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[Satele Shan] Training RO: Let Freedom Ring


Suni’s Belt

The rattling of chains filled the air as the slaves of the Red Claw Slavers moved about their cramped cells, fighting over what little scraps of food their new owners gave them. Every so often, a Trandoshan would prod one of the slaves, hoping to get some reaction out of them. They were bullies, tearing into the slaves and beating them down ever since one nearly escaped and alerted the outside world to their presence.

Secrecy was key to the slave trade.

New Tython

Strife fills the galaxy every day, lives ended and memories burned simply because one man was cruel to another. Slavers infest the fringes of civilized society, selling the souls of those they capture. It was something that Kah Manet could never stomach, something he always felt he needed to stop. The quiet sound of the air conditioner hummed in the Gungan’s room, barren from having quickly been filled by his return from the Dac Compound. There was a cot and a satchel of his belongings, a terminal, and his commlink which he held in his hand. The durasteel floor was vacant of any decoration, the Jedi’s feet plopping along the metal as he walked out of the room and down the hall. Kah would occasionally throw the commlink in the air and catch it with his hand, quietly humming a tribal war song to himself.

He progressed further down the hall, enjoying the calm quiet of the Arca Praxeum, and opened a door into an auditorium. The durasteel floor was replaced by carpet, the soft bristles caressing the Gungan’s heel. Kah made a sharp click in his mouth, alerting those in the auditorium to his presence. He looked at the assembled group and nodded, making mental notes of their strengths and weaknesses. He tapped a few buttons on the holoprojector and stared at the image of various large asteroids and other planetoids that drifted on the screen.
“Dees is Suni’s Belt. Itsa believed to be dah home of slavuh’s, information wesa collected oncesa distress beacon was activated.”

Kah clicked a button on the terminal again, the projector zooming in on a medium sized asteroid that had a large discoloration on it. A large black blotch stuck out from the brown rock, the holoprojector freezing over it.

“Dissa be dah base, which can only be entered through dah hangar.”

“Guessing flying in the hangar isn’t the way we’re gonna go is it?” said Aaleeshah, her eyes studying the image in front of her.

“Hangar bay doors be locked till a passcode be entered.” replied Kah, his fingers hitting another button and the image changed to a freighter ship that was named Delilah.

“The Delilah is a ship dah slavers have used before. Intel says dis ship has dah passcode and is scheduled to touch down in dah starport in dah coming days. Dah plan is to commandeer dah vessel and sneak into dah compound. From within, wesa gut dem.” Kah pulled out a bone dagger for emphasis, his eyes looking at the other members around him.

The assembled party nodded to the Gungan, who clicked another button and shut the holoprojector off. He clicked a button on a remote and the lights came on, the assembled group standing at attention.

“Yousa have one day to prepare. When ready, meet at dah cantina in Menat Ombo outside dah starport. Dismissed.” said Kah, walking out of the auditorium and down the hall, taking a left and heading towards the training room.


New Tython

Aaleeshah relaxed her posture as Kah left the room. She then turned her attention to a fair complected, silver haired human female. The woman no longer stood at attention but her posture was still quite stately. She was dressed in a KUDF uniform, her silver hair pulled back neatly into a ponytail that sat atop of the back of her head. The Togruta called out to the woman, “Alethia, could you come here for a moment?”

The human loyalist answered sharply, “Yes, sir.” She swiftly walked over to Aaleeshah, “Is there anything wrong, sir?”

The Togrutan Commander shook her head, “No nothing wrong. Just wanted to get your insight about the mission.”

“Well at the moment, I don’t have much insight, given the amount of information I have. I do believe that when we take the ship, it should be quick and discreet.” the Captain stated firmly.

Aaleeshah nodded her head gently, “I agree. I won’t take anymore of your time. Prep for the mission and I will meet you at the cantina.”

The loyalist saluted the blue skinned Togruta giving a formal farewell. Aaleeshah responded in a likewise fashion as she left the auditorium. She headed to the Tipsy Tusken and gathered up her bag and rifle. She then made her way down to the cantina in Menat Ombo. As she entered the cantina, her deep purple eyes scanned the bar for her companions but alas they appeared to not have arrived yet. Aaleeshah looked around the bar, evaluating the decor of the cantina. It wasn’t anything special, it appeared to be like any other cantina. She strolled up to the bar, leaning slightly onto the counter, her body sandwiched in between 2 stools that lay under the counter’s edge. She motioned to the bartender to come over so she could order a drink. Leaning in a tad bit further, she whispered her order into the bartender’s ear. He nodded before leaving to prepare her drink. Aaleeshah pushed herself back from the counter and casually sat on one the stool to her left. With her back to the bar, she waited for her drink as well as her companions.


The massive Chiss cocked an eyebrow as Archenksova walked back over. “Spook business?”

“Only that we’re to report to the Tipsy Tusken,” Alethia replied with a smile. Cpt. Iode had given her a warmer welcome than most. From what she gathered the Chiss hadn’t had the strained relations with the Empire that so many others on New Tython did. Between the Jedi, the Mon Calamari, and the former rebels, her social life had been slightly chilly since arriving on New Tython. “Command doesn’t trust me with the dirty laundry just yet.” She started towards the door, and Iode’s long strides easily kept him at her side.

“They’ll come around eventually,” Len said, squinting his red eyes as they stepped out into the light of the courtyard. “So do we know anything about this target?”

“I’m not sure. I saw some comms traffic on the flight over about a human who wandered into a settlement after escaping slavers, but I haven’t gotten a chance to go through it just yet.” Alethia slipped her hand into a pockets and retrieved her comlink. “Lt. Desplat, do you read?”

Iode grinned to himself. He’d very rarely heard it pronounced ‘leff-tenant’ since father left the Stormtrooper Corps.

“I read you clear, Captain,” a tinny voice answered from the comlink.

“Do you have that report I requested earlier?”

“Yes, sir. It’s been sent to your datapad.”

“Excellent, lieutenant.” Alethia glanced back over at Len. “Care for a little light reading, captain?”

The Chiss shrugged. “Why not?”

“Lieutenant, would you be so kind as to forward a copy to Cpt. Len Iode? He’s with the Baas detachment.”


Leaving the conference room in a thinking pose while walking, Sa was lost in thought not realizing that his body was moving on its own. He finally got back to instructing younglings and he is getting called away again. Of course he knew that it was a good cause, slavers are disgusting people. Sa is glad now that he exiled himself and learning all that he has, He now doesn’t try to hide the darkness that’s inside him but he embraces it. With his Light side and Dark side learning he knows he is going to be the person to do what is necessary to make sure the Jedi live in peace, he will be that necessary evil.

Entering a small opening in the forest that surrounds the Praxeum, Sa came out of his thoughts and he saw what makes him happy the most, His fellow instructor Myra a female Nautolan Knight, who once was one of Sa’s first trainees when she came to him to learn Makashi and their small group of younglings. It is these younglings that Sa fights for as they are the future, he also hopes they never grow up like he did and succumb to the power of the Dark side of the Force. Leaning against a tree with his arms across his chest Sa watched the class being taught how to use their surrounding.

Having watched enough Sa decided to class the to quits and rest for the day, “Okay students go get some food and rest for tomorrow and Myra I need to have a word with you.”

Watching the students starting to leave, Sa with Myra falling in step on his right side walked behind them to make sure nothing happens to the kids that was put under his charge or if they have questions that they wanted an answer too. After reaching the Praxeum the two Jedi headed off to the classroom that they had claimed as theirs for inside work. It seemed like a standard classroom with meditations mats for the younglings to sit on and some Wobble balls for learning to defend themselves, everything else that is needed for instructing the younglings can be gathered from the Archives.

“We really need to talk to the council about getting an office or something for us instructors.” Sa said as soon as he stepped into the classroom.

“It would be nice and easier for when the younglings are not being taught and have a way to find us easier. What did you need to talk about Master Ool?” was the response of his companion

“Myra we are equals here no need calling me master, but i’ll be leaving again on a mission to stop slavers with a small task force of other Jedi so you will be in charge of our younglings instruction again.”

“How long will you be gone?” the female asked already missing her friend like she knew he did when any of his friends went out on missions.

All he gave her was a shrug of his shoulders signifying he did not know how long before he was hugged by his friend. She let go of Sa after a few seconds then quickly gave him bow and wishing him that the force may be with him which was responded in time. Sa turned to leave to start heading to the Cantina he was instructed to meet at. While walking Sa noticed Turel was coming down the opposite hallway and Sa started to run knowing Turel saw him. He knew that if that crazy human caught him he would also try to give Sa a hug.


New Tython
Menat Ombo

Droveth strolled off the the transport freighter into the midday sun of the Spaceport District. The Jedi knew these boroughs well, though it had been some time since he visited Menat Ombo. The beaming sun glinted off his head as he struggled to remember where the cantina was; it was already well into the day and he was only just arriving in the city. Back in Seher Droveth had found himself mediating a dispute between two saleswomen, both of whom claimed a spot to set up their stalls. Needless to say it was not the way he had wished to spend his day.

By the time he had finished, his transport had already left and he was stuck catching a later - and much more expensive - ride. ‘Surely the group has already gathered, I wonder if they knew to wait for me?’ He mused to himself as we navigated the streets. The more time he spent walking and observing the more came back to him. After about 30 minutes of re-exploring, Droveth found his destination. As he entered, he immediately noticed a few familiar faces from the Clan, but he made his way over to Aaleeshah at the bar and bowed his head slightly, greeting her and taking a seat nearby. The human leaned over for some trivial conversation, but could tell by the look in her eyes she did not want to be disturbed.

‘Don’t need the Force for that one.’ He thought to himself and leaned back in his chair.