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Rivio Rosan: Character Fiction 2


Rivio was walking down the streets of some dessert planet that had two suns. He couldn’t recall the name as he was sort of crash landing at the time. All he knew was the Will of the Force guided him here, so his purpose must be here as well. He was just getting out of the 13th Great Jedi War, and afternoon this stop he planned to head home. His cloak flowed in the wind as he covered himself from dust getting into his eyes. He saw the buildings; block bases and a spherical top with droids and people of different species all around.
He decided to walk into a bar, hearing music blaring as he went up to the counter and got a drink. “What do I need to do here? It’s a literal ball of sand, what do you want me to do?” He asked out loud hoping the Force would give him a sign. At that moment he heard a child yell out from outside the bar. Downing his shot he quickly walked out to see the commotion.
“Come on you damned brat. Your parents already sold you off for drinking credits, you’re my property now!” A Zabrak male said grabbing hold of a young Twi’lek’s arm and forcing her to stand. She was trying to hit and kick at him to get away but her little hands hand no force behind them and simply felt like pats on his skin. Rivio sighed, knowing this was possibly one of the things he needed to do.
“Force, I trust you a lot. But you’re starting to push me in directions unfavorable to me. This better not backfire on me in the future.” He said to himself as he walked up to the Zabrak. He raised his arm, holding a piece of leather ready to strike the child. He didn’t get to however as he felt his wrist be grabbed in a vice-like grip. “Let. Go.” Rivio said turning his voice modular on and distorting his words.
The Zabrak tried to stay looking tough as he stood up to the man before him, not knowing he was a Sith. “Or what human? Your hiding yourself pretty good under that hood. But she’s my property, and no matter how well you hide your face I have people able to find you easily.” He said to Rivio.
The Sith felt his burn scar around his neck flair in pain as he looked down at the girl. She was crying, desperate for an out. Just like he was all those years ago. With rage boiling over in him he decided words were done, now was time for action. With a quick movement he broke the Zabrak’s wrist and used the Force to pull his lightsaber to his hand. Upon activating it he sliced the Zabrak’s arm off as he tried to pinch the young Sith, then after his arm feel Rivio sent him through a building’s wall with a strong blast of his red Force lightning.
The young Sith turned to leave after seeing his handy work. He wasn’t about to kill the guy, unless of course he got up and continued being a nuisance. He was about three steps away from where he originally stood when he felt a small hand grab and pull his own. Looking to the source he saw the young Twi’lek girl had been the culprit. With a look in her eye he knew what she wanted.
He reached out with the Force, seeing if its Will would guide him on his decision when he felt it. The girl had an incredibly strong latent Force connection within her. Kneeling to her height Rivio asked her a simple question. “What’s your name little one?”
She looked back at him, hearing his real voice now. “I’m Nami.” She said to him tentatively. He smiled and nodded, trying to seem as friendly as possible.
“Well Nami, How would you like to get off this rock of sand and come with me?” Rivio asked getting a nod from the now wide eyed girl. They walked side by side and left the area, feeling his purpose on the planet done he boarded a space shuttle with the girl and left for his home till he figured what he could do with Nami. Maybe he could meditate a bit on his next destination.
The 13th Great Jedi War has ended. All the people who survived are going home, to families and hopefully good times with a reprieve from combat. Rivio Rosan, however, was simply returning to his small hut where he lived alone. He was currently sitting at the dinner table, hands clasped together supporting his head. He wasn’t meditating, simply just basking in the silence. He felt the scars across his back and neck start tingling in pain as his thoughts drifted to a specific time during the War.
He had just been captured, the Collective was able to get him by surprise. When he came to he was in a torture room. Ever since he escaped slavery he’s tried avoiding such scenarios; but it seemed this one was destined. His mind started flashing the torture, how they put on brass-knuckles and punched at his torso and face. How they gave some new whip scars on his body to join the multitude of others across his back. After they decided to keep him alive for now they sent him to do manual labor as a prisoner, and when his mind touched on that specific time he was subjected to flashbacks of his slave days.
Trandoshans poking and prodding with stun sticks, the electric collars they’d put around slaves neck to shock them as ‘punishment’. How once when he fell down while carrying some recently mined ores and they dragged him by his arm to the whipping stack; they tied people up here before using a studded and spiked whip on the victims back. That day he received 50 lashes.
