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[RoSM Plagueis - Team B]


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Gaius Julius Caesar


Objective chosen: Revenge path


Phase I objectives

‘‘Phase I begins on October 14th and ends on October 28th (two (2) weeks)’’

After intercepting a transmission from the now destroyed Brotherhood Listener ship, the Psi Termina I, your team has been hand-picked and sent on a mission. You are already boarded on the Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser Akan, arriving in an Imperial boarding craft through the auxiliary starboard hangar, only several decks below your target. The Akan’s hyperdrives and major systems have been disabled by ion cannons from escorting ships and a battle still rages outside.

The ship’s power fluctuates with every blow from turbo lasers and ion cannons and you have limited time to complete your mission. The Collective regiment typically onboard is currently deployed, but ship security is fully staffed and some elements of the regiment may still be onboard. Intel expects Soldiers and Partisans onboard.

Your team has been tasked to complete one of the following objectives in limited time (you may complete only one (1) objective):

  • Revenge path: Reach the main bridge, face and eliminate Captain Brith Kayle and extract valuable information from the computer core before the fleet destroys the ship.

  • Sabotage path: Reach the primary computer core behind the main bridge, extract the information and set the ship to self-destruct before extracting.

  • Pacifist path: Reach the primary environmental controls on the main bridge, pacify the whole ship with Stun gas before extracting data from the computer core and calling in the cavalry.

Caution: the Captain is accompanied by an unknown number of enemy combatants.

The Phase must end with the bridge secured and the ship either pacified or destroyed. In all but the Revenge path, the Captain’s fate is up to you.


Auxiliary Starboard Hangar
Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser Akan
Kessel Sector
36 ABY

Furios Morega di Plagia towered above his Plagueian colleagues, one from the house he had recently stepped down from leading while the other two came from House Ajunta Pall, the Quaestor and Aedile no less. Caesar had been assigned for his medical expertise, Furios and Taranae Rhode were expected to take on the brunt of the combat, given their prowess in that area while Kelly Mendes could help in the fight but was primarily tasked with ensuring her wife didn’t go off the deep end and jeopardise the mission. Of course, her wife’s mental instability was her main concern, that wasn’t to say it was the only one. Morega was known to underestimate situations and Caesar’s confidence bordered on arrogance, it was going to be a difficult mission to pull off, but Kelly had to channel the chaos into something productive.

“Right, listen up! Our objective is the captain of this vessel, Captain Brith Kayle. Now there’s no doubt there’ll be resistance, but luckily for us the regiment this vessel usually houses is away for now. We have to get to the bridge, eliminate the captain and anyone else we find and get out before something goes wrong because I’ve seen too many missions to know otherwise. Now, before we get moving does anyone have any questions?” Kelly wanted to get the inevitable bickering out of the way so that it didn’t risk the mission. Anywhere outside the Brotherhood, the meritocratic approach would’ve gone down without a fuss, but Kelly knew there were all sorts of reasons for Force Users to complain, given their familiarity of getting what they wanted.

“Yeah, who decided you were in charge?” A somewhat hostile response came Kelly’s way almost as soon as she’d finished talking from Caesar. It was true that he was the oldest among them and felt some resentment that his long tenure had not earned him seniority in the chain of command.

“The Dread Lord. If you have an issue with his decision once I get you all back alive, you can go and whine to him if you’d like. To put it simply, I may have my flaws, but I’m a much safer bet in this scenario than anyone we’ve got here. You don’t have to like it, but the fewer issues your fragile ego causes, the better the odds are of me not using you as a weapon to beat these insufferable idiots with. Do we have an understanding?” Kelly wanted to crush the toxicity before it could compromise the mission. Taranae seemed to agree, but Taranae would naturally side with Kelly. Furios was a little harder to read. Kelly was hoping he’d say something, having been Caesar’s Quaestor for a while. The Epicanthix-Human hybrid remained silent.

Caesar muttered something under his breath as the quartet began their move towards the elevator shaft at the opposite of the hangar. There was no immediate security present, but once the freshly docked vessel had been detected, it would arrive and take the shoot first, ask questions later approach.


The team of Plagueians approached the elevator doors just as an explosion rocked the cruiser. The hangar’s lights flickered for a moment before dying, quickly replaced by the dim, red luminance of emergency power. The force-field maintaining the artificial atmosphere wavered for a moment but remained intact, keeping the vacuum of the void from sucking the boarding party out the hangar. Alarm klaxons echoed throughout the hangar.

