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Objective Selected:
Revenge path

Team Roster:

Alara Deathbane:


Kell Palpatine Dante:


Phase I objectives

‘‘Phase I begins on October 14th and ends on October 28th (two (2) weeks)’’

After intercepting a transmission from the now destroyed Brotherhood Listener ship, the Psi Termina I, your team has been hand-picked and sent on a mission. You are already boarded on the Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser Akan, arriving in an Imperial boarding craft through the auxiliary starboard hangar, only several decks below your target. The Akan’s hyperdrives and major systems have been disabled by ion cannons from escorting ships and a battle still rages outside.

The ship’s power fluctuates with every blow from turbo lasers and ion cannons and you have limited time to complete your mission. The Collective regiment typically onboard is currently deployed, but ship security is fully staffed and some elements of the regiment may still be onboard. Intel expects Soldiers and Partisans onboard.

Your team has been tasked to complete one of the following objectives in limited time (you may complete only one (1) objective):

  • Revenge path: Reach the main bridge, face and eliminate Captain Brith Kayle and extract valuable information from the computer core before the fleet destroys the ship.

  • Sabotage path: Reach the primary computer core behind the main bridge, extract the information and set the ship to self-destruct before extracting.

  • Pacifist path: Reach the primary environmental controls on the main bridge, pacify the whole ship with Stun gas before extracting data from the computer core and calling in the cavalry.

Caution: the Captain is accompanied by an unknown number of enemy combatants.

The Phase must end with the bridge secured and the ship either pacified or destroyed. In all but the Revenge path, the Captain’s fate is up to you.


Alara peeked over the edge of her shoulder to glance at the guards just down the hallway around the corner from her. When she felt like it was safe enough, she turned and nodded to her fellow colleagues, Xantros and Dante, to follow in pursuit of her next move. This mission was a tough one. She knew that no matter happened next, they had to succeed. The Brotherhood was counting on it. Rattles and rumbles of the ship being attacked by the Quaestor’s allies made it hard for her to concentrate on the task at hand. She focused further in and reached to the Force for guidance. With a quick breath, she spun around, energy bow aimed at the ready in case the guards happened to spot her movements. The Sephi was graceful and nimble in her steps which tended to aid her in times like these. However, her ally, Dante, decided to go with a different approach.

“Alright, bastards! Your time is up!” Kell Palpatine Dante flicked his pistols through his digits and let out a shot at each of the four guards ahead. Thankfully, his aim was well-experienced from many wars, and hit each target with deadly accuracy. Each guard dropped to the ground in a pile of corpses.

“This is not what I thought we discussed. I thought we were doing this in a clean manner.” Xantros spoke up, annoyed with his group member.

“Where’s the fun in that? These farkin arseholes have done enough to our Brotherhood, let alone our clan. I aint planning on going easy no matter what you assassin-like folk prefer.” Kell retorted and flicked his guns back into their appropriate holsters on either side of his waist.

“Okay, boys. As long as we kill the big guy at the end of the race, I don’t care how we do this. Let’s just get it done and get it done sooner rather than later.” Alara rested her bow at her side and motioned for the others to go ahead of her through the hallway as she scouted from behind.


Xantros walked alongside Kell Dante, looking at the Human from time to time. It had been so long since the death of Kell’s father, Angelo, but the Duros still remember his old friend, who had recruited him into the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Now, it was one of rare opportunities to work together Angelo’s son during a mission. It was good to have someone he could trust at his side.

Two men reached a crossroad and stopped before making another move.

“Where now?” asked Xantros.

“The map suggests the right corridor,” answered Kell.

“Fine, but this time, we do it my way,” spoke the Duros.

“What do you mean?” asked the Human.

“I can sense six soldiers in that corridor,” explained the Augur. “I will bypass and attack them from behind. Give me ten seconds and make as much noise as you can, though I would save some grenades for future use.”

“As you wish,” replied the Adept.

Xantros nodded and focused. A moment later he disappeared and only a translucent shimmer could be noticed by keen observers. Ten seconds later, Kell run into the corridor shooting at their enemies from both of his BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistols. The hostile soldiers replied with heavy blaster fire, but they were simply unable to hit Dante, who avoided shots with incredible speed, running from one wall to another.

In the meantime, Xantros dropped the camouflage provided to him by the Force and activated his green-bladed lightsaber. He killed two of the enemies with a gentle strike, while Dante shot two more. Before four bodies dropped on the ground, both Force users killed the remaining two hostiles with perfectly aimed lightsaber strike and blaster shot.

The Duros looked around and grinned evilly, “Now, we can continue our way to the bridge. We must hurry up, as we do not have much time left, before this place explodes.”


Kell nodded and said “Sounds good to me. I prefer to be on the ground more than in a ticking time bomb,” as the pair moved quickly to the bridge turbolift. Hoisting his rifle, the Obelisk flipped the switch to full automatic and readied the micro-grenade launcher as the doors opened to the lift.

Luckily, no one was aboard, and the pair stepped onto the turbolift. “I wonder where Alara disappeared to?” asked Xantros as the turbolift played the Imperial March. “We should really have them add speakers to our ships. Music into battle.”

Checking his weapons, Kell responded with “Alara is probably already on the bridge sipping a drink with the captain’s head on a platter.” The music continued, and the Obelisk thoughtfully said “Hmm… I prefer a bit more of a heavy metal when I’m getting ready for a good fight, but it might be something to mention to the higher ups,” with a chuckle as he leaned against the wall. “As long as it isn’t opera…. I can’t deal with opera.”

Xantros was about to respond with something witty when the lift slowed down and began coming to a stop. “I will go low… you go high. Try and keep the bridge intact.”

As the doors opened, Xantros slid out of the lift slashing the two guards standing on either side of him. Blaster fire began peppering the displays as the Duros made his way towards the forward part of the command deck.

Kell fired off a salvo of micro-grenades at the guards that were ahead of Xantros, and another round of grenades went into the control pits that flanked the narrow walkway to the command area. He swiveled his rifle onto his back and drew his lightsaber as the action became even more close combat in nature.

Suddenly, an air vent went flying across the bridge, and Alara jumped out of the opening. She began slicing her way through the few remaining guards on that side.


The bridge was secured as the last guards got slain by three Force users. The rest of the crew members present on the bridge remained on their paces, like if they were frozen. They were aware that just one wrong move would be enough to provoke the hostiles to kill them without hesitation. Xantros looked around and grinned evilly.

“Let me negotiate with the captain, please?” asked the Dur

“As you wish,” spoke Alara. “Just be quick, we have no time.”

“Understood,” replied the Augur and move quickly towards the captain of the ship.

“What do you want from us, you vile creatures?” screamed the captain with a trembling voice. It was clearly visible that the man was afraid.

“Captain Brith Kayle, please, be kind enough to download all data from the ship’s core on this datapad and give them to us,” asked Xantros kindly, though the threat behind his words was clearly noticeable by everyone in the room. Lack of cooperation would result in a terrible effect.

“Go to hell, you monstrosity!” screamed the captain again.

Xantros raised his eyebrows in amazement. People sometimes reacted in a very strange way, when they were faced with the perspective of an impending death. Despite feeling strong fear, they sometimes managed to resist it somehow and acted bravely. The Duros looked at Alara and Dante and sighed.

“We have no time!” growled the Quaestor of House Excidium.

“You still refuse to cooperate?” asked Xantros and when the captain nodded, he continued. “I will force you to obey.”

The Augur focused on the mind of his enemy and waved his hand, “You will download the data from the core of the ship and hand it to me.”

“I will download the data from the core of the ship and hand it to you,” said the captain with a dull voice and turned back to the computer with the datapad provided to him by Xantros. “It will take several minutes before the download will be completed.”

“It is fine,” said Xantros.

“No, it is not fine!” shouted Kell Dante, when the ship shook. “Our forces are going to blow this ship apart in any moment!”

“Can you speed up the data transfer?” asked the Duros.

“No,” answered the captain.

“Are you necessary to safely remove the datapad after the transfer is complete?”

“Yes, any attempt to remove the datapad without my personal authorization codes will result in deletion of all information stored on the datapad,” explained Kayle.

“Force damn it!” cursed Xantros as the three members of Clan Scholae Palatinae were forced to wait and risk that the explosion of the ship would consume them too.

The ship shook more often and each shake was stronger. Finally, the captain took out the datapad from the computer and handed it to the Duros, who hid it in an inner pocket of his suit.

“Now, there’s just one more thing left for us to do,” spoke the Augur and looked at the captain. “Knock, knock!”

“Who is there?” asked Kayle.

“It is me, the No Nose, I kill you!” answered Xantros and stabbed the Captain with his lightsaber hilt, while activating its blade. Then, he shook his right fist in the gesture of victory and shouted,”I am No Nose, the Duros terrorist!”

“We have no time for your showings off, No Nose,” barked Dante. “We have what we came here for. Now, we need to go!”


“I called for backup. Our emergency shuttle is going to meet us at the West bay entrance. We need to get there, quickly!” Alara already began sprinting towards nearest exit of the bridge.

Red alarms and tremors reverberated throughout the entire vessel. The shrill noise of the synthetic bell rings was still sharp enough to frustrate the Sephi. She shook off the added tension and allowed her adrenaline to do the work for her. The doors were slow to open, but with a swift amplified kick the Quaestor cleared the group’s path. As the trio ran down the hallways, they ‘zigged’ and ‘zagged’ around all sorts of obstacles that found their home in the corridors: corpses of already unfortunate crew members, the furniture and metal debris that landed on top of said corpses, hanging wires, collapsed doors, and survivors still clinging to whatever life they had by also trying to get by.

“Make the next left! I’m getting a signal from the others!” Kell hollered to his comrades after looking at his datapad for added intel from their colleagues. “By the way… Looks like the battle is favoring our side so far!”

“Good to hear!” Alara shouted behind her and darted to the left as she was told.

“You think they’ll be okay with the amount of info we got from the captain?” Xantros questioned his leader.

“I think it’ll suffice. And they’ll be more than okay with the last words you gave to the captain too!” Alara finally let out a chuckle. Despite running and panting through her words, she felt relief that the current phase of their mission had reached its end. Or so it would seem.

“Couldn’t resist, M’lady!” Xantros smiled through his heavy breathing. The Dark Jedi Brotherhood members entered the large cargo bay to catch the lovely sight of a familiar ship waiting for them. As they all let out a sigh of relief and headed towards the shuttle. A massive crack, like thunder, echoed throughout the bay and shook the ground. Cracks began to stretch out like veins through the flooring. The group immediately picked up their footing and sped on wards to safety. First Kell managed to board the vessel. Shortly afterwards, Xantros. And just as the ground began to collapse underneath everything the ship was carrying, Alara rolled through the shuttle’s entrance and the door clicked shut just as the Brotherhood crew took off from the bay.

The large bay doors didn’t seem to want to open in time for the shuttle to leave, however another massive jolt in the ship from the emanating battle outside caused one of the doors to shift and rapidly fall from its holdings.

“Eli is going to be very happy with us,” Alara announced with a smirk.


This Phase lasts from October 29th until November the 11th (two (2) weeks)

Request from the organizers: Please add a note to the top of the next post which path your team will choose in this Phase. Thank you.

Phase II objectives

Your team left the dreadnought Akan with information that, together with the data analysed by Clans and the Inquisitorius, has lead your to the Meridian Prime space station, a fortress, correctional facility and space dock floating in interstellar space just off the Wild Space boundary. Already under attack by Clan and Dark Council forces, dogfights light up the blackness around the behemoth, and intel suggests the shields and defenses have not yet been weakened enough for a full-scale naval assault. The station is on full alert and firefights have already started as skirmishes between Collective troops and Brotherhood assault teams pepper its three massive hangar bays.

The station houses civilian and enemy personnel, including a correctional facility that holds hundreds of Brotherhood prisoners of war, both Non-Force users and Force users alike. The prison has an isolated security system, its own power generator and life-support. Intel suggests that the prison is managed by a powerful AI (artificial intelligence) controlling the Dioxis security system, many defense blaster turrets, ray shields and a large complement of Imperial Sentry Droids acting as guards, controlled by the prison warden. The interior of the prison itself is pumped with a thin mist of Dioxis gas, preventing escape and anarchy.

You have been dropped off on the lower decks via boarding pod.

Breath masks are provided for this mission, should your team require them. Any Possessions item that prevents inhaling of poisonous gas will be effective as well.

Your team has been tasked to complete one of the following objectives in limited time (you may complete only one (1) objective):

  • Revenge path: Reach the correctional facility and eliminate prison warden Rutgar-4. Caution is advised as there are Imperial Sentry Droids defending him.

  • Sabotage path: Reach the prison’s AI core to recycle the life support and free the prisoners. Prepare for a riot as many prisoners are powerful Force Users and Non-Force Users.

  • Pacifist path: Reach the prison’s AI core and disable the security systems to allow incoming Brotherhood troops to secure the facility.

The phase must end with the prison facility secured, one way or another. In all but the Revenge path, the prison warden’s fate is up to you.

Relevant character sheets:

  • CS: Rutgar-4
  • Since there are no character sheets for droids, participants will use the Possessions i9tem page as reference: Imperial Sentry Droids
  • See the station wiki for other possible adversaries


“Nice, whole station against us,” spoke Xantros, when he and his two companions left the boarding pad that allowed them to get onto lower decks of Meridian Prime space station… “Living guards, droid enforcers, automated defence systems…How are we supposed to quietly get in there, get rid of the prison ward and leave quietly?”

“The point is that we are not going to do that quietly,” explained Kell Dante. “That is something that they are probably not expecting.”

“What exactly do you mean?” asked Xantros.

“We will get through the main corridors to cause the security systems alert the Collective soldiers and droids. We will get rid of some of them and disappear in the ventillation shafts or side corridors to avoid larger firefights, before more of our enemies would come,” explained Dante.

“They will be able to track us and finally set a trap for us,” said Alara.

“Not really, as we will not go directly towards the penitentiary sector of the space station,” replied Dante. “It will take us some more time, but we will cause enough chaos to distract the guards and give us easier access to the prison itself.”

“And then what?” asked the Duros.

“We will depose our target with all we have,” simply stated Kell with determination on his face. “We are here accomplish this mission for our Clan and we shall not fail.”.

“I have a very bad feeling about that,” said Xantros with a loud sigh and handed Alara and Dante gas masks. “According to the intel data, we will need these things at the prison. Do not lose them or let them damaged, as we have just one for each of us.”

The trio nodded and moved out. They had to act quickly, if they wished to be successful. The longer they stayed aboard the station the higher the risk was that they would not succeed in their mission.


“This definitely isn’t the sort of plan that I’m used to, but I won’t say I’m opposed to it,” Alara tightened her braid as they entered the main alley of the space station level.

“It’s because you’re used to working with your sister, Mrs. I’m-the-one-who-started-the-secret-stab-guild,” Kell responded pertinently.

“True enough,” the Sephi added.

“ALERT. ALERT. FORCE USERS IN THE AREA. FORCE USERS IN THE AREA.” An awakened droid chirped loudly from his station in a nearby wall and began flailing his arms as he entered the alleyway.

“Danger, Will Robinson!” Xantros joked in response.

“Here we go, boys! Do we attack right away, or let em pile up first?” the Quaestor questioned her comrades.

“Does it matter? Aren’t you the one making decisions here?” Dante furrowed his brow.

“Yet again, true enough! HYYAAH!” The able-bodied warrior hoisted herself in the air and gave the bot a swift kick in the eye cables. The droid staggered and fell to the ground, yelping and groaning with alert signals to his fellow droids. The halls suddenly illuminated with red flashes accompanied by high shrill sirens. ”That oughta do it!” Alara hollered over the noise.

More and more sentry droids poured out from nearby stations, shops, and elevator shafts to flow directly towards the Palatinaeans. Xantros pulled out his blaster pistol and immediately began shooting at the nearest targets. Kell Dante whacked one with the end of his Elder Lightsaber, flicked it back in its holster, and grabbed a pistol duo from his belt. “Let’s go! The more we get following us, the better!”


The number of sentry droids increased as the firefight continued. Xantros accounted twelve droids taken down with his blaster pistol, while each of his companions got rid of a similar amount with their lightsabers. However, it seemed that the prison was far more heavily guarded than the trio had ever expected.

“We are heavily outnumbered!” shouted the Duros as another squad of sentry droids appeared at a nearby elevator and pointed at a narrow corridor on the left. “We need to get out of here before they shoot one of us down with mere amount of blaster shots!”

Dante and Alara slashed two more droids, while Xantros focused for a second. Then, they all run with an inhuman speed in the direction shown by the Augur, disappearing from the main corridor. The droids seemed to be a little bit confused for a moment, but they soon followed the intruders. However, the members of Clan Scholae Palatinae were moving much faster than the droids and left them behind.

The team reached the main corridor in another place, closer to their target, and they were right about to enter it, when Xantros noticed a Human reaching an elevator nearby. The Human was wearing a military uniform and his insignia suggested that it was a high ranked officer of the Collective. The Duros spoke to his comrades, “I may have an idea. Give me a moment.”

The Augur approached the Human, who immediately took out a blaster pistol and aimed at the alien, asking, “Who are you?”

Xantros waved his hand and said, “We are technicians. We were sent to the prison facility to determine and to remove the cause of this chaos around here. The sentry droids went rampage, believing that there were Force users around. However, due to their malfunctioning procedures, we find it difficult to reach the prison and to complete our task. Could you help us somehow?”

