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[Rogue One] Team Grey Shadow


Team members:

Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar #10407
Macron Goura Sadow #4856
Tasha’Vel Versea #14192
Bentre Kairn’tel Stahoes #14185

Objective A: Resistance

Your have been given a tip by a trusted source within the Lotus resistance about a key component to Darth Pravus’ alleged plans to launch a massive assault.

You are to form or ally with a team of sympathetic members to out and put an end to whatever it is that Pravus is planning. The clock is ticking, and Pravus could launch his assault at any moment. The Dark Council and its array of resources stand against you, but the Lotus are desperate to prevent a repeat of New Tython.

Sadow Palace
Orian System

The beeping continued uninterrupted for several seconds, the sound alerting the occupant of the room to an urgent message. The comlink making the noise wasn’t one that was used for official Clan business, this was instead one of many burner com-links that the individual used when communicating with his handler, Nadill.

The Lotus was growing in strength across the Brotherhood, it had formed out of the ashes of those remaining from Pravus’ unprovoked attacks that had glassed planets, massacred millions and caused suffering across Brotherhood controlled space. Sanguinius’ cell had existed before that, but had been swift in acknowledging the benefits in associating with the rapidly growing resistance.

His handler, Nadill, had been the one feeding Sanguinius information for the past year as he had joined Naga Sadow and worked his way up the ranks. The Jedi hid behind a facade, pretending to be something he was not. When he had first arrived, he had not hidden that he was a Jedi, he was too well known a member of Odan Urr to have pretended otherwise.

Instead, he had embraced it and cultured a following within Naga Sadow that had threatened to break the Clan into two camps. Over time, heeding the danger, the Jedi had concealed his true nature behind a mask of darkness. Those disciples had followed his lead and merged back into the Clan. To outsiders like Locke, it appeared that the Entar was under his control, yet it was the Jedi who had Locke dancing to his tune, or at least he had been until recently.

The threat of Pravus looming over Naga Sadow had driven the Clan into a hive of activity. Already, the Consul of Naga Sadow had communicated his desire to gain a strong hand to use against Pravus if the Grand Master attacked them. So far, the reigning Grand Master had stayed clear of the Orian System, despite losing several of his Inquisitors to overzealous Sadowans.

Sanguinius had lost his control over Locke and was desperate to keep Naga Sadow from gaining too much power, which would inevitably lead to a confrontation between the Clan and Pravus. A confrontation that the Entar knew Naga Sadow would lose.

The beeping ceased as Sanguinius answered the comlink. “Yes?” came the question.

“I have an order of Corellian ale for you, are you happy to sign for it?” came the response.

“I ordered the Byss wine.” Sang replied.

“Good, you’re safe to talk. There’s been some chatter on the holonet that the Iron Throne is potentially making its move.”

“Surely you’ve got more information than that, Nadill.” Sang asked.

“Of course, word on the grapevine is that Pravus after loose ends, anyone that may negatively impact his plans, whatever they are. The Lotus is still unsure on what his ultimate goal is, but so far, it just seems to be death and destruction.”

“That’s conjecture, let’s hear what you’ve got.”

“A couple of prominent scientists have gone missing. A Professor Oolong Var’ren and a Professor Amillia Sencha.”

“I’ve heard of Professor Var’ren, he won the Frazier Prize for his work on theoretical warfare and tactics. The Republic utilised his theories during run up to the end of the Galactic Civil War years ago? I’ve not heard of Sencha before though.”

“Yes, he has been in retirement for the past several years, but he’s recently gone missing. Professor Sencha is an expert on fission technology, which as you know is of extreme importance in generating the vast energy outputs that naval ships require.” Nadill explained.

“So you’re telling me that two Professors have gone missing, why’s that a big deal? People go on holiday all the time, they could simply be on some backward planet without decent comms.”

“We did think of that, we’re not complete idiots. However, we’ve also heard talk of fusion technology being used in weaponised warheads. The technology required is beyond current tech and Pravus could always do with another tactical genius to advise his Iron Legion after the recent setbacks.”

“It’s coincidence, but a good one,” Sang pondered. “Alright, what do you want me to do?”