Kelly’s pressed the button to call the lift but only received a noise and red error light in response. She pressed it again with more force and frustration and got the same results for her effort. Arrogantly spinning on her lengthy heel, the Quaestor stepped aside and pointed a finger at the offending obstacle.

“Furios, open this door!” she commanded, speaking in a tone laced with unmistakable irritation.

The di Plagia blinked at her for a moment and shrugged before stepping forward and drawing his blue-bladed lightsaber. He lifted the weapon over his head and plunged it into the doors, slowly pulling the plasma through the locking mechanism. As he felt both the intersecting durasteel hook bolts give way one after another, he deactivated the saber and clipped the hilt back onto his hip. Pushing his armored fingers into the partially molten rift, he strained and slowly pried the doors apart with a low screech of metal. Inside was the dimly lit elevator shaft and the Plagueian strike team was definitely at the bottom. The shaft continued an extra meter below the hangar floor and each one dropped into it, looking around for a way up.

“Looks like it’s time for a climb,” the elder member said to nobody in particular.

“I don’t see any ladders,” Taranae responded with mild indignation. “Should we shimmy up the lift rails?”

“I’m sure there’s a service hatch around here somewhere,” Caesar replied with a glare. “And those have ladders.”

The loud clank of Furios pulling open the nearby hatch echoed throughout the elevator shaft. Lo and behold there was a ladder within. Another sudden explosion shook the ship. Just as it settled a bang echoed from above, followed by the increasingly loud scream of defunct breaks failing to hold up a mass of durasteel. Everyone looked up to see the rapidly approaching lift, sparks flying from the disc systems as they uselessly scraped against the rails.

“Move!” Kelly shouted to the team. “Into the hatch!”

Taranae bolted into the crawl space first, scampering up the ladder so her teammates could follow. Kelly entered next, followed closely behind by Caesar. Lastly, the Epicanthix scrunched his giant frame into the small service hatch, just as the lift collided with the bottom of the elevator. A loud, screeching bang echoed throughout and smoke filled the narrower service shaft. Bits of shrapnel impacted the Battlelord’s Dark Armor and Armorweave Cloak, scratching up the matte black finish, but no harm seemed to come to the wearer.

“Is everyone okay?” asked the field medic. “Furios?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he replied. “Let’s get to the bridge while there’s still a bridge left.”

The climb was arduous in the cramped tube but the group moved quickly. Over time the old man of the group started to tire and the intermittent instability of the dreadnaught getting barraged wasn’t making things any easier. A particularly violent structural shudder caused him to lose his footing, falling the short distance onto his Epicanthix teammate. Luckily the seven-foot Sith was strong enough to hold fast, but having a 61 year old man sitting on his head was not copacetic. He placed his hand on Caesar’s buttocks and pushed him back to the ladder.

“Get a grip, dammit,” he hissed through clenched teeth.

After more tedious climbing, the Plagueians reached the bridge level. Taranae reached the access hatch and kicked it out, causing the durasteel panel to clatter loudly to the floor. Each member of the team climbed through. The aged Commander was noticeably winded. The team surveyed the corridor to find nobody else around, even with the clamour Rhode had just caused. Red lights and alarms were all that appeared in the empty hall. After a short recovery, they moved on, Furios and Taranae in front, Kelly and Gaius following close behind. They reached the entrance to the bridge only to find the blast doors engaged. The two Battlelords on point drew their sabers and slowly cut through the reinforced metal, each carving out two halves of a circle in the durasteel.

After a few moments the molten-edged disc fell through and the group ducked in, stepping onto the bridge. A skeleton crew of crewmen remained to man the dreadnaught’s cannons. At the center stood the Rhodian Captain Brith Kayle, surrounded by three Technocrat Soldiers.

“A captain goes down with his ship,” he stated in Rodese-accented Basic. “But I’m taking you fools with me!”


As the Captain spoke, Taranae had already begun to assess the situation. A total of four armed enemies stood before them carrying weapons ranging from Riot Batons to repulsor dart wrist-mounted shooters. The fight looked nasty, the odds against them. There was a stench to this Rodian that she didn’t like one bit and the other soldiers glared at the party as the Captain spoke.

