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[Rogue One] Team Dragonforce


Team Dragonforce Roster

Kul’tak Drol #13819
Blackhawk #14299
Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn #14400
Rins’zler Sang-Kalinor #2778
Rhylance #14294


The bitter cold of Belsavis scrabbled at Kul’tak’s armorweave cloak, attempting to claw its way into his hearts and freeze them still. He sat, waiting patiently for a call that might never come. You never could tell with the Inquisitorius. One minute they required an update, the next they left you blind and questioning. All while still demanding absolute obedience and secrecy. It reached a certain point where it became slightly irritating.

He shifted his weight to a more comfortable position, boots scraping the thin layer of snow blanketing the surrounding canyons. He squinted his eyes to pierce the night’s shadows and scan his eventual target: the newly rebuilt, highly secured fortress delving in the lower canyon. One of Pravus’ prisons for some of his favorite “Undesirables.” Monolithic towers rose towards the clouded sky, the occasional probe light spinning in its ritualistic scouring of the exposed canyon floor. It’s design was meant to convey bits of the ancient designs once used during the time of the old Republic, but with a touch of modern security and carving. Smooth walls meant to deter climbing, and an aerial approach guarded by multiple anti-air batteries. Each of the four towers also came attached with a functional turbolaser battery, and to further discourage unwelcome visitors the only entrance in from outside was either the front gate or the aerial pad entrance. It had taken the team he’d enlisted with days to finally draw up a decent plan to get in. All for the sake of finding the mastermind behind a rumored next assault by Pravus: Ooland Var’ren. Even Kul did not how true that was, but he did know that Var’ren was indeed imprisoned here, and that his orders so far were clear.

His comlink began to ring suddenly, rousing the two masses on either side of him. The Massiffs, used to warmer climate, were dreading the visit to Belsavis so far. He laid a reassuring hand on each of them, and they snuggled back down beside him to stay warm while he answered the query. A familiar robotic voice filtered through whatever voice modulator they were using. He honestly couldn’t tell if his contact was really the same person every time; they all sounded hauntingly alike.

“Inquisitor. Is the package secure?”

“Secure within the cage for now. The team will be moving in pretty soon. Should I stop this now?”

The Zabrak thought he heard the comm hiss, but he wasn’t sure if it was interference or not.

“No. Do what you must to get them inside if that’s what it takes. Under no circumstances should you blow your cover. Even if that means releasing the prisoner. We must discover how much the Lotus knows of our Lord’s plans. But should they manage to escape with the prisoner, or attempt to extract information from him…eliminate them with extreme prejudice. Understood?”

“Understood. Do we have anyone inside the cage?”

“As far as you’re concerned you are alone, Inquisitor. Though, there is a rumor that one of our Lord’s close allies has been sent to move the package themself. Should they arrive, assist them as needed. That is all. For the Inquisition!”

Kul sighed mentally.

“For the Inquisition…”

His comlink disconnected, and he scratched at his chin, feeling somewhat discomfited. Ever since the Inquisitorius had assaulted Plagueis his loyalties had been shaken somewhat. He’d never expected Pravus to go so far in his campaign. The only thing that kept him in the organization still was his hate for the Jedi. Not to mention the fact that they’d hunt him down in order to silence him.

He breathed in the crisp canyon air, trying to forget the images of fire and falling durasteel that began to resurface. He punched a new transmission code into his comm link and pulled it closer to his face wrap.

“This is Drol. Is everyone in position?”

A burst of loud static caused him to flinch; the prison security must be affecting the signal.

“Rins’zler in position. I’ve got eyes on Blackhawk and Tahiri, and looks like Rhylance a meter off. No visual of your position, Drol. What’s your lane of approach? You remember the plan, right?”

Kul smiled to himself within his cloak, casting an appraising glance at the prison’s outer defenses. Certainly the Mandalorian would want to stay by the book, but Kul had already seen a basic schematics of the prison and had a good idea on how he could get in and shut down at least some of the defenses waiting inside.

“Don’t worry, about me, Mando’a. I’ve discovered a quicker way in for myself. The rest of you continue as planned. I’ll meet you at the door.”

A collection of flickering lights appeared around the bend of the lower canyon.

“Oh and, Blackhawk, your friends are headed your way.”

