasped around the bottom of his chin and top right side of his head.

With a quick snap he broke the farmers neck killing him instantly. It sent ghost shivers down the Battlemaster’s back as the life leaving the Force was intoxicating and pleasing. Mandeo gasped and dropped the limp body while stumbling backwards. Daderic had a stern expression but was still quite shocked.

“He is of no use to us. The knowledge we need is possessed by one of the Nightsisters. Likewise…”

Caelian gestured with a free hand towards the large bushes of leaves covering the entrance had been looking through. The Journeyman without a word went to go check it out. Daedric pushed the giant leaf aside so that they both could see. There eyes widen.

They were a few meters higher but they could clearly see the compund. The compound was beautiful, somewhat created by nature and with technology. It was indeed very large. Somehow she had found the power to communicate with the life forces to adding additional help in her home away from home. There was a giant courtyard with a small marble statue of Anzaithia possibly when she was in her prime.

In back of the Courtyard was a mansion. Or at one point it was but it now more heavily fortified like a fortress. “What do you see?” Caelian asked the Black Guard and Mandeo.

“I see…a large Courtyard and a fort of some sort. Two guard posts one on each side of the the compound.” Daedric answered.

“Also I think I can see two Zabrak guards roaming the yards. And another building next to it.” Mandeo chipped in.

Caelian walked over to join them. "Good. Next time you will have to choose your targets a bit more precisely. “They…” he pointed towards a one of the Zabrak guards. “…will do.”

They both nodded. “Lets move in and grab these two quickly and make them talk. We don’t have much time.”

The Sadowan’s began the infiltration.

Caelian attempted to contact Ashia with the Force as she disappeared from his senses. “I guess we’ll be in for a surprise.” He said to himself as he made his way towards the compound gates leading to the Courtyard.

Jade beside him was nonplussed but she seemed as if she had also had little interaction with the Nightsisters. But a Daughter of Sadow was still prepared for the inevitable and the impossible. He would need her counseling dealing with the Shaman.


VSD Covenant
Parsecs Outside the Dathomir System
Quelli Sector
Outer Rim

Roxas reached the bridge after what seemed like a lengthy stroll. The time he was sadated must have taken a small toll on his dexterity, but being awake amd moving would help it to return. As the doors opened with a whisp a tech stood and was about to say “Senior Commander on deck”, but Roxas cut him off by waving his hand as if telling him to go back to what he was doing. Admiral Simonetti and Malik were standing by the large windows over looking the front of the ship. Roxas approached them.

“Admiral, Lord Consul.” he started with a groggy tone "How long have I been out?"
Malik voice carried through his wodden mouth as he replied “A couple of weeks. Good to see you on your feet.”

Roxas looked toward the window “Where are we, I don’t recognize the stars.”

“The Dathomir System. We thought it best to bring you with us.” Simonetti responded “That way we could keep a better eye on your recovery.”

Roxas sighed slightly frustrated, but he would stay respectful, if anything one should never show disrespect to a Son or Daughter of Sadow. He replied carefuly “Thanks for that, but I can’t seem to find my datapad or what’s left of my equipment. All I have are my knife, pistol, and Fenrir.”

“Fenrir?” Simonetti asked

"His lightsaber."Malik answered before continuing with Roxas "Your armor wasn’t recoverable, so we had it destroyed."Malik rummaged in his robes on one side for a moment “Here is your datapad, for some reason SHADOW operatives wanted it. I figured you had earned a little privacy at least.”

The Horseman grinned “I appreciate that. They seem to believe I’m a threat to the Clan and follow me all the time. I believe it’s because of the misunderstandings where I had allegedly gone rogue to help Macron.”

A hand of branches rubbed a chin of bark while taking in the information “I’ll look into that, at the time you believed you were doing the right thing if I remember correctly from the story Macron had told me. I feel you have proven yourself a worthy desciple of Sadow to not be hunted by your own.”

“I’d sure hope so.” Roxas stated flatly “I’d join in the fight, but I haven’t been cleared yet by the doctor. Also, the medical droid is having some issues; it started to overheat.”

Simonetti replied “I’ll have someone look to the droid as soon as possible. It’s good that you were able to find some clothes, I didn’t expect you to actually wear robes thogugh…you aren’t known for them.”

The Mandalorian nodded “Yes, it’s true that I’m not known for them. I guess they have their uses, but armor suits me better.”

Now that Roxas had his datapad, he would message his wife as soon as he had the opportunity to do so without getting caught or bothered.


Outside of Anzaithia’s Compound
Dathomir, Outer Rim

“It smells worse than bantha fodder out here,” Sebz said over the teams communicator after taking in a big whiff.

“Cut the chatter,” Maelous spoke into his communicator, while keeping eyes on his former master who was a few meters ahead of the team at a 40 degree angle.

The Aedile of Marka Ragnos and the rest of the Dark Jedi continued to move thru the thick forest surrounding Anzaithia’s compound. Visibility was zero between the woods and dense fog. The team was relying on Jeric to guide them towards the compound. Being partially blind doesn’t help in this environment, but the Sith Battlelord’s ability to see thru the force was more refine then most at his level.

After a few minutes Jeric could tell the forest was starting to thin out and artificial light was beginning to penetrate the fog he could also sense the energy surrounding the compound. The former noble turned to Maelous giving him a nod, the Aedile then signaled the team to move up a ridge on the west side of the compound. Once in position the team started setting up a staging area atop a cliff face over looking the compound. Maelous stepped away to make contact with Caelian while Jeric signaled for his apprentice.

“My master,” Sebz gave with a slight bow.

“Your little trinket,” Jeric said pointing to the Guardian’s wrist. “What can it do for us?”

“Lady Teu gave this to me, it has a holographic sensor system that I can use to survey land and if needed lock targets for orbital bombardment,” Sebz replied with excitement in his voice.

“Impressive my young apprentice, you’d be wise not to use the latter with out approval.”

Sebz acknowledge his master with a nod.

“I want you to go up to that vantage point,” Jeric said pointing atop a larger cliff on the north west corner of the compound. “Map out the compound for our assault and make it quick, I sense we don’t have much time.”


North Cliff
Outside of Anzaithia’s Compound
Dathomir, Outer Rim

Sebz Janren peered through his electrobinocs from the vantage point. The Naboo native scanned the compound quickly before quietly keying his comlink. “Master, the compound appears… oddly deserted. Just a few Zabraks outside.” Just then an overwhelming stench assaulted his nostrils. “Smells horrible too.”

“Smells like rotten bodies?” asked Jeric in reply. “That means there’s a…”

“Undead!” shouted Sebz as a lurching mass of putrid flesh rolled over the edge of the cliff face. It appeared to be a very large, massive, now unidentifiable anthropoid. “Apes! They can climb!” His red lightsaber ignited as he deflected the first mighty blow from the hulking mass. One blow would take his head off from the huge bony fists.

West Cliff
Outside of Anzaithia’s Compound
Dathomir, Outer Rim

“Looks like Sebz has trouble over there,” said Jeric to Maelous and Teu. “Just a bloody rotten ape that can’t give our position away, but that means they have more. Caelian’s group is already in the courtyard.” Jeric keyed his own com. “Caelian, we are about to move in from the west.”

“Likely,” replied the former Jensaari gruffly. He looked up, armored face impassable. “We should move in then.”

“Looks like they have undead avians as well,” replied Teu. Above them, several huge dripping birds swooped in for the attack. They tried to screech but all that came out was gurgles and bits of rotted tongue.

The Courtyard East
Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

Mandeo, Caelian, Zetnom, Dragoon, Daedric and Jade moved in on the Zabrak guards quietly. Each used their abilities to move as quietly as possible. As one, four of them grabbed the guards unawares and killed them in their own ways quietly. Broken necks, sliced throats, strangulation all came into play.

Jade and Dragoon clipped hush devices to a dataport by the entryway, ripping out wires to clip the device in roughly. It would not stop total communication but it would blind the enemy’s outside sensors.

“That’s the way in, “whispered Caelian as he let the dead Zabrak fall quietly and slid the corpse behind a low wall. “Time for the distraction, are you ready Ashia?” he whispered into his comlink.

“Always. I relish battling Nightsisters again,” came the staticy reply as a huge Rancor stomped into view at the edge of the woods near the east side of the compound with a deafening roar.

Assault Transport
Docking Bay
VSD Covenant
Parsecs Outside the Dathomir System
Quelli Sector
Outer Rim

Macron finished clicking on his left vambrace, the final part of donning his armor. Roxas walked up with robes on. The Sith Elder lifted an eyebrow in disbelief. “You’re naked burc’ya,” the alchemist chuckled to the Mandalorian. The Adept closed his helm and initiated the vac-seals.

Roxas grimaced. “They told me you were down here when I went to the bridge dar’jetii. I figured a battle wouldn’t be far behind. My armor was destroyed. However, I can obviously still fight.” A droid pushed a hoversled with a plethora of weaponry along beside him, including heavy arms.

