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[Scholae Palatinae] House Coop June Run On ~ Distract


Your team must create a distraction for the Nayaman Crime family so that other teams of Clan Scholae Palatinae are able to infiltrate their homes to find evidence.

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Mission: Distract

Place: Mount Karbon, Nayama, Seraph


  1. Create a diversion to force the Nayaman crime family to relocate resources to Mount Karbon.
  2. Sustain the distraction for 24 hours.
  3. When the Gather team has finished combing through the evidence caches.

Explanation: You’ve been attached to a group of members of Scholae Palatinae to distract the Nayaman crime family. The details of the mission have not been planned out. Only the objectives. The compound on Mount Karbon houses an ancient Tel’Kyrkara temple in which fanatic followers of an ancient Nayaman god live. They have allowed the base to be constructed further with multiple defensive additions. It’s now used as a meeting hub and a training facility for soldiers. Weapons are also manufactured there.

The terrain is mountainous with lots of mid-height greenery, bushes, and edible plants and vegetables. Rodents and birds of prey mostly live up there. It is far from the Nayaman capital.

Enemy forces at mountain compound:
300 Silver Fox Consortium mercenaries (armed with various levels of blaster rifles and repeaters)
50 Tel’Kyrkara fanatics (armed with swords, blaster pistols)
1 Tel’Kyrkara monk (armed with a green lightsaber)