The Clawdite gave a grunting affirmative, but then another voice poured through in the background.

“Don’t do anything rash, Drol. If your little stunt were to get us discovered, or killed…”

The Zabrak growled menacingly, though a bit muffled under his wrap.

“I won’t…Consul. In fact, I hope to make this a bit easier on us. You know your parts, let me do mine. Drol out.”

Kul dropped the signal and stood, albeit stiffly. He shuffled a ways down the slope, passing through a rare copse of barren trees. Their frozen bark gave him a somber warning of what would happen if they failed here. If he failed. He shook the feeling off, and reached out with his consciousness, caressing those of his Massiffs.

“It’s time. Shar’kala, Shor’kir, stay close and keep quiet.”


“There’ll be blood soon enough.”


“Blackhawk, you friends are headed your way.”

Good. His part of the plan was simple. Take out a small patrol of guards, take a uniform, and walk in as if he were one of them. The hardest part would be explaining why he was the only one, and he had that figured out. The plan was going almost perfectly. Everyone was in position except Kultak.

What is he doing? We have a plan that works at least for now. Drol going off plan this quickly cast suspicion on him, this would have to be looked into later.

The approaching patrol had no idea what was coming. As soon as they were close, a wave of darkness engulfed the three man team. Before they could react, Blackhawk’s X-8 Nightsniper fired and killed one of them. When the darkness dissipated, Blackhawk’s twin lightsabers ignited, cutting a second enemy to pieces. The last one had to be dealt with without damaging the uniform. With a wave of his hand, the patrolman’s E-11 blaster rifle flew off into the snow. With a burst of lightning, the unarmed man went down in a spasming heap. The uniform was quickly dawned, all of Blackhawk’s weapons concealed under it, save for the knuckle plate vibroblades.

“Tahiri, its time.”

The Togruta revealed herself immediately, the X-8 in her hand. If anyone were to check, those who hadn’t seen the brief encounter would be led to the conclusion that she had killed them, and not him. The only thing left was to hide one of the deaths. This was done with swift efficiency by planting a second gun at the scene, on the body of the person who’s uniform Blackhawk had stolen, then firing the E-11 blaster rifle into his head. Placing the rifle to Tahiri’s back, they marched toward the prison.


Rins’zler lay in the back of his speeder; his modifications to turn the rear compartment into a sniping hide were perfect, comfortable yet practical. The view down his rifle scope was bland and boring. He had seen very little action since the others had made their entries into the site. The Iron Legion had done a good job to leave little of the prison exposed for outside viewing.

Time passed by with very little activity. The Sniper was getting bored when suddenly he noticed a skimmer leaving for the Max Sec area. It was making its way down the frozen roadway to the place only known as “The Tomb”. The Mystic adjusted his sights to get a good view of the speeder; this was interesting enough to warrant further investigation.

Rins’zler sent a tight beam transmission on the team’s com channel informing them of the speeder and that he was going to plan B. He packed his rifle away and gathered his equipment and strapped on in his jetpack. He would have to play the ace card he was holding in his deck for this to work, but it was a worth a shot and he was fairly confident that it would work.

The Mandalorian leapt off the icy cliff, half way down he activated his jetpack and glided in a graceful arc towards the ground, he wasn’t surprised to be met by a dozen Iron legion troopers, with guns pointing at him. The Mystic calmly got to his feet and looked at the troopers arrayed around him.

“Curious, when was the last time you went face to face with a Mandalorian?”

Rins’zler allowed his lightsaber to fly into his hand and ignite.

“A Mandalorian who is a member of the Brotherhood and a superior officer, please, do tell
me, I am curious to hear your reply?”

A trooper, who Rins’zler figured was the unit leader stepped forward.

“A typical Mandalorian, Cocky to the last, I don’t care if you are a Grand Admiral, or the
Emperor himself, this area is off limits to anyone without specific clearance.”

Rins’zler deactivated his lightsaber and hooked it back to his belt. Using his now free hand he activated the Inquisition comlink attached to his left gauntlet. Data scrolled across the screen and Rins’zler tapped a few commands in, sending a data burst to the captain

“I believe Captain that this will provide you all the information you require”

The Captain pulled out a data pad and received the data burst. All the while the troopers never wavered in their aim, a testament to their skill and dedication. The information was quickly decoded by the data pad and the data flashed up on the screen. Even with his helmet on Rins’zler could sense the shock as he saw the logo flash up on the screen. The Inquisitor could see the 4 diamond star reflected in the Captain’s helmet lenses, The captain returned the pad to his belt and waved at his men to lower their weapons.