“Obviously,” chuckled the madman in reply. “So I heard. You’ll find a new set I made for you personally in the shuttle. I suggest you go put it on. It’s Mandalorian in design… but with a few modifications of my own doing." Macron grinned evilly. "The pudu is hitting the fan down there- Ashia is rolling on the compound with a massive Rancor to distract them from Team One and we’re going to reinforce her and Team Zero directly.” The Sith flexed his hands and clipped both lightsabers to his belt, unlocking the charger cables from a fusion droid. “I’m waiting on one more honored party guest before we launch.”


West Cliff
Outside of Anzaithia’s Compound
Dathomir, Outer Rim

Mandeo had called on the Force to amplify his ability as approached the Zabrak, he must have heard a noise but was unaware that Mandeo moved softly behind him clutching his neck and than twisting it with a small Crack, his body fell and he heard a few others drop as well looking over at Daedric who nodded. They moved silently with the sound of distant animals only heard.

Mandeo saw another Zabrak guard and crept over moving with purpose, he ducked low than quickly moved up. He looked over at Daedric and silently asked for permission to end the Zabrak, Daedric nodded and Mandeo quickly moved to dispatch the guard, he took out his blade and sliced the throat of the guard. He looked over and saw Daedric silently killing a guard, Mandeo smiled as the Jedi Hunter made quick work of him.

He heard the loud thumps and saw the rancor charge in, he knew by rumors that she had an affinity for Beast Control. He moved in with the rest of them team, his movements followed by a few more silent ones. He whispered over to Daedric, “Is this the time in which we strike without mercy???” Daedric nodded and brought on a strange facial expression.

He put on his determined face and focused heading and headed forward with his team. He heard the voice of Dark Prophet; Macron through his comlink, told them to hold on. Mandeo was ready to prove his worth, He would one day hold the Sadow title, but first he’d have survive this.


North Cliff
Outside of Anzaithia’s Compound
Dathomir, Outer Rim

Sebz quickly reacted to the undead’s presence. He activated his armory saber and began deflecting any incoming blows and debris coming his way. He switched into a defensive stance and deflected a side swing form the massive undead ape. His armory lightsaber made quick work of was once the creature’s fist, separating it from the elbow down. The creature roared in pain.

“Yah, you like that? Don’t you, you undead sack of shit!” yelled Sebz as he twirled his armory lightsaber around in a couple of circles.

“Apprentice, put your saber away!” said his master Jeric Cyrin over a personal channel in Sebz’s comlink earpiece. “Use your vibrodaggers; we can’t let these Nightsisters know that any sort of beings with lightsabers are around.”

“Yes master.” Said Sebz as he obliged quickly and deactivated his armory lightsaber and put it away. He quickly unsheathed his vibrodaggers and set up an offensive stance.

“Good apprentice. Use your teachings. Let the Force guide you!” said his master. Sebz narrowed his eyes and charged at the beast. The undead creature was still writhing in pain and did not notice Sebz charging at him. The beast tried to avoid the attack by dodging it, but Sebz managed to get both of his vibrodaggers into the creature’s chest.

“ARRRRGGGHHHH!” exclaimed the beast as it would be sent back to where it came from.

“Say Hi to my mother and father in hell!” said Sebz as he quickly pulled out both of his vibrodaggers and sliced the creatures head off. The apes head slowly rolled off and crumbled once the head hit the floor.

The rest of the body began to dissolve and soon, the creature was no more.

Sebz opened up a Clan wide comlink channel, informing the Proconsul as well.

“All friendlies beware. This Nightsister bitch is using undead and many more may be out in the forest. Recommend weapons hot for the rest of this mission. She may have other things up of her sleeve.”

“Roger that.” Said House Shar Dahkan’s Quaestor Caliean Ra.

“Advised.” Said the Proconsul. Shuffling noises were going on in Macron’s transmission.

“Apprentice, get to mapping of the compound. Once the other team is done taking down communication, we’re heading in hot.” Said his master as he himself found an undead and was beginning to tangle with it.

“Roger master.” Said Sebz. He repositioned himself back to his original vantage point and set his Short Shell Long Barrel Sniper Rifle. He went into a laid down positioned and peered through his scope. Multiple anti-air and ground supports covered the compound, basically making any sort of knowing oncoming assault impossible. Most, if not all the guns appeared to be inactive.

“Master, beginning to mark targets.” Said Sebz as he activated his new gizmo which Teu had given him earlier that day. He tapped his gizmo next to his sniper rifle, and a miniature display showed up along with his scope’s crosshairs.

“Thank you Teu.” He said to himself as he marked heavy and light counter resistance.
Soon, Sebz had all visible machinery targets marked. He soon started to mark multiple guards, both outside and inside the compound, any chance they popped up, they were marked.

“Is it just me, or has my HUD become much more colorful thanks to Macron being bored?” asked his House’s Aedile.

“No, that’s all of the compound’s countermeasures. Most of them aren’t online, so this may be a breeze.” Said Sebz as he just finished marking all guards in his view area. “Have fun.”

“Dam son.” Said Lightkiller.

“Alright, all units prepare to infiltrate and destroy units once given the go from Team One. Maelous and I will take the heavier…” Jeric Cyrin was interrupted as the ground began to shake violently and a massive hole broke in front of the compounds main entrance. Massive amounts of undead broke out through the hole and began to charge into the direction of Team Zero’s direction.

“Caelian, get your team and have them destroy those communications now.” Yelled his master as he pulled out his lightsaber hilt, not yet activating it.

“On it.” Said Caelian as orders were being barked to the team he was commanding.

“Apprentice, I hope you’re good with that sniper, and that its silenced. Whatever you’ve got, I need it now.” Said his master as Teu and Maelous positioned themselves by his master into a defensive stance.

Sebz touched his scope and instantly, the HUD inside it changed into a long range HUD. Sebz positioned himself and loaded a shell into the chamber. He peered through his scope and made sure that his shot was right. He fully breathed out and pulled the trigger, hoping that Sebz was as good as he thought he was.


East Courtyard
Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

Daedric knew that the communications relay had to come down, and quickly. As his team moved swiftly through the courtyard he could begin to see some of the defensive positions that Sebz had started marking from the west cliff side. Daedric and Mandeo stayed close to Caelian, following his orders. The group moved tactically forward through the courtyard, not wanting to draw attention to themselves until they reached the wall on the far side.

“Daedric,” Caelian stated.

“Yes Master?” Replied Daedric as he moved up next to Caelian, who was standing at an entry way to another courtyard. As Daedric reached his Master’s side, he lifted the front of his visor up so that they may look face to face.

“Use your visor scanner. I need to know what is on the other side of this wall and in that courtyard. This is the last courtyard between us and the Communications Relay.” Caelian stated as the roar of Ashia’s Rancor filled the air. Daedric only nodded as he lowered his visor back over his face and then stepped in front of Caelian. He peered around the archway and scanned the area ahead. Daedric began to mark each of the combatants that he saw ahead of him.

“I see…one…two…three…six…six technicians who appear to be working on the actual relay. Dragoon and Jades devices seem to be working.” Daedric stated.

“Any guards ahead Guardsman?” Questioned Caelian.

“Scanning…two…three…five…five total guards. Zabraks. Like the once we took care of on the way in.” Daedric stated as he returned to his original position. The sound of a small battle could be heard in the distance as Team Zero began fighting the Undead.

“Sounds like they’re having fun.” Mandeo stated as he placed his hand on the saber on his side.

“Calm yourself, Mandeo. The time will come when you get to taste the true blood and power of a Sith. Until then, keep a level head.” Daedric smirked under his helmet. The young Apprentice of Malik Sadow was doing well on his first mission with his Clan mates, but he didn’t want to let him know that just yet. Mandeo only nodded at the black clad warrior that stood next to him.

“We need to take this.” Dragoon stated as he moved up next to Caelian and Daedric. Daedric made a sound that could only be taken as agreement. Caelian stood their, devising a plan. The only thing he could see was an out right assault, but what if it failed and the technicians got a signal out.

“Jade,” Caelian called for. Daedric stepped back to allow Jade to take a knee next to Caelian.

“Yes?” She questioned as she took a knee beside her long time clan mate.

“The devices that you and Dragoon put in their hard wires, can you still track it?” Caelian questioned.

“What do you mean?” Jade questioned.

“Can you see if it’s still working, still blocking their communications?” Replied Caelian. Jade looked down at her data-pad for a moment.

“It’s still blocking all out going transmissions.” Jade reassured him. Caelian only nodded and he made a motion for Dragoon and Daedric to move forward closer to him.

“You two. You will attack first, on the left flank. Jade and my self will go straight down the middle while Mandeo and Zetnom takes the right flank, how copy all?” Caelian briefed them all. In unison they all acknowledge their orders. Daedric and Dragoon moved to the front. They had to the farthest to travel to get to their flank, but they were ready. Both were ready for what was to come. Daedric looked over at Dragoon who had a sinister smile on his face. Dragoon looked back at the Black Guardsman and nodded as he went past Daedric, igniting his saber, Daedric chuckled to himself, Lets do this he though to himself as he followed behind his Battle Team Leader.


