[RoSM: Clan Scholae Palatinae- Team SKAR]

(Darth Aeternus) #21

Aeternus had noticed Kadrol being on the edge of exhaustion. Ordering Reiden ahead, he grabbed the Hunter’s arm, bringing a startled expression. Not giving an explanation, he closed his eyes and focussed for a few seconds, slightly healing the journeyman’s fatigued muscles, giving him the extra strength he would need.

Turning away, he rushed after Reiden. He had made good progress through the crowd in the few seconds, but the crowd had closed around him again as he moved. Igniting his lightsaber, the Sith Lord infused his next command with the Force. While he knew it was not powerful enough to compel them automatically, it would gain their attention.

He yelled a single word. “MOVE!”

The startled crowd looked at him, and at the sight of the ignited saber, moved out of his way quick enough for him to catch up to Reiden.

“Did you see where he went?”

Reiden nodded, and pointed towards the next corridor. An Ithorian could be seen running from a console, through a blast door that was rapidly closing.

“No, you’re not.”, Aeternus said. Raising his hand, he used telekinesis to pull the ithorian back by his feet, back through towards them.

The blast door, however, was closing faster. Before he was back through entirely, the door closed, with the Ithorian still underneath it. A scream of pure terror could be heard before it was abruptly cut off.

“As I said… You’re not. Lets go.”

A few hours later they were back on board the shuttle they had stolen when they first left the station. With the aid of what had previously been the captives, the station was now thoroughly pacified, and in the hands of the Brotherhood forces. Daggo had been crushed, and the artifact handed over to the Council.

Aeternus had been in the cockpit, debriefing with Elincia, with the R2 unit piloting. As he returned to the passenger compartment, he looked furious.

“Kadrol! Kneel!” he almost yelled.

Kadrol, startled, took a moment to comply. “Kneel, I said!”, forcing him to his knees with a burst of telekinesis. A second burst sent the lightsaber he had taken earlier to the Sith Lord’s hand. “Elincia informed me she intends to promote you. She did not consult me on this.”

The lightsaber ignited, pointed at Kadrol’s face, kept perfectly still for several seconds.

The look of fury on Aeternus’ face changed into a grin. The saber was shut off, reversed, and offered back to Kadrol. “Because she knows I would agree. You performed well during the last few missions. Consider yourself promoted to Knight.”