“My apologies sir, we were unaware that you were on the planet”

Rins’zler closed the flap that covered the comlink and replied,

“I have been observing the facility for some time. I have been asked to analyse and inspect your security, especially the high security areas. So far I have no issues, however I require access to the inner areas and subterranean prison areas, including the “facilities”. While I am here, I will also be running some tests on your security”
The Captain beckoned Rins’zler to follow him, the other troopers falling in formation behind them,

“I will show you to the security office, I can assign you an access pass there. You mentioned tests Sir, what kind of tests will you be performing”

Rins’zler turned to his droid then back to the captain,

“Captain, that is need to know information, and I am afraid you do not need to know”…


Tahiri felt Blackhawk jab the rifle deeper into her back, as they walked toward the prison. A growl sounded from behind them, both turned and saw the bulking reddish-orange frosted fur of Tahiri’s Akul, Solan.

“Tahiri, would you tell that beast to go? He’s going to blow our cover, if he keeps following us,” Blackhawk whispered under his breath urgently, as he looked forward toward the prison, checking if anyone was coming. Luckily, they hadn’t gone too far, and they were just out of sight of the prison.

“Okay, give me a moment, let me take care of him,” she replied with a sigh, as she swiftly walked over to the Akul.

“Alright, just hurry, we need to get going,” nodded Blackhawk as he lowered the rifle. Holding out her hand, the huge cat like creature immediately came to her. She petted him, then looked into those lush green eyes and sent a telepathically calming, though stern, command to stay nearby, but not to be seen. The Akul stared at her for a moment, and then snorting, shook his head. She patted him and then pointed off to her right, saying in a low tone, “Solan stalk, but no killing, yet. Remember, we must stick to the plan.” Solan blinked and gave a low growl in response, then turned and bounded off into the snow.

When she turned around, she saw that Blackhawk had been watching her the entire time. “What?” she asked as he stared at her.

“Huh, oh nothing. I just still don’t understand how you’re able to keep control over that creature,” he replied with a chuckle.

“Well you just have to do it carefully,” she said with a smirk. “He’ll be okay now though, Solan will stay out sight until I call. Let’s get going, shall we?” she said, as she quickly retook her place in front of Blackhawk.

“Yes, let’s get back on track,” he agreed. Then getting into character, he barked an order, “Move it!” Tahiri raised her hands over her head, as she felt the rifle being jabbed into her back again.

As they approached the prison gate, Blackhawk ordered for the gate to be opened immediately. As the gate opened, they were met by several guardsmen, Blackhawk pushed Tahiri to her knees. The guards surrounded Tahiri, roughly cuffing her and then took her inside, as the highest-ranking officer spoke with Blackhawk. She heard Blackhawk spin his tale, the officer and other guards ate the story like candy.

Yes, it’s working. Now hopefully Ceasar is already in and the next step is taken care of. As she heard Blackhawk suggest for her to be held in a secure cell, until she could be questioned, she felt a firm grip on her arm. Struggling for a moment before the guard lead her away, four other guards surrounding her as she was lead deeper into the prison.

Reaching a section of cells, she looked up, noting the section number, and realized that this was where she was supposed to meet Ceasar. The guard leading her, stopped at the entrance into the cell block and ordered the rest of the guards to return to their posts, as he would secure the prisoner himself. The guards immediately left as she was pulled forward into the cell block corridor. She was stopped in front of a cell door, and then lead into the cell.

“Well, fine predicament you got yourself in. Now how do you think you’ll get out of this one, huh?” sarcastically asked the guard, who had led her into the cell. “Or am I always going to have to be there to rescue you every time?”

“Hmmm, well I was thinking about killing all the guards and then meeting up with my co-operative in here,” she replied coolly, as she turned around and looked up into the dark blue eyes of the figure in front of her.
“So, what do you say, about getting these cuffs off me, or am I going to have to do it myself?”

A light-colored eyebrow cocked, as Ceasar replied with a smile, “Told you a time ago, that I’d keep you safe. I’m not about to go back on that now.” He pulled out the remote to release her, but starred at her in amazement, as she held up the already deenergized cuffs.