East Courtyard
Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

Dragoon and Daedric crept to the left side of the Courtyard like they were told. Dragoon had checked his light saber to make sure it was in working order. After he turned it back off he clipped it back to his belt. They both had hunkered down low as they approached 2 Zabraks. Dragoon took out one of his daggers and snick up behind the one on the left as Daedric did the same to the one on the right. Both men popped up from behind them and each stuck their daggers deep into the Guard’s brain through the base of the skull. Both guards went limp immediately. There was little to know blood involved.

Both men headed to the blast door as they seen the others in the group in the distance take out their guards. As all of the group crossed to the rear door by the Communication relay station Dragoon had Daedric examine the door.

“What do you see buddy? How thick are we talking here?” Dragoon asked. Daedric shook his head.

“At least a inch thick at the most.” He looked at Dragoon who had removed his rut from his back. Dragoon quickly pulled a long 3/8 inch thick puddy looking thing from his pack. He quickly started to shape a circle using the stick substance.

“Ok everyone back.” Dragoon said, Jade grabbed Mando as Daedric, who had finally figured out what the stuff was, ducked to the left of Dragoon. Just as he pushed the detonator button he heard Caelian shout, “WAIT!” but it was too late. The Blast door metal was thrown so far in the 3 technicians right behind it were instantly squashed. Dragoon threw in two more Thermals and watched as a ball of flame came bursting through the hole he had just made. Screams came from inside as the last of the technicians ran out while on fire. Dragoon smiled and watched while laughing as the 3 men rolled on the ground trying to get the flames out. It was no use, they died minutes later. Dragoon walked in and started working on a some what charred consul. It worked a little but not much.

“Well i just downloaded a virus to there comms network, its of no use now.” He told the rest as they filed in slowly. Thats when he signaled for Daedric. Dragoon went through his rut and pulled out one last surprise. A black cube looking object. “Here, take this, place it at the center of the building. Careful its a high explosive, enough to level this place and leave a crater. And here is the det for it.” And he also handed a small black cylinder object with a red button on it with a safety cap on it.

“What ever you do make sure we are all at least 100 yards away before you blow that thing.” He told Daedric. He nodded and took off with Mando to find the perfect location for Dragoons toy. Thats when Caelian came over to him.

“Brother, we need to talk about your tactics.” He said as he folded his arms while looking at Dragoon. “What, we needed in and we don’t have time for crazy fraking stuff.” It was then that they heard Mando, “Ah guys, we have a problem.” All heads turned as they heard Ashia and her Rancor outside the door…


North Cliff
Outside Anzaithia’s Compound

Locke stood to the side, watching as Sebz aimed at the undead. The Bakuran had little experience with such creatures and wondered how they could be killed. The fact scared him. Most beings had clearly defined weak points. Even a hardened Yuuzhan Vong warrior would fall if one removed his head, but would that work with these creatures? Maybe Sebz would hit some vital vein the creatures needed to keep moving.

Just as Sebz took his first shot, Locke heard an unnatural, guttural cry from above, as if a deep-voiced man had tried to streak. The Epis looked up to see several good-sized winged creatures angling toward the group, preparing to dive domb them from the looks of it.

Cursing, Locke hefted his AXM-50 rifle and aimed for the beasts. “I think the time for quiet is over,” he said, before firing at the lead avian nearly point-blank, wincing as it’s guts rained down on them. He continued to fire, shouting over his shoulder at the others. “I don’t think the ground would be sprouting bloody undead if they didn’t know we were here! It’s time to attack and hope the others get those comms down before the enemy can summon reinforcements. We have to get inside that compound now!”

The Krath didn’t get a chance to look to see if the others followed his advice or if they scorned his unasked-for opinion. He continued to fire short bursts at the avians, steadily walking forward and to the side, the new horde of undead rushing at them from the clearing in front of the compound barely on his mind as he fought for his life.

“This is just like a kriffin childhood nightmare!” he muttered.


VSD Covenant
Parsecs Outside the Dathomir System
Quelli Sector
Outer Rim

Roxas looked through the equipment and found that armor that Macron his mentioned. It was solid white, with the symbol of Clan Naga Sadow on each shoulder and Sith engravings all across it. Macron had mentioned it was Mandalorian by design, but it looked almost a hundred percent Mandalorian; although, he could see the Sith and stormtrooper-like elements.
He tossed the robes off and put the armor on. Macron shouted up “My eyes! They burn! HEHEHEHE”

Roxas laughed before replying “Liar, I’m not naked. Besides there isn’t anywhere to put this on.” He said as he zipped the flightsuit and began adding the armor plates and then had an idea “Macron, do you have black paint? This armor is missing something.”

“um…maybe on the table? I don’ t know I haven’t finger painted in ages…Water colors suck. I have cotton candy! Let’s hurry up I want to kill something.” The Madman replied, sometimes jumping from one subject to the next, but Roxas was one of the few that understood him.

Roxas found the paint and added the symbol of Clan Buurenaar to the chest before puting it on, he had the full suit on and checked it’s fit. He was in awe of the suit and how much he liked it. It was perfect for him; it more than protected him, it symbolised who he was and his commitment to Naga Sadow. It was the armor of a Mandalorian, the armor of a Horseman, the armor of a Sadowan.

“Fine armor…if you need that sort of thing.” A familiar voice said as a large circular mass of hair approached.

“You’ve returned?..” The Horseman asked glad to hear the voice of the man that lead them into victory during the tenth Great Jedi War.

“As you say,” the other cryptically replied. “There was always the intent to darken your door, but as things remain the same they obviously change, as well. To wit: I see you have grown stronger young Pepoi.” The Apostate replied with a grin.

“Do not call me that!” He nearly shouted at the man, but tried to restrain it, he knew Shi Long would have little trouble killing him as he continued “I will kill that bastard and his family all the way down to his pet kath-hound. I do not suffer traitors or cowards to live.” His tone might have been harsh, but Shi Long could tell the Mandalorian was glad to see him.

Macron giggled “Things have changed alot since you’ve taken leave Keibatsu.”


Outside the DX-9 Assault Transport
VSD Covenant
Parsecs Outside the Dathomir System
Quelli Sector
Outer Rim

“Indeed they have, Macron.” Shi Long looked at the madman quietly with swirling mercuric eyes. The Apostate grinned again. “I’d ask if you’ve been good, but I know you haven’t.”

“No… no, I haven’t,” chuckled the madman. “But you may be surprised to know we have cleaned up the system with a minimum of civilian casualties, brought food and medical aid, and are upgrading the infrastructure.” Macron looked down as he plugged a charge cartridge into his disintegrator rifle. “Covenant command, we are go and ready to debark and deploy. Repeat, ready to deploy.”

Covenant Command here. Copy that, Transport Two. You are cleared for launch,” came the voice over the comm system as Macron grabbed the controls. “You will have an escort on the way in. Good hunting.” Four HLAF-500 fighters moved in a diamond formation to escort the transport.

The Obelisk Equite spoke next. “You don’t have to sell me on it my man. I know you have an ulterior motive. All Sith always do.” The Korun checked his own gear as the three stepped into the transport ramp. “Don’t they.” It was more of a statement than a query.

“Um. Of course I do….” replied the Sith Elder a little too slowly. “Profit and a strong system and all that. Yeah. In any case, we’re headed to Dathomir to retrieve this Nightsister who has info on how to access the Kwa temple on Aeotheran. My sister is holed up in there. She’s been a bad girl. Again. I’m glad to have you back Tsainetomo- I mean, Shi Long. You’re my weakness. The one I trust.”

Roxas continued to adjust his armor and check his kit and weapon load-out carefully as he sat down on the launch bench. “I’ve heard a few stories. True Brotherhood, and a whole bunch of awful. We took the Sith Sword of Shar Dakhan from her. What a bitch.”

“You have no idea,” commented Sai as he sat down. “You should have been there the last time she attacked Orian. Her friends killed many of our brethren and wrecked so many towns. It was a very bad scene. I’d like to see her ended.”

Macron spoke quietly. “Yeah. I feel partly responsible for that. My naive younger self had no idea she would track me down.” The Sith flexed his fists. “She will pay alright. And I will harvest her.” The Alchemist touched the activation stud that closed his own helm with a puff of gas to seal him away from the world, and hide his emotions.

“Did you mean kill her?” asked Roxas as he fidgeted with his own helm. The transport launched with a roar as the three were pushed back into their seats.

Macron remained uncharacteristically quiet as he worked the controls.

Shi Long chuckled. “No, he means harvest her organs. Our friend here has a uniquely gruesome biology.” The Primarch gazed out the porthole as the micro-jump began. “I’m pleased to find combat again. It’s time to wake up these old bones.”


There was a flash, and the azure-white miasma of hyperspace was briefly reflected in the silvery-black cauldrons that were Shi Long’s eyes. The Primarch unblinkingly stared out the viewport while rising from his seat, making a show of stretching his shoulders and back and working his muscles against the snug wraps and bandages adorning his body.

