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Returning to the Clan from Rouge


Hello, i have rejoined Plagueis today after about 4 years under a different name, Percy Ryun. i am saying hello and hope to get to know you all again!


Hello and Welcome back!

I’m assuming someone from your house leadership will contact you by email once you’ve been assigned, and they should give you relevant links to the clan Telegram and so forth. The club is in the middle of a Rite of Supremacy so there are plenty of activities to be had for that if you care to check those out here.

Your participation will not only possibly earn you goodies, but will also help the clan as a whole. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by email at kultakdrol@gmail.com and I can contact the higher ups. Someone should get up with you, but since I just happened to see this I thought I’d offer.