Another day, his handler decided to overclock his collar and turn it on till it short-circuited. The boss of the operation ended up killing the guy ya, but it was the first testament to Rivio’s survivability thanks to the Will of the Force. He would go on to find a permanent burn mark around his neck, always there, always reminding him of his slavery. How he was weak and couldn’t do anything as he and his fellow slaves were being led to eventual death!
He heard a snap which took him out of his thoughts, now gasping for breath as if just being strangled and sweating from re-feeling the pain. Looking down he saw a metal spoon bent and broken in his hand. Turning his head around the room his eyes saw the floating furniture and items as he had lost control for a second of the Force around him.
Sighing he slowly put all the objects back on the ground. Standing he began muttering to himself. “What’s done is done. I can’t change what happened…but I can make sure it doesn’t happen to me again. I can’t help everyone else but I can help myself.” He said before turning and grabbing his cloak before opening the door with the Force and heading out of his hut. He has to run errands and by groceries after all, he still needed to live; and now with the girl, Nami, he had to find out what his next course of actions will be. The girl was strong in the force but he was no teacher; hell he refused a master himself when offered and still does.
Plus he was Sith. This girl shouldn’t be forced to have a path imprinted onto her without her own will as well as the Force’s being involved. For all he knew was that a Jedi or someone on the Grey path may be best for her. Hell! Maybe even it would be best to leave it a secret and let her be something else! Who knows!?
He saw the girl playing in the ‘front lawn’ of his hut with little bugs and grass. Rivio couldn’t help but let a small smile grace his face at her antics of rolling down a small hill with a flower in her hand. Maybe…no that wouldn’t work. The only family he ever had was Lynette and she’s gone. After her that was it, his trust was already nonexistent as is but if he were to take her in? Adopt her as his own? Maybe at an older age she’d have disgorged her Force abilities and use them to kill him in his sleep. He couldn’t let that happen until his purpose was fulfilled.
“Nami” he called out to her “come on, it’s time to go into town and grab some things we need.” He told her. The young girl ran up eagerly to his side and looked up to him with a smile before taking his hand. He twitched at the physical contact but let it continue. “Remember though while we’re out, don’t wander off from my side.” He told her still fearing for any danger that’s use her to get to him.
“Ok. What are we getting?” She asked as they began walking. They followed a path, that for all aesthetic purposes was unkempt and overgrown with plant life, which led directly into the small town.
“Well if you’re gonna be staying with me for now we’ll need to get you some things to feel at home. Clothes, hygiene products, the likes. Plus I need to get us food still as I haven’t been home since the recent war the group I’m with fought in.” He told her as they arrived at the fork in the path; they took the left and heads into town where they went directly to the markets. Walking around discreetly was something he’d been able to do for years, but having a little girl hanging off his arm did put somewhat of a damper on his skill.
He rounded a corner and went up to stands buying simple items for food. Eventually they had almost all they needed; all that was left was Nami’s personal items to stay healthy and clean. They entered a small store and bought the girl clothes and small necessities. Once this was done Rivio was talking to the cashier who attempted to swindle him out of credits, not paying attention to his small companion as she looked to the door and saw someone holding a string of shining credits and waving her over.
“Don’t try to scam me again scum or else I’ll be hitting you and hanging your entrails on the building!” Rivio shouted at the shopkeeper who simply gave a few curses in his native tongue. He turned and started moving away before noticing something off. The weight on his arm was gone now, meaning…
Looking down he confirmed his fear to see Nami gone. His head became a swivel frantically trying to find the young girl. She was the key to his purpose, he knew it. But that won’t happen if she suddenly disappears like this. He left the store slamming the doors open and looking around. Reaching out with the Force to try and find her, he didn’t expect to hear the always present energy field almost screaming out for him to find her. It guides him to where she was as he ran faster than he thought possible only to round a corner and see the young girl be tossed into the back of a speeder.
“No!” He yelled out trying to grab the speeder with the Force; however he stopped himself, being reminded of Nami possibly being hurt if he did anything drastic. All he could do was watch as the speeder blasted off down the streets. “Damn it!” He yelled out hitting the wall next to him. Looking around Rivio spotted a speeder bike sitting with its owner who was talking with some women. Rivio walked up to the man, a Aqualish wannabe thug, and pushed him aside as he got on the bike and grabbed the starter. He was about to speed after the kidnappers if it wasn’t for the idiot grabbing his shoulder and trying to be threatening.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing human? Get off my ride!” He said through a translator. Rivio just rolled his eyes and waved his hand in front of the guys face, using a mind trick on him.