The barely audible whine of servos betrayed Macron’s reacting to his movement despite his seeming concentration on the controls; Roxas was less gifted with subtlety, turning his head fully to regard the Apostate as his hand reflexively stole towards a heavy blaster pistol at his side. Despite the Proconsul’s earlier declaration of trust, there was much that was unknown to both Sadowans about the sudden reappearance of the man they’d known as Tsainetomo.

Indeed: he’d felt both men using the Force in attempts to pry some unspoken truth from his brain ever since they’d disembarked from the Covenant. They would never be successful. Lord Death had a funny way of affecting those who’d supped with Him and risen from His banquet table; the Long’s mind would forever be closed to those around him. And though he was blind to their thoughts as well, he could feel the tension thicken the air in the cramped quarters.

But Shi wasn’t entirely merciless; Macron had, after all, welcomed him back as warmly as a Sith Elder would, and Shi’s own memories of the Alchemist - stolen from a dead man’s head - were those of a comradeship forged in the crucible of combat. That was the currency that held the most weight with the Korunnai, and with the Alchemist, it was well spent.

Still facing the viewport, Shi allowed his rich baritone to fill the cockpit. “I realize you have questions…”

“Ya think?” Roxas said, speaking aloud what most would dare keep to themselves.

“…and I can only promise to answer them as best as I can.” Shi continued, unfazed by Roxas’ boldness. He was, after all, glad to see Naga Sadow still bred men and women of courage. “But, I volunteer nothing. For now, just know that like you, Mononoke,” he said, regarding the Proconsul who’d just now coaxed the shuttle into reversion into real space and keyed the command codes that would send their HLAF fighter escort back to the Covenant, “I’m willing to respect those who would treat me as they would the man they’d remember.”

The shuttle approached Dathomir, and Shi was waiting for something as the atmosphere rushed towards them. “As for others like yourself, Ro…” He stopped mid-sentence, seemingly distracted. Roxas continued to fuss with his new armor, his injuries making the fit less than comfortable for the time being, and there was an unusually hard jostle as the ship broke atmosphere and rushed towards the Nightsisters’ compound. “Don’t look now, Pepoi, but your slip is showing.”

Macron’s guffaw, though heavily modulated by his armored helm, was airy with mirth as Roxas was simultaneously distracted by the suddenly rough ride, Shi’s ridiculousness and his own rising ire. The Prelate began with a roar, “I TOLD you, never call me…”

So fluid and so sudden was Shi Long’s movement away from the viewport that the men barely had time to register the Primarch’s fist fill itself with his autorepeater, the barrel squarely pointed at Roxas’ helmet’s eyescreen. A heartbeat, and the sidearm was once again firmly seated within its well-worn holster.

“I’m telling you,” chided the Long, “you’ve got to let things like that go. Names are only names and words are just that: words. You’ve unwittingly given me the key to your weakness,” he said, sparing a quick admonishing look at Macron, “and there are those who would love to possess it. To use it against you. Not heeding that was nearly the end of me; I’d be remiss if I’d let it be the end of you.” Shi turned back towards the viewport, looking at the vast expanse of lush foliage rush beneath them as if for the very first time. “Beautiful,” he whispered reverently.

Just then, the shuttle rocked violently. Macron’s instrument panel lit up, and warning claxons began to wail. “What in the hell was that!” exclaimed Roxas.

“We’ve been hit,” Macron explained, fighting the control yoke with every ounce of strength the Dark Side and his armor could afford him.

“With what? I thought the defenses were down,” Roxas said, leaping to his feet to grab an emergency extinguisher to beat back a small electrical fire that’d sprung up in an overhead compartment. He glared at the Long, who was still looking out the port.

“Does it matter?” asked Shi, who smiled broadly, his teeth impossibly white and minding the Alchemist of a certain megalomaniac with whom his newly-returned friend now shared names. “A missile, big rocks, harsh language…? In any case, we’re going down.”

“And, hard,” came the strained voice of the Madman, his fight with the craft a losing one. The shuttle skimmed the treetops, black smoke billowing from the port engine. Several large branches snapped off in the damaged craft’s wake, and they buzzed the compound, the defending Nightsisters, the attacking Sadowans and one very large rancor mounted by a shouting valkyrie - Ashia - the sight of whom caused Shi to exclaim, “…hey, I know her!”

The Nightsisters had erected a small earthen wall between the forest and the compound, and the shuttle, thanks to Macron’s piloting skill, settled broadside into the berm so that the craft itself was spared from disintegration. Still, the landing was rough, and the screech of metal briefly punctuated the cacophony of sound that was the battle.

Several Nightsisters, bows and other mean looking weapons at the ready, approached the craft confidently just as the side hatch blew open. Shi Long stepped out, blood pouring from a ragged gash in his scalp. Still, he smiled as the ‘Sisters approached, unintimidated. One loosed an arrow that first grazed the Long’s exposed shoulder before clanging impotently against the hull of the downed shuttle.

“Oh, you’re in trouble now,” Shi chuckled, the head wound knitting itself closed as he drew his sidearm. Without hesitation, he drew down, filling the space between them with a hornet’s nest full of stinging metal as he gleefully joined the fray.


DX-9 Crash Site
South Forest
Outside the Compound
Outer Rim

BRRRAP! Shi Long’s TAW-6 slugthrower’s first rounds ripped into one of the forest-dwellers, tearing her chest cavity open. He executed a precise flip, turning over backwards to deftly dodge an arrow that sailed for where his head had been only seconds before. As he regained his feet in a crouch, he quickly turned to blow the brains out of another assailant that leapt at him from a tree with a side-shot.

A third foe leapt from behind a huge fallen log, and had made it much closer. Her sword swung in on the Korunnai and he deflected it with a clang off the barrel of his pistol. The killer within him was on the prowl, and a simple but Force-hardened Broken Gate front kick drove in the woman’s sternum as he slipped behind one of the massive trees to assess the field of combat. “Watch yourselves- they have Force stealth.”

“Got it. Indeed, you are all in trouble,” giggled Macron from his helm as he stepped from the open hatchway with an aura of fear exuding from his menacing form. In one had was a heavily-modded disruptor rifle. The other hand bore a large, heavy armored gauntlet. He filled his body with the power of the Dark Side, amplifying his physical abilities and senses. The Sith stomped forward directly into the path of the oncoming enemies with a howl of battle-lust. Stealth was not his forte. Killing people en-masse was his role as a warrior. And with the attention on him the others would have an even better chance of routing their enemies completely.

A vicious looking glowing spear flew straight at Macron, and the mad Juggernaut hardened his body with the Force. The spear shattered on his armor like a matchstick and did nothing. “Bitch,” growled the Elder as he pointed his weapon at her.The spear’s charging owner was immediately targeted by the rifle and a bolt of sizzling green energy found her waiting flesh.

Unfortunately for her, the madman had de-tuned his weapon for more power output at the expense of speed of effect. “Eeearrgghhgurggggg-sssst…” The disintegration took a full two seconds after she had been hit, and her nervous system and brain were the last to go. Her terrifying screams stopped quickly after her vocal chords were gone, but she felt every second of the pain until the last.

Behind him, Roxas set up a Mandalorian heavy repeater on a bipod mount from the ruined hatchway. The Mandalorian clipped in a power feed cable from the hatchway and tapped the damaged transport’s system, allowing him to bypass power cartridges. “Hope they don’t have grenades,” he muttered. “Aranar t’sad!

The armored warrior began to hammer away as the attacking Nightsisters from his covered position. The screaming red energy bolts were hard to miss as they cut down warrior women who were running towards the crash site. His position was rapidly hit with a hail of glowing arrows and spears, but his covered position and the berm gave him excellent protection. Between the Mandalorian support fire, the raging Juggernaut, and the hardened Korunnai killer the triumvirate was gaining ground. It was certainly a distraction that the warriors inside the compound could benefit from.


The Fortress
Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

Team One progressed from their objective. With their part now complete, they needed to find, subdue, and capture the Shaman Anzaithia. The Sith Battlemaster already could guess where the Shaman was holed up at. The Fortress was nothing short of a large mansion turned into a defense position. Obviously this place was used for residential purposes before something happened. More than likely there were problems between her and other Shamans. The reason behind such seclusion, would be the downfall for her.

With a Westar-34 blasters clutched in his hands the young Dupar led the way past a wave of undead soldiers. He was not new to fighting creatures from beyond the veil. They had to deal with such atrocities when they were sent to fetch the legendary sword Revelation.

Locke had come prepared to fight even as Aedile. A much needed presence against such a large showing. It seems that the Shaman did know of their presence and was anticipating them. They could hear explosions and firefights on the other side of the compound. Good. Macron must have joined the party.

But there was something that took their attention. Ashia had resurfaced with a giant Rancor of epic proportions. Known only to reach sizes of this nature on the home planet of Dathomir. The fearsome beast walked over to the reinforced steel door that barred their way into the fortress.

“Stand aside.” Ashia simply commanded.

The team did not need any more warning as they scattered away from the entrance. The giant rancor reared its massive body backwards and let loose a bone-chilling roar. Its gigantic claw of a hand balled up and punched the steel gate.

