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SA Update #5: DJB History - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Sometimes it becomes necessary to replace courses, if only due to the fact that they age. Today, we are proud to present two completely rewritten courses for the History Department. Brotherhood History I and II have been completely recreated. Completely new exams were also added.

I've enabled the forum for comments, I ask that people with some time on their hands, and a desire to help out, go read the new courses and report errors and the like in the comments.

Stay on the lookout for more SA updates and keep an eye open for the Headmaster’s next report. Until then, I hope you will enjoy these two revamped courses.

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Woohoo!! Course proofing! Loving the artwork, Ood.


Love it. and alot more organized and easier to read


Apologies for some of the links. A small error while writing and coding meant that it defaulted to a strange place.

In honesty, the link bypassed the url below because there was a bracketed area behind it with a number in it. Since it’s in an SA course, the number reverted to course ID tags and thus caused the issue. It is fixed now.


I will be taking SA courses soon and will let you know if I find anything that I don’t understand or does not make sense.