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Rebels Rundown - Season 1 Finale - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Hello Star Wars fans of the DB!

In case you missed it, the season finale of Star Wars Rebels aired on DisneyXD this past Monday (in the US, at least). "Fire Across the Galaxy" was a big episode with several major spoiler moments that effect future Star Wars canon in this Episode 3 to 4 era.

Check out our Rebels Rundown Discourse topic to start diving into things. If you need to catch up, episodes can be streamed via DisneyXD so long as you are subscribed to that channel via cable. Otherwise, I expect the show to appear on Netflix/Blu-Ray sometime this summer.

Season 2 has already been confirmed for Fall 2015 with more episodes than the first season (which had 16).

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I love seeing all the different counts for episode numbers :stuck_out_tongue: So far I’ve seen 13, 15 and 16.

Originally I considered Spark of Rebellion to be the first two episodes of the season, which would bring the total to 15 by my count. But, I use Plex which automatically downloads metadata for shows, and I ended up having to concede to it and put SoR under movies.

I just hope next season they can be allowed to be a little more consistent with airing the episodes. I get mid-season breaks, but I seem after this seasons break it was pretty sporadic. As someone who doesn’t get the ads for the show, I had to rely on TV tracking sites to actually know when it had aired.


That ending was so predictable, but still, I almost cried when they revealed Fulcrum! For all intents and purposes, they did the same thing with TCW, where technically the first 5 episodes of that series was in the movie. So technically, episodes 1&2 were a TV movie, then it moved onto E01 Droids in Distress - E13 Fire Across the Galaxy – just being technical here :wink:

Cannot wait for Season 2 and hope they go back to the 22-24 episodes per season again – or more! Can’t wait!


I say 16 because that was the official Lucasfilm/Disney episode count. I guess the movie is two episodes and those shorts combine into one or something. Either way, it looks like next season will be closer to 20 straight half-hour episodes.


I really enjoyed it. I never watched TCW because I looked down at it for being a cartoon, but I heard good things about Rebels and decided to stop being a snob and give it a go. I am really glad I did. I know TCW was uneven, but I am going to go back and watch it all. I’ve only seen the first 4 episodes, so I understood the revelation of Fulcrum, but it wouldn’t have had the same effect on me because I haven’t seen much of it.


TCW was very uneven for the first couple of seasons. There are still some strong episodes there, and the second season is better than the first, but those are the weaker seasons. Basically, the show does get better over time, and they did a great job with the characters overall. I would highly recommend trying to get through it


I suspect the same will prove true with Rebels. I enjoyed S1 because I’m a fan of any Star Wars, but the S2 trailer already looks loads better.