It was much more powerful than anticipated as they whole front of the building crumbled loudly and fell around it. After the dust cleared and the group reassembled back in front they could see the opening was now big enough for the rancor as well.

“Great job-” he was cut off however by a deep and disturbing presence that invaded the Quaestors mind before he got a chance to finish. What madness was this? Is this the power of Anzaithia?

He did not know but he could feel the power radiating from her large fort. She had no use for hiding. The challenge was clear.

“Someone get in contact with Macron. We’re going to need help.” Shirai said to the group as he walked past the rancor and into the building.


North Cliff
Outside Anzaithia’s Compound

The Sith Warrior watched with growing anticipation as the rotting creatures approached the team. He watched as Sebz and Locke opened fired on the things as he fingered the Lightsaber hilt on his hip. His eyes flicked across the landscape as the dead clawed and shambled their way toward the rise Team Zero stood on.

“They knew we were coming,” he said calmly as he drew his saber and ignited it’s crimson blade. Maelous stopped fighting against the raging torrent and let the Dark Side energy envelope him.

Jeric and Teu activated their own sabers together in acknowledgement; they stepped forward moving toward the mob of the undead.

“They should be fairly easy,” Teu said across the team’s comm channel, “they don’t seem to be Sith zombies.”

“Destroy them,” Maelous said flatly.

The light from the sabers flashed alternating blue and red as they cut through rotten flesh. The two gunners moving slowly behind them firing over their heads. The undead were easy pickings for the Dark Jedi, even with their superior numbers.

This is no fight, Maelous thought as his saber removed the head of a Zabrak that was missing half his jaw. He raged in his mind How dare they insult us with such a weak defense!

He drew on the Force and leapt high into the air, propelling himself forward over the remaining horde of zombies, and landed near the rim of the hole that had appeared. He looked over his shoulder and watched as the other four continued to mow down the opposition. He nodded to himself and dropped into the hole.


North Cliff
Outside Anzaithia’s Compound

As the last of the avians coming toward Locke fell, he flipped his rifle on it’s side and switched to it’s alternate mode, firing small bursts of micro-grenades into the oncoming horde of undead as they drew closer. In his peripheral vision, he noted the others igniting their lightsabers. Well, the enemy did certainly know they were here; continuing to attempt to stay hidden seemed like a good way to taunt death.

Locke noted Maelous rushing ahead of the group, propelling himself over their enemies and into the massive rupture in the ground they had come out of. That seemed odd to Locke, so he strafed to the side, firing more slowly, noting that Teu, Jeric, and Sebz seemed to have a good handle on the enemy, with the two Equites cutting down undead creatures at point blank, while Sebz fired at those further away from the ridge behind them. The air was thick with the guttural howls of tortured creatures awakened from their slumber, the sound of lightsaber blades barely audible over the uncanny cacophony.

“Master!” Locke called, looking at Teu. “I’m going to make sure he doesn’t die!” Teu nodded, never looking at Locke, her face locked with grim determination. True, these zombies were unthinking, rushing at them like a flood, but then, they never hesitated, never second guessed, and charged headlong into the Sadowan’s blades, no care for their own health if they could strike their targets.

“Poor animals,” Locke mumbled. He backed away from the fight, calling on the Force’s embrace to surround himself, shrouding himself in a bending of shadows. Here, in the darkness, the imperfect shield was nearly impossible to see. He slipped to the side, around the group, creeping closer to the hole Maelous had disappeared through.

Suddenly, one of the creatures in the rear of their group sniffed the air, something that might have been old blood dripping from it’s broken, skeletal nostrils. It turned toward him and roared, the roar ending in a wheezing, spitting miasma of flecks of the creature’s innards. He hadn’t thought that some of these creatures might hunt by smell instead of sight.

“Oh, great,” Locke said, running toward the hole. He dropped in and turned around just in time to see the creature’s silhouette appear at the top of it. The Krath fired his grenade launcher several times at the rim of the hole, the explosions hitting both the creature and the walls of the rupture. As it fell into the hole, the walls caved in on top of it, crushing the undead creature beneath them.

For a moment, Locke coughed, as the dust settled, and then everything was quiet. The rest of the cavern didn’t collapse on top of him, but he knew he wouldn’t be going back the same way. Putting that thought out of his mind, the Krath hurried on to follow Maelous.


Woods outside of Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

The never ending night was cold. A deep frosty bite howled through the forest like a beast about to take that killer bite at its prey. The frost was evil; something out of a nightmare; something which turned and twisted the insides, crumpled the lungs, shortened the breath and left you wondering if you were dead or alive. This intense frost was bitter to the core, something less like a nightmare but more akin to hell if there was such a thing; a black fantasy of the fallen; those among us unworthy to transform into the force.

Konar stood as he caught his breath, surrounded by an environment seemingly intent on eating his soul. Typically, he cared not for fear or fright, but there was something in the very medichlorines of this forest that was different, something haunted and dark. A stumble, a sizzle, ‘a rodent?’’ “Pathetic.” Konar muttered as his blue saber danced with what seemed as a life of its own. Suddenly, all the dark insinuating unwelcome fear was for a brief moment, silenced. Staring down, Konar identified the creature, visiting the contours along what remained of its severed body, as he shut off his intense hue lightsaber blade. An eyebrow rose, and in what seemed like a chain reaction, a gasp followed. The being had faded to dust.

This was no ordinary creature, this was a dead, undead - the perfect meeting point between matter and antimatter, the complete zero. ‘What did this mean?’

…A week earlier
Sadow Fortress
Orion System

The torch lights adorned the compound in Orion. The halls of Naga Sadow were festive to celebrate the return of a Sith, Dark Jedi Knight, Auryus-Saas and fellow Krath Pontifex, Sadow from the fray, in addition to the graduation of two successful dark jedi who had traveled the perilous journey through the journeyman stages, where many a dark jedi had fallen in the considerable trials that befell them, and had succeeded where those before them had failed to their untimely doom. It was while their training sabers were burned in festive cheer, moments before their masters presented them with their deathly equivalents, that Konar reached over to the Shar Dakhan Questor. “I understand you need another knight, but Dathomir, you say… to face a nightsister? What, did she steal a keg from our lot?” Konar stepped back a moment. The look on Shirai’s face looked more sombre than he expected. It was a dark, withered look. Something not atypical for one as dark and powerful as the Sith Battlemaster. Yet, Konar could sense something unusual, something mysterious and almost cautionary in the deep glance Shirai shot back. Although the knight anticipated that the master of the force was likely to offer foreboding news of things to come, and despite the ripples of the darkside pulsating through his blood and suggesting, ‘make yourself useful or face the consequences’, Konar quietly contemplated spending the whole tenure of Project D.I.E drinking and reading jovial tomes.


Present Day
DX-9 Crash Site
South Forest
Main Gate

The soil drank greedily of Nightsister blood while Macron, Roxas and Shi Long plied their trade. The staccato barking of Roxas’ heavy repeater came incessantly, pausing briefly only when the Mandalorian trained the barrel on another group of attackers to mow them down without mercy. Those ‘Sisters who were beyond his field of fire were dispatched in kind by the Proconsul and Apostate’s unique, but no less effective, ways of death-dealing.

A skull was crushed satisfyingly by an Armored Fist and Macron savagely kicked its owner’s corpse to the side as the comm unit in his helm crackled. Momentarily distracted, he strained to hear Dragoon’s sit-rep. As far as the Alchemist could tell, Shirai had caught up with Dragoon, Jade and the rest after momentarily losing his bearings; Anzaithia’s majiks were strong, indeed. A woman’s shrill shriek at his back drowned out the rest, but he definitely made out the important words:


At the same time, Roxas called out, saying his repeater was spent, the shuttle’s remaining power drained by the Mandalorian’s constant fusillade. Macron made to respond when his Force jaundiced eye caught a flash of movement to his left just as another Nightsister, brandishing a wicked looking scythe, rushed him headlong. She was closing the distance fast; too fast for Mac to train his disruptor on her and get off a proper shot, even with his preternatural speed. More flashes of movement and ripples in the Dark Side alerted the Madman to others circling him and closing; it was clear the ‘Sisters made to bring him down by sheer force of numbers. He braced himself, hoping his armor would bear the brunt of the onslaught.

Abruptly, the distinctive ripping sound of a auto-repeating slugthrower at his back gave Macron cause to steal a glance over his shoulder. For a brief moment, he saw Shi Long backpedalling towards his own back, the Primarch emptying the weapon and felling two of the attackers. Macron began to think for a moment that their time had come and grit his sharpened teeth defiantly against the notion of rotting in the mud on a backwater planet at the Rim’s Edge. Thankfully, Shi was of the same mind…

The Long, still backpedaling, called over his shoulder: “Mononoke; follow my lead!”

Macron said nothing, instead flipping his rifle to catch it by the barrel. He felt Shi’s back slam into his own, and the Primarch elbowed him in his left side. Instinctively, Macron whirled to his left, swinging his disruptor like a club. Shi, after bowing the Proconsul, released the spent magazine from his sidearm, dropping to a knee and sliding a fresh one home before the empty hit the dirt.

