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Team Roster:

Objective Selected: Revenge path


Phase I objectives

‘‘Phase I begins on October 14th and ends on October 28th (two (2) weeks)’’

After intercepting a transmission from the now destroyed Brotherhood Listener ship, the Psi Termina I, your team has been hand-picked and sent on a mission. You are already boarded on the Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser Akan, arriving in an Imperial boarding craft through the auxiliary starboard hangar, only several decks below your target. The Akan’s hyperdrives and major systems have been disabled by ion cannons from escorting ships and a battle still rages outside.

The ship’s power fluctuates with every blow from turbo lasers and ion cannons and you have limited time to complete your mission. The Collective regiment typically onboard is currently deployed, but ship security is fully staffed and some elements of the regiment may still be onboard. Intel expects Soldiers and Partisans onboard.

Your team has been tasked to complete one of the following objectives in limited time (you may complete only one (1) objective):

  • Revenge path: Reach the main bridge, face and eliminate Captain Brith Kayle and extract valuable information from the computer core before the fleet destroys the ship.

  • Sabotage path: Reach the primary computer core behind the main bridge, extract the information and set the ship to self-destruct before extracting.

  • Pacifist path: Reach the primary environmental controls on the main bridge, pacify the whole ship with Stun gas before extracting data from the computer core and calling in the cavalry.

Caution: the Captain is accompanied by an unknown number of enemy combatants.

The Phase must end with the bridge secured and the ship either pacified or destroyed. In all but the Revenge path, the Captain’s fate is up to you.


“We are down!" The triumphant cry came from behind Bentre as he stared intently at the still-closed boarding ramp. The journey to the cruiser had been every bit as eventful as he had expected. If he were honest, he would admit it reminded him of the descent of his team to the ground back at Nancora. Krennel had performed as admirably here at the helm of Imperial landing craft as he had at in his own Star Courier in their first tussle on the Collective’s territory. As before, he had weaved in and out between ships, wreckage and weapons fire to touch down right beneath the nose of the Collective.

The Warlord took a breath, looking sideways at Jurdan as he stepped up to stand next to his comrades. As Jurdan eyeballed his Inquisitorius scanner, Tasha’Vel stepped up to the other side of the human Battlemaster. The sapphire-skinned Rollmaster was brandishing her worn vibroblade with a grimace of cold determination. No mercy could be found in the woman’s eyes. The emotion flashing in Jurdan’s eyes was quieter, but no weaker than that of the Twi’lek. All three of them felt a deep grudge against the Collective. There was still a due to be paid for the loss of their home system of Orian…

“So this is it.” Stahoes spoke in long, even tones. “The Collective decides to take one of ours, so we are going to take one of theirs.” His right hand hovered over the release switch for the shuttle’s boarding ramp. “Well, regardless of how well this goes, I wanted to thank you both for accompanying me on this mission. Especially you, Jurdan. I mean, even after all this time away from the rest of the Clan, you did not blink half as much as I had expected when I requested your help. It has been a while, but you returned to help us take this bridge and bloody the nose of the Collective.” The Sadowan Consul fingered the unactivated hilt of his lightsaber with metallic fingers as he pushed the ramp release button.


As the ramp descended, Tasha’Vel braced herself. The initial jolt of the dropped ramp was accompanied by a brief rush of cooler air as the Sadowans were exposed to the hanger outside the shuttle. Her team was not alone. Several uniformed security personnel were scrambling around, taking up position against the intruders. The three were immediately met with blaster fire from several security officers, a few of whom already had trained their weapons on the sapphire-skinned Sith.

Taking position behind some large cargo crates, the Twil’lek avoided the cascade of fiery blaster bolts which filled the area she had occupied moments before. A stray bolt grazed a cheek as the Rollmaster poked her head over the makeshift barricade to take stock of the situation. Likewise, Bentre and Jurdan spread out to take cover behind equipment. Already, Stahoes was putting some pressure on the security officers with his SE-44c blaster. Krennel was likewise attempting to lay down some suppressive fire. As Tasha’Vel considered the three soldiers attacking her team. She needed a way to break the suppressive fire to allow Jurdan and Bentre to move forward.

Tasha’Vel ignited her lightsaber, concentrating on the Force as she drew back her arm, taking aim at the nearest hostile to her position. Pitching the weapon forward in an arc, she watched as the violet energy blade twirled in the air towards her target. This drew a brief pause as two of the soldiers changed targets, allowing Bentre to pop his head out from cover. As the Sadowan Warlord returned fire, Jurdan took an opportunity to slip forward toward the enemy position.


