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Rebels: Extended 7-Minute Preview - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


LucasFilm and Disney have just released a seven-minute preview of the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated show. Note - this is not a trailer, but a straight seven minutes from what seems to be the pilot episode. Check it out in the image below.

Star Wars Rebels premieres with a one-hour special on the Disney Channel this October followed by weekly thirty-minute episodes on Disney XD (I'm guessing Friday night or Saturday morning, like The Clone Wars).

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Solari posted this on IRC a couple days ago. Definitely looking forward to watching the rest


It was pretty awesome. Tweeted about this the day it came on…I think this show has a lot of potential


I think one thing I am most excited for in this series is the development of the master/student relationship between kanan and the kid. It’s not like it’s going to be a formalized situation as we saw in the prequels, but probably something closer to what we saw from Luke in the EU, as well as a lot of what I think we in the DB do already.

EIther way, keep the news on this thing coming… I actually have a reason to watch the Disney XD channel that I am apparently paying for already now :smiley:


I hope Disney is as good as posting episodes online as Cartoon Network was. StarWars.com had TCW episodes within three days of airing. I’ll probably DVR these, but it’s nice when television allows free online viewing.


Does anybody know if they even will be view able online?


For the Yanks, it looks like you’ll be able to watch online at http://watchdisneyxd.go.com/ depending on your cable provider,

Canadians might be able to watch on http://www.disneyxd.ca/ depending on whether or not it gets posted there… seems to vary.


-Pants heavily and drools-


I’m sure I’ve said it before, but the animation/art style still hasn’t won me over. I’m sure it will in time. But… ehh.

I’m not even sure what it is, I think it just looks… barren (which may speed up the animation process or cut costs). The world seems empty. To be fair though, the planet in the clip may just be that way and things will be better in other locations.


It does look a bit wooden, I am just hoping there’s still a lot of post-production to go. Hopefully the story will be good enough to get past any problem with animation.


I liked it. But I have a question. This show is all canon, right? So, is it just me? Or can ISDs now operate in the planet’s atmosphere… That could have quite a bit of an impact in the Clan/House’s Navies.


This show is part of the current canon, yes. I haven’t watched the preview, because I want to see it all fresh, but if that happened then I guess ISDs can enter the atmosphere


There were a few Clone Wars episodes (which I think are also considered part of the current canon) where capital ships of the Republic and Separatists were battling inside a planet’s atmosphere (Jedi Crash comes to mind as one of them).


Those were Acclamator class, not ISD. VSD was always able to do Atmospheric entry according to EU, but not ISD.