The Long ducked under the Alchemist’s swing and fired under Macron’s arms towards the direction the Madman quit; the unforgiving stock tore through the attacker from the left’s jaw just as Shi took out the woman who was closing in on Macron from the front, the slugthrower jackhammering merrily in his bronzed fist. Claret blossoms bloomed bright all across the woman’s torso; Shi didn’t even wait for her to fall as he stood, moving forward a step while Macron adroitly used the Long’s body as a pivot, loading up for yet another mighty swing.

A ‘Sister who’d come from Shi’s direction caught it fully in her ribs, and bright, oxygenated bubbly blood came from her mouth in a ragged cough. Macron could scarce contain his glee at the carnage, and Shi’s laughs were no less mirthful as he drove his fist into another ‘Sister’s face, her nose splaying wide across her otherwise delicate features. Her head snapped back and a slug found a home in her exposed throat; she clutched at the spouting wound futilely as she, too, fell.

The pair swiftly cleared space in an expanding area around them, fighting back the tide of malice; when Shi would put one down and turn his attention elsewhere, it would be to cover Macron who was covering the Long in kind. A pistoning Armored Fist would be replaced by vicious elbow strike; the report of the auto-repeater would only give way to a savage bludgeon as the pair circled again and again, never stopping, never pausing. Just when the ‘Sisters thought they had one of them dead to rights, aiming to sneak in an attack, they would be dealt with by the other with surety. Macron marveled at the efficacy of Shi Long’s maneuvers.

Even Roxas benefited from Shi Long’s tactic. Now, facing Macron, he saw movement at the top of the shuttle above the hatch where the Mandalorian was holed up, feverishly looking for a power-pack to bring the heavy repeater back into play. The Apostate backed up a pace, then rushed forward towards Macron, who’d dropped his rifle momentarily and cradled his interlaced fingers in front of himself. Shi’s booted foot stepped in, and the Alchemist heaved upwards and over his head, sending Shi into the air. The Apostate clear, Macron dropped to one knee, the disruptor flying into his hands by an unseen force. His maddened laughter resounded, but just barely, over the sizzling report of the rifle, his targets erased painfully from the fight.

Shi soared and flipped, enjoining the Force to keep him airborne as long as possible. “Buurenaar; above you!” roared the Long, again replacing an empty mag with a fresh one with a smooth and practiced motion. The battle-hardened Prelate abandoned the heavy repeater and dove forward out onto the berm, twisting in mid-air to land heavily on his back. The Long’s warning alerted him to three ‘Sisters who’d come around the wreck and climbed atop it, looking to spear him savagely, unseen.

One of them pitched backwards, arms and legs jerking fitfully as she was cut down by Shi’s pistol. The remaining two each earned twin smoking holes in their faces for their attempt at treachery, courtesy of twin blasts from the heavy blasters clutched in Roxas’ steady hands. Swiftly, Roxas stood and climbed the berm, assessing the killing field before him.

The remaining Nightsisters had seen the futility of their rush and had fled into the surrounding woods. Roxas slid down the opposing slope and walked gingerly towards Macron and Shi, catching the trail end of their conversation.

“…incredible! Where did you learn that?” Macron asked Shi, slinging the disruptor across his back as the Apostate’s own weapon found its customary home at his thigh.

“Oh, it was in a book I picked up not long ago; something about ‘Praetoria’, if mem’ry serves. It works better if you can connect mentally with your allies, but…” he paused, tapping a finger against his temple. “Either way, I think we did alright, considering.” The easiness of Shi’s tone belied the furtive glances he cast about the field, feverishly looking for someone else to kill.

Roxas joined them. “A book? They still make those?” he asked incredulously.

“Not like this one, they don’t,” Shi replied, still on edge but seemingly in control.

Macron appraised Shi Long appreciatively. There would need to be a conversation about Shi’s book in the very near future, he decided silently. But, for now, there was still a shaman to capture and Clanmates to help.

The Alchemist took on an air of command. “Alright. Dragoon says they need some assistance inside. Roxas,” he began, gesturing towards the main gate. “Make me a hole.”

“Already on it,” the Mandalorian responded, pulling two thermal detcharges from his pack and shuffling towards where Macron had pointed.

“And how about you?” the Alchemist asked the Stone Dragon. “If you stay out here, can I trust you to stay to cover our backs, make sure our way out is clear?” A not-so-distant detonation indicated Roxas had set the charges and opened the way as Macron had ordered.

Shi Long ceased his scan of the area momentarily, fixing Macron’s helmed face with his swirling eyes. “Two things, Mononoke: you can trust me to be me, and if I stay out here, it’s because I want to…not because I was ordered to.” A broad smile eased Macron’s concern, but did very little to mask the bloodlust simmering within.

Macron considered Shi’s words, then shrugged in acceptance. “That’ll have to do,” he said, extending his arm. Shi clasped the forearm in a warrior’s clutch, then turned his back to the gate.

“Roxas, with me!” the Proconsul ordered, taking swift and sure strides through the smoking hole in the gate, and the Mandalorian followed.


Main Gate
As they entered the compound the Mandalorian jested with his Horseman brother “I love it when you boss me around, really loads my blaster.”

The Madman giggled as he replied “Good, you’re gonna need it when we get in here. So many people to shoot and only so much ammo.” The Alchemist went silent for a moment as if changing personalities and then queried “Why are you holding back? You are stronger than you’ve shown around Shi?”

Roxas shrugged with his response “I’ve learned it best to keep my strength to myself, while feigning a weakness. The Pepoi comments don’t really bother me, as I’m sure you know, but he’ll believe that it gets a rise out of me. I’m testing to see if I can trust him like we all used to.”

Macron laughed, he hadn’t realised that the Prelate had learned so much from him. Spending time with him has taught him much. Night sisters fell from the tree tops inside the area and surrounded the two Horsemen quickly. Their weapons were trained on the two Sadowans that had slowly moved to be back-to-back.

“So, do we have to stay in cognito still or can we carve them up?” The Horseman of War asked to learn the Proconsul’s plan.

The Madman rubbed his chin as if in thought before replying “Don’t you think it’s cold? We should find the thermostat.”

The Obelisk got the hint and lit the place ablaze with his flame projectors. The light cut through the darkness and fog. The responded with blaster fire and by charging to use whatever melee tactics they had. A battle roared to life, so loudly that on the opposite side of the compound the rest of the Sadowans could hear it as if they were in it; screams, blaster shots, explosions, and the Madman’s laughter.


The Fortress
Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

Dragoon, Daedric, and Mando all three were retreating from the comms station toward the Gate. As they arrived Shirai looked at them and said, “Well, what about the Comms, besides the Virus i hope you have something else to knock it out completely?” Dragoon smiled and nodded and looked to Daedric who got a big grin when he released the safety on the switch and pressed the red button. To Dragoon everything seemed to get silent as there was a flash of bright light followed by a sonic boom that almost knocked everyone over. Even the Rancor noticed the explosion as it stopped short and Ashia hollered from above, “WHAT THE FRACK WAS THAT!?”

Dragoon chuckled, "That my dear friends was a home brew courtesy of D & M E.O.D. Incorporated." Dragoon hoped his master seen it from space. Thats when the Undead popped up and he Called to his master again, “Mac, if you can hear me and are on the ground, we really need your help.” Both Daedric and Mando jumped in front of the Main force to repeal a Attack as the Rancor kept working at the gate. Dragoon was about to join in when the Dupar man stopped him. "Fury, its broke open, Lets go!"

Dragoon turned toward Daedric and Mando who both responded, “GO” and “DON’T WAIT FOR US!” Dragoon nodded and followed behind the Giant Beast as Ashia guided it through the force on its next task. They were almost to the door when he seen the 2 giant holes open up in the ground. Undead Piled out of them in full force. Dragoon Unclipped his saber and shouted, "FOR SADOW!!!" as he started hacking away at the the undead hoping to give the others some time to get in the compounds front door…


Main Gate
The Fortress
Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

“Now this is how to truly LIVE!” screamed Macron as the battle-rage took him. The time for games was finally over. The disruptor rifle barked it’s last howling shot at a Nightsister, rendering her into gelid ashes. The madman reversed the grip and broke the stock of his rifle over the head of the next woman who had charged him bearing a machete-like blade. As she dropped to her knees, a clipping side-kick crushed in the rest of her face. The Elder caught the fallen woman’s arm in his crushguant and ripped it from her body with a whine of servos and a spray of gore. He laid about himself using the bloody arm like the proverbial Sampson, crushing bones until the hapless limb finally snapped in two.

Beside him, gouts of chemical flame swept across Nightsisters as Roxas barbecued them until his tanks ran dry. Flesh dribbled from smoking bones as they fell. The smell was awful, a combination of chemicals and burning human flesh, hair, and bone. Once his projectors hit “E”, he raised his left wrist and shot a flurry of poisoned darts ahead, controlling them with the Force. They found three targets and sank in, the paralytics kicking in almost instantly. The ten who had attacked them were dead. In the distance, they could hear the shouts and screams of another battle. “Not bad, bossman. They went down like broke Twilek dancers on a Saturday night.”

“Don’t get cocky,” replied the panting Alchemist. “Those were just chumps, designed to slow us down and deplete our weaponry. The real meat of the situation lays ahead. I can feel her… pushing at our minds. She’ll have her best trainees with her.” The madman grimaced within his helm. Truth be told, the Shaman was aware of him as an Elder threat and had now directed her majiks at his mind. “Gorram it!” snarled the Sith as he drew upon the inner fire that burned in every follower of the Sith way. He fell to his knees and clutched his head. Mental anguish was something he lived with every day, and this was not a new thing.

“You alright there?” asked Roxas warily. “Is it the normal bugs in your head or something else?”

“That… witch… is trying to invade my mind,” growled the Sith as he stood up slowly. “I’ll be… fine.” The alchemist chuckled quietly. “She’s strong, I’ll give her that. Nothing could possibly be worse than what my Sith Master did to my head however. She’s not even on the same level.” His comlink crackled. “Mac, if you can hear me and are on the ground, we really need your help.” Macron dropped the ruined half-arm he still held clenched in one first and drew a lightsaber hilt, leaving it unlit. “Come on Roxas. Shirai and Dragoon have both called for our help. Let’s go take this bitch down. I can hardly wait to pick her brains- literally. Hehehe.”


The Fortress
Anzaithia’s Compound

Ashia maneuvered the Rancor past the ill fated spawns of hell, its giant hands smashing. She was familiar with this type of entrapment. However this Shaman was unnaturally powerful to maintain barrage against their forces. The wind whipped past her hair as controlled the beast towards the Fortress. Her very essence could be felt from even on her grand ride. “They will die,” Ashia noted if Shirai attempted to take her now. Not without help.

The Black Corridor
The Fortress
Anzaithia’s Compound

It was…quiet. They were not greeted by a mass of Nightsister’s as the grounds had been covered with. No. The Sith led the rest of his group through the enormous Fortress. As was previously a home the place beautiful. Even to someone as cruel as Shirai, he could notice the great care that was put into every framing of the building. Except for their fiery entrance.

Strangely there was only one pathway. And it led to a giant corridor that was only two torches lit halfway. “Certainly keeping it old school,” Jade said.

The Quaestor could hardly hear her. How was this sound not bothering her? It’s fraking driving me insane. Making me want to…kill

But his thoughts did not deter his movement as they walked forward he could feel her and possibly others. Yet they remained without the aid of much light. From the sound of their footsteps, as they fearlessly walked on, were loud and echoed slightly. They could tell that it led to a larger chamber just a few more yards away. The dark threatened to envelop them before they heard it.

“Welcome foolish Jedi.”

It seemed to have no source as they heard it all around them.

“To the Black Corridor. I am Anzaithia…the Blind One.”

That was something the intel did not share with them. “I am the end of time. The Horseman of Famine!” Shirai answered back with venom.

“You are no threat to me Horseman. I shall smear your blood and your comrades across these walls. And take your skull as my trophy. I await the other one.”

“Don’t stop teasing me now it was just starting to get good,” he shouted. “She is blind and has no need for light. She thinks she can use the dark to her advantage.”

His right hand arched towards his sash and grabbed his lightsaber. A crimson red blade erupted forward and showered a small area with red light.

“She is mistaken.” He reached back and threw his lightsaber down the path. The lightsaber flew down the path and he angled the blade to stay low. The red light flickered down the Corridor and they were able to see that it that it ended and branched out into a chamber.

For a split second they were able to see possibly five or more silhouettes standing at attention. He called his blade back quickly and caught it with his hand. She allowed him to summon his blade back. Nightsisters trained to kill in the shadows. Well so were they. Holding his blade downwards almost parallel to his leg, and creaked his back forward. Then he bellowed, filling himself with the Dark Side, giving into his building rage.

“We are not afraid. Attack!” And the Juggernaut charged.


The Fortress
Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

The air was filled with cries and roars of Sadowans and Nightsisters alike, He strained his neck and saw Shi Long making quick work of two Nightsisters which made him cringe at the brute might of the Primarch. Mandeo looked over at Daedric who was battling 2 Nightsisters at once, He reached into his robes and pulled out Darky the ten-inch blade.

Daedric dispatched the first Nightsister with ease burying his lightsaber in her chest. Mandeo felt the Force surge through him and with tremendous abilities leapt 7 ft in the air, and brought his left foot down into the Nightsister’s right shoulder. Crack , She dropped down onto her knees and Mandeo landed behind her wasting no time, he buried his blade deep into her back skull, and the blood gushed onto his blade soaked the ground.

He sighed silently and felt the strong sense of danger coming, A blade swung by his head and he saw the lightsaber of Daedric swing a sparks exploded, the Nightsister dropped her blade as the power hit by the lightsaber sent her weapon flying, The Guardian rolled and put his blade into his robes and a rusty lightsaber hilt appeared from his robes. “Daedric allow me to finish this” ,Mandeo ignited his lightsaber and the blue hue covered the face of the young Krath.

He swung his lightsaber in a 180 degrees angle and cut cleanly through the head of the Nightsister, he grinned in pleasure as he continued to draw the blood of the puny Nightsisters. He shuffled and felt a foot bury into his back falling forward, He rolled to the left and jumped up, The Nightsister swung her blade and it was met by Mandeo’s lightsaber, He reached out to the Force and his physical abilities grew.

He used his strength to push her back and struck out with his right elbow connecting with her nose, she gasped and drew back leaving her completely defenseless, Mandeo struck forward digging his lightsaber deep into her abdomen, she cried out but was mute due to the already loud sounds coming from the battlefield. Mandeo reached out with the Force and called her weapon to his hands, he cringed slightly not used to weird feeling of a Nightsister’s blade. He swung his lightsaber and he sword at the same time slashing the Nightsister across the chest, she screeched and dropped to the floor.

“That wasn’t enough…”, He ran over with his lightsaber in hand, Sadowans were cutting down the Nightsisters, Macron using his Armored Fist driving it into unluck Nightsisters. I have to learn how to become a full warrior, he watched Shi cut through the Nightsisters who either cowered away or fight with no sense. Mandeo turned his attention over to the other Sadowans.

He felt the increase in rage and looked over to the corridor to see Caelian yelling and charging in, Mandeo charged following after cutting through any Nightsister that dared to step in the way of the angered, Maruader. He felt the invisible brick slam into his chest and fell back. Mandeo still in rage mode looked around, he saw a visibly blind woman and heard her speak some words to her warriors. “I hate them with a passion” , He got up with urgency and joined the battle. He felt a foot bury into his back and his face plummeted into the floor, drawing blood. He got up his eyes now the yellow eyes of a being immersed in the Darkside, he growled and clenched his fist.


Inner Sanctum
The Fortress
Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

“Karrgh!” Macron screamed as he strode into the main hall. All pretense of stealth was long gone. Although Shirai had dictated that lightsabers be used at a minimum, there was no getting past the Nightsister’s prowess otherwise. The Alchemist could only hope that they had done a good job of not using them outside and Cythrexil’s rival Nightsister Clan would do a good job of obscuring the site. It was likely they would, since Cythrexil bore Anzathia an old blood debt by slaughtering her parents and Clan-sisters.

The madman rocketed his crushgaunt-clad fist into another Nightsister’s face, smearing her features into a pulpy ruin as her skull and mandibles were smashed to jelly by the indomitable Mandalorian steel. Bloody gray brain matter with yellow fatty highlights dripped down the gauntlet as he turned to face the inevitable.

Around them a maelstrom raged. Shirai had thrown his red lightsaber down the corridor and illumed their foes. Towards him ran a feral Nightsister, her form enhanced by foul magiks. She was a literal hulk and bore a blade conjured directly from Spirit Ichor. The Nightsister’s rage was impressive as she engaged the Quaestor. He expected to easily sever her blade- and was disappointed. The Spirit-Ichor weapon resisted his lightsaber and was untouched. As he gasped in surprise, she pressed her advantage. This woman was every bit as strong in her service of the Dark Side as her foe.

Around him Jade caught hell, and gave it return. Blocks of stone ripped from the foundations and were thrown at her, and she stopped them and returned them with interest. The Krath was a prodigy in the Force and gave more than she got. her fangs grew involuntarily with the effort and she looked to slake her artificial thirst.

Mandeo underwent a change. As his eyes became fully immersed in the Dark Side, they changed. They became the characteristic bloody yellow that Darksiders were notorious for. As he finished his conflict with a Nightsister Acolyte, another one targeted him with her glowing arrows.

Dragoon, Roxas, Daedric and Shi Long had isolated the Nightsisters and Undead at the outside edges of the Great Hall. Hordes of Undead with the occasional Nightsister assailed them. The Sadowns would leave none alive, and none to escape. Ashia’s horrible rancor smashed the fleeing landspeeders and bodies to ruin as they tried to run. Slugthrower rounds, lightsabers, and heavy blaster fire drilled them hard. None would get away- none would live. Clan Naga sadow was notorious for being deadly efficient in combat and today was reflective of that.