The opening had come. As Tasha’s saber flew through the air, Jurdan leapt up from his place of safety and moved forward to the next piece of equipment. He watched as Bentre popped out from cover, making quick work of two security officers with well-placed shots to the head. Gripping his DL-44 tightly as he rose, Jurdan took aim at the last few guards. He laid down suppressive fire upon them as Tasha vaulted over the barrier separating her and the remaining men. As she landed between the two men, she turned on a foot and kicked kicked the man to the ground. She did not stop there, bringing her lightsaber around to slice into the second guard. She then fell into a crouch and let her Nightsister dagger fly into the eye socket of the final remaining guard.
“Interesting use of the dagger, Tasha,” Bentre commented off-hand as he rose from his cover, slowly walking toward his wife.

“When you are in a spot, you use what you use.” Tasha smiled, giving an a shrug.

“I missed this.” Jurdan said with a little smile. “Isolation can be so boring, and contemplating the Force is tiresome after a time. Let’s move out and get this figured out.

The trio of compatriots headed to the end of the hanger bay where the doors to the innards of the ship lay. Jurdan looked quickly at the terminal, and it showed that the security locks had been engaged. He began to fiddle with the keypad as he tried to get the door open. Tasha showed little patience with the task, choosing to stab the control panel with her lightsaber. The doorway opened as the panel sparked dangerously.

“Yes, that will do.” Jurdan’s voice was bemused as he examined the destroyed panel in wide-eyed surprise. “I definitely needed to get back into the fight.”


“We have all been out of the fight for too long.” The words had bubbled up unbidden from the lips of the Twi’lek Marauder. The Sadowan Rollmaster peered down at her weapon’s bright, violet blade for a moment, as though contemplating her own words more carefully. The emotion she felt was not immediately evident. After a few moments, the Twi’lek gave the tip of the lightsaber a wiggle, before slashing at the air with the well-worn weapon. She appeared to bitterly relish the words. The tone and inflection of the words drew pointed attention from the Corellian Sith. Though he was obviously interested in hearing more, the scarred Consul’s gaze shifted between either of his Sith comrades.

His expression was a mixture of appreciation and apprehension. In that moment, it did not appear that she had any regard for her husband. His feelings, his attitude, his composure or lack thereof- none of it meant a karking thing to Tasha’Vel in that moment. Rather than the woman that Bentre Stahoes had married, she was a wicked predator of the watery deeps. She was on the hunt and there was already Collective blood in the water.

“Calm down, both of you.” Stahoes’ words were firm, but not angry. “There will be so many chances to unleash your rage before this day is up. We have so much to do, and our ride home is not going anywhere just yet. You do not need to release all your rage to such waste.” Taking short hops from boot to foot in a jig of jittery energy, Bentre let loose a shuddering sigh. “All you need to do is draw a few slow breaths, and push down your desire for vengeance for a time. Do not stomp out that fire, but slowly stoke the embers. Leash your wrath for a time. Instead wait for the perfect moment to let loose the fiery hounds of your retribution!”

“Nonsense.” The single word of the muscular human Sith was presenting cold refusal, with no sign of either compromise or capitulation. Krennel was now stalking down the hallway, followed closely by the female Versea. The pair were dangerously brandishing their weapons as they traveled down the hallway.

The Sith Warlord shook his head, walking quickly behind to keep pace with the incensed pair. He poked at his datapad thoughtfully. The briefing and initial intelligence files scrolled down the screen. If they were careful, they might be able to make the rest of their journey relatively unseen. If a turbolift could be located, their arrival on the bridge would merely be a matter of time.

“We will need to work quickly.” The Corellian Shadow announced his words decisively. “So tell me, Jurdan, what do you really believe that we ought to do in this situation? What cunning plan do your propose?”

The Dakhani man paused mid step and turned sideways to stare down his friend and Consul. His expression became markedly darker. “Did you forget what we experienced on Nancora, Bentre? Did you forget the things we lost, the wounds we endured, the people who died?” His eyes narrowed. “I did not and have not. I am with Tasha’Vel. We have been dealt several grievous wounds by the Collective. It is time to start repaying the outstanding debt I cannot and I will not allow all that pain to be for nothing.”

The Corellian drew a sharp breath. “Fine.” The scarred man looked between the male and female Sith now standing defiantly before him. The word did not elicit the reaction the Clan leader had expected. Instead, it seemed to harden their resolve. “Yet, I ask you one thing. Help me to help you both. We need a path up to the bridge. Help me to find a console to work from. With data access, we can pull the blueprints of the ship. Hopefully we will be able to disable some of the security measures. We get that much closer to the big event: a chance to take the bridge.”

“Just give me some Collective bodies and fifteen minutes. I will take care of the rest.” Krennel’s voice was low and menacing.