“I need you to investigate. You’ve got access to the Paladin. I need you to access the Academy’s files and see what they had on the two Professors, I know Farrin and Marcus enjoy keeping the Academy up to date on most of the recent scientific journals released by academics. However, you Professors get a more impressive access level than others, so you may come across something of interest.”

“Alright, but I only have access to my files. I’d need to bring one of my droids along with me. That won’t be easy. After that, what then?” Sang asked.

“Follow the leads. Gather information, I’ll have the location of Var’ren’s and Sencha’s homes forwarded to you. Investigate and find out what happened to them. If possible, secure them for The Lotus. If Pravus wants them, they’re too important for him to have them.”

“Fair enough, I’ll be utilising some of my assets here though.” Sang informed Nadill.

“That’s fine, as long as you keep them in the dark on The Lotus. We can’t afford any leaks at this stage. If you get found out, you’re on your own.”

“Aren’t I always?” Sang replied despondently. “May the Force be with you, Nadill.”

“And with you.” replied the voice on the other end of the commlink.

Sanguinius pocketed the commlink, the link having been disconnected. The Proconsul knew exactly who he would utilise, the Twi’lek and her husband were loyal enough to him, they’d follow his lead.

Grabbing the holopad lying on his desk, Sanguinius send a curt command to Tasha’Vel Versea, his former Aedile and her husband, Bentre Kairn’tel Stahoes, Naga Sadow’s current Rollmaster. Receipt of his message being delivered were received. The pair would meet him on his ship, the Nelumbonaceae, named for the a flower on his homeworld that appeared similar to the lotus. It was a little tongue in cheek, but those unfamiliar with the flora of the Entar’s homeworld would be none the wiser. The XS-800 Light Freighter was currently situated on Sepros, the Jedi quite enjoyed using the ship, as it was nice to have a vessel that he owned instead of having to borrow a Warhost shuttle.

Binky and Tee-Cee would need to be made aware that they would be having visitors. The two droids were rather special. Binky fussed over the Entar a little too much and Tee-Cee was sarcastic at times, often insulting the Augur. Sanguinius often let it go, as he felt the droids were allowed to develop their own personalities.

As Sanguinius rose from his chair, he could sense a familiar presence nearby. The Alchemist, Macron Goura, had left Orian space, but yet it felt like he was in the same building. The Elder had tussled with the Jedi before countless times during Sang’s time in Naga Sadow, and yet despite their philosophical differences, the two had developed a mutual respect for each other.

He’d be taking a chance on including his old adversary, but he’d be damned useful in getting the information required and it was no secret that the Alchemist stood in opposition to Pravus and his plans. Sanguinius sighed and shrugged his shoulders in resignation, he’d be stupid not to ask Macron for help. Grabbing his holopad again, the Entar keyed in a quick message and sent it to the Son of Sadow, hoping that the Adept would answer his plea for assistance.


Special Operations Compound
Inos Moon 42
Orian System

Crystals…. Fission technology…. Contact.” The Force whispered as the Elder sought communion here in a place close to the Darkness. The Dark Side was as cryptic as ever.

The madman opened his eyes as the comlink bleeped. Nearby an R3 droid chirped as it relayed the signal. The Sith’s vision cleared as he left his meditative state. The signal had come in on a restricted channel- one known only to Sons and Daughters of Sadow and the Clan Summit. He had been ignoring these contacts for some weeks but this one felt different. The Clan symbol rose above the droid as a familiar visage revealed itself in flickering blue. “Sanguinius.”

“Macron.” The figure of the former Jedi nodded. “You’ve been gone for some time. I thought you left Orian space.”

“I effectively had,” replied the Adept. “Traveled for a bit in the Unknown Regions. I returned only recently here to the Tombs to get centered. Spend some time in the Darkness. Heh heh.”

“You usual haunt. Unfortunately, there is little time for small talk. I have a mission you may be interested in.” The Proconsul’s form flickered. “Your intellectual skills will be sorely needed. And strength of arms should it become necessary.”

Macron sat quietly as he felt within the Force for any hint of truth in the Entar’s words. “I see. There is truth in what you say. And you seem… different.” The Alchemist cracked an evil smile. “How may I be of service to the Clan?” A humming IT000 droid began to drift into the room. “I think my little friend is interested in helping too,” chuckled the mad scientist.