“I didn’t say I needed rescued,” she said with a smirk. “But now we’re one step closer to our goal. Is everything else in place?”

“Uhh, right,” a grin spreading across Ceasars’ face, as he handed her lightsaber and daggers to her. “Yes, everything else is in place.”


Rhylance watched ahead as Blackhawk and his prisoner Tahiri were surrounded by guards in the prisons front. It was in sheer annoyance that the Chiss rolled his eyes as Tahiri was taken away while Blackhawk told some ridiculous story to the clearly simple minded guards. In his mind, they could keep their antics. Rhylance agreed to this mission for one purpose and one purpose only; to silence a Taldryan deserter.

Dressed in an ordinary Iron Legion medic uniform, complete with a face mask, the Chiss walked towards the circle of guards. As Blackhawk continued his fabrication, Rhylance walked straight passed the guards, not sparing a second glance to his current associate.

“Hey, you! Where do you think you’re going?”

Rhylance turned to see one of the guards who had broken from the circle. The human looked to be on the younger side, a trait clearly revealed by his uptight, yet shaky vigor. The Chiss stood amused at the situation. He pulled out a folded set of papers and handed them to the guard.

“These are my transfer papers. I am the newly assigned medical officer for this establishment. Apparently you people have been vastly unable to deal with the disease ridden worms that are constantly sent to this prison. The higher ups don’t like that very much.”

The guard continued to inspect the well made fake transfer papers. After finishing he handed the papers back and motioned with his blaster for the medic to continue on his way. As Rhylance turned to head back inside the facility, he noticed Blackhawk not far behind.The Tarentum Knight closed in closer to the medic and spoke in a hushed tone.

“That was close. For a second there I was sure you were fried.”

“Everyone trusts a doctor.” The Chiss answered, clearly amused.

“Jumping the gun though, don’t you think? Weren’t you supposed to wait?”

“I saw an opening, I took it.” Rhylance responded, no longer amused, “I don’t necessarily trust you lot. I have my own reasons for agreeing to this venture, and I will not allow anything to prohibit me from returning to my Clan while they need me. Remember that, if anything should happen.”

“Just remember to do your part, Taldryan.”

“Don’t worry about me, worry about your friend outside.”

Rhylance took the next turn as he made his way towards the medical bay. Arriving to his destination, the Chiss walked inside before handing his papers to the resident Chief Medical Officer. As the older man read the papers he nodded to the Chis before returning to his computer. Rhylance walked over to the nearby rooms where a patient sit in waiting. Rhylance saw that this was a guard and he smiled beneath his face-mask.

“What seems to be the problem?”

“I apologize for bothering you sir, but I haven’t been feeling too well today. I think these freaks may have gotten me sick.” The guard responded before coughing loudly.

“Oh, that’s quite the cough. Are you in any pain?”

“Some, sir.”

“I’m gonna give you a mild sedative. This is a standard procedure before I begin my diagnosis. I promise it won’t last long and you’ll only feel but a pinch.”

Rhylance went to grab a syringe. Bringing it back he carefully lined it up with the guards arm.

“You may want to look away. It makes it easier, trust me.” Rhylance promised the young guard.

Listening to his physician, the guard looked away, and Rhylance poked the needle into the guard’s arm, while also cutting the man with a scalpel he had hidden up his sleeve. The sedative worked fast, causing the guard to fall asleep, as the poison that laced the blade began it’s work.

“Everyone trusts their Doctor.” Rhylance stated with a gleam in his red eye.


Click-clack click-clack

Within one of the durasteel halls of the prison, a roaming patrol marched their route in disciplined silence. The only discernible sound was the fall of their boots upon the floor. This part of the prison connected to the rear side that was forced against the canyon’s side. Above it, resting precariously between prison and canyon wall, was the only tunnel that allowed entrance into the deeper parts of the facility. The squad approached a heavily secured door at the end of the hallway. One of the soldiers activated their comlink.

“Checkpoint 2-Aurek, this is Patrol Trill-Wesk-Osk checking in. Status on Perimeter?”

A crackle sounded over the unit as the prison’s own security dampened their feeds, but a response broke through.