“I want these Brotherhood pawns taken care of”, he commanded as he gestured to the four Force-users. “any left alive and you will answer to me!”

The team braced themselves as the assembled force before them seemed to draw their weapons in unison,and they responded in a likewise manner. Coloured blades flashed to life with hums that filled the bridge as the Quaestor pulled out a Sith sword. The soldiers advanced on the party as Taranae quietly drew her blasters.

“For kark’s sake, woman!”, roared Furios, “Use your lightsaber!”

She turned and glared at him before raising her blasters and firing a volley at the roof of the bridge just in front of the advancing foes. The soldiers were taken aback at the sight of her firing but completely missing them and she caught a glimpse of one or two sneers as the roof began to creak. Turning, she nodded at kelly. Understanding dawned and she nodded back, quickly signalling Furios and Caesar to be ready as the roof gave way. Sparks flashed from exposed wires and circuitry and the room plunged into darkness as one of the foes was pinned beneath the rubble. Electronics, wires and assorted circuitry littered the floor causing confusion to their attackers.

They heard a loud curse from where the Captain stood. But Taranae knew that he would only be temporarily sidetracked. With a Rodian’s infrared vision, she knew it would take only seconds to adjust to the light and he would be ready to fight. She ran and flipped over the fallen debris, twisting her body sideways and barely edging past dangling exposed wires. Landing beyond it on her feet, she deftly holstered her blasters and unclipped her saberstaff, igniting it in one fluid movement. As it hissed to life, she could barely make out Furios to her right and Kelly with Caesar to he left. hey had made their way around the debris and were now headed directly for the remaining two enemies. One of them brandished his riot baton and barely blocked a swing from Furios as his lightsaber sliced through the handle. Spinning on his heel, he brought the weapon around again, straight into the soldier’s midsection and he crumpled like a rag doll. The blue blur of his lightsaber continued in an arc until it stopped, poised ahead of him as he used it to shed a blue hue in front of him. The lights around Taranae flashed as the remaining two members of the team sough to subdue the last enemy before they could engage their real target; Brith Kayle.

“Taranae, behind you!”, came the shout from Furios. Taranae had already sensed Brith’s presence, though. She rolled sideways as a volley of shots impacted the ground where she had stood. Glancing around, she saw the reflection of his dark, purple eyes. He stood with a blaster aimed at her head, but she had been in these situations before and she knew the outcome.

“Drop your weapons or she dies.” , he ordered.

“Really? You’re going for that old routine?”, quipped Kelly as her blade entered her foe through his abdomen and protruded from his back. “Surely you can come up with something better than that?”

“You’re right,” he replied. He switched his attention to Kelly. “Maybe I shoot you first.”

He let off a volley of shots towards Kelly which she barely dodged and the rest hit the bulkhead behind her. All except one. Looking at her right arm, she lifted her hand and touched her shoulder. A gash from one of the blaster shots had deflected into her shoulder and a hole could be seen under her hand. Taranae stared at her in shock then turned to face a laughing Rodian with his blaster now pointed at her chest.

“Now you.” he said.

Taranae could feel the heat inside her rise. Memories and thoughts rose unbidden to the surface of her mind and it swam. Pain, hurt, fear all surfaced as her mind battled with her body. She knew what was happening but was powerless to stop it as her rage began to fuel her movements. A friend had been hurt. Time to end this.

Fury and rage showed on her face causing even the Rodian to blink. That was all it took as she leapt the distance between herself and her enemy. Shots fired, the team shouted at her, she heard Kelly call her name.
The SIth was going to kill, no matter what. No-one was going to stop her. Her double crimson blade flashed as it spun, deflecting the blaster shots as she landed and propelled herself forwards, screaming in rage.
Brith dropped his blaster and unholstered a lightsaber from his belt. Taranae didn’t care. She knew she had a good chance against another saber user and was willing to take the odds.

The Rodian brought up his weapon just as Taranae jumped and spun in mid air, hoping to take off her enemies head. The two blades clashed, one red and one blue, as they met. Sparks flew as both combatants attempted to break the lock. The Aedile twisted, bringing her foot around and under Brith, taking his legs out from under him. He landed on his back, winded. As his lightsaber flew out of his grasp and deacivated, one thing remained and Taranae would not be stopped. She stood over him with her weapon raised and brought it down into his head. She tried. An arm held hers behind her head as she struggled to free it.