“It looks,” Stahoes pointed behind his compatriots, “like you both may have an easier time of it than you had first expected.” The Twi’lek and human turned around. A pair of muscular, hairless soldiers had rounded the corner of an nearby intersecting hallway. The new enemies started by smartly snapping their blaster rifles to attention.

Each drew a bead on their own choice of target. Meanwhile, or the pair of Battlemasters, there was no need to come to agreement. The two worked together in a flawless tandem, bringing the ire of the disciples of Sadow down upon the soldiers in quick succession. The screams were short-lived, leaving lifeless flesh fit only to be fed to the lowest of hounds.

“Where did he get off to now?” The Twi’lek wondered aloud. She was left without an answer for but a moment. Three, heavy metallic clangs met the question before an inconspicuous hatch laid into the wall had opened. The head of the Sadowan Consul poked out from behind it. “You know what?” There was a hint of laughter in the man’s voice. “I think I like this idea better. We could spend ages with their computer system. I want to save my time for the core, and this looks like it will be more fun.” The Corellian winked.

A moment of silence followed the remark. The mirth on the Walord’s face turned to disappointment, before slipping into mock hurt.

“Maintenance tunnels,” Krennel’s voice was begrudging but curious, “or something else?”

“Oh yes! Lovely things, really they are. The maintenance tubes will let us probe deeper into the depths of the ship. We can just climb past additional hostile forces. A little faster, we can make our way up toward the bridge. After all, didn’t you two want to cause some havoc?” Stahoes grinned. “More than that, didn’t you want to get into the real fight, Jurdan?”


Tasha’Vel sighed a bit as she began crawling up the maintenance shaft. “Yes, just what I wanted to do. Crawl around through maintenance tunnels. Make me feel like womp rat scurrying around. I certainly hope we get some more action besides this.”

Bentre smirked slightly as he kept moving upwards. “There will be plenty of action once we get to the bridge. Someone will have to keep them occupied while I slice into the mainframe.”

“I certainly hope so, cause this would be the lamest story to tell to the Clan on how we bravely made our way through the Collective Ship. Bypassing everything.” She remarked sarcastically.

“Just tell them I was a very sneaky, very deadly womp rat. I was just trying to even the odds.” The Twil’lek could hear the mirth in her husband’s voice.

“You two are definitely married. I for one just want to get out of this tunnel soon.” Jurdan added as he followed single file behind Tasha.The Twi’lek and Jurdan kept following the Consul for some time until he stopped momentarily and spoke.

“We are almost to the hatch I think.” Bentre replied with a hint of slight doubt in his voice. “Let me just climb up a bit further here and see.”

“Oh great, guesswork. Just what we need now.” The Rollmaster sighed as she stretched her left hand.

As he climbed up, Bentre could see the hatch and began to push against it. Without too much force, it opened up.

“Well we are certainly fortunate that opened, Bentre. To my knowledge, the maintenance doors are normally locked. I’m also surprised we haven’t been detected yet.”

“Don’t look a gift Kowokian Lizard in the mouth, nechaska. We aren’t scott free yet.” Bentre answered as he stepped out of the tunnel and into a hallway. Tasha’vel and Jurdan had just stepped out, when a loud buzzing noise pierced the quiet hallway.

“Well frak, so much for stealth.”

The trio could hear the sound of several sets of feet quickly approaching their position. As the Sadowans turned to run down the hallway in retreat, Bentre spotted two huge double blast doors. The doors were closing, with the locks engaging with a pneumatic hiss. A half dozen Technocrat soldiers stood, guarding the closed entrance with blasters drawn and pointed at the three Sith.

“I think we just found the bridge.” Jurdan mused as he prepared to strike.


Jurdan looked at his comrades, and they looked back at him and then each other. “If you two can keep them off of me for a few seconds I think I have an idea.” Jurdan proposed.

The Consul and his mate nodded in agreement as the rain of blaster fire started to pour in on them. The female Marauder ignited her deadly blade and threw it towards the firing soldiers. Guiding it with the Force, Tasha’Vel cut through half of the soldiers, allowing Jurdan to charge towards the blast doors. Jurdan deflected a few carefully aimed blasts back at the rest of the enemy soldiers before turning his back to them. He reached out with the Force, and concentrated on the double blast doors in front of him. He sensed for the imperfections in the durasteel. Finding the sweet spot he took his blade and sunk it deep within the locking mechanism. He twisted and rotated the blade, and he watched as the metal superheated and started to melt. He could hear screaming and yelling from the other side of the doors, “they are coming through! How is this possible?” Jurdan laughed as he could sense their fear. He fed on the screams, the terror in the officers and crew on the other side of the doors.