“Copy that, Patrol, current status is Aurek-Cresh. As per usual. Bit too quiet if you ask me, though. Wait…Jensen you see that?”

A loud cry emitted from the background, and what sounded like vicious snarling. The checkpoint security team became hysterical as some unknown force appeared before them.

“On your left Jensen!”

“Watch out, there’s more than one!”

“He went invisible!”

The patrol unit leader tried to hide his worried look as he attempted to communicate.

“Checkpoint 2-Aurek, what is status, over?”

The only response was the crackling fizzle of a weak connection.

“I repeat, Checkpoint 2-Aurek, what is status, over?”

Again, nothing.

Cursing to himself the leader signalled his men and they slung their blasters down from their shoulders. He took a keycard from his breast pocket and slid it into a panel on the wall. After a brief scan the panel accepted his codes and unlocked the door mechanism. A box popped open with a number pad on it. His hand shook as he keyed in the digits to open the door itself. Once he had finished he and his other two troopers took aim as the door released pressure and slid open.

The scene outside was one of battle. The checkpoint security lay dead, scattered about and covered in bloody slashes. A sudden wind caressed the new opening, causing it to whistle eerily. The team took an unsteady step forward before the leader bumped into something solid where there was only space. Confused, he stepped back and peered ahead with squinting eyes. In the, what he had logically assumed was, empty space a faint shimmer hung in the air. As they watched the shimmer burned away, revealing a Zabrak in a matted black cloak. He was grinning as he reached behind himself and drew forth two Ryyk blades. Falling into his training, the security guard waved a hand forward to signal his men.

“Intruder! Open fire!”

Their beads found no mark as the Zabrak slipped into a low stance and weaved into them. Slashing upward, he disrupted the trooper’s aim and then cutting horizontally, he cut the leader’s leg and brought him to a knee. He could not afford to slow, so Kul spun in a complete circle landing slashes into the troopers on either side. They stumbled back in pain and shock, but were given no rest as two bundles of teeth and claw bounded through the door. The leader watched as each massiff tore into his men and the Zabrak stood before him. With desperation controlling his mind, the officer fired bolts of energy at the attacker sending them straight at his hearts.

Kul dropped one of his blades as he raised a hand. The bolts of plasma crashed into his outstretched palm and vanished as the Force dissipated them. He watched as the massiffs finished their targets and turned on the patrol leader in between them. One tore the blaster from him as the other bore down for the kill.

Well done, my friends.

Warm acceptance

Kul reached down and grabbed up his blade before reslinging them on his lower back. Once they were secure he fiddled in the troopers’ uniforms until he found what he needed: the keycard. He stuck it away in the small satchel attached to his belt and headed down the hallway towards their next objective, massiffs plodding lovingly behind.


“Report to the infirmary for inspection,” the guard captain ordered. This was not unexpected. It was in fact, standard procedure across almost all guard units to do a quick checkup after an ambush. It had been worked into the plan so that he could meet the medic they planted there. From there, they could do almost anything under the guise of a medic escorting his patient. However, his escort would require a solution. He couldn’t kill him yet but, there was a short stretch coming up that had no camera coverage.

Once there, Blackhawk took his opportunity to strike. Dropping the procured weapon, Blackhawks fists clenched, the vibroblades springing from his gauntlets as his fist connected with his escort’s jaw. A second punch went into his opponents heart, immediately killing him.

That’s when news of the attack on another checkpoint came. With the distraction, Blackhawk was able to head for the infirmary without worrying about cameras spotting him without the escort. Soon enough, he was able to get to the infirmary where Rylance was supposed to meet him.

“You’re late,” he said as the Chiss medic arrived.

“I had to deal with a few guards. You ready?”

“Let’s do this,” Blackhawk replied. With that, Blackhawk began to strip off the uniform, allowing himself to briefly revert to his true form. Once that was done, the pair began to take out a few parts of the stretcher. This was something Blackhawk had refused to budge on. His weapons were hidden within the newly created compartments. The hospital robe he needed to put on was the last thing he could do before going back to the form of the dead guard. Faking uncounciousness, they began the journey to their next destination.


The Mystic along with the guards walked calmly into the security station. He noted the lack of cameras, the door locks and positions of the security staff; they seemed rather lax considering what this planet held. The Captain moved over to a console and tapped in several commands, moments later he removed a card.