“Surely, I was going there myself,” replied the officer and attached the blaster pistol back to his belt. “This elevator will take us directly to the center of the prison facility, where we will have a chance to discuss the issue with Rutgar-4.”

“Excellent,” spoke the Augur and smiled politely. “Please, show us the way down there.”

Four people entered the elevator, which moved down as soon as the door closed. Less than a minute later, the door opened again. The Collective officer walked out of the elevator and said, “This way.”

Soon, they reached the main control room without any trouble, as there were surprising few security droids nearby and none of them reacted. However, Ruthar-4 immediately noticed their presence and stated with a metallic voice, “Congratulations, Captain. You have captured and brought here very dangerous criminals. I will make sure that a proper commendation will be sent to your superiors to notify them about your success.”

“Actually, they are technicians that have been sent to remove the reason of the sentry droids malfunctioning,” explained the officer.

“You are incorrect as there is no malfuction of the sentry droids,” spoke the droid. “These intruders are the reasons of the behaviour of the security droids.”

“What?” asked the Captain with shock visible on his face.

“Actually,” answered Kell Dante. “The droid is correct. We are intruders and you will be dead soon. The droid will share your fate a moment later.”

The Elder activated his lightsaber and beheaded the officer of the Collective. In the same moment, Rutgar-4 moved towards Xantros to attack him, but the Quaestor of House Excidium proved herself to be faster due to the use of the Force and pierced the chest of droid with her almost instantly activated lightsaber. The droid stopped and looked at her.

“This was unexpected…” said Rutgar-4. “It did not happen in accordance to the plan. I have not expected it, even though I planned everything carefully. Predicted all scenarios…”

“Do not worry,” replied Xantros with a charming smile. “No one expects the Imperial Inquisition and you are nor the first neither the last to underestimate biological beings, especially the ones gifted with the ability to use the Force.”

With these words, the Duros decapitated the droids and watched the mechanical body fell on the ground. He looked at the remains of the prison warden and said, “Kell, would mind making sure that this thing does not stand up again?”

“With pleasure, though I suggest moving away a bit,” answered Dante.

As the trio moved to a safe distance, the Adept activated and threw a thermal detonator and the remnants of the droid. Few seconds later, a large explosion evaporated everything within the main control room.

“Now, we should find a way to leave this station,” ordered Alara Deathbane.


This Phase lasts from November 12th until November the 19th (one (1) week)

Request from the organizers: Please add a note to the top of the next post which path your team will choose in this Phase. Thank you.

Phase III objectives

The Brotherhood advances. What started as sporadic fighting in the major hangar bays of Meridian has turned into an all-out battle on all decks. Spurred by your team’s success in the prison, your Clan forces have come to support you and issue new orders for your team.

Daggo Mouk, one of the leaders of the Collective and the Guildmaster of the Technocratic Guild, has been confirmed on the station. With him he has a potent Technocratic Artifact that, if whisked away, would threaten the position of the Brotherhood in future engagements.

Daggo’s last known position was in the command center, however we have been having trouble following his movements. Wherever he is on the station, he would not leave the artifact unattended. The return of the artifact to Brotherhood hands is of absolute strategic value.

Your team has been tasked to complete one of the following objectives in limited time (you may complete only one (1) objective):

  • Revenge path: Confront and eliminate Daggo Mouk. Have no mercy.

  • Sabotage path: Sabotage the Collective’s future plans by stealing the artifact by any means necessary.

  • Pacifist path: Capture Daggo Mouk for interrogation and trial.

The phase must end with the artifact retrieved. Daggo’s fate is open-ended and up to you.

Relevant character sheets:



“So… we could either kill the creepy guy, or we could steal the artifact. I need to say, either way I’d be satisfied.” Alara checked her cuticles and then looked up at her comrades. Both Xantros and Kell looked at her strangely.

“Yes I know! I should be making the decisions! Maybe I like hearing from you guys once in a while… Sheesh.” Alara rolled her eyes and crossed her arms in frustration.

The duo continued to stare at the Quaestor with questions pursing their brows, until it sparked the woman to speak up once more.

“Okay fine! I don’t know what we should do. There. I admitted it. Har har!” Alara fumed at them while her ears swirled angrily.

“Okay, so how abouuutt,” Kell Dante smirked and continued the conversation, “we kill Daggo, AANNNDD we steal the artifact?”

Alara bit her lip for a second, then immediately grinned. “Yes. Let’s do it. We need to head to the command center, pronto!” The she-Marauder pointed in a random direction.
Xantros shrugged for a moment, snickered, and then nodded as he walked into the direction in which Alara pointed.

