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[RoS: Escalation] Team Elite Furry Corps (Harmonist)



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Cannot edit the initial post for some reason so adding Doon’s Snapshot this way before we get rolling.


This must have been the most bestial cargo the Riptide had ever carried: Four Shistavanen, and one of them brought a canine pet to boot. Their fifth team member, the odd one out, didn’t have eyes. Quite the strike team. But hey, they needed a lift in the middle of this warzone, and her ship was in the right place at the right time. Not that they could have asked for better.

“So,” Captain Myria Vital started with a grin, glancing toward the largest of her furry guests. “We’re flying into that dogfight?”

Doon grunted. “Yeah. They’ve already got their pirates on board the Geta, and apparently, they have the resources to make things worse before the Vel can arrive. The faster you can get us there, the better.”

Her grin never faltered. “You’ve got the right girl for the job. Might want to strap in, though. I don’t exactly fly casual.”

That was all Doon needed to hear. The Riptide accelerated as he stepped out of the cockpit to join the rest of the team. The lot of them were jostled as soon as he secured himself. If not for the ship’s inertial dampeners, broken bones and raw G-force injuries may have been a concern as their pilot began making erratic maneuvers. Muffled sounds of weapons fire and deflector shield impacts echoed through the ship’s walls.

“I was just about to ask how many minutes until our bodies were atomized,” Mune piped up right away, “but now I think ‘seconds’ would be more appropriate.”

Kathka’s shrug could barely be made out as the ship shunted them again. “Needs a better riff for the explosion,” she said about as casually as could be.

Archian growled. “No one is gonna die, you hear? Not while I’m here.” He hugged his loads of medicinal gear and explosives close to keep them from spilling across the cabin.

Kaled remained silent, just breathing deep and praying the Force would protect them.

“If we’re done planning funerals, we’ve got a job to do,” Doon said with a snarl. “Let’s go over this one more time.”

He paused briefly as his body was pressed against his seat by the motion of the ship, then presented his datapad with an annoyed huff. The others peered over at the triangular starship on display. “The Geta is an Immobilizer 418-class Heavy Cruiser. As long as it’s active, it controls hyperspace across the warzone, but putting it to work has made the damn thing vulnerable. The Revenants have boarded it, and as soon as we get through this–” Another sharp maneuver interrupted him. “–this bullet storm, we’re going after them.”

The image shifted to schematics as Doon pointed around with his claws. “Multiple raiding parties have already dug in, and more on the way. The Principate crew inside couldn’t rally before they took a hard blow, so expect a rough fight. The goal is likely the bridge, but if they’re as crafty as they think they are, there’s probably a contingency in place if they can’t keep it for themselves. We don’t know how deep they are yet, so we’re gonna need to formulate our further plans as we go. No matter what, we’ve got to be fast. Got it?”

Mune took a good look at the schematics, blinked, then tapped his forehead with a grin. “Thanks for the map.”

Before the others could answer, the captain’s voice came through to the cabin. “We’re just about in, but I can’t stay parked here. Get ready to jump out.”

“No chance for retreating if it goes bad,” Archian grumbled.

“I think we’re well past the point of backing out,” Kathka figured.

Kaled breathed deep. “Whatever happens… try to keep people alive. Remember, we can’t make this easy for the Restorers, either.”

Doon grunted. “We’ll see. The mission comes first.”

The motion of the ship steadied. They had to be pulling into the hangar.

Doon unfastened himself with the others and grabbed his helmet. Kathka released Gladitusk from his secured pen and drew her bow as the anooba leapt out. Archian’s riot shield energized as several lightsabers lit up the cabin with new colors. It was go-time.


Standing ready, the hum of hydraulics filled the cabin. Within seconds the hatch depressurized and opened to the hangar beyond. The scent of durasteel, oil and smoke immediately filled the cabin, tickling their nostrils with the pungent reek of battle. It was clear that combat had already begun to push deeper into the ship from the fore launching bay. However, the question remained as to how many enemies had invaded via the primary launch bay further down the haul of the massive vessel.

“I’ve received a communication from the tower; enemy parties have been intercepted throughout the ship, but the line is holding them at the sensor station, but only just. There is no telling if any have managed alternate routes to bypass the block,” Myria called back the report. “Either way, my job is done.”

“Be careful out there,” Mune offered.

“Be careful yourselves,” she returned. “Now get off of my ship, and don’t you guys die. I’d never hear the end of it from your husband, Mune.”

Mune smirked, “As it should be.”

They filed out into the hangar. The hatch closed behind them, and they watched the Riptide launch and leave them to their mission with nowhere to go but forward. Doon did not wait for anyone to suggest he take the lead; he just did it; being the biggest and what appeared to be the most combat-capable, he figured it only made sense.

“Are you sure you are okay taking the lead?”

This from Mune, Doon glanced back at him, “Why, Force-user? Think you’d do a better job?”

“No, I am no soldier - far from, in fact,” The shorter Shistavanen eyed him then spoke in Shistavanen, knowing full well only the Miraluka would not understand, though it mattered not for what he was to say, “It is only right to be concerned for the safety of one’s pack.”

Kaled appeared mildly put off, but Mune offered him a reassuring touch on the shoulder.

An explosion sounded from further within the vessel, snapping all heads in its direction. Doon eyed the shorter Mune for a moment more before he finally turned bodily in the direction they were to go, and together they all moved, purpose driving their footfalls upon the durasteel path. In the mouth of one of the hangar entrances, they could see a small line of Geta crew trying desperately to repel a group of enemies that were close to overrunning their position. It was a near thing as things stood. The small number that remained within the launching bay concerned them; how many had made it deeper? It was on all their minds.

The enemy did not even see them coming, as busy as they were trying to overrun the line before them. Before they realized what was upon them, there came Doon, a great hand grabbing the nearest pirate by the shoulder and spinning him around to come face to fist. The blow sent a shock of electricity through the man and left him prone and more like than not seeing stars. Kathka and Archian both raised bows, arrows knocked. They made for an interesting sight with their choice of weapons; everything in their stance shouted that they knew how to use their choice of weapon with no small degree of skill. They sighted down the length of the arrow shafts and let fly, catching two turning pirates. One caught an arrow in the shoulder; the other took an arrow to the knee. Both let out startled cries. More than a few blasters became levelled upon their position, but now the pirates were being fought on two sides, caught in a pincer assault.

Together, Mune and Kaled took up positions and focused, both Arcanists drawing upon the Force. As triggers were being squeezed, the two Force-users reached out, and with a motion of their hands, two of the enemies found their blasters jerked sideways. Shots were unintentionally fired upon allies and blasted knocked from hands. The two men looked shocked before their blasters were jerked up to smash noses and send blood fountaining. They both crumpled to the floor out cold. The Arcanists released their grasp of the Force at once and centred themselves to defend, the lightsabers cascading to life once more in a brilliant shock of plasma.

“You’d think they’d keep a stronger grip on their guns….” Kaled muttered.

“What say we make this quick so we can get to the main force?” Mune laughed, “Remember, kill no one.”