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[RM] Taking Stock


Daleem, Kiast System

Courtyard, Satele-Shan Base of Operations

Corvus had visited the Base before, of course. But only now did he begin to appreciate its effectiveness. Its location is unique, isolated from the Vatali, but likewise important to the Governor. The skies above were blue, and the complex was well-built. The courtyard wasn’t bustling with activity, but it was still busy. People from all over were here, in the process of setting up stalls, greeting friends, or training. The wise-open space didn’t seem clustered or cramped. The clouds above were darkening, though, threatening lightning. It appeared that a portion of New Tython survivors had settled close by, and were now working closely with the House. It was good that they were beginning to rebuild, to reincarnate a great community. As he passed them, he overheard a familiar voice, its rolling timbre unchanged.

Fraencis Kawetci was tinkering with a circuit board, sitting behind a makeshift parts stall. Corvus leaned against the side of the stall. “Fraencis Kawetci, former weapons merchant, and part-time emissary between Menat Ombo and Seher?” Corvus resumed his New Tythonian personality - a very jovial and curious facade, which would win people’s trust but not imprint him in people’s memory. Good for gathering information whilst remaining incognito.

The man looked up from his motherboard and peered down at Corvus. It took a few moments for his expression to clear as he exclaimed, “Chorvax! Wonderful to see you again! You finally lost your Padawan braid, congratulations! How’s the wife?”

Corvax grinned, “I’m very well, thank you, Fraencis. How’s business? No longer a high-grade weapons dealer?”

“‘Fraid not - there’s good business in parts, though. What’cha doing here, anyhow? Want some electrical couplers? Perhaps I can fix your droid?”

“Clan business, I’m afraid. I have a friend who might have use of your wares, though - I’ll let him know. Are you always set up here?”

“Ah, you still one of their errand-boys? Shame. I’m here first three days of the week, yeah. Then I go to the other planets.”

“Must be tiring work. Anyway, I better be going. Farewell.”

“Of course. Say hello to the kids for me.”

Corvus turned and started walking away. Part of his act was the open-endedness. He never divulged much information about himself, and as such the other person filled in gaps. Fraencis assumed he was an errand boy with a wife and kids. It was an effective disguise - if anyone contradicted Fraencis, he would believe his own beliefs before others. It also revealed the things most important to him - family. Corvus smirked - he hadn’t gone back into that personality for some time. Even then, he’d changed. He was now Rollmaster, one of the higher positions. He couldn’t afford to pretend, to manipulate everyone he saw. He was already in the spotlight, he couldn’t run from it. But the people who hunted him hadn’t showed themselves in years. He was hoping it had been long enough.

He continued towards the Training Yard. He had to check up on the Pathfinders, make sure they were well-stocked with goods. That, and evaluate how well they were operating so far.

He passed through an archway and came out into the yard. It was much less busy here. Everyone had a job to do and they were doing it. Everyone else walked with purpose. It wasn’t a jovial market day for the people here. It was training. Just as it was every day. One member had set himself up on a crate, and appeared to be scrolling through report logs on his data pad, brows furrowed in concentration. Corvus strode over.

The Pau’un scanned the last lines of a report, before straightening up and looking over. “Corax, nice to see you. Is Major Iode expecting you?”

“In a sense. I told him I’d be popping in to have a chat at some point.”

“That almost sounds ominous, if I’m honest.”

“That was the intention. It may be the only fun thing I can do as Rollmaster. Whereabout’s is the team leader?”

“Just through those doors,” Korroth gestured with his head. “Good day, Corax.”

Corvus replied in kind, and then went through inside. The interior was more minimal in design, but remained both captivating and pragmatic. Behind a spacious personal terminal, Len Iode sat, researching the different species of mynock, in order to solve a HoloNet puzzle. After seeing Corvus, he straightened. “Ranger Corax, how might I help you?”

“I’m just here to check that you aren’t in need of any supplies.”

“We have enough of everything for day-to-day use, and the weekly markets have enough variety to supply us for any training I have planned. Our budget remains satisactory.”

“You make it seem as if you have some training planned - do you need any specialised items?”

“Corax, are you familiar with the training Baas and Ooroo used to run?”

“Yes, I’m aware of what they used.”

“Well, most of the stuff I’ve already got, but the rarer items are… harder to come by.”

Corvus picked up on the meaning, “I’ll send the usual order over privately in the next few days. Good luck, Garza is going to be one of the best.”

The Knights of Allusis were busy when Corvus arrived. They were sparring, paired up and trying to floor each other. Darro faced up against Christopher Winchester, the team-leader, whilst Lambow looked down upon the newest join, Tarvitz. Darro looked to be as equally skilled as Chris, however Darro appeared stronger, able to flip and wrestle easier than the team-leader. And despite the wookiee’s superior height and weight, Tarvitz appeared the more skilled. The sparring was interesting to watch, but Corvus had other plans.

All but one figure was sparring. Newly appointed as the Knights’ leader, Chris Winchester fought in the sparring matches, whereas it could have been more effective to watch his team and evaluate their skills. Instead, it would seem that the Hoth Head of Security had paid the team a visit, and ‘suggested’ that Winchester join in. Zoya circled the sparring pairs, eyes narrowed in concentration. She occasionally interrupted a match, to offer advice, or in other cases, to ‘aggressively nudge’ the body part at fault.

“Excuse me, Winchester. A word, please?” Corvus asked. Both Winchester and Zoya jolted slightly, pulled out of a reverie of sorts.

“Certainly, Corax.” The soldier stepped backwards from the sparring, to a more private space. Darro began to relax, but before he could, Zoya started sizing him up. Winchester walked in that way only a soldier can - with the uniform pace of marching, but with the loose and relaxed gait that came with being constantly prepared.

“I was just checking with you that you have all the supplies and credits you require? No special equipment needed, or extra training space?”

“We are generally doing well. A wider and larger array of weapons would always improve such a team, but I’ve found these things take time and often more money than the management has.”

“You speak true, sir. We do have some money, but not enough for a swoopbike-mounted blaster cannon for each member, I’m afraid.” Corvus said, smirking slightly.

Winchester remained straight-faced, ”That would be impractical and ineffective. I can write a proper list of effective weapons, if you like?”

Corvus paused a moment, before very lightly sighing, “That may be useful, thank you Winchester.”