Bentre, and Tasha, held off the enemy troops long enough for him to do his work. He could hear the blaster fire decreasing until the last thing he could hear was the hum of their sabers. Both Sadowans stood at the ready just in case there were anymore enemies on their way. Jurdan could sense that they were almost through the doors. As he felt this the doors locking mechanism dropped in a melted puddle of durasteel and the doors opened slowly. Jurdan picked his head up slowly and smiled from ear to ear as his prey had been found.

Wasting no time at all the trio of clan mates leapt into action. Bodies went flying to the floor, arms were sliced from their place, and heads had been severed with such fury that no one would soon forget the name Naga Sadow. With no one else to defend him, Brith Kayle became no more than a memory as the trio cut him down.

“Well it looks like we have the bridge to ourselves,” Jurdan scoffed as he hoped for more of a thrill. “You should get to it Bentre.”

The Consul moved quickly to hack into the ship’s core computer systems. Jurdan and Tasha stood guard by the entrance of the bridge. The doors had stopped opening shortly after they had entered leaving a small opening big enough for two people to defend. Bentre had been able to disable the ship security alarms so that the other crew would think the Sadowans had been dealt with.

It took several long minutes of waiting, and watching down the hallway before they heard something from the Consul. They turned to see that he held the downloaded computer core in his hands. “Right, I think we have what we came for. Shall we go?” Bentre said with a wry laugh.


This Phase lasts from October 29th until November the 11th (two (2) weeks)

Request from the organizers: Please add a note to the top of the next post which path your team will choose in this Phase. Thank you.

Phase II objectives

Your team left the dreadnought Akan with information that, together with the data analysed by Clans and the Inquisitorius, has lead your to the Meridian Prime space station, a fortress, correctional facility and space dock floating in interstellar space just off the Wild Space boundary. Already under attack by Clan and Dark Council forces, dogfights light up the blackness around the behemoth, and intel suggests the shields and defenses have not yet been weakened enough for a full-scale naval assault. The station is on full alert and firefights have already started as skirmishes between Collective troops and Brotherhood assault teams pepper its three massive hangar bays.

The station houses civilian and enemy personnel, including a correctional facility that holds hundreds of Brotherhood prisoners of war, both Non-Force users and Force users alike. The prison has an isolated security system, its own power generator and life-support. Intel suggests that the prison is managed by a powerful AI (artificial intelligence) controlling the Dioxis security system, many defense blaster turrets, ray shields and a large complement of Imperial Sentry Droids acting as guards, controlled by the prison warden. The interior of the prison itself is pumped with a thin mist of Dioxis gas, preventing escape and anarchy.

You have been dropped off on the lower decks via boarding pod.

Breath masks are provided for this mission, should your team require them. Any Possessions item that prevents inhaling of poisonous gas will be effective as well.

Your team has been tasked to complete one of the following objectives in limited time (you may complete only one (1) objective):

  • Revenge path: Reach the correctional facility and eliminate prison warden Rutgar-4. Caution is advised as there are Imperial Sentry Droids defending him.

  • Sabotage path: Reach the prison’s AI core to recycle the life support and free the prisoners. Prepare for a riot as many prisoners are powerful Force Users and Non-Force Users.

  • Pacifist path: Reach the prison’s AI core and disable the security systems to allow incoming Brotherhood troops to secure the facility.

The phase must end with the prison facility secured, one way or another. In all but the Revenge path, the prison warden’s fate is up to you.

Relevant character sheets:

  • CS: Rutgar-4
  • Since there are no character sheets for droids, participants will use the Possessions i9tem page as reference: Imperial Sentry Droids
  • See the station wiki for other possible adversaries

This Phase lasts from November 12th until November the 19th (one (1) week)

Request from the organizers: Please add a note to the top of the next post which path your team will choose in this Phase. Thank you.

Phase III objectives

The Brotherhood advances. What started as sporadic fighting in the major hangar bays of Meridian has turned into an all-out battle on all decks. Spurred by your team’s success in the prison, your Clan forces have come to support you and issue new orders for your team.

Daggo Mouk, one of the leaders of the Collective and the Guildmaster of the Technocratic Guild, has been confirmed on the station. With him he has a potent Technocratic Artifact that, if whisked away, would threaten the position of the Brotherhood in future engagements.

Daggo’s last known position was in the command center, however we have been having trouble following his movements. Wherever he is on the station, he would not leave the artifact unattended. The return of the artifact to Brotherhood hands is of absolute strategic value.

Your team has been tasked to complete one of the following objectives in limited time (you may complete only one (1) objective):

  • Revenge path: Confront and eliminate Daggo Mouk. Have no mercy.

  • Sabotage path: Sabotage the Collective’s future plans by stealing the artifact by any means necessary.

  • Pacifist path: Capture Daggo Mouk for interrogation and trial.

The phase must end with the artifact retrieved. Daggo’s fate is open-ended and up to you.

Relevant character sheets: