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[Scholae Palatinae] House Coop Run on ~ Gather


Your team is sent on a mission to gather evidence that the Nayaman Crime Family is indeed trying to demolish any future of Nayama and Clan Scholae Palatinae working together. Evidence is said to be found in Ulr Uvi, Caelestis City, and Nayama.

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Mission: Gather

Place: Karbon Hub, Caelestis City, Ragnath


  1. Infiltrate the remaining hub of the Nayaman crime family.
  2. Obtain paper, electronic, and/or sentient evidence of the Nayaman crime family’s involvement in the dissolution of ties between Clan Scholae Palatinae and the Nayaman Dynasty.
  3. Upon completion, either fall back or eradicate what is left of the remaining people.

Explanation: You’ve been attached to a group of members of Scholae Palatinae to gather evidence against the Nayaman crime family. The details of the mission have not been planned out. Only the objectives. The Karbon Hub is a group of buildings on Caelestis City that were once embassy buildings to The Meraxis Empire. When the Meraxis involved themselves against Nayama, the embassy was closed, but the buildings remained. When the Caelestis City was captured from Meraxis, the Nayamans built a new embassy, with the current buildings coming under the jurisdiction of the Nayaman crime family.

There are two smaller buildings, with a larger tower in between them. There is a circle of forest surrounding the edge of the hub, with a front courtyard and a back courtyard.

The evidence can’t be destroyed. Any major disturbance on your part would set them off. But a large group of their major forces should be distracted by the other group of Clan members.

Enemy forces:
50 Nationalist Front agents (armed with a dagger, trained vigorously in hand to hand combat)
50 Silver Fox Consortium guards (armed with blaster pistols and swords)


Kadrol had been informed of a plan formulated to take out the Nayama Family, a powerful crime Lord and his accomplices. His master and Consul, Elincia Rei, had informed him of this and was finally giving him a chance to prove what he had learned. It wasn’t anything spectacularly fancy, but it could help cement his place within the Clan. He was going to be one of the people leading the raid on the Nayama Stronghold while another task force would lead Nayama and his forces away from it, causing a distraction long enough for Kadrol and his group to sift through the area for evidence. He had decided to go to the stronghold because he was now an archaeologist, which, Kadrol had figured out, was just detective work of the past. He and his trusty analysis droid, Bones, were all ready to go.

It was about noon, and the raid wouldn’t start for another ten hours, but Kadrol couldn’t help but be excited. Everything he needed for the mission was already piled up in front of his door: his armor, which Kadrol had recently fitted with his light amplification goggles, allowing him to see in even the darkest conditions, his cloak, his lightsabers, blaster pistols, datapad, Sensor Jammer, comlink, and holoprojector.

Kadrol nearly jumped out of his skin in surprise when he heard a loud knock on the door to his little room in the barracks. A second later, the door opened, revealing his master, Elincia.

“Kadrol, how many times have I told you to keep your crap out of the way?” She asked, scoldingly.

“Too many,” Kadrol said, rolling his eyes just for good measure. “Anyways, there must be another reason you’re here.”

“Yes. We’ve planned out the mission a bit more. You will be leading one of five groups closing in on the embassy. You will be meeting at the edge of the forest, and start your infiltration at exactly 2200 hours.” Elincia informed.

After Elincia had left, The rest of Kadrol’s evening was a blur. All he remembered was equipping himself and running to the meeting site.


“All Scholae Palatinae personnel, this is Elincia Rei,” the Empress spoke down her commlink with a voice of clairty, broadcasting to all members of the clan. “We have discovered a Nayama Stronghold which may contain evidence of the crime family’s intervention in our political plans. Coordinates will shortly be appearing on your datapads. Meet me and Kadrol there by 21:00 for briefing. We move at 22:00. We will infiltrate the complex, find what we need and get out, no traces left behind.”

Aboard her father’s light freighter, Elincia prepared for the raid, dressed for infiltration in her camouflaged, sound-suppressed robe, carrying only a lightsaber as her weapon, along with grenades, explosives, computer spikes and a datapad. Next to her, her father had come prepared for war, with heavy weapons and heavier armour, a mountain of twi’lek muscle and firepower. “Best you stay here for this one,” Elincia asked of her father. “When we need to shoot the place up, I’ll give you a call.”

The freighter swept in low to avoid any radar sensors, landing smoothly on the rendezvous point, one hour before the start of the raid. Her student, Kadrol, was already there, along with the dark green Nautolan, Aylin. The empress was pleased to see Aylin, the two had worked together closely during the war against the Collective, and it was good to have a chance to see the actions of her student in action, it had been a long time since she had a student to train in the arts of deception, subterfuge, subtlety and the power of words.


Aylin had prepared her stuff as soon as she heard there was another mission on the way. She loved the thrill of getting information she shouldn’t be able to get her hands on. Though she still found it strange to work together with space wizards, so far they kept her safe and praised her slicing skills. She just hoped it would be the same this time.

Leaving Siky at home, she had left for their rendezvous point. The little droid didn’t like it to be left along, it could understand that in this case it might be safer for it to stay at home. So after some disappointed bleeps she was able to leave and go on her mission.

At first glance it looked as if she didn’t pack much with her except for a belt with detonators and her pistol, but in her various pockets she had her tools of trade, slicing tools. On the ground a few steps away from here was her backpack and her anti-armour rifle, though she seriously hoped she didn’t need it, cause that would mean they messed up big time.

She had spotted Kadrol before as she got at the rendezvous point, but stayed some distance away from him as she didn’t fully trust him. Same as she didn’t trust many males around her.

It didn’t take Eli long to arrive as well. She liked her and the missions they did together went pretty well, so she hoped it would be like that again.

“It’s nice to see you again, Eli" Aylin greeted the Empress.


“And to you too, Aylin,” Elincia smiled, inclining her head respectfully. As the clock drew closer to the 22:00 hour mark, Aylin and Kadrol were still the only ones that had answered her call, but the small team, in conjuction with its composition, was fortuitious. In the company of Aylin and her student, there was no need to keep up the charade of being a simple scientist / politician. Both members of the team knew exactly what she could do, and a small team was more difficult to detect.

“We will go in through a small ventilation shaft in the courtyard of the rear of the building.” Elincia whispered to her team as they silently crept through the forest, searching for an angle. “Kadrol, watch your footsteps,” Elincia warned, wary of the noise they were making as they travelled.

“Eli… those aren’t Kadrol’s footsteps.” Aylin whispered, her sharp senses made her acutely aware of their surroundings. The empress raised her hand. Everyone stopped, dead still. The footsteps continued. A sentry.

“I’ll deal with it.” Elincia informed the others, before immediately vanishing from sight. “Watch and learn,” said a voice without a body. Space wizards, Aylin thought to herself. Shielded from sight by the supernatural, and from sound by skill, Elincia was undetectable as she followed the sound of the sentry’s footsteps. She found the man, soon afterwards, wearing light armour, carrying a standard issue pistol, and a sword. A Silver Fox Consortium guards. He would be easy to manipulate.

Aylin and Kadrol were surprised to find the guard return before Elincia, unarmed, with his hands in the air, as if there was a weapon pointed at his head. “He’s under mind control,” Kadrol informed Aylin, recognising the signs of the powers he was beginning to gain proficiency with himself. Elincia appeared from behind him.

“Very good, Kadrol. Our new pet is going to tell us everything we need to know about the security on the inside.”


“Pet?” Kadrol questioned, “Why that’s a bit demeaning, don’t you think?”

“Kadrol, shut up and find us a way in, you son of a Bantha.” Elincia scolded.

“Ugh. Fine.” Kadrol retorted.

The young Pantoran turned his focus back to the captive. “Tell us how to get in.” Kadrol prodded. The man shook his head. “Tell us how to get in!” Kadrol questioned more. After a bit, the man gave in.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do that if you hadn’t already weakened him.” Kadrol informed his master.

“But you did it, and that’s what counts right now. I’ll teach you how to be more effective later.” Elincia said.

“Come on! We have a job to do!” Aylin interjected.

The three started off, lead by their captive, who was held by Elincia. Kadrol and Aylin trailed close behind.

They walked carefully through the forest, making it halfway down before Kadrol stated “Why don’t we just tie him up here? We know how to get in already.”

“Hmm. Good idea, my apprentice.” Elincia responded.

The trio bound their captive to a nearby tree before continuing on. Elincia started down to the bottom of the tree line. When she reached the edge of the forest, she turned around to find Aylin right behind, but Kadrol was a good five hundred feet back.

Kadrol had many things on his mind. His family, his training, but he was currently pondering why more members hadn’t shown up. It was quite odd, especially given that the empress had given the instructions herself. Perhaps more had gone to provide the other part of the mission: the distraction. He was mid-thought when he felt a sharp tug on his arm. Elincia had come back up the hill to drag him along.

“Kadrol! Keep focused. This is no time for losing yourself in thought.” Elincia scolded. Aylin was mildly amused by the relationship between the others. She thought of it as babysitting more than anything, more so with the troublesome Kadrol. Not something someone as high ranking as Eli should be doing.


Looking ahead the building rose before them. With the information they had from their prisoner they were able to easily maneuver to the entrance and get themselves inside. Aylin got to one of the consoles and started to search for any other security secrets the prisoner might not have told them about.

“They have a few vault doors that need separate slicing, but the rest can be opened from here.” Aylin stated.

“Good, then it shouldn’t take us to long to get the information that we are looking for,” Eli said.

Kadrol looked ahead into the two corridors, “It feels to quiet to my liking…”

“That’s why we need to stay fully alert, Kadrol. Let’s move on.” Eli urged.

Quickly Aylin took her slicing tools out of the console and started after Kadrol and Eli. She secretly hoped it would stay as quiet as it was now. They may be space wizards, but I don’t get a warning ahead of time… Rounding a corner they slipped into one of the offices.

“Why are we stopping here?” Kadrol asked.

“Hush…” Eli whispered.

Just as she had said that, a small patrol of guards moved past the office.

“That’s why.”

“I totally knew they were coming,” Kadrol huffed.

Aylin shook her head slowly and looked around the room. There wasn’t much here, then the usual furniture. A few papers were on the desk, but there were no datapad that she could use.

“I hope the distraction will start soon so that we can continue,” Aylin said.