Macron walked into the main mass, and beyond it to face Anzaithia.

“Welcome to the Black Corridor,” smirked the Shaman. “You will die here.”

The Sith Elder smiled under his helm. “That is unlikely. Hehe he. I will have you in my laboratory.”

Anzathia directed a horrible shaft of green Force Lighting at the Sith Elder. He instinctively reacted with his crushgaunt to block it, and the insipid energies of the Lightning fried his gauntlet instantly. The rest of the attack was mostly deflected as the Sith found the blackness within his soul and channeled it to the Dark Side. He grimaced in controlled pain as his bones were illuminated by the power.The Sith doubled over and gagged, and then sought his own center as the pain hit him. It almost overwhelmed him.

“No…. no!!!” screamed the Elder as he found his deep center within himself. His passion for the Clan, his comrades, and as a Sith most importantly for himself boiled up to the surface of his mind. His passion for living was powerful. The Sith had always from time immemorial sought their power from within. As the fried crushgaunt was dropped from his left hand, both hands sought and found lightsabers. “No,” he remarked as he stood up and deflected the stream with his now-ignited blades. “I am SITH. My Sith Master was far more horrible than you…” The Alchemist launched a brutal Makashi attack at the Nightsister Shaman and her blade was found wanting.


Subterranean Cavern
Near Anzaithia’s Compound

As Locke caught up to Maelous in the caverns, he found himself facing a crimson lightsaber blade.

“Woah,” the Krath said, stepping back. “I’m just here to help.”

“I don’t need your help,” Maelous said coldly. “But you can come.”

Locke simply nodded. He did not like Ragnos’ Aedile trying to command him, but the Krath had learned long ago that it was best to ignore minor annoyances like that when it came to working with Dark Jedi. He would argue the point if it became necessary.

“What are you looking for down here?” he asked.

“The source of those creatures,” Maelous said, turning away and stepping deeper into the cave. “They must have an origin, or someone was raising them down here.”

“Indeed,” Locke said. “We may be in for quite a fight if this is the source of that army.”

“Then we will grow stronger or die.” The Sith’s voice was ice, completely void of emotion or heat.

They walked in silence for a time, down a cave passageway that must have been large enough for several of the creatures to have walked abreast. Locke imagined that this was how they had come. The dirt below their feet was ill-lit by Maelous’ lightsaber and the flashlight attached to Locke’s rifle, but it appeared significantly packed in.

Finally, they came to a large chamber, but it was different. The cavern opened into what appeared to be a massive mausoleum, with stone columns rising to the sides. There was a mound in the middle, and around that mound were several women and slaves. Blood-red stains blanketed the side of the mound and bones protruded from it in numerous places. The men were working with shovels to add more dirt, bones, and what looked like animal corpses to that pile. The women around it were chanting and holding hands in some arcane ritual, one among their number watching off to the side with a look of approval on her face.

She was the first to notice the newcomers, turning toward them and moving down the slope to where the two Dark Jedi stood.

The others’ chanting stopped as soon as they noticed the newcomers.

“Second wave,” Locke thought aloud.

Maelous nodded. “It appears so. I will add their blood to that mound before they can raise any more of their creations,” he said, voice like gravel sliding against sand.

Locke stared at the Nightsister approaching them. She walked so casually, hands at her sides, as if out for a stroll. He could sense the seething power of the dark side emanating from her. She was strong - perhaps too strong.

“As you wish, Warrior. I will distract our welcoming committee there.”

Locke received no reply in return, but Maelous began circling around the approaching Nightsister. She watched him briefly, but turned back to Locke when she noted he did not approach her.

“You sacrifice yourself for your ally? Bizarre. Let us see what kind of Dark Jedi you are.”

“Try m-” Locke began to say, when pain exploded in his head like a pounding headache. He dropped to one knee, clutching his forehead with one palm, a momentary scream becoming a growl as he set his mind in resistance. What was this? Some kind of mental attack? He had expected something physical to begin the fight. Fool, he thought.

His growl was quickly overcome by a bubbling roar in his ears. It overwhelmed everything as the world began to shift and swim before his eyes, as if he had suddenly dived underwater, but this wasn’t a dive. He was being pulled under. He had to resist, he had to break the surface, but he was sinking. Deeper, deeper…



Inner Sanctum
The Fortress
Anzaithia’s Compound
Outer Rim

The room was ablaze with little light as the Sadowan elite Jedi destroyed all who stood in the Inner Sanctum. There was chaos every where as the Nightsisters ferociously battled against the combined effort of both teams. His Black Guard would not be able to help in this fight, but could still provide assistance by staving off the horde that threatened to overwhelm them. Less they do not defeat the Nightsisters in time.

The Battlemaster was trying adamantly to dispatch the feral Nightsister who was exchanging blows with him. He had not been expecting a foe enhanced in such a manner. He began to envelop himself fully into the Dark Side. As they danced around the other fighters throwing deadly blows at each other.

Shirai could feel his frustration start too thicken with his inability to kill this barbaric Nightsister quickly. He dared a glance toward the tangle between Anzaithia and Macron. Just as intense as he would of expected. With an seemingly old woman, who was able to battle one of their most powerful Dark Jedi.

But his lack of concentration allowed the woman to brush past a lazy defense put up by Shirai. Leaving him off balance for a moment she struck him in the head with her free hand. A palm strike that rolled off his chin as it turned sideways to deflect the hit. The attack actually knocked his hood off.

Anger flashed across Shirai’s face as he struck back by grabbing her wrist. She gasped and swung her Spirit-Ichor weapon towards his head. It was met with his custom two handed saber and they locked blades.

A mighty grip pressed into the Nightsister’s wrist as the Quaestor threatened to break it. He could feel the power of the Dark Side beginning to better manifest itself within him. He could feel the rage. Not many could stop him when he gave himself over to the Rage that always threatened to boil over.

Using his augmented movement he used the leverage of her arm and jumped backwards, but making sure that he sent a steel toe boot crashing against her jaw. She was sent reeling backwards from a very powerful kick. Crashing to the cold cemented ground she moved no more, instantly knocked out.

That was when he was able to train his concentration on their prize. The Equite could see the Dark Side Adept trying extremely hard not to kill the target. The difficulty provided at the Shamans super-human strength and speed as she dodged and countered Macrons deadly blades.

Shirai ran towards them and joined the fray by swinging his blade ferociously at Anzaithia. She used her blades to block his attack and Macrons pinpointed Makashi strike. Then the three combatants engaged in a flurry of blinding strikes, as the Force users delved deep into their powers.

The few remaining Nightsisters noticed their leader was in trouble and was going to rush to defend her. But Shi Long and Jade Sadow stepped in between them. Their battle would not be disturbed.

Shirai battled wildly picking up more and more rage. Macron was enjoying the battle nevertheless because he could see a smile playing on his lips despite their struggle. Just as Shirai raised his blade high to disarm her, she raised a hand towards him.

A blast of green lightning electrocuted his body, the armor on his robes doing nothing to stop the pain. It froze him and he fell backwards. However that was a dangerous mistake on her part, as Macron crouched underneath and flicked his blade upwards. The blade flashed upwards, and Anzaithia’s hand fell downwards.

Instantly cauterized the shock and pain was all that remained on her facial expression as she noticed her hand had been cut off. On the ground Shirai was regaining his body functions and was able to call upon the Force and send one last blast. Macron seemed to be reading his thoughts because he too showed a large gauntlet had towards her as she stumbled backwards clutching her hand angrily.

“You imbec-” She was cut short by the combined might of the Elder and Shirai’s Force Push. The blast was silent but it picked her off her feet and rocked her backwards. She sailed a few meters in the air before crashing into the sanctum wall.

Just as that happened Shi long snapped the neck of a Nightsister he had in a head-lock. Jades Force choked the other one until she died as well. Shi looked up from the mangled body in his hands at Macron. “We have the target?”

Shirai shook off the effects from the Force Judgement, and stood up. He walked over to the knocked out body of Anzaithia and picked her up. Macron looked back and said to Shi, “Yes indeed. Now lets get out of here. My contact has…plans for this place,” he began to laugh as he led the group back out.

The powers that kept the undead moving crumpled as the Force stream to them dissipated. Shirai had the Shamans body on his shoulder which weighed nothing to him. As he was walking out the Fortress he could see his Black Guard quickly approach beside him and bowed. “Master. You have caught the target?”

Shirai gestured for Zetnom and Mandeo to take the body back to the ship. They grabbed her and put her in cuffs and hauled her off. Turning his attention to Daedric he said, “Yes we have. I almost lost my life in the process. But so did you. You withstood an onslaught you weren’t supposed to survive. Which means you have grown much stronger, and you are ready to walk beside me. You have earned the right become a Dark Jedi Knight of Naga Sadow. Excellent work my Apprentice. We will build your lightsaber soon.”

“Thank you my Master.” Daedric bowed again, but not with a cruel smile playing on his lips.