“Oy! Just because I pointed there doesn’t mean we go that actual direction!” the Seer’s arms shot down with fists towards the ground.

The Duros rolled his eyes in reply, checked his datapad for the correct coordinates, and motioned the others to follow him down a corridor to his left.

“So do we just get in there, and… go after him?” Kell Dante asked curiously.

“I’d vote that, yes. And I have just the idea…” Deathbane’s lips curled into a smile as she pulled her colleagues near to whisper her plan.

Command Center
12:00 PM

As if high noon was shining from the stars through to the entryway in which the trio barged through, the group radiated with a daunting light. The males of the group burst the doors open, held the female up and launched Alara towards Daggo Mouk.

Alara rose her sabers in the air and lunged towards the Ithorian.“This is what you get for siding with the wrong team, creep! HYAA!”


With the her speed increased by the Force, Alara quickly flew towards the Ithorian, who surprised the Force users by avoiding slashes of her lightsabers by mere centimeters.That was an impressive feat even for cybernetically enhanced being. The Quaestor rolled on the ground and stood up quickly, ready to continue the fight. In the meantime, Xantros and Dante activated their own lightsabers.

The Duros decided to attack first, but as he got close to the Ithorian, Daggo Mouk inhaled rapidly and the released it in a form of a concussion scream, knocking the Augur off before he even managed to strike his enemy. However, that move made him vulnerable for an attack by Dante. Kell almost reached their opponent, when one of the Technocratic Guild crewmen shielded their leader with his own body and preventing the Human from killing the Ithorian. Thanks to that sacrifice, Daggo Mouk managed to move back and run away from the attackers, leaving the command room.

The trio of the Force users attempted to follow him, but their way to the door was blocked by few hostile crew members present in the command room. Despite their cybernetic enhancements, they were no match to Alara and Dante, who simply slaughtered them all in less than a minute. The Palatinaeans looked at the body parts, including some sparkling cybernetic arms and legs, and grinned evilly. Without any further delays, the trio left the command room to look for Daggo Mouk.

“Where now?” asked Alara looking around carefully.

“I thought it was your role to lead the way,” smirked Dante.

“Shhh…I think I have an idea how to find our target,” spoke Xantros, while clearly focusing on something.

“What do you mean?” asked the Quaestor of House Excidium again.

“Do you remember that trick Mouk did to avoid Alara’s attack?” questioned them the Duros, but continued without waiting for their answer. “It was something that an average person, even cybernetically enhanced, would find extremely difficult to achieve, if not impossible.”

“What do you mean?” asked Dante.

“We have been briefed about him having an unknown artifact at his disposal, some sort of a crystal,” explained the Augur. “We do not know, what it could do, but if it granted its wearer supernatural abilities, like slightly increased speed?”

“Make it fast,” spoke Alara impatiently. “Our target gets farther and farther away from us with every second.”

“I think I can sense a vague presence of something in the Force,” quickly said Xantros. “You are more attuned with the Force, Alara. What do you say?”

The Seer closed her eyes and focused on sensing the surroundings. After few moments, she nodded and spoke, “Yes, I can feel now too. This way.”


As Alara reached out with the Force, she located their target as he headed for the escape pod that would whisk him off the station to an awaiting transport ship.

“He’s going for the escape pod on the level above us,” said Alara as the two males burst into action before Alara could clear her head.

The pair reached the turbolift where Kell uses the Force to blow the doors off with a flick of his hand. “After you, my apprentice,” Dante joked as the Duros jumped past him and into the shaft.

Xantros bounced off the opposite wall and then down to the next level. He swiftly start bed his saber into the control panel which released the doors locking mechanism. As he looked over ,Kell appeared on the other side and said “Let’s get this open,” as he reached out with the Force and pulled the doors apart.

Alara was the next down, and she didn’t miss a beat as he bounced straight through the doors and started running down the hallway towards their target.

The men followed their fearless leader, and the trio found their prey as they rounded the corner.

Kell and Xantros engaged the last pair of security personnel while Alara took on the Ithorian.

Alara snorted and said “This is the end,” as she brought her saber down as he tried to scurry into the pod.

Bisected neatly by the saber, the target’s corpse flopped onto the ground as the life and power slipped to the deck.

Dante leaned against the bulkhead and commeted with “That was fairly anticlimactic,” with a smile as he rummaged through the pockets of the body. “Uh… No artifact.”

The other team members just shook their heads and turned towards the ruined doors of the turbolift to figure out how to get back to their forces.