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Resolute / Dark Jedi / iMovie video


New to the forum and i was cruising through the different categories. I can see i have my work cut out for me…( i figured this was the right place to post…but if not…please let me know…still learning the ropes…)

Anyway, this is exactly the place i was looking for! I did this video off of an ipad air. I only have access to some simple FX options and imovie, so basically all i can do is trim, splt, cut etc…Anyone who knows of a better program please let me know. Hope you enjoy!

Im looking forward to getting involved with the community…


Hello! Welcome to the DB and the community!

My name is Wally, and I’m the resident film-nerd. I am familiar with iMovie, but was trained in Final Cut Pro and Premiere for digital video editing. I am woefully inexperienced with effects, however.

Would love to talk more about video creation! Did you shoot any of the material in that video above, or just splice it together with some effects?

The best way to reach me is djbwally@gmail.com

But you should also join us on Telegram! https://telegram.me/joinchat/BHYJiwFJoihfi5FH1yFVdw



I did all of it from my iPad Air. It’s cut, trimmed and split using iMovie. I also used an app called movie fx by bad robot for the special effects. I would use more camera angles but had to film it solo. I look into joining you guys on telegram. Currently rummaging through the forums , a bit overwhelming but I’m leanrning.