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[Rogue One] Team Fluffy Bunny Death Squad


Participants/Player characters (for easy access):

  • Edgar Drachen, #13831 [COU]. CS
  • Yuki Suoh, #6377 [COU]. CS
  • Len Iode, #14377 [COU]. CS
  • Tamashi Adaephon Delat, #13529 [COU]. CS

Havean Research Station,
Uffern, Solyiat

Sunlight filtered through the transparisteel and shone onto a lone figure seated in a wheelchair. Brow furrowed in concentration, the Pau’an seemed to be absorbed in reading a glowing Holographic data-feed. Lips moving silently as he read to himself, and bespectacled eyes squinting at the small text, Tamashi was so captivated by the research that he completely missed the insistent beeping that emanated from his comlink.

As the hours ticked by, the light slowly darkened and the morning sunlight slowly dimmed as the afternoon wore on. A low hiss came from the closed door as the locking mechanism engaged and a young woman raced inside. Rushing excitedly to the Padawan, she shook him from his studies and placed a small holoprojector in his hand.

Turning it on, a small blue image sprang into being and before the image even stabilized the gruff voice of Seraphol emerged from the audio speaker. “… the hell are you? I’ve been trying to get into contact with you for over six hours! Get your frakking ass over to Baime immediately and meet me at the Maiden’s Voyage!”

As the image coalesced into the bearded face of the Satele Shan Aedile, Tamashi blinked and then raised his eyebrow at the irritated humans words. “My apologies Aedile, I was absorbed in my research and did not hear your commlink message. Also, I do not mean to presume, but doesn’t the Jedi code teach us to let go of our passions? Anger does not become a leader such as yourself.”

A series of deep breaths came through the audio channel as Seraphol visibly worked to control his emotions, and There is no emotion, there is peace came through as if muttered many times. “Just get to Baime as fast as you can, and call me when you get there.”


Maiden’s Voyage
City of Baime

Yuki sat in a dark corner of the bar, watching the patron mill about. It was still early in the afternoon, but the sheer number of tourists to the city always made places such a this bustle around the clock. The woman sipped at her drink, a plum cordial she had grown fond of and waited. Warnings and messages of doom usually drifted into her datapad by way of contacts looking to cash in on her abilities.

The Bounty Hunter had been known to give a small percentage of the bounty to anyone with verifiable information, but the latest trend of doom and gloom made her anxious. This Pravus, or whatever he called himself, was power mad and would eventually make his way to their home again. He would have to be stopped or slowed. Growing reports of a group simply called “Lotus” also drifted in. Yuki hated taking sides, preferring coin to loyalty, but this was looking more and more like something that would have zero bystanders. Everyone would be drawn into this.

The Bounty Hunter looked up as the door swung open and eyed the three men that walked through the entrance. She sighed and set her glass down, waiting to hear what the three had to say as they approached. One was familiar to her, Edgar Drachen, the second in command of the Hoth JTF, her current standing employer. She smiled lightly at him and motioned for the trip to take seats near her.

“Well, hello. I would ask how you found me, but I make no secret of my locale. So, tell me who your friends are and why you are here looking more businesslike than usual.”


Edgar gestured to the his companions to take a seat and commented to the bounty hunter. “For one of the rare times you do make it easy to find you, you really picked the wrong mission and place to meet. I hope this doesn’t mean you are beginning to lose your touch my dear.” the Grey Jedi say with a smirk on his face staring at the Corsair in the eye unflinching.

The two other Odanites stopped dead in their tracks unsure of what will happen next. They had both read this woman’s dossier and they both knew she has done and could do anything at the slightest provocation so they were prepared to tread lightly whilst dealing with her. Edgar on the other hand both having a small history with this bounty hunter and employing her had no issue poking the rancor just to see what she would do.

So as they prepared for a altercation between the two it never came. The woman just simply smiled back at her employer “You know me a little too well I think, my dear Drachen, but you forget that when we need to lay low the most it’s sometimes best to hide in plain sight. Anyway, if anyone has gone soft, my dear, it’s the one who has had a bed to sleep in every night.”

As she glanced over the two Jedi sitting to her left she motioned to the young commander to sit down. “Now before you draw any more undue attention to this clandestine operation why don’t you introduce me to these fine Jedi,” which she said in a slightly condescending tone.

“Now, now, be nice to them they are some friends of mine and bring some solid skills to the table. First, you have is Daniel Stephens the Commander of the Shan’s Joint Task Force and one of his battle team leaders and a old student of mine Len Iode.”

Both of the men nodded but it was the Major that spoke first “Ma’am, just so you know I am no Jedi. I’m just a simple soldier and I’m here to help ensure our mission is a success.”