“You want to give me this bike.” He ordered the man.
“I…I want to give you my bike.” The Aqualish repeated with a far off look in his eyes.
“And you are not a ladies man, rather preferring poultry as a romantic partner as nothing else can or will satisfy you.” Rivio said wanting to make the guy a fool. Of course the man repeated it and walked off in search for something resembling the animal in question.
Rivio started the bike and sped off down the path the kidnappers went. He let himself be guided by the Force as he turned corners and rode down the paths as fast as he could. Eventually it led him to a small encampment of thugs and slavers secretly bidding people off and any items they stole. He watched from behind a rock as a women and her husband were separated, the later having his throat slit by one slaver and his wife being thrown to he floor crying. He scanned the area and saw who he was looking for: Nami was being dragged along by the wrist into a big building.
“What do I do in this scenario? Force help me, why must my life get more complicated by the minute.” He asked with his eyes closed, an elbow on the rock, and his head in his hand resting. He opened his eyes and decided to act in stealth for this one. Crouching he slowly walked his way around the camp and took out the guards as he could. One on particular, a Zabrak female, almost alerted the rest until Rivio became an impromptu chiropractor with her neck. He grabbed the body and leaned it against a hut before continuing onward. Once he was behind the main building where Nami was dragged into he put his ear against the wall.
“So this one is new? I don’t see what’s so special about her.” A voice said in disappointment.
“Well that’s the thing boss, she was with the Force usin bastard. You know the one sir.” Another said, presumably the one who dragged Nami into the building with him. He must be trying to get the boss to evaluate her for sale or slave labor.
That’s when Rivio heard a chair move back quickly. Paper and trinkets were knocked over in shock he’d assume. “You’re telling me you snatched her…from the Sith!? You idiot! We gotta return her now or else we could all be dead.” The boss said frantically.
“What do you mean boss? He’s just one weirdo.” The kidnapper said.
“I know you may be knew and all but we made it clear not to mess with him! He’s been goin around destroying slave rings and killing anyone dumb enough to get in his way! And now that you took something from him, and brought it here, think of what he’s gonna do to us!?” The boss told his subordinate before what sounded like a forehead being smacked rang out. Rivio has to smirk at this. He had been doing as they said but not out of true kindness. He simply did as the Force will’d him to do; and hey if that included saving slaves then that’s a double win in his eyes. Deciding to be dramatic he walked back around to the entrance of the hut and knocked out the two guards.
“What was that?” The idiot worker asked cluelessly.
With a mighty Force push he sent the wooden door flying into the hut and splintering across the floor. The boss looked up with mild yet reserved feat while the underling with him backed up and was about to soil himself. He held Nami behind him as if she was his already. ‘Filthy bastard’ Rivio thought realizing the kind of person this human was among the camp. “You must be the boss of this operation yes?” Rivio asked from under his hood.
The man gulped down his saliva and sat down once more gesturing the young Sith to join him as he pulled out two cups and poured some alcohol for them. “Yes I am. Now before you go destroying everything I request you at least give me the chance to negotiate with you. It’d be a waste of such a good spot of land to just have it emptied in one night.” He said. Rivio looked over to the disgusting degenerate holding Nami, narrowing his eyes he reached out with the Force and gripped the man’s throat, choking and lifting him into the air as he gurgled and flailed around.
The boss heard a sickening crack as the flailing stopped and the man’s lifeless body fell to the floor. “Now I am willing to talk. Nami, come here.” He said having her stand next to him for protection.
It took an hour before Rivio decided it wasn’t worth the effort after hearing the man’s begging and sniveling. He slowly walked out the camp before sending Nami ahead once they were a safe distance. From there he headed back into the camp where he saw the boss outside the hut and uhhh…ehem ‘getting a feel for the merchandise’. He saw the Sith coming back but…something was different this time. It felt like darkness itself was flowing off him as he lifted his head to reveal instead of mismatched eyes two piercing yellow eyes.
It took only ten minutes. Ten minutes of a lightsaber flowing through the empty spaces and connecting with bodies.
When all was said and done he was able to get Nami back to his home and treat them to dinner; that night however is when he was shown what he must do with her. The Force gave him a dream, detailing how not only he would train her, but also a Jedi as well. Two teachers to balance out the Force within her and to keep her on HER path. “If that’s what you want. But…how will I convince a Jedi to help me?” He asked himself outloud. He gathered two packs to travel for a bit off planet with Nami after wondering this, hoping that adventuring will give him an answer.