“Indirectly at best. I need you to meet me at the rendezvous point. Sadow Palace, as you know, is full of the Throne’s spies. Meet me at my ship the Nelumbonaceae, in the outer commercial docking bay 67.”

“Hm. Not one of the usual military docks. Interesting. Will others be joining us?” The madman gestured at the R3 droid to remotely initiate startup of his own Star Cruiser. The Inos moons were frigidly cold and it took some time to warm vessels up for takeoff.

“Yes, Tasha’Vel and Rollmaster Bentre will be joining us. Will you come?”

“Yes. I will be there. I have unfinished conversations with Tasha to be sure, and Bentre is a valiant warrior. This plan of yours furthers my own ends and my hatred of those who oppose us. I will join you in a few hours.” The Elder stood up and began donning his Dark Armor. “Macron Out.”


Versea Estate, Ryloth

Tasha’Vel had just set her child, Lynna’Vel, down to sleep for awhile when her holo communicator began buzzing. Turning it on, the figure of Sanguinius came on.

“Tasha’Vel, I am in need of your help and not much time. I need you to meet me on my ship, The Nelumbonaceae for further instructions.”

“I will be there soon, Sanguinius. Will there be anyone else arriving to meet up with you, or is it just me?” She asked calmly.

The Entar spoke up again. “Yes, Macron and your husband will be joining us as well. There is a lot to discuss. I must go for now. I will transmit the coordinates to your communicator.”

“I will see you again,Sang. Take care.” She replied as Sang cut out.

War was coming, people were gathering and there was going to be bloodshed. She thought about her new child and what she would do if war started up. She had to keep Lynna’Vel protected as well as protect her clan and friends. Sang needed her and she had a promise to keep.

She called for her most trusted butler and Bentre’s Hunter Killer(HK) droid he specifically programmed to protect the child. HK-SR or Gabber as he was nicknamed, strolled into the room.

“You called for me, Matriarch?” He asked enthusiastically. “Did you need someone killed or buildings destroyed?”

Tasha laughed. “Hardly Gabber, I actually need you to protect Lynna’Vel against anyone that would threaten to harm her. I am going to be away for awhile and I need a droid I can trust that will protect her. My butler can attend to her physical needs, but I need a killer droid as a bodyguard.”

“So you want me to protect the little meat bag and kill anyone that threatens her. I think I can handle that.” He replied with a slight sigh in his voice. “I suppose a bodyguard is better than just running around and not being able to murder things.”

“I would hope that you would appreciate the chance at being able to kill things.” She replied half smiling.

“Oh don’t worry, I am very appreciative you are allowing me this opportunity, Matriarch. I shall watch over your little meat bag and keep her safe.”

“Thank you Gabber.”

She then turned to her butler as he entered. “Tyrel I need you to care for my daughter while I am away. You are still one of the few I would trust with this task. I will return when I am able to. Till then, please keep her healthy and safe.”

“I would treat her as one of my own, Matriarch.”

Tasha smiled at Tyrel as she then turned and walked into the baby’s room, taking on last look at her slumbering daughter. Lynna’Vel was smiling a bit in her sleep.

“She’s probably dreaming of sweet things.”

Tasha gently kissed her forehead before turning back to the door. “Goodbye, my sweet little one. I will see you again.”

Gathering her things, She quickly moved out to the hangar where her ship sat. Climbing aboard, she punched in the coordinates given to her by Sanguinius and set off for The Nelumbonaceae.


Temple of Blood
Sepros, Orian System
Clan Naga Sadow space

Bentre took a deep breath as he watched the device floating before him. As he leveled his lightsaber in anticipation, the remote shot a trio of blaster bolts at the Sith. These first shots were easily deflected but were followed by a staggered quartet of shots which forced Stahoes to sidle sideways as he twirled the energy weapon in tight arcs.

The timing between the successive shots increased gradually, and before long he was moving almost as quickly as he could think. When it seemed his body would soon give way to fatigue, he began to draw strength from the Force. His recent experiences on Selonia fueled the furnace of his rage. The Dark Side was both ally and servant to the Battlemaster. His new status as Rollmaster demanded more of him than either Aedile or Battle Team Leader ever had. This meant he had to show the power of his position. This meant that he had to push more than ever.

