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Ravaged Run-On Rules


Hi Tarenti,

With the opening of a new Tarentum Run-On, and with the move to a new set of forums, I thought I post the typical Run-On rules that Tarentum uses:

General Run-on Rules

  1. You might be a Dark Jedi. You might even have your lightsaber. But you are not a god (or goddess). Even Elders are not gods. In short, godmoding is strictly prohibited and can result in your post being deleted or even death (see rule#2).

  2. You are mortal. Death is a viable option for your character. Yeah, you’ve got the Force, but that didn’t really help Qui-Gonn, Darth Maul, Obi-wan, Palpatine, Order 66 casualties, or any other Force user who met an early end, now did it? You put yourself in a hole and you might just end up staying there.

  3. Stick to the setting and scenes. As expansive as the Star Wars galaxy is, we’re not running/flying around all over it (unless the story calls for it).

  4. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Yes, the Golden Rule applies here as well. Respect other characters and don’t write them doing something stupid or terribly out of character. Consult the wiki, their character sheet, or better yet, the member themselves since each member has their own preference.

  5. Following rule #4, never kill another member character without their permission. In the event of serious injury, let the other member character either tell you what to do, or let them write it themselves.

  6. What happens in this run-on is permanent for your character. Whether you lose an arm, adopt a herd of banthas, or anything in between, you’re stuck with it and must deal with it.

  7. The unit is the character in this story and you are a part of the unit. Aim for continuity in the story; get advice from others on where to take your post.

  8. Avoid excessive details where you can. The paint job on your own personal ship (that you somehow have) is not a valid subject for the run-on.

  9. Once your post is made, do not go back and edit anything except for grammar and spelling. Otherwise, you stand a good chance of screwing the story up. It also helps to proof read your post before you post it.

  10. Finally, posts that excessively detract from the storyline or contain large amounts of godmoding will be marked for deletion and ignored. It is not our goal or desire to keep anyone off the playground, but we will if we must.

Rules Specific to Ravaged Run-on

  1. Some of you will be starting in a particular place in the run-on; for example, some of you will start in starfighters, while others of you will start on the boarding craft. Some members have not been named in the opening post, but if you have been put in a requested place, please start there.

  2. Posts should be of decent length and work towards moving the overall story forward. However only 2 posts of 250 words is required for participation.

  3. You may call the next post. Once this is done, you only have three (3) hours to get your post up. After that, your call can be ignored by others. Do not stack called posts; only one at a time.

  4. There should be at least one person between your own posts, though three or more is highly preferred.