“Tara, it’s me. Ease up love. We need him to be questioned. He may know how to get into the archives.”, said Kelly, soothingly.

The SIth twisted, trying to bring her saber around to swing at her captor. She didn’t care who it was, they needed to die. This scum needed to die but someone was stopping her. How did she know that voice?

“Taranae. Leave it. We need him alive. Please, lower your weapon and we can talk through this.”

The red mist started to rise from around her vision as she saw Kelly standing behind her, holding her arm.

“We have it under control, love. Put your weapon away.”, she said.

Taranae glanced to Brith to see that Caesar had knocked him unconcious. The fight was won, but he still needed to die. The emotions still warred inside her head.

“He needs to die.”, Taranae said, touching her wife’s shoulder.

Kelly grimaced, but she held it in as she continued calming the Aedile. “We can do that later, but first he has to tell us how to extract the data. Calm down.”

The Sith nodded, deactivated her saberstaff and holstered it. She felt drained, overwhelmed. She sat down heavily on the floor, causing both Caesar and Furios to look up. Questioning glances were shot at kelly, but she gestured that everything was ok. Now to set about getting that information.


Gaius slowly knelt next to the captive Rodian, who remained unconscious. The large gash in the Captain’s scaly green skin continued to gush cold blood. During his medical training, he was provided with the knowledge about many of the species in the Galaxy, but this would be his first time working with the body of a Rodian. Time, however, was of the essence. The three Force-users of the group collectively began to feel a growing presence of more Technocrat Soldiers, though their numbers were still unknown.

Knowing that the humanoid could bleed out, he reached into his pack for something to cauterize the wound. All of the equipment in the medpac would take much more time than necessary. He remained cool, calm, and collective as he reached for his beloved sidearm. He pulled open the cylinder of his revolver and quickly removed a slug. The quick burning powder that filled the bottom of the projectile was very useful in dire situations, this being one of them. Using a pair of surgical forceps, the Commander removed the bottom and poured its contents out and into the wound. “I need a lighter!” he yelled out to his teammates who were preoccupied with eliminating the few remaining crew members still on the turbolaser cannons.

His call for help fell on deaf ears. He gripped the pendant hanging from his neck, knowing that the it’s iron contents could create a spark if struck. In a quick, smooth motion, he ripped it across the barrel of his pistol, sending the powder below ablaze. The intense pain awoke the unconscious Captain as he let out a massive scream.

“Everything alright over there, Caesar?” came the loud yell of the Ajunta Pall Quaestor.

“Going fine, Kelly. Mind your business.” he retorted, quietly. He looked down at the Rodian who continued to writhe in pain from his head being torched. Caesar moved closer to Kayle’s ear, and whispered softly. “Until every cage is broken, brother. I need your credentials to protect the data.”

Brith Kayle struggled through the intense pain as he offered up the data stick that was secured in the inside pocket of his jacket. In handing it to Caesar, he was giving the old man the exact location of the Collective’s new super weapon, believing that he would keep it safe.

Gaius rose to his feet and quickly unholstered his other side arm, immediately putting a slug through the skull of the Captain, ending the poor creature’s pathetic existence. “Morega, heads up!” he shouted as he tossed the data stick to his former Quaestor. As it flew through the tight air of the bridge, the ground beneath them began to shake. The continuous blasts of the ion cannons against the Akan were taking its toll on the ship. “Can we please go?” he shouted.

The team quickly made their escape out of the secured bridge doors, and back down the darkened corridor to their favorite hatch. Luckily for them, climbing down was much easier and quicker than their climb earlier. Kelly and Tara quickly slid down the rails of the ladder. Furious quickly followed behind, guiding Gaius down safely as well. They ran out of the crawlspace as the intense shaking continued. The Plagueians were slightly shocked to see their shuttle still in one piece as they piled into it, just in time for its departure from the sinking vessel.


This Phase lasts from October 29th until November the 11th (two (2) weeks)

Request from the organizers: Please add a note to the top of the next post which path your team will choose in this Phase. Thank you.