“Here you go Sir. This card will give you access to the areas you will need for your inspection”

Rins’zler took the access card and placed it in one of his belt pouches.
Then without warning, Alarms began to sound across the facility. The security staff shot into action, with speed that surprised The Mystic. Rins’zler looked at the Captain and waved his hands,

“Don’t worry, that will be members of my team. They have inserted themselves into your facility, so as to analyse its security and report to me. You can cancel those Alarms, while you are at it you may as well disable the system, there will be many more if my team does their job properly”.

The captain sighed, and gestured at his men, then moved back to the console, and disabled the alarms.

“Captain I would like to have a discussion with you and you men. Would you be kind enough to ask them all to come into here?”

The Captain walked out and spoke to his men. After a few moments the fourteen men were in the security station. Rins’zler looked around at them, noting that they were all wearing standard equipment, this would be easy. Once they were all arranged he spoke,

“Men, you have done well, you have past your first test with flying colours. However you failed the latest one”

The troopers had no warning, the blades shot out from the various hidden locations on the Grey Jedi’s robes and armour, accurately guided by the force to puncture each trooper precisely in the neck seal, the weak point in most of these types of armour. He watched with semi interest as the fourteen men slumped to the floor, holding their throats as their life force leaked from them. It was over in a few minutes. Having succeeded in neutralising the alarms and gaining the access card, The Hunter removed the blades, wiped them clean, turned and left the room. Before he left he torched the room, making sure that it looked like some freak accident and without a second thought, headed for ‘The Tomb’.

Ahead of him, down the snow covered road was the area of the Prison known as ‘The Tomb’. This part of the prison was the most ancient of all the facilities on Belsavis. Carved deep within the rock the section of this ancient prison had only a single, well protected entrance. Within it, according to the Intel he had been provided, lay one of the research labs or the Grand Masters latest super weapon. As he walked down the sloping road leading to the entrance, The Mandalorian got the distinct impression of being watched. Running along the side of the road he sensed weapons emplacements and sensors, all watching him from camouflaged locations. Coming up to the door he noticed that there were no guards, he regarded this with interest but not enough to be worried. The door had a simple swipe point on the left side, he removed the access card and put it through the reader and after a few moments the door began to slide open. Beyond the door was darkness, to anyone else this may have caused concern, but Rins’zler had Mandalorian Tech and the force, the 4 guards and 3 combat droids awaiting him were clearly visible in the gloom.

The lights activated, and the Arconan watched as the guards and droids moved back to their stations. Beyond lay a short corridor that ended in a large metal door. No cameras, sensors or other devices lay between the security post and the door, something the Hunter regarded as odd. The force warned him that there was something amiss, his senses began to tingle and he turned around suddenly. There behind him stood a pair of Dark Jedi, both of them were clad in black robes, each holding a lightsaber. Rins’zler could sense that they were but Journeymen; he did however notice both wore Inquisition comlinks on their wrists, hidden unsubtly beneath their sleeves. He knew there would be an inquisition presence at the Prison, but he expected it to be better than this. One of the robed figures began to speak; his voice trembled ever so slightly.

“Who do we have here, a trespasser. We scanned you while you made your way to this area of the Prison. Did you really think you would get in here?”

The other Dark Jedi made a nervous giggle and the pair activated their Lightsabers. Rins’zler looked over them with disdain, they were barely out of training, what the hell was the Voice thinking by leaving these two idiots in charge, it was then he twigged, understanding hitting him square in the face, it suddenly made sense. Activating the vocoder in his helmet, Rins’zler responded to the pair.

“I am Sol Kahan, Mystic of The Dark Jedi Brotherhood. You two are either very keen to earn favour with your masters, or suicidal. I am going to go with the latter. I am here on official business, my security clearance is high enough to gain access to this area of the Prison, yet I find myself having to deal with two idiots such as you. I shall make a note of your names, and remember to report your demise to your respective masters”

The Mandalorian noticed that the guards and droids were hanging well back; they were watching the incident with curiosity and intent. He got the distinct impression that the pair of Dark Jedi were keen to throw their supposed ranks around, and that the guards wouldn’t mind seeing them removed. Rins’zler removed his lightsaber from his belt, ignited it and spoke once more.

