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Rivio Rosan: Character Fiction


It had been several weeks now since Rivio crashed in the Outer-Rim territories. With his lightsaber still in desperate need of repairs, his ship inoperable, and his connection to the Force

clouded beyond what he has ever felt, he felt truly alone.

He continued fiddling with the ship board computer hoping to at least get the

radio working to send out a distress call. Just as he was about to reach a breakthrough (at least he hoped) sparks erupted from the device burning his fingers. “Damn it!” He yelped, quickly backing off and shaking his hand.

“Calm yourself young one. Letting yourself be clouded by a simple burn will not do you any good.”

Rivio quickly turned around, blaster pistol now drawn at the sudden voice. But no one was there. “Who speaks to me? Show yourself!” He demanded, trying to feel out with the Force only to be reminded of how clouded it was to him again.

A slow moving mist flowed as an astral figure stepped out. Adorned in what looked like ancient robes and an equally ancient Mandalorian mask stood a human male based off his

physique. “I mean you no harm. You most likely know me by name if I gave it to you, so I shall not to keep you from overreacting again.”

Rivio lowered his gun, with realization present on his face. “A Force ghost. Well tell me then what should I do? Iʼm stranded with no way back to my house or safety. I canʼt even access the Force properly here! And this hunk of junk is useless!”

The spirit simply raised his hand to calm Rivio who had started pacing as he spoke before kicking his ship. “While yes the current situation you find yourself in may not be pleasant nor particularly wanted, it is the will of the Force. We all must follow it. It clouds itself to you because you simply are not needed to leave yet. It wants you here. Follow its will, reach out again but this time sense out the planet and nowhere else.”

Rivio sighed as he sat crossed legged and did as the spirit said. What was once a blockade of uncertainties turned into a rushing river of clarity; with it cane a pull. He felt the tug and followed it unknowingly with the spirit on his tale. When he opened his eyes finally he found himself in front of an ancient Sith Temple.

“As I said young one, you must trust the Force and it will guide you properly. Go to it, find the knowledge you and I both know you seek. Then continue to follow the will of the Force.”

Rivio turned back to the spirit before talking again. “What will I find, do you know?”

“Only that it has something to do with your desires. But I must go.” Rivio nodded as the spirit slowly shimmered out of existence. “Before you vanish, what is your name? I wish to properly thank you for guiding me.”

The ghost slowly reaches up and removes his war mask, revealing a pale face. “I am your ancestor child. Kane Rosan. Take care Rivio to not fall too far to the will of others.” The Ghost vanished from sight, and Rivio made his way toward the temple. He reached an entrance and pushed the stone aside following the pull. He walked through long and old halls, pushing aside cobwebs before unknowingly stepping on a stone and setting off a trap.

The Force screamed to him of danger causing him to press against the wall fast, just narrowly avoiding spears being shot from the wall before him and embedding into the other side. He sighed in relief as he continued forward, maneuvering his way past ancient blades and traps until he reaches a chamberlike room.

In the center was a pyramid shape. It flowed red and Rivio felt it pulling him closer to it, calling for him to take it and learn its secrets. This was a Sith holocron. One that he felt would provide

him with a purpose greater than he could think of.

Moving forward he touched the top, and opened the holocron. It flashed images into his mind: people, places, powers he never imagined. But most importantly, something that lingered and

called to him, a planet.

Somewhere in the outer rim. He left the temple and found his ship to be once again operable. He got inside and took off, coordinations set for the mysterious planet.

//Weeks Later\

“Rivio Rosan…quite the bounty you have huh?” The local law enforcement officer, the leader of the organization, said walking around the cuffed Sith stuck in a containment field. “Let’s see…ah! Ten counts of vandalism, five counts of assault and bodily harm on others, and a striking amount of murder…what made you think coming here would be a good idea?”

Rivio simply smirked and looked down at his cuffs. “Well for starters I heard it was a nice vacation spot. I wished to make sure that was true so I can inform my dear older sister incase she acne here on her-GAAAAH!” He didn’t get to finish as another in the would be cops flipped a switch and shocked the young man. He didn’t turn it off until 5 seconds passed.

The leader smirked and stared at the Sith. “Strike 1, wanna try again?” He said.

Rivio lifted his head and looked at the man with one eye. “Alright alright…I was here on the behests of a lovely lady. Auburn hair,beautiful brown eyes, amazingly slender figure. Best part is she’s soooo flexible you wouldn’t believe-!”

Again he was cut off, not by electricity strangely, but by a person trying to charge in with a fist while yelling. “You stay away from my sister you dirty bastard!” The charging man said as he was being held back by people and eventually dragged out the room as he yelled about how he was going to kill the restrained Sith. All eyes slowly went back to the contained man, who didn’t miss the looks of envy some gave him. The leader however just was more annoyed by his antics.

“How was I supposed to know he was related to such a hot women?” Rivio asked before getting another jolt of electricity. This time they waited 7 seconds before turning it off.

“Strike 2 num-nuts. You better start talking or imma fry you.” Leader man said, trying to put more authority in his voice and words. He thought an intimidation path would make it go faster, that the interrogation would end their favor. They were very wrong with this one.

“Hahahahaha!” Rivio started laughing. “You-you. Ohh sorry, it’s not you it’s me. No it’s definitely you. Hahahahaha!” He continued on getting the officers to growl. “You really think you’re intimidating? That you’d get anything from me by acting like a big boy? Go back to daddy and mommy, and have then change your dipper again.” He said before getting another shock. This one lasted for 10 seconds before stopping.

After it did stop Rivio was in pain. He slowly looked up straining his muscles which screamed in protest to look up. That’s when he noticed…a small red blinking light on the window by the door. And a masked figure was waving at him. Once they saw they had his attention they began counting down from five on their hands. Only one thing went through Rivio’s mind as he saw this happen. “Oh for the love of the Force.”

