[RoS: Escalation] Team LOREM (Harmonist)


RoS: Escalation Small Team Runon #16809

Team Members

  • Sven Rawioni [ snapshot, Kris]
  • Sang [ snapshot ]
  • Turel [ snapshot ]
  • Savant Xolarin [ snapshot ]

Phase 1 Prompt

Teams pledged to the Restorers and Harmonists must deploy to defend the Geta. Revenant forces have engaged the ship’s TIE squadrons and will begin boarding imminently. The VSD Vel, previously anchored in orbit, is approaching to protect the Geta but will not arrive in time to prevent the pirates from boarding the interdictor. It’s up to your team how you reach the Geta and engage with the Revenant forces assaulting it. How you accomplish the ultimate goal of protecting or retaking the ship is your choice, but should be influenced by the alignment of your pledged sub-faction.