Yuki looked blankly at the Chiss and said nothing leaving this very awkward silence till the old (grumpy disgusting) Aedile spoke in aggravated tone next. “As much fun as all this is but you’ve been here for about a week Ms. Suoh, so I do expect you to have something to report or have you been sitting in this bar the whole time?”

Yuki looked at the Shan Commander with a bored expression. “That is a stupid question especially since I know for a fact you were all beaten by my brother a few years back. I do not simply sit idly.”


Leaning forward in his chair, Len pushed up his glasses. “Please tell us what you found Miss Suoh. We are quite tight on time.”

The human eyed the Chiss, “‘Miss’? Listen here soldier boy, I know you’re being polite but I have earned the title Captain, please address me as such. Second, I want some assurances.”

Len nodded, “Of course. Payment has been routed to the account requested.”

Yuki smiled and leaned back in her chair. “I need more than that.”

“What else could you use?” Vanguard Stephens asked a slight sigh behind it.

The human woman leaned in and took on an air of seriousness that fit her profile. “I want to make sure none of this blows back to me. I’m done, no more helping on this mission and I don’t see you again.”

“Even if the money and liquor is good?” Edgar asked.

“Even if you offered me a credit press and the finest Corellian Whiskey. Money is no good if you’re crushed under Pravus’ heel.”

The Savant glanced his two companions. “It would be a shame not being able to work with you anymore, but if it’s this important…”

The scoundrel nodded, “I wouldn’t lie about something this big.”

Yuki stood, “Follow me.”

The others followed her lead. She left enough credits on the table to cover her drinks and gave a courteous wave to the bartender. Heading outside the sun briefly blinded the four, turning towards the alley next to the bar the three could see Yuki’s repulsor craft.

“Once I show you this…”

Daniel cut her off, “We’ll get lost.”

She nodded and opened the trunk. Producing a small holoprojector, Suoh keyed a sequence and the projector purred to life, the graphic was that of an interior of manufacturing plant.

“My surveillance drone snapped this while I made a delivery at the facility. They needed an unusual amount of a certain mineral for artificial jewelry, and I was providing security for the transport.”

“Smart idea to record your interaction,” Len interjected.

“Even smarter when you see this.” Yuki pressed some keys and enhanced a small portion of the holoimage.

“I had a friend of mine clear it up as much as he could. Don’t worry, he owes me more favors than he can count and has no desire for Brotherhood entanglements.”

Vanguard Stephens moved in closer, “Looks like you found Doctor White. I take it that’s when you contacted us?”

“Partially, yes. I had thought about collecting the bounty on his safe return, but the level of military hardware is a bit more than one person can handle.” Yuki replied. “Plus I found it a bit odd that a physicist is part of a mining operation for jewelry grade minerals.”

The odds of getting into the plant and snatching the doctor up were low. Even as a Corellian, they were odds that the grizzled Jedi did not want to play. At least without leaning them more towards success. He turned to the bounty hunter.

“Tell me that you’ve planted something at the facility, or you’ve at least got the movement of the guards down?”

She snapped back, “Do you take me for some sort of do-gooder Jedi? Of course I’ve analyzed their movements” Edgar smiled and snorted to keep from laughing. “I’ll gladly hand them over, for a price, ten thousand credits upfront.”


The dumbfounded expression on Seraphol’s face must have amused Yuki as she flashed him a smile. “Of course, if you manage to get the good doctor out alive and hand him over to me for transport, I’ll refund some of the money.”

Propping his arm up on the roof of the speeder, he put his face in his hand. “This woman is going to have my hide tanned by the High Councillor when we get back.” Tilting his head to the side and looking over his shoulder at the Chiss Major. “Go ahead and authorize it.”

At this, Yuki produced a small data cylinder and handed it to the Major. “Now gentlemen, let’s get out of the streets before someone recognizes us and your plans are all shot to hell.”

“Ok. Yuki, take Len to the facility and let him analyze the intel you got with his own eyes. I’m sure the two of you can make the impossible possible. Seraphol and I will head back to the safe house and get the equipment squared away and hopefully Tamashi will show up.”

With quick nod, Yuki turned her back to the group and started to walk away not caring that Len was about to say something. She took a few steps and turned back and scolded “We don’t have all day, blueskin. Put a move on!”