“You have two choices. You can both fight me and hope you don’t die in the process. Or you can give up on this foolishness and keep your lives”.

Rins’zler knew what the answer would be the moment he had given them the choice, and watched as the pair charged him. He casually raised his arms and activated the flame projectors built into his gauntlets, gouts of fire burst from them catching the pair of fools. He watched with amusement as they tried to deflect the flame with their blades and then began to howl as their robes set alight. He deactivated the flame projectors, the damage had been done. Rins’zler chuckled to himself as he watched the pair writhe around on the floor in agony, he could put them out of their suffering, but the Darkside in him wanted to watch them burn. It was cruel and evil and a little part of him still enjoyed it. He looked up from the two still burning Journeymen and saw that the guards and droids were coming closer to inspect. In his helmet he grinned and raised his arms once more, Laser bolts spat from the Wrist lasers catching the droids and troopers, a single shot to the head and a nice triple tap to the chest. Their bodies dropped like puppets with their strings cut and Rins’zler proceeded to torch these too, it had been a long time since he could remember having had so much fun.

The Arconan walked up to the large door, its armoured facing and hinges clearly were meant to keep someone out, he was however equipped with a universal lock pick, reinforced durasteel would be no problem. He ignited his Lightsaber and proceeded to slice through the hinges and around the edges of the door, cutting through the locking bolts. The door must have weighed several tons because it took all his concentration to drag it out with the force. The metal remains clanged to the floor of the corridor and he stepped through the new opening. His senses lit up like a turbolaser barrage and his reflexes took over dodging the pair of blaster bolts that had been aimed at him. Taking cover behind a research station were two troopers, those first shots were their only ones as Rins’zler drilled their helmets with a pair of expertly aimed laser bolts.

The Mystic surveyed the room. He could pick up a dozen scientists cowering behind tables and workstations, three of whom matched the descriptions of the ones he was looking for. None moved as the Equite made his way over to a central console and plugged a data pad in, the decryption software made quick work of the data stored on the system and downloaded it to the pad, he would be able to analyse it later at his leisure. The room contained several work stations, fabrication areas and several enclosed testing labs. One of the scientists, a Dr Wilks according the data flashing up on his HUD, walked up to the grey Jedi.

“Have you come to rescue us? Please say you have. We have been trapped down here working on this monstrosity. He is mad, the Grand Master is mad, he will destroy us all. Please take us away with you”

Rins’zler looked around and then faced the scientist,

“Yes I have come to save you. Don’t worry; you can come out of hiding now”

He was however lying, his orders were clear; none of science team in the lab could be allowed to survive. The Mandalorian watched as the scientists came from their hiding places and approached their supposed saviour. He saw the glee and happiness in their eyes fade as he raised his wrist weapons and opened fire. Laser bolts raked over the scientists and lab equipment, sending them all to their doom. Once he was convinced they were all dead he began to torch the place. He raked flame over every surface; swapping canisters three times before he was satisfied the job was done. The room was a molten, blackened carcass, flames dancing and engulfing the room. Rins’zler made a quick exit when he saw the fire creeping towards various storage tanks towards the rear of the room. As he walked back up the corridor he felt heat on his back as a massive explosion engulfed the room, flame billowed from the door. He casually swiped his access card through the reader and watched with very little interest as the doors slid open. Once outside he sent a burst transmission to the team, then activated his jetpack and boosted off into the sky.


Tahiri waited as Caesar exited the cell first, then followed suit, together quickly headed towards the entrance of the section. An alarm sounded from elsewhere in the complex, but then was quickly turned off. Caesar looked at her, concern evident on his face, she nodded for him to continue as she fell back just a bit, while he swiped his keycard and stepped through the doorway. Springing forward, she slipped through just as the door closed, taking the four other guards stationed in main section by surprise. One was close enough to sound the alarm, but was rudely surprised when it didn’t go off.

While Caesar tackled the largest guard to the ground, Tahiri took down one guard with expertly thrown blade in the middle of his forehead. Her saber sprang to her right hand and ignited as she deflected a blaster bolt from one guard, then ducked into a crouched position as another bolt just missed the top point of one of her montrals from another. Sizing up both guards quickly, she sprang forward slashing upward, and cutting off the barrel of the first guards blaster. Spinning around so that she was facing the second guard, twirling her saber, then reversed her grip and plunged it through the guards’ torso. Pulling the sizzling plasma blade from the guard behind her, she ran forward, dodging the bolts the frantic guard shot at her. As she closed in on him, she leapt up and spinning around, kicked his blaster aside, disorienting him as she swung she saber around as she landed. Her saber came around and sliced his legs off just below the knees. The guard screamed out for help, but Tahiri quickly silenced him with another twirl of her blade which separated his head from his body.

