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Ras and Xan - Let the Chaos Reign


“Let the Chaos Reign” - a for fun run on
Posters- Rasilvenaira Kaishera Nal’kethar StormRaven, and Xan Phraz-Etar
Length- to be determined
not for competition

Evening was just beginning to fall as shadows stretched and blurred into a spreading cover of darkness. Soft, measured footfalls might have been heard, had any sentient being been nearby to notice. However the street was still fairly empty as the Battlelord made her way toward the cantina. A faint scowl crossed her features as she considered her destination.

“With a name like ‘Sith Faced Joe’s’, I really don’t expect much from the place,” she grumbled to herself, lamenting the loss of her once favored haunt the Drunken Gizka.

Rasilvenaira pulled her cloak tighter around herself as the wind picked up and clouds thickened overhead, heralding a coming storm. She finally arrived and stepped through the door. Shaking her head at the poor choice of music being played, Rasilvenaira made her way to the bar and settled on a stool near the end against the wall.

The barkeep, a rather surly human male, glanced over, “What’ll it be?”

The Sith placed a few credits on the bar. “Bottle of rum.” Her dark eyes met his and held his gaze steadily.

The man shrugged, “Don’t got any rum.”

Rasilvenaira sighed heavily, reaching up to push her hood back, and as she stood the hilt of her lightsaber also became visible. “You have rum, or I add your name to a very long list of ghosts.” Her voice was calm but ice cold and left no misunderstanding about her intentions.

The man swallowed hard, glancing around the cantina. If anyone had been watching or listening to the exchange, they all quickly focused their attention on their own drinks or conversations when the Battlelord’s gaze also drifted around the room.

He stammered, “Ah, um, of course. I… I’m sorry, I just remembered w… we do have a bottle left. I’ll go get it.” He moved quickly to a locked cabinet and opened it, pulling out a bottle before closing the cabinet again. He placed the bottle on the bar in front of her and cautiously picked up the credits before vanishing into a back room.

Rasilvenaira growled to herself and decided to take the bottle over to a quiet corner booth. It was more shadowed, allowing her to be less noticeable but it also allowed a good view of the rest of the cantina and the door. She opened the bottle and took a drink, wrinkling her nose at the poor quality. Still, it served the basic purpose of being something to drink, and was likely better than the usual fare. Leaning back in her seat, Rasilvenaira pulled a datapad from her pocket and scanned over the data again.

The door opened and closed, but the Sith paid little attention to the comings and goings of the patrons. She was waiting for one very particular individual. Rasilvenaira kept drinking as she waited, and had gone through about half the bottle of rum before a familiar presence caused a distinctive ripple in the Force as he entered. A smile spread across her lips as she looked up and her keen dark eyes met the searching sapphire gaze of her former master.

“Glad you could make it, Xan.” Despite the den of the cantina around them, Rasilvenaira knew she didn’t need to shout to get his attention.