As the group split up, Edgar and Seraphol headed to the safehouse to get ready for that night’s mission.The plan was simple, Yuki and Len went on a quick recon mission to the plant to make sure her latest intel was correct and to give our resident strategist a actually look at the target. Not that Edgar did not trust Yuki it was more that he wanted to minimize risk as much as possible. Len’s skills would be extremely useful in having helping the group know what we are up against and will help them fine tune the strategy to get them in and out in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

This was a dangerous mission to begin with and as much as the the young Aedile expected a firefight he just did not want to die here. The lack of intelligence and even understanding of what was going on here hints at a possibility that it’s something huge. When Turel sent them on this mission the orders were simple; get in found out what is going on and get out. We were only to do more damage if it was proven that whatever was going on here put the Lotus in direct and immediate danger.

So while they were out doing the final recon he and Seraphol prepared the equipment they will need and looked over the intel Yuki provided about the interior of the plant.

“You do realize that IF we get inside we will have to somehow get past three platoons of soldiers that guard the heavily fortified lab in the sub basement and that’s not to mention what is on the outside.” the Vanguard grimly reminded his partner.

“Exactly! I have been looking at this data long and hard for the last hour and I come to the same outcome. We are not getting out without a fight.” Edgar said with a sigh “BUT, if we plan this right maybe we can at least get in and get in a position where we can at least control the fighting. If we can do that we have a chance.”

The Shan Aedile looked at him like he expected a punchline to a joke but quickly realized that he was dead serious. So he questioned, “How do you expect to control anything in there?! Once the fighting starts we will be on the run and not to mention they’ve got fortified positions and we don’t.”

Edgar punched a few keys on the terminal brought up a different view of the installation showing the easterly side of the building that facing a cliff. Highlighting the air ventilation system on a small maintenance annex of the building.

“This is where will will get in. Agreed we will have to find a way up the cliff and get over the wall but that will be easy compared to getting past… “ He paused as he click another few keys zooming in on the guard tower that would more than certainly see anyone coming over the wall on that side of the building.

“This.” the Savant continued. “This will be our first major obstacle and one or two of us will have to sneak inside and take control of it. From there someone will have to stay behind and guide us through the factory and with any luck flip some of their advantages against them.”

“That’s an insane plan, you know that right?” Seraphol questioned, “I would have like to have some more resources but I believe that he can be done. If we can get to the lab unseen and get what we need then getting out will be the next problem.”

“Agreed, but with Yuki’s droids and the control of that tower they should be able to cause enough damage and distraction on the outside we can take care of the fight inside.”

“Honestly, how much do you trust her? Because it seems like too much is depending on her to me.” Sera said with a concerned toned to his voice.

“With what I know of her, I know we have a history together and we have a level of trust and the fact that she is getting paid ensures that she will do what she can to not get killed and more importantly get paid.”


Maiden’s Voyage,

Tamashi moved his wheelchair forward into the bar and stopped for a minute to absorb the ambiance of the place as well as adjust his aural dampers to compensate for the increased sounds coming from the smoky bar. Soft and silken carpets dotted the elegant wooden floor panels, and subtle and beautifully carved upholstery gave the lounge a well tended and gentrified atmosphere. Low classical music softly wafted throughout the lounge from hidden speakers, and the patrons were all dressed impeccably.

Which was why when the plainly clothed Padawan wheeled himself inside, he was met with the imperious stares of all the lounges customers. Ignoring the hostile stares, Tamashi wheeled himself towards center of the lounge and looked up at the bartender.

“I was directed here by a friend, do you know where I can find him?”

With a raised eyebrow, the bartender looked at him with some amusement “Are you sure about that?”

“I am indeed” Tamashi replied “he’s tall, heavily built and has a silvery and gray beard”. With a small touch of disbelief, the bartender reached under the counter and took out a flimsiplast note. Passing it to the Pau’an he folded his arms and looked expectantly at the exit. Smiling politely at the Devaronian he nodded and turned his chair around, making his way towards the exit and the rented speeder outside.

Opening up the flimsiplast note, Tamashi entered the coords from the note into his speeders navigational software and powered up the autopilot. As the speeder took off into the late evening sky, Tamashi opened up a small scroll and started perusing its contents with interest.


Len and Yuki slipped through the crowds on the pleasure planet. Many different species in various states and forms in intoxication made their way from one bar to the other. Such was life for most in the Refugee Sector of the planet. Making a turn down an ally, Yuki grabbed Len and hauled him into the shadowy path.

“This way,” Yuki commanded, “It’s not too much farther from here.”

The Chiss silently gestured for her to take the lead. Scattered along the building walls were dumpsters, occasional refugees of various species some with ailments others passed out from drinking. Suddenly the scoundrel stopped, and dove for cover. Thinking quickly, Len pivoted and made for the nearby recessed back door to a restaurant. A pair flashlights shone down the narrow walk, making it like day. Radio chatter confirmed what Len had feared, Iron Legion troopers. Len looked over to his partner across the alley, in a short branch that led to the back of some apartments. The plasteel armor clanked closer, stopped, and then the lights disappeared. Len unknowingly held his breath, nothing here friends, time to go. As the troopers started to make their way back down the walk, Len finally inhaled and realized his hand had instinctively was gripping his blaster.

“Typical soldier boy,” Yuki teased as she came out from cover, “Thinking with his blaster instead of his brain.”

Len slowly released his grip, “What were you going to do, charm them into letting us go?”

The merc chuckled and headed back down the alley. “If by charm you mean distract long enough to plunge a blade into one of their necks while you took out the other? Yes.”

When they reached the end, the street was dark and unusually there were no refugees around. Ahead of the duo was a facility with several roving patrols of battle ready Iron Legion troopers.

“I have a bad feeling about this. Do we have another way in?”

“There are a couple of options, but let’s get a better look before you go judging this situation shall we?”

The pair entered an abandoned office building about 500 meters away from the perimeter of the Brotherhood complex.

“I assume that the Brotherhood forced this move on the people here?” Len scooted a chair over to a boarded up window.

“Probably, never paid much attention to this area.” the mercenary dragged another chair over and began to carefully take out a small portion of wood that was covering the window.

“Of course, you didn’t you weren’t paid to,” the Chiss breathed.

“No I wasn’t. Look, I can’t care about everyone and everything, soldier boy. I have to look out for myself, because no one else usually will. So stop with the wisecracks.”

The two locked eyes in a staring contest, Len broke first.

“I was merely stating a fact, Captain. I know not everyone has the luxury of worrying about others or someone having their backs. However, in this case you have me.”

Yuki rolled her eyes, “What a relief. Orders are your money, you are only here because you have to be.”

Len began looking through his quadnoculars, “Yes, but-no tanks, that’s a good sign-I am obligated to protect you anyway. It would violate my personal code not to.”

“Why did I get stuck with the choir boy?”

“I have the good doctor in my sights.” Len handed the quads over to Yuki, “I am no choir boy.”

Taking the quads. Yuki peered out into the fortress, Doctor White was in front of several Iron Legion Officers and guards. “We should contact Edgar.”


The stronghold stood before them, an imposing sight to be certain, but Yuki and Len smiled at each other. A bond had begun to form between the unlikely allies as they two of them had studied the patrol patterns and numbers of soldiers protecting what seemed to be nothing more than a warehouse. It had all seemed far too easy up to this point, but Yuki was clearly in a mood as agitation seemed to glitter across her violet eyes. Moments later, Edgar and his companions approached accompanied by the soft hum of a hoverchair. The Chiss turned toward the sound at the same time Yuki sighed disgustedly.

“Who brought a cripple?” she said as her temper flared, seeming to cause the air around her to crackle. Len looked away from the others from the corner of his eye and a slight tensing of his jaw was missed by the woman who stood up from her hiding place and turned towards the men.

She leveled her gaze at Edgar, who seemed to actually flinch away from it for only a moment, a movement that could easily be missed by anyone who was not watching the man. The men put their heads together over the maps that Len had quickly sketched while the Corsair turned back to watch the men walk around the building in a continued attempt to look as though they were just idly wandering the streets.

“What we should do is approach from this street here between patrols. Doing so should limit our exposure if timed properly. Yuki and I discussed this and we came to the same conclu-” Len turned to look at the woman that had been standing beside them just a moment before, his red eyes searching the surrounding area. Yuki, shrouded in a dark cloak strode up the street, blending into the crowd that ebbed through the street as she walked in a meandering fashion towards the building.

Edgar spotted her and began to swear under his breath. “She said she didn’t want any part of this and now the fool woman is going to get herself killed!”

Len followed the man’s gaze and pinched the bridge of his nose between a thumb and forefinger. “This could complicate things a little.”

“A little?!” Edgar half-shouted at the man. “You don’t know that woman like I do.”

Moments later, an explosion rocked the district as salmon flames and inky black smoke poured from the warehouse. Iron Legion soldiers began to pour out of the streets leading a weedy looking man away from the fire. The cloaked figure disappeared down an alley during the confusion and left the men scrambling toward the group of soldiers, weapons drawn and ready.

Seraphol glared at Edgar, easily keeping pace with the man as they neared the troopers. “I told you this was a bad idea. Mercenaries are not to be trusted!”

Edgar shook his head, wondering what Yuki intended to do next. The Pau’an stopped far enough back and readied himself to render support from his hoverchair as Len drew his firearms and finished getting ready for a fight on the run.

The soldiers of the Iron Legion turned toward the oncoming warriors and stood their ground, readying their weapons in the direction of their opponents. Blaster fire raked through the air which was redirected into soldiers.