This might not have been a problem if his circumstances had been different. The Sadowan wore more hats these days: assistant to the Keeper of Holocrons, Professor of Lore within the Shadow Academy as well as the Captain of the Black Guard. His time was split even without his recent endeavors into the dark art of Sith Alchemy or training like that against the remote or with the members of his Black Guard.

Every turn of his weapon felt as natural as breathing. His mind was far more clear than it had been in months. There was a beautiful simplicity to combat that Locke and Sanguinius would never understand. The Consul was too wrapped up in his pipe dreams of a reborn Sadowan Empire and Sanguinius was out doing some other nonsense. It appeared the former Jedi had forsaken the light in favor of vengeance.

A beeping noise pierced the cacophony of blaster discharges. Stahoes turned his head to regard the distraction. The motion caused him to lower his lightsaber slightly and a blaster bolt slid past his lightsaber, catching him hard in the chest. The shot had been low powered, not quite enough to stun but painful enough to elicit an audible grunt of discomfort.

Reaching out a hand, Bentre traced a finger along the remote’s metallic surface, driving the cutoff switch forward. The device whirred almost impatiently as it powered into a standby mode. The Battlemaster was breathing hard as he stepped toward the desk of his simple office. Sweat trickled down his face and down his back as he switched on the commlink.

Always when I am either eating, sleeping or training, I never get calls when I am buried in paperwork. The Corellian shook his head as he turned on the transmitter. The image of his Proconsul came to life in a slight distorted glow of blue-white light, given life by his holonet projector.

“Bentre,” the former Jedi’s voice cracked slightly as the worn speaker of the projector cut out briefly. “Duty to the Clan calls you to service.”

The Sith ran a hand through the tuft of hair which normally served to hide his features, pushing it away from his face. “Doesn’t it always? We can’t have me just sitting around at the Temple can we?” The hint of a smile played at his face, but the Entar did not acknowledge the flicker of emotion. “What task does the Summit request of me?”

“This is not a Summit request, Stahoes.” Sanguinius’ tone was dead serious as he looked hard through the hologram at his fellow Sadowan. “Before you ask, there is little time. Meet me at Meet me at Nelumbonaceae and we will talk. Just call it a personal favor. You will want to hear what I have to say.”

The Corellian let out a sigh, looking hard at his comrade. He considered declining the request, but something in his gut twisted. “Fine my friend,” the word felt odd but right for the moment, “as you say it. As soon as I send out a quick message to the active Black Guard, I will join you.” Clicking the connection off, he had to wonder for a moment what trouble the Proconsul was getting him into now.


Rendevous Point
Aboard the Nelumbonaceae

Tasha had arrived and quickly docked her ship in the hangar. The message from Sanguinius ran through her mind every few minutes. Stepping out to the ground, the Marauder walked down towards the airlock and to the doorway to a hallway. Just as she turned around a corner, she came face to face with the familiar features of her husband. “Well now, sweetheart, it’s good to see you again.” Her tone was light. “Did you have a nice flight?”

Bentre’s eyes widened a bit before he caught himself and his stance straightened up. “Well I was sending out messages to our active Black Guard, but I was not aware the Proconsul had also called for you. This should makes things interesting.” The Corellian’s eyes searched his wife’s vivid eyes. “So, how is our daughter doing?”

“She is fine, Bentre. I have my butler and your HK Droid watching over her.”

The Rollmaster’s expression faltered for a moment. He seemed to pause, before he slowly answered. “Good choice, I knew he would come in handy.” His tone seemed to indicate he found it a very uncomfortable choice, but Tasha’Vel chose not to pursue the matter.

The Twi’lek shook her head and laughed. “You have always loved things like gadgets, droids, and slicing. I thought you would be pleased. In any case, let’s find the others so we can all discover what task Sanguinius has for us.”

Bentre nodded. “Sounds like a plan.” The couple walked together as they continued their travel down the hallway and into a large room. In the middle of the room was a table and several padded chairs, in the same manner she might have found in her former Quaestor’s office. Both quickly found a chair, with Stahoes placing himself a chair’s distance away from his wife.

The two sat in quiet contemplation before the blue-skinned Marauder broke the silence. “Macron should also be here as well. Sang informed me before breaking the comm connection, so it should be the four of us altogether.”

“Macron, eh? Sound interesting,” Bentre replied as he began to toy with his datapad.“Who do you think will come in first?”