Phase II objectives

Your team left the dreadnought Akan with information that, together with the data analysed by Clans and the Inquisitorius, has lead your to the Meridian Prime space station, a fortress, correctional facility and space dock floating in interstellar space just off the Wild Space boundary. Already under attack by Clan and Dark Council forces, dogfights light up the blackness around the behemoth, and intel suggests the shields and defenses have not yet been weakened enough for a full-scale naval assault. The station is on full alert and firefights have already started as skirmishes between Collective troops and Brotherhood assault teams pepper its three massive hangar bays.

The station houses civilian and enemy personnel, including a correctional facility that holds hundreds of Brotherhood prisoners of war, both Non-Force users and Force users alike. The prison has an isolated security system, its own power generator and life-support. Intel suggests that the prison is managed by a powerful AI (artificial intelligence) controlling the Dioxis security system, many defense blaster turrets, ray shields and a large complement of Imperial Sentry Droids acting as guards, controlled by the prison warden. The interior of the prison itself is pumped with a thin mist of Dioxis gas, preventing escape and anarchy.

You have been dropped off on the lower decks via boarding pod.

Breath masks are provided for this mission, should your team require them. Any Possessions item that prevents inhaling of poisonous gas will be effective as well.

Your team has been tasked to complete one of the following objectives in limited time (you may complete only one (1) objective):

  • Revenge path: Reach the correctional facility and eliminate prison warden Rutgar-4. Caution is advised as there are Imperial Sentry Droids defending him.

  • Sabotage path: Reach the prison’s AI core to recycle the life support and free the prisoners. Prepare for a riot as many prisoners are powerful Force Users and Non-Force Users.

  • Pacifist path: Reach the prison’s AI core and disable the security systems to allow incoming Brotherhood troops to secure the facility.

The phase must end with the prison facility secured, one way or another. In all but the Revenge path, the prison warden’s fate is up to you.

Relevant character sheets:

  • CS: Rutgar-4
  • Since there are no character sheets for droids, participants will use the Possessions i9tem page as reference: Imperial Sentry Droids
  • See the station wiki for other possible adversaries

Path Chosen: Sabotage

Lower Levels
Meridian Prime Space Station

“Alright, listen up. As a result of our success last time out, those in charge decided to keep us together as a strike team. The problem is they asked us to recycle life support, whatever that means, as well as free the prisoners. Now while a riot would help cover our escape, the hard part is going to be getting to the AI core. And yes, I know it’s hard to take me seriously with this damned breath mask on, but better to put it on now than when it’s too late. Now, I know I tend to ramble, so I’ll stop before you get sick of my voice.”

Kelly looked around at Furios, Gaius and Taranae, hoping they’d be able to come up with a plan to achieve the objective. Her eyes examined her colleagues. Nobody was quick to jump in, that caused a concerned look to slowly spread across the Quaestor’s face. She knew she had no ideas for how to do it, but the task at hand was of crucial importance, the chance to free Brotherhood POWs and hit the Collective on their own turf was a valuable opportunity that couldn’t be wasted. Finally, Julius piped up.

“I don’t know for sure if it would work, but I have an idea as to how we could achieve that, we just need to get to the AI core in one piece to be able to test my hypothesis. Do you think you can manage that?” The most senior member of the team asked his younger compatriots.

“Of course they can, Furios and Taranae, if nothing else, proved their combat effectiveness last time. So, if we’re done questioning each other’s competence, let’s move out.” Kelly ordered the rest of the team, she was at home, so to speak when she had authority over people. This was going to be a difficult mission, but she’d get them through it, Julius’ plan would have to work.


This Phase lasts from November 12th until November the 19th (one (1) week)

Request from the organizers: Please add a note to the top of the next post which path your team will choose in this Phase. Thank you.

Phase III objectives

The Brotherhood advances. What started as sporadic fighting in the major hangar bays of Meridian has turned into an all-out battle on all decks. Spurred by your team’s success in the prison, your Clan forces have come to support you and issue new orders for your team.

Daggo Mouk, one of the leaders of the Collective and the Guildmaster of the Technocratic Guild, has been confirmed on the station. With him he has a potent Technocratic Artifact that, if whisked away, would threaten the position of the Brotherhood in future engagements.

Daggo’s last known position was in the command center, however we have been having trouble following his movements. Wherever he is on the station, he would not leave the artifact unattended. The return of the artifact to Brotherhood hands is of absolute strategic value.

