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Rules Thread


The Grand Master has declared War on the agents of the Dark Side and the Light. The Inquisitorious, Grand Master’s Royal Guard, and Loyalist Forces have spread out across the galaxy targeting individuals known as undesirables.

You have been selected to lead or participate on an elite 4-6 member strike force tasked with eliminating known undesirables currently hiding on the ruinous remains of Antei. Your team has been given the option of conducting 1 of 3 potential missions. Good hunting.


  1. The Temple Tiamat: The vile, perverted, and disgusting remnants of the Krath order have flocked like moths to a flame at the Temple Tiamat on Antei. Driven by their perverse beliefs and misguided love of the arcane, former Krath leaders seek to rebuild their order from the Ashes of their Paragon. Your mission is to destroy the remaining vestiges of the Krath Order and bring order and justice to those who oppose the Grand Master.

Details: Although weakened, the Temple Tiamat remains a source of power within the Dark Side of the Force. Illusions guard Temple and prevent orbital or atmospheric bombardment of the ruins within. Your team will be responsible for infiltrating and destroying the remaining Krath via any means you deem necessary.

  1. The Temple Boyna: The Obsidian Towers of the once Great Obelisk Temple lay in ruin. The combative and destructive Obelisk have all but faded into history, but a few assault teams escaped their destruction at the hands of Lord Marshall Damon Nix. Your mission is to infiltrate Antei, seek out the remaining Obelisk Camps, and destroy those who oppose the Grand Master.

Details: Despite the Temple’s destruction, the 4th floor Command Center and multiple defensive structures remain intact. These defenses include anti air and ground based artillery batteries. Orbital assaults and full fledged ground assaults are not likely to succeed. Your team will be responsible for infiltrating and destorying the remaining Obelisk via any means you deem necessary.

  1. The Shadow Academy: Sub-human species, disease carriers, Jedi, and potential terrorist aliens have huddled in fear induced paralysis at the Shadow Academy on Lyspair. Following the mass genocide of undesirable species across the Dark Brotherhood, a few refugees managed to find their way into the subaltern passages at the Academy. Your mission is to infiltrate the academy and destroy those creatures who debase the very meaning of the Brotherhood.

Details: The subaltern passages beneath the Shadow Academy were designed to withstand orbital assaults. Each passage was once protected by ancient Sith wards and magics that may or may not remain active. Dbbot does not assess attempts to collapse the tunnels as having a high degree of success. Your mission will be to enter the Shadow Academy, gain access to the tunnels, and destroy the alien species within utilizing any means you deem necessary.

Rules: This event will last from 1-31 December 2015

  1. Teams must have a minimum of 4 participants, and a maximum of 6. For a team to qualify for placement, all posts must meet requirements in these rules and all members of the team must meet post number requirements.

  2. Teams do not have to remain Clan Specific and can mix match (Example: 1 from Plag, 2 from Tal, 3 from Arcona).

  3. Rogues may participate.

  4. Any member posting twice in a row will disqualify his team from placing.

  5. Members must make 3 posts throughout the duration of the Run-On.

  6. Posts must meet the following requirements:
    Minimum post length: 250 +/- 10 words words
    Maximum post length: None (Have Fun).

  7. Edits may occur on a post until a follow on post has been made (follow on posts include “reserving” a space). Edits may only be made by the posts original author (as in, if you have Forum Administration Rights, you cannot edit another member’s work).

  8. Members may reserve post, but no posts can occur until after the reserved post is written.
    Judging will follow the Fiction Rubric.

  9. Teams will post in the December Run-On forum (https://discourse.darkjedibrotherhood.com/c/run-ons/december-epvii-run-on)

  10. All questions relating to the run will be asked on the GM’s rules thread. This post!

*11. Special Rule: (A) You may refuse your assigned mission! (B) One or more members of your team may sabotage your mission! The Dark Brotherhood has many members with many beliefs and some of those beliefs are in opposition of the Grand Master’s New Order (:p). Your team may select to conduct rescue missions at each of the three target locations; however, you are certain to face members of the Inquisitorious/GMRG/Loyalists. This will require you to hide your identity (retribution against your Clan for your actions is certain), hide your affiliation (you are a Loyalist, but refuse to be LOYAL), and potentially deceive your friends and allies. If you oppose the Grand Master’s Orders, you could also expect to see Dantella Novae, Damon Nix, or Darth Necren. These Elder level NPCs lead various factions of the Dark Brotherhood and will find your lack of faith disturbing.

**12. Tips and Tricks: (A) The best run-ons always have a plan. Does yours? (B) The locations are not fleshed out in the prompt. You need to expand upon each. What is the level of destruction? Do artifacts remain? © What is your motivation for accepting or declining the mission? Does your team share your motivation? (D) What NPCs are waiting for you at each location? Flesh them out. We may decide to utilize NPCs from your story in future fictions. Be creative! (E) Proof reading is allowed by teammates, but if we suspect a member of your team wrote your post, your team will be DQ’d and we will send the INQ for you. The JST too :stuck_out_tongue:

***13. Good luck.


Test. Can’t believe there isn’t a question.


Well, I think everyone may be a bit hyped. My team is just settling in and in planning.

When can posting start though?




Just to clarify - do you want a ‘head’ post with who is in a team?


@Pravus could 2 teams potentially unify their efforts and take on the same mission in the same thread


Yes please


Nope. Single team effort only. You could mention them in your post, but no combined efforts.


1 other thing
Are we assigned missions or do we choose from the above posted


You choose. As per the rules.


I know we’re not meant to edit run-on posts after someone else has posted, but do you care if we edit the initial post with the list of team members if we find someone later on?

Still trying to find the last couple, but figure me and the other two definites could just get started already.


You should be fine. Sorry for the late reply.