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[Runon] The Brothers


This is a run on for Kano and Fremoc for a little while, and potentially invite only.

Main purpose for this run on is to establish where Fremoc has been in his years of exile, and for Kano to get rid of his Mandolorian ways and rely more on the Force.


Unknown Space
Unknown Planet
Approximately 1 year, 4 months in exile

His life had changed drastically. He had one of the mightiest armies in the galaxy at his back, a devoted clan willing to follow him, a family of brothers and cousins, a son and daughter, and a wife. Where was it now? Gone.

All of it.

He sat at the edge of a forest eating something that was rich of protein from the forest. A volcano burned and spewed lava into the sky 20 or 30 kilometers in front of him, darkening the sky. He looked around and smiled slightly as he acknowledged his surroundings, recognizing them as an outward manifestation of everything that was going on inside him. He chewed on a final bite before walking to the hut he had created for himself with the remainder of his food, looking at the still lit datapad.

He played the message again.

“Do not come back to Naga Sadow cousin. Many here do not wish for your return after your near traitorous ways. I will tell you this though you are needed elsewhere,” a distorted Methyas came through over the speaker. He sat thinking, wondering about what his cousin had said, who were the people that needed assistance of a former Fist of the Brotherhood.

“Methyas has a way with words doesn’t he?” grunted Kano standing in the door way of Fremoc’s hut.

“He always does brother.” He reached his right hand out towards Kano as Kano stepped forward and clasped his right hand at Fremoc’s forearm as Fremoc did the same. “I’m guessing he told you I was here.”

“He gave me a direction, but I figured the rest out.” Fremoc offered some of the roasted animal towards his brother who declined. “Where is your wife and kids?”



“Gorram. I’m sorry, vod.”

Kano removed his helmet so that he could see his brother through his own eyes. His hair fell out from behind his head and his beard was tangled and matted from being concealed for many hours.

“If you need to talk about it or kill someone you know I am here to help.”

“I know.” There was a long pause before Fremoc spoke up again. “So what made you track me down after these years?”

Kano moved further into the hut and leaned against the wall. He tossed his helmet aside, letting it roll across the floor.

“Well, I spent several years with the Mandalorians. I found a great clan of about 25 people. We worked together and everything was going great. Then several months back 1 of them caught wind that I was Force sensitive.”

Kano let out a sigh as his eyes dropped to the ground.

“Within hours I could feel the tension in the entire clan. I could feel their distrust and absolute hatred towards me. This kept building over the next few days until I couldn’t take it anymore. I went into my storage trunk and found my old lightsaber. I hadn’t worn it on my belt since I left the Brotherhood. It was on my hip that night when I walked into a ceremony the clan was holding to welcome one of the children onto his path to become a warrior.”

Kano paused as he made a gesture with his hands and pulled the Mandalorian helmet into his grip. He turned the helmet and glared into the T shaped visor.

“They were unarmed when the rage sank in.”

With the Force fueling his muscles Kano crushed the helmet in his hands. The visor shattered as the metal collapsed inwards.

"They tried to fight like any true Mandalorian would but they didn’t stand a chance. That is when I knew where I belonged. I would never be accepted as a true Mandalorian. I needed to harness my rage and help the power within grow. That is why I am here. You trained me to Knighthood. Will you train me once again?

Fremoc walked up to his former apprentice and removed the crushed helmet from his hands. He then tossed it into the fireplace.

“When we are done nothing will stand in our way.”


There was nothing that had stood in their way in the past, but this, this was different. Time was on their side this time. There were no distractions, it was just this world and its mammal inhabitants. A loud explosion filled the air as the volcano’s eruption became more violent.

“The first thing we need, if we’re going to train is a new shelter. This one is going to be too cramped for the two of us. Sharpen your abilities by creating us a new shelter.” Fremoc laid down on his makeshift bed while Kano looked at him, his mouth slightly ajar.

“You’re serious.”

“Deadly. Don’t worry, I’ll be helping you.” Just outside there was a loud crack and a tree collapsing and hitting the ground. Kano turned and pulled his lightsaber out as he went to work cutting the wood, as well as the limbs off the tree. Fremoc used his abilities to crush the bottom of the tree again, this time guiding the tree to collapse in his brother’s direction.

Kano sensed the danger coming in his direction and stepped out of the way of the tree falling. “Yo! I’m working here!” yelled the younger Pepoi.

“Who said it was going to be a cake walk? You wanted to train!” laughed Fremoc, the first laugh he had in a long time, as he crushed the bottom of another tree and sent it towards Kano. Again Kano moved out of its direction, this time cutting the tree in half with his lightsaber as it fell. “You’ve got to rely on the Force more than you’re used to.”

Fremoc stepped out of the shelter as he watched his brother starting to use the cut pieces of wood and branches to create a new shelter with the Force. The pieces floating from the ground and fitting into place on the structure before globs of mud coming from the ground attach themselves to the structure as well. His brother stood there, sweat forming on his forehead as he started to push himself to a limit he wasn’t used to.

The former Fist of the Brotherhood continued to watch as his mind wandered and remembering his youngest son doing something similar. He remembered the wars that were raged while he was in the Brotherhood and his brother stood with him, a place his former wife stood. Rage filled his body suddenly, uncontrollably, causing several trees to come crashing down away from the two Pepoi.

“Bro, what the frak was that?”