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Rogue One: Run-On - Competition Details


Rogue One Run-On Information


  1. Star Wars has always represented two warring sides: Sith vs Jedi, Empire vs Rebellion, Separatist vs Republic, and even First Order vs Resistance. Throughout all of these conflicts, there has always been the “Third Party”. Think Han Solo at the beginning of Episode 4, or Hando Onaka in the Clone Wars. There is always a place for characters that are loyal to themselves/friends/groups over the two major factions.

  2. With that said: The two objectives are there to provide a sense of scale for writers as the two main diametrically opposed sides in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. I don’t expect everyone to pick a side, just to tell their own unique story.

  3. Teams can have different objectives internally or have disparate views. This, to me, sounds like good drama/material for an engaging story. It is entirely up to your team and the story you decide to tell. This means that yes, half the team can be pro Inq and the other half is pro Lotus.


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