Taking a quick look down the corridor, checking for any other guards coming. Seeing none, she looked over at Caesar to see if he needed any help. Instead she found him leaning up against the wall, at his feet lay the body of the guard he took down. There was a look of amazement and the slight smirk on his face.

“What are you smirking about?” she asked, half confused, as she extinguished her saber and retrieved the blade from the head of the other guard.

Caesar replied, smiling, “I don’t know. Guess I just like watching you work.”

Raising her eyebrow for a moment, she then laughed, and shaking her head stated, “If you say so, Caesar. I’m still trying to figure you out.” Turning back to seriousness, she cleaned and sheathed the throwing blade, saying as she did, “Do you have the keycard I need?”

Stepping away from the wall and removing a card from his belt, Caesar replied, “Yes, here it is.” He handed her the card, while he took a small data pad from a pouch on his belt. Handing the pad to her, he added, “And here is the section and cell block you need as well.”

Nodding, she took both the keycard and data pad, “Alright I’m going to go and find Professor Var’ren, and meet up with Blackhawk and Rylance. You got the transportation all figured out and ready to go to get us out of this hell hole?”

“Yes, I’ll have it ready to go, whenever you’re ready,” Caesar replied, with a nod.

“Good, let’s get going then,” Tahiri replied. With that said they both headed down the short corridor. Reaching the end, they parted ways, Caesar heading off to get their transportation ready to go, while Tahiri headed further into the complex to find and release the Professor.


Rhylance stood waiting, deep in thought. His next move needed to be handled with near perfect precision. Blackhawk stood only a few feet away, and the two were in waiting for Tahiri to catch up. It was clear that these miscreants were after a professor of sorts, but, the Chiss had a mission of his own. No matter the cost, his mission would be a success.

The sound of approaching footsteps alerted Rhylance and Blackhawk. Readying themselves for enemy confrontation, the two were somewhat pleased to see Tahiri herself. In her hand was a key card, and in the other a data pad.

“This is what we need. Come on boys, let’s get this show on the road.”

“It’s about time Togruta. Shall we be going now?”

With a roll of her eyes, Tahiri began leading the others towards the correct cell block in the prison. Moving together, they carefully evaded any hostilities where they could avoid them. Where they couldn’t, the guards soon met a quick end. Rhylance found himself growing quite annoyed at the bravado his compatriots. He just wanted this mission to be over so he could get back to his fleet. Especially with the Taldrya whom he knew were itching to remove him from power.

“We’re here!” Tahiri announced, breaking Rhylance from his solitude.

He silently watched as Tahiri used the key card to open the cell block door, and followed the data pads image directly to the professor’s cell. Rhylance followed, several paces behind. And he slowly checked each cell as he followed. Finally, his red eyes gleamed as he found the poor soul he had been searching for. As Tahiri and Blackhawk worked to release the professor, Rhylance worked on the opposite wall. As both doors opened Rhylance stepped forward, walking into the cell of the sleeping traitor.

He knelt down, hovering over the unconscious Zabrak. He pulled out a small scalpel, coated with a powerful poison and brought the blade smoothly across the alien’s skin. The poison killed the nerves as in entered his bloodstream, taking away any pain that would have awoken the Zabrak.

“I would apologize for this, but you die a traitor’s death. I cannot allow you to endanger our Clan any more than you already have.”

Rhylance stood up and walked away from the cell. Looking to the other opened cell door, he noticed Tahiri, Blackhawk, and the professor still inside the cell. His hatred for Force users boiled up inside of him. He cared not for these three and one thought crossed his mind. How easy his own escape would be, leaving the others behind. With a slight smile on his face he walked down, out of the corridor before using a nearby control panel to close the doors behind him.

While the guards would be busy handling the intruders, the medic would simply walk out of the prison, and find his hidden vessel. His time in this prison was over. The others soon were forgotten from his mind.