“I have no idea. I’d rather wait and see. Unlike you, I don’t take bets, Bentre.”

“Oh, come on you are no fun, Tasha. I think it will be Macron.” As though in response to his words, a door opened, its doorway being filled with the grotesque form of the Mad Alchemist. The man took a moment to examine the room before taking his first steps into the room.

“Evening folks, it’s nice to see some familiar faces.” Reaching the table, he stretched a bit before taking a seat at the table. As Tasha’Vel waved in greeting, he gave the Markosian a smile.

“Likewise, it is nice to see you again, Macron.” Though she had stepped down from the Quaestor of her house several months prior, her tone still kept the same warmth and kindness that Macron had come to expect of her. “ Though I have a feeling that this meeting isn’t going to be just a reunion and catch up.”

“I wish it was Tasha, but I suppose you are correct in your assumptions.” Sanguinius interrupted as he stepped inside the door across from the south side of the room. “I suppose you all are wondering as to why I called you. Well let me get started.”


XS-800 Light Cruiser

Sanguinius looked at the trio sat in the room, “I’ve called you here because I need your help and I know you’ll be receptive to doing so.”

Bentre snorted derisively, “Not like you to ask us to do something bad, Sang.”

Macron and Tasha continued to stare at Sang. “I know that you’re not fans of Pravus and I have a job that’ll piss him off.”

Macron smiled, “Tell me more.”

“Well, Macron, you’ve made no secret of your dislike of our esteemed Grand Madma…I mean, Master,” Sang jested. “Two scientists have gone missing. Word on the grapevine is that Pravus has an interest in them.”

“And you want to find them before he does?” Tasha finished.

“Correct, Blue.” Sang grinned. “My contact believes the Paladin holds information on the duo that may be beneficial to us. I can get us on board the Paladin, as a Professor, but I won’t have access to the full record system. We’ll need to get access, Tee-Cee may come in handy there. If not, then it’ll be a repeat of the rebel’s covert strike on Scarif.”

“You mean their suicide mission?” Bentre frowned.

“Well, we won’t have the Death Star to worry about here.” Sang winked.

“No, we’ll have a pissed off Farrin and a ship full of his minions to worry about.” Macron laughed, “I relish the challenge. Anything to cause Pravus a headache.”

“Good,” Sang clasped his hands in amusement, “We need to keep this on the down low though.”

“Understood.” the three Sadowans agreed.

“We’ll be leaving immediately for the Paladin. It’s current location is near Arx, but the Nelumbonaceae is equipped to be stealthy.” Sang instructed.

“Let’s get to it then,” Bentre uttered, “I don’t want to be hanging around here too much longer.”

Victory Star Destroyer Paladin
Arx System
18 hours later

“Your code checks out, Troaka.” Ensign Ridley spoke into the com-piece. “You’re clear to dock in Bay 14.”

“Thanks, Paladin Control.” Sang replied, before cutting the connection. “Take us in, Binky.” the pilot droid beeped in response, their concern for Sanguinius evident. “Don’t worry, Binky, we’ll be fine.”

Macron came up behind Sanguinius, “So, we’re in?”

“We’re in,” Sang responded. “Bentre and I will take Tee-Cee with us. You and Tasha will exit the Nelum after we’re off the ship and exfiltrate. You’ll need to make sure we have a clear path back to the ship. Also, if you see Marcus, make sure he doesn’t see you. He’s smart enough to put two and two together and I don’t want Naga Sadow implicated.”

“Consider it done, Jedi.” Macron chuckled. “Don’t go and die before I get the chance to kill you myself.”

Sang rolled his eyes, “I’ll try to avoid getting shot.”

He rose from his seat and went into the common area. Bentre and Tasha were prepping their kits. “Ready, Bentre?” Sang asked.

“As I’ll ever be, Sang.” Bentre looked at his wife, “I’ll be seeing you soon.”

“I look forward to it,” Tasha replied. “Don’t get caught, you don’t want us pulling your butts out of the fire. I won’t let you forget it.” she laughed.

The Nelumbonaceae shuddered as it landed. A series of beeps came through Sang’s comlink from Binky, informing the Entar that they were able to depart from the ship.

“If we’re not back in 90 minutes, come and find us.” Sang asked Macron.

“Good luck, Jedi.” Macron grinned as Bentre and Sang opened the hatch and strode down and out into the hangar.

“Thanks.” replied the Augur.


Nelumbonaceae XS-800 Light Cruiser
Inside the Victory Star Destroyer Paladin
Arx System

Bentre, Sanguinius, and Tee-Cee departed the ship via the ramp as Macron fumed quietly in the hold. “Exfiltrate,” grumbled the Sith as he checked his chronometer. “ Ninety minutes. I’d rather just kill everyone. Except Marcus, he’s alright.”

Tasha Vel smiled quietly. “I’m sure you would. That might get us all killed though. I’m sure you are smarter than that. I also have my duty to my child to not get killed to consider, you know? Let’s hope it won’t come to that.” The Gray Jedi considered their situation. “I wonder what Sang meant by exfiltrate?”

“I don’t know exactly.” The Adept considered it carefully. “In scientific terms, that would be the residue on the outside of a filter. But I doubt that is what the Jedi meant.” The madman winked at Tasha with a chuckle. “He did say to keep their path back clear. What is your read on that tidbit?”

“It is a Brotherhood ship so random slayings would be discouraged. However we should keep our options open.” The Twilek eyed the disruptor pistol hanging from Macron’s belt. “Is that thing really necessary?”

“Of course,” the Elder said as he stood up and walked to look out the exit ramp hatch. “What could be cleaner than a disintegration?” The madman frowned. “Of course I did de-tune it a bit. Takes a bit longer so their nervous system can really… appreciate the experience. Heh heh.”

Tasha looked slightly disgusted. “I am not surprised.” The warrior woman gestured towards the pilot’s cabin. “Binky, keep those engines ready. We may need to leave in a hurry.”

Macron chuckled as he slipped on a pair of crushgaunts. “I am surprised, however that you did not turn yet. I’ve been lax in my duties. This waiting is driving me mad. Heh.”

The Twilek straightened up and looked the madman right in his mismatched eyes. “That is my own decision, and none of yours. I walk the path of balance for now.”

“For now,” nodded Macron. “I respect your resolve. You have great strength and showed it well leading House Marka Ragnos.” The Alchemist looked distracted for a second. “I think we have company. I can feel people approaching…”

“Oh boy,” Tasha said dryly. “Let’s hope they are friendly or we can pull the wool over their eyes. As much as I hate to say it you stick out like a hungry wampa in the freezer section at the foodmerch my friend. You’d better hide in here.” She opened a storage locker and gestured at Macron. “In you go.” The Juggernaut looked at her incredulously and meekly stepped into the locker with an almost hurt expression. Tasha shut the locker with a clang and a chuckle of her own as she turned to the hatchway.


As he walked the halls of the Paladin alongside his Proconsul, the Sith’s mind was already working quickly. He gripped the datapad in his flesh-and-blood hand hard enough that it almost slipped from his sweating palm. This mission would require a little more subtly than he felt completely prepared for.

They have no reason to suspect you, Stahoes. He had to mentally reassure himself. You are a Professor, and your credentials will check out if anybody questions your clearance. Worst case- what- you say that you just got a bit turned around? That might offset initial suspicions.

It still took some getting used to, the sensation of being respected. He normally projected an air of unflappable pride, a undeniable bit of self-deception at times. He was still every bit the cocky slicer he had always been at heart. Still, it contrasted awkwardly with the genuine respect he seemed to garner from his Clan mates now.

“Your asset better be worth the trip, Sanguinius” Bentre chose his words deliberately, his words scarcely a growl as he glanced at his fellow Professor. His eyes darted down towards his datapad. He tilted the screen just enough to get a glance, before swiping a finger across the touch display. The datapad flashed green as the program started. Barely suppressing a smile, he motioned to the surroundings in general.

“So, how long do you think we can continue to do all this?” These words did not draw an immediate reaction from the Augur as the Corellian had expected. Slowly, it seemed that Sanguinius bit at his lip just the slightest bit, as though he were holding back words which threatened to boil from out of the back of his throat. “Surely this situation does not remain tenable while the loyalties of some are still in question?”

At this, the Proconsul stopped, turning to lock gazes with the smirking Battlemaster. “Focus, Stahoes. We have a job to do here.”

Yer the boss, boss.”