Your team has been tasked to complete one of the following objectives in limited time (you may complete only one (1) objective):

  • Revenge path: Confront and eliminate Daggo Mouk. Have no mercy.

  • Sabotage path: Sabotage the Collective’s future plans by stealing the artifact by any means necessary.

  • Pacifist path: Capture Daggo Mouk for interrogation and trial.

The phase must end with the artifact retrieved. Daggo’s fate is open-ended and up to you.

Relevant character sheets:


Path Chosen: Revenge

Lower Levels
Meridian Prime Space Station

The Plagueians shuffled through the bustling ghetto that was the lower levels of Meridian Prime, followed closely by Taranae’s BB-3 unit. Many pairs of eyes were drawn to the towering visage of the Epicanthix on point. Armored and cloaked, only his height was out of place. The looks shifted when the two women behind him came into view. One garbed in obvious Brotherhood Force-user robes, the other dressed like a rich politician, the residents stared in desire, some in terms of sex, others in terms of theft. With the visually Loyalist Brotherhood armor bringing up the rear, it became increasingly apparent that the infiltrators all stood out. Feeling moderately exposed, Kelly called ahead to Furios and indicated to him to lead the group into a nearby alley.

“We need to not look like such sore thumbs,” she stated out of earshot. “It could bring unwanted attention. We need to disguise ourselves.”

As if to confirm her suspicions the four Plagueians were followed by a group of disheveled thugs. Five of them, wearing shabby clothes and wielding sub-par weapons, crowded the only way out of the narrow alley.

“You Brotherhood types are just what ol’ Clanky would pay a hefty reward for,” the biggest, strongest-looking of the thugs said with a grin. “And with two such pretty specimens, maybe we’ll take our time getting you there.”

Furios shouldered his way past his comrades and seemed to fill the entire alleyway with his size, dwarfing the lead thug. “I’m glad you think I’m pretty,” he said in obvious mockery.

Before the smaller man could reply with a doubtlessly lame quip, the Epicanthix thrust his gauntleted hand forward, gripping him by the throat. Lifting the man up, his neck snapped sickeningly. The Battlelord tossed the lead thug onto the nearest of his followers who held a blaster, knocking him to the ground in a heap. The next one swung his vibrosword, glancing harmlessly off the armorweave cloak. He immediately received a blow to the head for his efforts, dropping him instantly. Another thug tried to stab the giant with a shiv, but Furios caught his arm in mid-thrust and bent it back, jabbing the weapon into its wielder’s throat. He slowly collapsed with a wet gurgle. With his comrades dispatched, the last one dropped his weapon and ran for the throng of the populous, but the seven-foot Sith caught him with ease, snapping his leg out from under him. As he twisted his neck around, the one with the blaster recovered and aimed to shoot the Epicanthix in the back, but was cut short by a shot to the head from Gaius’ slugthrower rifle. The Obelisk returned to the group, stomping on the unconscious thug’s head on the way back. With all of the thugs dead, Morega spread out his arms in a low shrug, “Disguises?”

When the Plagueian strike team returned to the open crowds, Kelly, Taranae, and Julius had less conspicuous gear covering their usual garb. Although Furios was already wearing less obviously Brotherhood-affiliated armor, there was no accounting for his size and so he simply had to hope he didn’t draw too much attention to the group. They threaded through the crowds, following damaged and graffitied signs to find their way to the command center. Not finding their way, the Juggernaut of the group finally directed her BB-3 droid to slice a nearby terminal and find Daggo Mouk.


A series of beeps and whistles punctuated the air as the BB-3 unit spun the connection using his attachment.

“Yes know, B3, but we need it NOW.”

More beeps as the droid voiced its frustration.

“Just give us a general location, then.”

An articulated arm rose from another panel and saluted the Sith. She smiled. She knew they would find Mouk. It was just a matter of time.
B3 beeped and gave a long, slow whistle.

“Guarded? How many?”

More whistles. “That many, huh? Should prove interesting then. Ok that’s it for now. You can disconnect.”

B3 saluted again and trundled to Taranae’s side. “He’s in sector four-oh-seven and he’s guarded by at least four bodyguards. I suggest we go in all guns blazing.”

She let her hand slide to her holstered Relby. “Unless any of you have other ideas, that is?”