The door blew open, sent flying into the leader knocking him out of the picture. The masked person cave in dual wielding blaster pistols and firing, taking out all the people except the Sith. He had looked up from covering his face by putting it in his shoulder, seeing all the dead officers. “It took you long enough Sierra.” He said as the person shot the containment field base causing him to fall to the floor.

“Well sorry, it was rather difficult getting all this through customs.” A scrambled voice said from the helmet as they took it off. “At least your alive.” The now revealed women said taking his cuffs off. She had auburn hair and brown eyes, and shared a resemblance to the officer who had to be dragged out from earlier. “Did I accidentally get my brother with that?” She asked, the possibility just now donning on her. She was at least 19, and had tan skin.

“No they dragged him out of here earlier. You were related to a cop?” Rivio asks as she places a pack down and he starts digging around through it finding his equipment. Stepping his blaster to his waist along with his Lightsaber, and his sword across his back, he was ready to go.

“You never asked, and it’s not like he knows what I do for a living…heads up there coms just went haywire. They’re all over this place after that explosion. How you wanna play this safe or crazy?” She asks putting her helmet back on. “Believe it or not I think it’s best to play it safe. There’s a sewage grate right there we can use for an escape.” He said lifting it and moving it to the side with the Force. “Did they knock the fun out of you during their interrogation? What happened to the Butcher I know?” She asked getting a smirk in response.

“You didn’t let me finish: while we crawl away place some thermal detonators on the ceiling as we go. It’ll blast them and put them in the sewers once the roads blow out.” He said as they climbed down.

“Ohhhh make them swim in their own dung. Now that’s something I can get behind.” She said dropping down and throwing thermal detonators as they go. After a few minutes they made it to an exit and climbed out. They were a good block away now after crawling for so long. They ducked into a back ally way and changed out of their gear now that it stunk of sewage, putting on fresh close doubling as a disguise for Rivio as Sierra holds up the detonator for all the bombs they just placed.

“Want to do the honors?” She asked as Rivio grabbed it and pressed the button.

In the distance the sound of sirens was muffled by multiple explosions. The sound of collapsing vehicles and roads was heard as people ran from the area. “Well now that that party is over, let’s get out of here.” Rivio said pulling the hood of his cloak over his head. After three days of laying low and looking around Rivio and Sierra caught a break and was able to relax. “So tell me Riv,” She started as they waited for food to come. “Why is a Brotherhood member here in the first place? This is just some backwater planet.” She said, taking a sip of her drink. Rivio didn’t know why it was, but he knew that it was green. That was already strange enough for him to not ask anything more about it.

"I was looking for something. Guided by a holocron and Force ghost. Something is here that I need to find, and the Force wills it so. Until then I cannot go back to the Brotherhood.” Rivio said as the waitress came back with their food. They had it placed in front of them and began eating, seeing a projector talking about the binning they did yesterday and how no suspects were found yet.

“Ok well, what is it youʼre looking for?” Sierra asked taking a bite of her…whatever that was.

“I donʼt know yet. But whatever it is must be vastly important for the Force to have me come here and then my ship breakdown and need months to be fixed conventionally. This is good, Iʼm surprised.” He said as he continued to eat. All the commotion in the restaurant died down as the doors opened and in came people dressed strangely but still with the law enforcement badge on their chest. These must have been the planet’s detectives, and it seemed they doubled as black ops soldiers as well judging by the armor and gear.

One went up to the cashier showing her a holoprojected image of two people. She pointed toward Rivio and Sierraʼs table prompting the two to make their way toward them. They arrived at the foot of the table, Rivio simply sipping on his coffee as the bulbous helmet shapes started down at them, reflecting their faces on its surface. Rivio looked up at the two people with a small smile.

“May I help you two?” He asked simply. The lead one stared at him before opening their hand showing from the palm a projector. The two saw their images pop up before them.

“These two are the suspects of the bombing recently. Is it a coincidence that you both look a lot alike to them?” A mangled and distorted deep voice boomed from the helmet. They all stayed silent and looked at the spinning images before anyone spook.

“Hmmm. Well you see thereʼs a funny story behind that. This here? Heʼs my brother Rigio. We were twins until he disowned me for no going along with his plans. That girl there? Sheʼs this nice young ladies twin as well, one of the four quadruplets her dear mama had. They thought it a practical joke to start up crime since other people look like them and could take the blame.” Rivio simply said as he sipped his coffee again and took a bite of chicken.

“Is that so? You wouldnʼt mind us doing a bio-scan now would ya?” The lead asked and took out a device.

“Well you see, that there is-” he quickly cut himself off by igniting his Lightsaber and cutting off the leader’s hand. Sierra took out her blaster and shot the other in the face dropping him instantly. The handless leader was on there knees screaming in pain and farting at his hand which fell onto the table next to Rivioʼs food. Rivio grabbed the severed hand and the back of the persons helmet ripping it off, revealing a Mandolorian.

“Youʼre gonna tell me all I want to know, starting with where is the closest Sith or Jedi temple?” Rivio asked. The Mandolarian simply spat at him, prompting Rivio to use his own severed hand to slap him across the face.

“Wrong answer, try agin ya?” He asked continuously slapping the man with his own hand. “I can always take more parts off to use as well if youʼd like?” He asked innocently with a smile on his face. That got the man talking.

“Alright alright you sick bastard! There a few miles North of here, outside of the city. There happy?” He asked looking close to throwing up how lunch.

“Yes, thanks for cooperating. Now sorry for this next part.” Rivio said as he cut the manʼs head off.

“Letʼs go. We got the destination.” He said as he and Sierra left after leaving some credits on the table for the food and a tip for the waitress.